WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain 4

WW1 Lesson Plan

Great Britain 4 1914
Germany attacked our naval forces today. Needless to it was a simple victory.
Our navy is down to 780 now but there is no other navy in the world that isn’t allied
with us. In the future we plan to send troops to help Defend Africa. Russia is
suffering greatly right now so I have a feeling that we will send some troops over
there to help out.

Great Britain 4 1915
Russia was taken over today on their failed attack on Germany. The sent an
army of 5000 troops to try and defeat the German army. The Ottoman empire has
taken over Egypt, but our navy was not ready for the attack so our troops could not
get there in time. Bulgaria also got taken over and we were not in position to help.

Great Britain 4 1916
I have been moving my troops down into north Africa to hopefully take over
part of the ottoman empire. I am going to try to get the United States to ally so there
is no threat of their navy. If I can secure the Dardanelles straight maybe Russia
could come back into the war.

Great Britain 4 1917
Our plan went into action today. We attacked the Ottoman Empire’s capitol.
They ended up winning by about 20 troops. They then attacked us in Libya but we
were victorious. On the other side of the continent Germany was trying to take over
France. They attacked through Belgium but the U.S., France and us had enough
troops to help defend France.

Great Britain 4 1918
We went to war today. Our fleet took our troops over to the Ottoman
Empire. It was a good battle, but we ended up a little on the short side. With
Austria Hungary and Germany’s help, they were to strong for us. Meanwhile on the
other side of the map we were at war with Germany. They were trying to go through
Belgium. We had troops in Belgium, but the German army was to strong, so we put
all of our troops into France to help them defend their territory. At the end of the
year Germany attacked and we finally got ourselves a victory. It was a close one, but
we got it.