Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Italy

Cold War Simulation

Orientation Day

My plan is just to hold on to my country and make sure it doesn’t get bombed. I want to kinda stay neutral because I don’t want to lose my country. I also i’m gonna do whatever the United States tells me to do. The reason why is because I have to stay stand by them. I’m gonna make sure I do all of my objectives that I have to do. I have been trying to help all my allies out but with nuclear war it’s hard to do. 

Italy, 1, Day 1

So what we had planned was to just not do nuclear war just yet. We wanted to make sure that we had a good strategy planned out first before we did anything. We were gonna try and take out the USSR. The reasons why is because they had lots of missiles. We wanted to take all of the missiles out so we didn’t have to worry about them bombing us. But things didn’t turn out that way yesterday. They went to Defcon 1 and that took a turn for the worst. We also had found out that Cuba had missiles and they were gonna launch them at the United States. So our plan had to change it what we did. We ended up taking out Cuba because we didn’t want anything to happen to United State. The reason why is because they had all the missiles and bombs for us. We had lost about 3 countries and that put a hardship on us. The reason why is because they were important countries to us. 

Itayl 1, Day 2

So far we haven’t done much today. We are trying to find a way to take over some countries. But the problem is trying to find out how we are gonna do it. We can’t bomb anyone right now because we just can’t right now. So i’m moving my tanking into another countries because we need them to move. I’m moving my tanks into Norway and that is going to take sometime. It’s getting hard for us to decide where to move our tanks and how it’s gonna work. So China is gonna decide on allying with NATO.  We are now trying to decide on how to take over the USSR. We don’t want them to win. We also have missiles that are ready for launch. So that means that if they bomb us we have missiles ready to firer back. We decide to move my tanks and then bomb Yugoslavia because we don’t want them to take me over. So this just took a turn for the worst. The United States just got bombed really bad. This isn’t good at all. We don’t know what to do from here. Well we destroyed the whole world this is sad.So Nato lost the war.