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WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain 4

WW1 Lesson Plan

Great Britain 4 1914
Germany attacked our naval forces today. Needless to it was a simple victory.
Our navy is down to 780 now but there is no other navy in the world that isn’t allied
with us. In the future we plan to send troops to help Defend Africa. Russia is
suffering greatly right now so I have a feeling that we will send some troops over
there to help out.

Great Britain 4 1915
Russia was taken over today on their failed attack on Germany. The sent an
army of 5000 troops to try and defeat the German army. The Ottoman empire has
taken over Egypt, but our navy was not ready for the attack so our troops could not
get there in time. Bulgaria also got taken over and we were not in position to help.

Great Britain 4 1916
I have been moving my troops down into north Africa to hopefully take over
part of the ottoman empire. I am going to try to get the United States to ally so there
is no threat of their navy. If I can secure the Dardanelles straight maybe Russia
could come back into the war.

Great Britain 4 1917
Our plan went into action today. We attacked the Ottoman Empire’s capitol.
They ended up winning by about 20 troops. They then attacked us in Libya but we
were victorious. On the other side of the continent Germany was trying to take over
France. They attacked through Belgium but the U.S., France and us had enough
troops to help defend France.

Great Britain 4 1918
We went to war today. Our fleet took our troops over to the Ottoman
Empire. It was a good battle, but we ended up a little on the short side. With
Austria Hungary and Germany’s help, they were to strong for us. Meanwhile on the
other side of the map we were at war with Germany. They were trying to go through
Belgium. We had troops in Belgium, but the German army was to strong, so we put
all of our troops into France to help them defend their territory. At the end of the
year Germany attacked and we finally got ourselves a victory. It was a close one, but
we got it.


WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Romania and Japan 4

Romania 4 1913
Today 290 soldiers were mobilized and ready for action. Russia had talk of making a possible alliance with us. As I give this alliance thought I find it to be a good idea. Russia has is close and having their military help to regain land in Austria-Hungary could be very beneficial if it is needed. I plan to make this a secret alliance as I am to remain neutral until 1916. I overheard talk of the Ottoman Empire wanting an Alliance with me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Japan 4 1913
I feel the alliance with Russia will remain strong. It was discussed that Russia will want the help of our Navy as Russia fears that the Ottoman Empire could attack and Russia will need military help. I plan to have discussion with France and Great Britain to see if their plans include needing our help. I need to know how much help my allied countries might need so I can spread my military as needed. Since Russia has been the first in contact I will be sure to assist them as much as we are capable.

Romania 4 1914
Romania has remained neutral and there will not be an alliance made with Russia. Russian territory is being taken over and I am getting a little concerned that there may be plans of other countries to take over Romania. Once it is 1916 I plan to make alliances with GB and France. After that Alliance is made I will take action to get Transylvania, Banat, and Bukovina from Austria-Hungary. I will see how that goes and then make a plan to take Bessarabia.

Japan 4 1914
Today Egypt, controlled by Great Britain, was taken over by the Ottoman Empire. Our navy was in the right spot to assist Great Britain in trying to hold control, but we didn’t have a big enough navy to make the difference that was needed. As Russia is being taken over they may need our help, but I feel like the territories that have been taken over are the ones that we could’ve helped with. As of now no one has contacted us for help, but if they do we will do what we can. I’m not sure how to go about capturing German colonies in Asia, but I will need allied help I’m sure to be successful in doing so.

Romania 4 1915
Today Russia surrendered to the Central Powers and went into a civil war. The Central powers now have control of everything around Romania except Serbia. This has me a little concerned that once I leave neutrality that there could be plans to attack me. After an alliance with GB and France is made I would like to have the help have their Navies’ to try and take over A3. Now that Russia has already been pretty well taken over I don’t’ think I will have enough power to be able to fight for Bessarabia. I plan to mobilize more troops in 1916.

Japan 4 1915
Japan’s Navy remains ready to assist it’s allied countries. I’m really unsure on how to go about capturing German colonies is Asia. More discussion needs to happen before taking any action on that. None of my allied countries have contacted me for any help, so I don’t know if we will be needed in the near future or not. I do not plan to make any alliance with the Central Powers if an offer comes about.

Romania 4 1916
Today Romania finally had some action, both good and bad. Today I made alliances with both Great Britain and France, so I joined the allies. After I made my alliances, Germany declared war on me. The only one who could’ve helped me was Serbia and they didn’t want to, so I fell to Germany. Now I will work with the Allies and try to help them. Neither Great Britain or France declared any war today, but France did move some of their troops.

Japan 4 1916
With Russia surrendered and Great Britain and France not doing much, Japan hasn’t had any action. Japan has not made any other all alliances, but the only one I am considering is Germany. I’m thinking of taking to Germany to negotiate in order to capture the German colonies in Asia. As a deal maker I may need to make an alliance with them. Some action that did happen is Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary and Italy fell. Italy joined the allies as well before declaring war.

Romania and Japan 4 1917
Today was definitely not a warfare day. I think many plans have been made and a lot of strategizing is going on. I thought it was a little ridiculous that no one took any action really, but we will see what the future holds. The United States joined the Allies now. Great Britain moved Navy by North Africa and also moved 2 navies into the atlantic, by the US. They took some of the US’s troops and put them in North Africa. France joined in on this and moved troops into North Africa, so we can predict there could be something going on down there. The only action that really happened was Great Britain took over Crete, and that wasn’t big at all really. Central powers was doing a lot of movement as well, but no war action was taken. AH gave representation to the slabs. I have a feeling there will be some big clashes/action taking in 1917.

Romania and Japan 4 1918
Last day of war. The Allies had plans that were altered rather quick. Germany declared war on Belgium with 3500 troops and the allies decided not to help Belgium, so Germany won. Germany went on to attack Italy. The Central powers won I1 of Italy. As the Allied powers plans were altered they needed to move some troops around. Germany attacked F2 with 403 troops. France moved in 600 more troops and came out victorious! Austria-Hungary attacked Italy in I2 and were victorious. The Central powers now have all of Italy. Austria-Hungary also attacked F2, but the Allies won because France brought in 3000 troops. The Allies last war action was attacking O1, but the Central powers moved in troops and won. Central Powers won the war.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Bulgaria 4

Bulgaria 4 1913
Today is the day when everything started. The things I have in mind are to just lay low for awhile. In this year I really haven’t had anything bad happen. I am starting to look at the year of 1914 for what I have going on. I don’t take any action until 1915. I am going to make Alliances with Central Powers. My thoughts about everything is that I need to make Alliances with Central Powers because I am very small and don’t have a good army. When I go to war to get the three countries back I will need to have a bigger army and Central Powers have to take the some thing I do.

Bulgaria 4 1914
Today didn’t start off as I thought I had everything planed. I did what they wanted me to and stay Neutral about things but I guess this is what happens. The Ottoman Empire decided to take over my land. I couldn’t fight back because I didn’t have enough power. So after today I will be joining forces with the Central Power.

Bulgaria 4 1915
Today I joined with Central Powers. Central Powers are trying to take over a lot of places but the one thing they can’t take over is great Britain because they are a Island. When the war started today Austria Hungry took Montenegro to war and Austria Hungry was victorious. Germany took Russia to war again and Russia lost and they became a Civil War. Germany did try and fight Belgium but Belgium was victorious to Germany. I have to say today was a pretty susses full  day and we still have a lot in mind!

Bulgaria 4 1916
Today as everything just got started Italy tried attacking Austria Hungry but no in doubt Italy lost. Austria Hungry took Serbia to way and Austria Hungry was victorious and won the war. Later that day another war was started and Germany went to war with Romania and Germany was vicarious over this war. As the day was ending the Ottoman Empire went to war with Greece and the Ottoman Empire was victorious. As the day ended we had taken over more allies and still going to take more over.

Bulgaria 4 1917
Today the United States got ahold of what Germany sent to Mexico. It was a telegram and it said that Germany was going to pay Mexico to invade the United States. Both the Central Powers and Allies moved troops to get ready to take countries over. There was no war that had went on today.

Bulgaria 4 1918
It has been a long five years of war and today we are going to go out with a bang and say we have a wonderful 6 years of war and that Central Power won. Germany finally took over Belgium and this time we won. They didn’t even stand a chance. We went into a second war and Germany attacked Italy and we won that war. We had a lot of soldiers that went into war. Germany thought that they could take over France but the Allies won and showed Germany up. We lost quit a bit of people in this war. Austria Hungry attacked the rest of Italy and now Central Powers is the owner of it. Great Britain and the United states attacked our capital but Central Powers had won the war. The last thing that had happen was the Ottoman Empire tried to attack Libya but the allies were victorious. After everything happened within the 6 year war the Central Powers were very victorious and took over a lot.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 7

Italy 7 1914
Align with Germany and Belgium. Since Italy was to remain neutral until 1915. Germany took over Russia. Also made a secret alliance with Austria- Hungary.

Italy 7 1915
Romania gets taken over and so do other parts of Russia.  Joined the allies at the end of the day and formd a secret alliance with France. Also I was able to mobilize my troops.

Italy 7 1916
Italy attacked Austria Hungary with 2000 troops gaining the land of Trieste from them. Russia attacked themselves in attempt to take their land back but they failed and the Central Powers got to keep it. Italy moved troops into Trieste  because if I didn’t then the central powers would take attack it and take it back. I also attempted to take control over the South Tyrol, but Germany reinforced Austria-Hungary and defeated me.

Italy 7 1917
The stragedy is to keep land that we got from Austria-Hungary. France moved troops into Italy that way the Central Powers can’t attack Italy, and if they did they would be out numbered and i would keep my land. After France moved their troops into Italy I moved my troops into Trieste because Central Powers were moving their troops closer to that land. Japan moved their Navy into the Adriatic Sea zone. Austria-Hungary sent to attack Trieste (land that i gained from them), but with the help of France i was able keep that land and Austria- Hungary lost. Russia took back some land that they had lost in the beginning. France attacked attacked Germany with 1000 troops, and I attacked Austria- Hungary with 500 troops and we both lost due to reinforcement from Germany.

Italy 7 1918
France moved troops into Trieste. United States moved their Navy back to the U.S.A. Russia got land back that the Central Powers had taken over. Ottumwa Empire  tried to attack Trieste, but we were successful and didn’t let them take over it. U.S.A and Belgium attack Germany, but were not successful because Germany had mover troops and backs that could help him. Germany sends 1000 troops into France and France won.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 4

Austria Hungary 4 1913
My son was kill by a group of people from Serbia. This frustrated me. Being the type of person I am, I will seek my revenge. I will destroy all of Serbia and take over that country. With this I will have access to Aegean Sea. Then I will help Germany take over Russia. If we both take over Russia we will become a world power.

Austria Hungary 4 1914
I planned on taking over Montenegro in an attempt to take over Serbia, then Bulgaria and I will have territorial access to the Aegean Sea- Balkans. With this I will achieve one of my objectives. Also today we moved our troops in an attempt to take over Russia. We have conquered one section of Russia, and plan to take much more of it. We are setting up our armies to take over the neutral countries south of Austria Hungary. I failed to take over Montenegro the first time, but that isn’t stopping me from taking them over in 1915.

Austria Hungary 4 1915
Russia thought that it would be smart and take over Germany with only 5000 troops, and failed. Poor decision by them. Our attempt to take over the world is looking better and better every move. In my attempt to gain territorial access to the Aegean Sea, I took over Montenegro. With this I will try and attempt to take over Serbia in 1916 and have total access to the Aegean sea.

Austria Hungary  4 1916
Today I took over Serbia, gaining even more territorial access to the Aegean sea. Italy also thought that it would be a good idea to take over me, that did not work in her favor, because  I had my troops, and 1000 from germany. Needless to say we destroyed Italy. Thanks for helping me on my objective italy!

Austria Hungary 4 1917
In class today there was a lot of staling. We had no war, meaning that there is going to be a lot tomorrow. We have a lot of troops in Germany getting ready to take over France. The Allies are trying to come in from the south of what the central powers have territory over. They will not be victorious though, because we have a lot of troops ready to take them on in battle. Let them games begin!

Austria Hungary 4 1918
Today was very successful! We won the war, we may not have won every battle, but at the end of the war we conquered the most land. I took over Italy today and did it with ease. Me and Germany also tried to take over France but did not come out successful! We tried from many ways but fell short. If we could have used our poison gas, we would have possibly won. Also Great Britain tried to take over the Ottoman Empire and was not successfulll with the help of Germany and I.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 7

United States 7 1913
I have been informed that the archduke has been killed by Serbian Nationalists. I have decided to place our navy in the atlantic to keep peace and protect our suppliers. If the conflict escalates any farther the United States may need to move in and try to create peace. This must not spread into the public of our movements but we must keep the fight in Europe not at home.

United States 7 1914
Today the Central powers attacked Russia, Greece and serbia. I have moved some of our navy to protect our supplies and other trades. Also the central powers and allies are rallying their troops i think this war is about to escalate and i do not want it to come to that. I will defend our suppliers only when we are needed i do not want to enter this war prematurely and be on the wrong side of the american people.

United States 7 1915
Italy has joined the allies and it has stirred up the central powers and i have a feeling they are going to retaliate because of the threat of the allies support. The central powers are taking over most of the southern countries. They have been stopped from taking over Montenegro and that has slowed their momentum but i have a bad feeling they may escalate their movements. Also a the ship the Lusitania has been sunk by the German and it was carrying 198 americans so the people of the United States are starting to back joining the war. I’ll wait and see how this pans out in the future.

Untied States 7 1916
I have decided to join the allies in the war on the central powers. I have moved troops into france for preparation to attack Germany. I have made this decision because we must end the war before mexico enters it. Russia is gaining  some land back and the allies are starting an offensive.

Untied States 7 1917
I have kept moving our troops into France to began an assault into Germany, but i am waiting for the right time.  I have attack Germany today with the help of Great Britain, but we have fallen. I am sorry my people this war is not over yet. Germany has been set back a bit and the allies have taken over some of Austria Hungry.

Untied States 7 1918
I have moved even more troops into Belgium to fight but I was unable to move into war because the war had ended. The allies won but it was not without cost. We lost Serbia and Greece but we took over A1 and fought as much as we could but in the end all of the countries lost and gained ground. We the United States lost no land but lost many soldiers in war and I am sorry for the families of those men they died for a great cause and I am thankful for their service. Thank you America for your compassion and defense of my actions.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Ottoman Empire 5

Ottoman Empire 1913

I made an alliance with Austria-Hungry. I made plans with Germany and Austria-Hungry to attack the R4 region of Russia. I am thinking about making a public alliance with Russia so that they are hopefully, less likely to expect an attack from me. I have made a verbal agreement with germany that they will give me the Crimean peninsula as a thank you for my help in R4. I plan to create a written agreement of this and have them sign it before I go to war with Russia.

Ottoman Empire 1914

Things so far have not gone as plan. With that said, it’s kind of a good thing. I did not attack R4 because I did not have enough troops and would have lost. The good thing about this is I have all my troops and the peninsula because of how I wrote the document between Germany and I. They were successful in taking over R3 and I have the peninsula back. As a result of this I was able to get some of my original land back without having any bloodshed.
I’m going to convince Bulgaria and Austria-Hungry to attack Romania and then take over the weak Bulgaria and Romania. If Bulgaria refuses I will convince Austria-Hungry to attack Romania and just take the two over.
I’ve noticed that Austria tends to do whatever Germany tells them to so I think I might try to convince Germany to tell Austria to do what I want.
Not sure I can trust Russia though so I plan to wait it out attacking anything to see what Russia does. If they move more troops down into R4 then I will send in reinforcements to O2.
Austria Hungry needs to move more troops into A2.
Even though I did not see Italy make an alliance with anybody else I do not trust them. Italy is shifty and if not taken care of they may betray us and let france into Austria-Hungry. Italy must be eliminated before that happens.

Ottoman Empire 1915

So this did not go as planned. Plans changed and I was not able to take over Bulgaria and Romania. Bulgaria has proved to be a better ally and it sounds like Romania may start to help us. I lost O2 and was pretty upset by it. Not sure if I should take it back or just wait for the fight to come to me. If I try to hard to get it back and lose than I will have lost all of my land and be terminated. If I wait they might bring enough soldiers to kill me. France’s army is in O2 after the downfall of Russia and Great Britain’s navy is right next to O2. France’s Navy is right next to O1. No matter what I feel like I am screwed and France has been telling people how they are going to take me over. I need get Italy to go to war with France so that I can trust them and it will ease the tension from my territory.
Until Italy goes to war with France I won’t trust them. I am certain they are going to betray the Central powers and allow France into Austria-Hungry. I need Austria-Hungry to help me get my land back.I think I may make a deal with them that if they help me get my land back that I will do everything I can to help in Serbia.
Things are not looking good for me. Constant threats from France and Germany and I don’t trust those shifty Italians.

I’m starting to trust those shifty italians lately. It sounds like they are going to attack France. I’m not sure if this is the truth yet though. I’ll be finding out in a couple hours. As of right now, I still don’t trust those greaseballs.

Ottoman Empire 1916

I hate those dirty greaseball wop italians. They betrayed us right away. I lashed out by yelling out “you wop! you greaseballs!” or something like that. Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania attacked Serbia. Romania moved all of their troops into Serbia so I have now moved troops into Bulgaria and I plan to take over Romania tomorrow. None of us trust Romania so it is for the best. I’m pretty angry at Italy though. If possible I definitely want to take them out. So far I have made no moves to regain O2 I plan to wait till later to see if France will Attack me. If not then I will do whatever I can to regain it in the later turns that way it doesn’t fall back to them. The main summary though is definitely hate Italy. Those greasy wops.

Ottoman Empire 1917

All I have to say is, I’m still hanging in there. France and Great Britain are completely focused on Germany. As a result of their focus France has left O2 and there is now no one there. I am going to get it back tomorrow and I am going to keep it. Once I have retained O2 I am going to attack Greece and move more troops into Bulgaria and Serbia. I took over Romania and he was not very happy. My plan worked well and he kept saying “I wasn’t going to betray you!” so i just responded by saying I don’t care. I have done some math to calculate weather or Germany can beat France. I found that if they send in 2250 troops that they will beat the 3321 in France. That is only as long as France does not get any help from Britain. The downfall of this is that they are completely left open. I think it would be best to do this to eliminate France from the war. The biggest threat will then be how much help the Americans will be. If they invade France they will be left open to Great Britain and the US. Part of me thinks it would be a good idea to take over Egypt, Libya, and French North Africa. They are weak and it is unlikely that the one track minded allies will fight for them considering how focused they are on Germany and Austria. I honestly don’t know if I even care about Germany and Austria any more. I just care about my territory and gaining more land for me. Austria is way too sensitive and I don’t know about Germany. Austria just can absolutely not let things go. She is much too angry and will probably not react well to losing and saying it is unfair (It wouldn’t happen though if those greasy, shifty Italians hadn’t betrayed us) I for one don’t care if the rest of the central powers lose because as long as I get my land back and expand I will be happy. I think I’ll keep my troops out of Serbia simply because I don’t want to take the hit from their attack. Bulgaria has done barely anything so they can take the hit.

Ottoman Empire 1918

There was not a clear winner but I feel as if I came out on top. I attacked Greece and failed once the Italians showed up though. I regained O2 then moved on to conquer Egypt. Austria and Germany lost a lot of troops and it was over before France and GB could attack Germany again. Overall I’m pretty happy with everything that happened. Gained land and ended with all of my other land.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 5

Italy 5 1913

Right now, I stand in more twisted alliance then any of these countries had before the Great War. I have the allegiance of both the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire) in addition to the alliance of the two of the Allied powers (Russia and Great Britain). Per the suggestion of my intelligence bureau, I am also going to attempt to make an official alliance with France to help me in my goals. All of these are secret. So naturally, all hell will break loose when I make my intentions.

I intend to keep my alliance with the Allies. It aligns with my goals of reclaiming our former land disputed by the Austrians. While Russian and Britain will be excellent help in taking on the Austrians, I want to gain the alliance of French, my closest neighbor and the closest Allied nation to the area of Austria-Hungary I need to reclaim. So I hope to communicate with them soon so they have my back against the A-H. My seaboard is protected by Britain right now

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France 5

France 5 1913
Today we mobilized our troops for our country, France. We did this because it seemed to be a trend in our class so we didn’t want to be the one behind with not enough troops as everyone else. We have made a lot of allies so far even before the war has actually started. We allied publicly with Great Britain and Russia. They are definitely on our side in this war. We also have other secret alliances that will help us to complete our objectives hopefully.

France 5 1914
Today is the first year of the war. As I’m thinking about my objectives Russia got taken over. Russia is an ally with me and one of my objectives is to honor our alliance, but there was nothing I could do to help him. The music in the background makes it seem so much more intense. I love it! My next plan is to go through the Ardennes Forest and to attack Germany. I just want to take some of the pressure off of Russia, and also try and accomplish one of my objectives. That is to get back two territories from Germany. I’ve noticed that Germany is going to be very hard to defeat because of its very high rating. In the future this might cause France to have some hardships.

France 5 1915
Today was a bad day for the allies. We lost the biggest country we have, Russia. I was helping them get o2 from the Ottoman Empire, which we succeeded in doing. But then right after Germany went for Russia’s R——- but there was nothing we could do because we didn’t have the Dardanelles’ straight so they got it. This is a big blow to France because our future plans were to capture all of the ottoman empire with Russia. Tomorrow I’m not sure what my plans are to be so I am going to have to talk to my Allies and figure out a plan because we are not going down without a fight. I know that Italy is possibly wanting to ally with the allies so that we can move troops through there to attack Austria Hungary and eventually Germany. I’m hoping they ally with us because this is what we need to possibly still have a chance at winning the war.

France 5 1916
Today some major things happened. Belgium was attacked by Germany. This means Germany has a straight shot for France. I’m hoping they don’t take that root to us. I tried to save Belgium with my troops but was unsuccessful because of there really good army rating. So, I failed at this objective to keen belgium neutral, but I tried to save them. Also, Serbia was attacked and taken over! Montenegro is still a part of the allies though. But I didn’t know this was going to happen before this happened so I only had around 600 troops in Serbia. I wanted to defend Serbia the best I could because they are connected to montenegro and I am allied with them, and one of my objectives is to keep my alliance with montenegro. I was unsuccessful in keeping Serbia, but they didn’t take Montenegro. When we move from Italy to Austria Hungary I am hoping to regain Serbia back while also taking other countries in the process. We are planning to work together to sweep across the map from italy taking the countries as we go. Britain, Italy and us are all going to have to work together because of Germany’s high military rating. America is going to attack from the top of Germany so it is almost like a two front war. We’re hoping this pressure will cause Germany and Austria Hungary to crumble.

France 5 1917
Today was a good day for the allies. We started off with ally war. We didn’t do any of that so we moved on to movement. To conquer one of my objectives I decided to ally with Italy to start going through Austria Hungary to get to G2. I need this to conquer back my territories that Germany took from me. Italy and I got A2 today! We had to settle with A2 instead of A1 because A2 could help A1 if attacked but A1 couldn’t help A2 if attacked. So the better strategy for right now would be to just take A2. The allies are slowly gaining. We tried to also take G1 today but were unsuccessful. We tried to go around Belgium with ships but it just wasn’t enough troops to take on Germany’s really good army. Tomorrow we has some plans though too. It will be the last day of the war. We are starting off with movement. We may be victorious this time because America gets 2,000 troops tomorrow. After that we are attacking G1 again! The reason we want to get G1 is so Germany can’t mobilize anymore that way they don’t have reenforcements. This is the only way we can win because Germany has such a high rating! We are accomplishing an objective again because we are keeping our alliance with Great Britain and honoring it by helping them get Germany with our ships. Another way we are accomplishing our objectives today is we had a part in keeping Montenegro safe from the Central Powers. I was no where around Montenegro to help them, but I did play a part in convincing Italy to use one of their navies to help Montenegro. Italy and Montenegro came out victorious!

France 5 1918
This was the final year of the war. It didn’t come out looking good for the allies even though I tried everything I could think of to defeat the Central Powers. Even though I failed at getting my two territories back I definitely tried to get them. Since I could only send 1000 through the forest it limited me to what I could do. So, each turn I would send 400 in  G2 so that my allies could try to get G1 so that I could eventually get G2 next. I sent them into G2 so that the G2 troops couldn’t help the G1 troops in defeating America and Britain. I was also working with Italy to take A1 next since we got A2 the day before. Germany then attacked me through the forest and so did Belgium. I ended up coming out victorious because Britain sent a lot of troops to me to help me. After that Germany had no troops in G2! I could have taken it so easily if I just would have had a little more time. They only had about 400 troops left. We could’ve had all of Germany. We were so close! I also had plans to go through Italy to get all the small countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania back.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Bulgaria 5

Bulgaria 5 1913

Today Bulgaria allied with Germany and Austria- Hungary. The thoughts going through this were allying with them while they take over territories of Russia and invade them. At this time I have decided to not get to involved until I can officially  announce my alliance with the two countries. I have not done any movement with troops because I stand at 0 with mobility  at this time because I believe Bulgaria hasn’t officially come into Wold War 1. My plans are to stay neutral until 1916, as that it one of my objectives I am to complete. My plans are then too go after Greece, Montenegro, and Serbia to take back some of my original territory. I am still undecided on how to get my original territory back from Ottoman Empire because Germany and Austria-Hungary are also allied with them.
Bulgaria 5 1914
Today Bulgaria layer low out of the war just observing what is going on around it. Germany had taken over part of Russia, and Austria and Bulgaria are planning there attack on Serbia. We are unsure on how were going to do it though. Bulgaria will be ready at any moment after 1915 to attack and be prepared when attacked.

Bulgaria 5 1915
Bulgaria just recently announced their alliance with Austria- Hungary. With the public alliance it turns Bulgaria into a central power. Being a central power we are getting closer and closer to being able to attack Serbia. There was a little problem though when France moved some of their troops into Serbia to protect them from war. We have decided to get help from Germany as well so we will have even more troops. After we hopefully defeat serbia I plan to ask help from other countries to help with Greece to regain my original territory there as well.

Bulgaria 5 1916
Today was a good day for Bulgaria. They attacked Serbia with Romania, germany, and Austria- Hungary. They were successful, and Bulgaria decided to keep there troops in Serbia to keep control of that area. Bulgaria also plans on attacking Greece when we get control of the area around us. I will fail in taking back my region from the Ottoman Empire because they are much bigger with more troops and a higher rating so I wold lose all of my troops. I also let Ottoman move soldiers into my land as they plan on attacking Romania and taking them over before they betray us and take back R3. Although I am not allied with Ottoman or Romania I will help Ottoman because I am allied with germany and Austria which are allied with Ottoman. I am also a central power and should honor the other central powers. I do not trust Romania either because of the alliance sheet he ripped up the first day.

Bulgaria 5 1917
Today Bulgaria layer back a little as well. In the beginning of class Bulgaria let Ottoman Empire pass through the land so they could go and attack Romania. That was a success for Ottoman. The central powers agreed with Ottomans actions because we feared he was going to turn on us. That was exactly his plans, he came over to the central powers so he could get information from us on what our plans were. At this point with only one more day I do believe Bulgaria will not be able to complete two objectives due to small amount of troops and small ratings. I would try but I am 100% sure I would fail without help. I would not get help because everything up in Germany and Austria are way to hectic to come down and help without getting taken over. Central powers also discussed taking over France while they lost many troops and have moved them out. They plan on taking they’re troops from Belgium and attacking. I moved my soldiers back to Bulgaria but decided to move back to Serbia so we don’t lose control of that area. So we moved them back and mobilized so we had more troops back in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria 6 1918
Bulgaria had a good ending with the central powers. Bulgaria tried attacking Greece with Ottoman empire I took in 200 troops while Ottoman took in 300 troops. We would have defeated them but unfortunately France came in with some troops and won the battle in Greece. As it was the last day the central powers i believe won, barely but still won. Bulgaria succeeded with most of it’s objectives but about one. The one objective was to regain area from Ottoman empire but the would have lost me it all.