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WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Russia 5

Period 5

Russia 1913


War is inevitable at this point. I have publicly announced that I am allied with Serbia, and and attack on them is an attack on Russia. Hopefully this does not come back to haunt me. I have made a secret alliance with Italy, a well needed asset. Italy has convinced the Central powers that he is on their side, giving us inside information. My main goal at this point is to take the Dardanelles Strait, I need it for supplies. Great Britain and Japan are going to assist me in capturing the Dardanelles Strait with their navy’s. Romania will allow me to send troops through it as long as I provide protection. The only problem is Bulgaria, Italy has informed me that they are secretly allied with the Central Powers, this could cause problems, threats may have to be made. The Dardanelles Strait will be mine within the year hopefully, with the help of Great Britain, Japan, and Romania. The Ottoman Empire wants me to publicly make an Alliance with him as well. I know only bad things can come from this, I have led them on and made them think I will be allies with them, but the first chance I get I am attacking, I do not trust him. After the Dardanelles Strait is captured my strategy is to protect Romania and keep the alliance alive, then take A2 from Austria to assist Italy and France with Germany. But first things first, the Dardanelles Strait.

Russia 1914


Germany has successfully taken R3 from me, and taking out more troops than I would like to admit. But my soldiers fought well and took out a considerable amount of German soldiers. Luckily they didn’t attack R2, allowing me to build a defense. As soon as I get my next mobilization I am moving half to defend R2 and half to R4. I plan on invading the Ottoman Empire, and taking the Dardenelles Strait. I know they are afraid of me, because they keep trying to spark up peace treaties and alliances. I have told them that I am for it, but am planning I large scale invasion on him. Hopefully this strategy works. Hopefully when by the time I take O2 Britain will have some of it’s navy carrying troops move in to assist me with O1. I am worried about the 1,000 Austrian-Hungary troops in A3 trying to attack Serbia. Sadly, I cannot send any help or worry about helping until I take the Ottoman Empire. Hopefully my troops defending in R2 will be able to hold back the German and Austrian-Hungary armies, or at least give me enough time for my next mobilization. This war can go anyway at this point. By the time the Allies have the Dardanelles Strait, Romania will be allied with us, allowing me and the remaining (if any) Great Britain army he sent to assist me to move through it and attack from 3 different angles. Then Italy will be allied with us, allowing Great Britain and France to move through that as well. Allowing us to bypass the Ardennes Forest. I hope the Central Powers do nothing crazy to throw our strategy off.

Russia 1915


Well…The mighty Russians have fallen into a civil war. I became so focused on the Ottoman Empire and the Dardanelles Strait, that I neglected keeping troops in my capital. It was a foolish mistake. I hoped my troops in R2 would be able to defend that point long enough until my mobilization came the next year and then I could heavily fortify that position. I didn’t need that many troops to go down into the Ottoman Empire…I just want to make sure that I would not lose. Hopefully the Allies will be able to come back and win this war without me. I know that with the help of Italy and Romania the odds will hopefully turn in their favour. I did what I could, but Germany wanted blood and there was nothing I could do to stop it after I moved so many troops down to the Ottoman Empire. It was a foolish mistake that will hopefully not cost us the war. I have faith in the Allies, but right now my main focus is the civil war. I hope that we can at least take the Ottoman Empire, and my destruction was not for nothing. Russia has surrenderred.

Russia 1916


The Russian civil war still rages on as the war outside our borders continues as well. I know that if we lose this war it will be my fault, but sadly the civil war must come first. The US has informed me of the allied strategy, and it just might work. I just wish I could be involved in it. The US is going to move in all of their troops, and fake out the Germans to move out of their capital, then when the time is right, they will move their troops and Great Britain’s and France’s troops and take the capital, removing the Germans from the war. When the time is right, Romania will double cross them, helping attack from the bottom part of Europe. Hopefully destroying Bulgaria, or taking back Serbia. This whole strategy would work much better if I was in the war, because of my mistake we might lose. But the past is the past and I and the rest of the Allies must move forward.

Russia 1917


Russia is still in a civil war, and the war still goes on outside. The U.S. has joined the war with the Allies, a potential tide changer. Moving in large numbers of troops and doing a good job with it. Sadly, I am not in the know as much as I used to be, which frankly I have no reason to be involved as much as I was before. All I can do now is talk about my strategy and how it almost worked. I was hoping my troops in R2 could hold long enough for my mobilization to kick in. Then I would go in defense mode. While my troops and France/GB troops helped me take out the Ottoman Empire. I just didn’t spread my troops out well enough. The strategy was there, just not executed well on my part. All I can do now is regret the mistakes I have made.

Russia 1918


Today marks the end of the bloody cruel war. It did not go without Russia still making it’s way in to assist the fight. Italy’s President went M.I.A. And I was asked to take charge. I did just that. I also was more careful with the troops I was provided, never leaving gaps open. We had a strategy all worked out. The U.S. sent many of it’s troops down to attack Germany’s capital, crippling their armies. France GB and myself were going to send troops from A2, I1 and attack A1, taking out Austrian-Hungary’s capital. While France, GB, and the US sent troops to take out Germany’s capital, it was a plan that I have confidence in that would have worked. Sadly, the clock was not with us, as we ran out of time just as we were about ready to launch our invasion, and turn the tides of this war for once in our favor. This whole war would have been much easier if I, Russia was still in it, but my mistakes haunt me. Maybe this war would have looked much different if I were still in it. But still, we gave it our all in the end, and you could see the tides start to change.

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States, Sweden and Norway
United States – 1938
I need to to keep out of the war. I will just sit back and wait to see what unfolds in Europe. Ill keep my army at the ready but I have no need to expect to go to war.
I will continue to supply Great Britain and the Allies with my surplus natural resources. We are still trying to recover from our economic depression so we really have no desire to go to war with anyone. We shall continue to give Japan our surplus oil. As long as we can control there natural resources I don’t think we will have to worry about them. 

Norway – 1938
We have few natural resources and absolutely no desire to go to war with anyone for any reason. If we go to war it will not be a choice. If we go to war then it means we have been forced. We will not sign a single treaty and will not join an alliance with anyone.

Sweden – 1938
We are a nation of pacifists as well as a nation of few natural resources. We have no desire to enter any kind of a war. The worlds problems are there own. Who are we to get involved? However with Germany on the rise here in Europe I fear that I will have no choice but to Give in to Hitlers demands. So, I will give them what they want and in return we shall receive a defensive alliance with Germany to protect us from the USSR. However, we shall not enter the war.

United States – 1939
We are still remaining neutral at this time. The situation in Europe is only getting worse. For now we hope we can only hope that the war remains there and works itself out. We have signed a treaty with another neutral country, Belgium. The neutral countries of Norway and Sweden have been taken by the Germans. I don’t know how Europe can face an enemy that strikes without provocation. We’ve given oil to the United Kingdom in order to aid the allied powers without actually being in the war ourselves.

Norway – 1939
We did our best to remain out of the war but it seems that it was never much up to us. Germany has invaded. They’ve overthrown our government and defeated our army. We are now under the fascist rulership of Nazi Germany. Hail Hitler I suppose.

Sweden – 1939
Hitler and his army have invaded. It was inevitable I suppose. The Nazi regime and third Reich are looking to conquer anything and they can. Their thirst for power is bottomless. We have fallen to the Nazis.

United States – 1940
We stand strong by our choice to remain out of the war in Europe. Germany has taken over several other countries, we will continue to support the allies in this war however we are still not getting involved ourselves. The situation in Europe looks bleak.

United states – 1941
Pearl Harbor has been attacked! This is an outrage! We Now have no choice but to enter the war. The American people have been restless all these years because of our great depression and now this i the final straw! Germany continues to conquer Europe. We shall join the allies in this war. We have mobilized our troops and gotten our navy going as well as moved into France.

United States – 1942
We mobilized 1000 troops and deployed our navy. We and Great Britain are attacking New Guinea. We lost the battle to Japan. Our navy in the Philippines was defeated. We are suffering losses at the hands of Japan.

United States – 1943
We mobilized another 2000 troops. We’ve moved more troops into France. Germany continues to take over much of Europe.  The USSR reclaimed some of its land but Germany has taken territory from Great Britain. The USSR has taken back more land. We now have 900 troops in France. Our plan is to occupy France and then attack Germany.  Italy has joined the Allies.

United States – 1944
We mobilized 3000 troops for the war and moved 150 more troops into France. It seems like there is a lock in the power struggle as both sides seem to now be equal.

United States – 1945
We mobilized another 4000 troops and deployed a bigger navy. We attacked Belgium and lost. We continue to move troops to France. We hope to begin taking over Germany as there numbers continue to drop.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 7

WW2 Simulation
Japan 1938
I have high hopes for this war, I want to start by taking over Dutch East Indies. I feel it will be in my best interest to stay allied with germany and italy, I also will be trying to build alliances with others to build a great alliance. I know that once I take over the Dutch East Indies, that other countries will try to take my natural recourses, so I will have to move troops in order to prepare for a battle.

Japan 1939
I have a trustworthy friend Germany, we are planning on attacking the USSR at the same time to create a two front war. I will have to bring a lot of troops up into Manchuria because eastern USSR has a very big military. I don’t think I can win if they only focus on me, that is the reason for the two front war.

Japan 1940
Today was a peaceful day for Japan. I was going to declare war on USSR but I decided that  I didn’t want to take the chance of loosing and loosing my troops and I might try to become allies with them. Now my focus is on China and America’s navy. I need to move troops into my navy in order to attack the U.S’s navy. I hope that their allies don’t help them. I also have this feeling that I’m about to be attacked by someone, I haven’t figured it out yet but I’m weary of who it is. I know this because I haven’t been attacked yet and I’ve made many advances and gained valuable recourses without anyone seeking revenge, yet!

Japan 1941
Dutch East Indies was attacked today by USA and Great Britain. But wasn’t successful because I ordered Japans navy to come to their rescue. The USSR joined the allies which is a big missed opportunity for the axis powers. The USSR will now become a target for both Japan and Germany. Now that we have to fight the USSR I know it will not be easily one because their Eastern troops are very strong.

Japan 1942
I need to start moving into western China, I plan on taking all of China by the war ends. America has joined the allies which doesn’t surprise me, but makes me think that they will start attacking. I’m wanting to build up my navy, and possibly move them over by Italy.

Japan 1943
I have word that big things are happening in 1945, and I am planing on obtaining Australia and Alaska. I am hoping that the US will not try to fight back. I don’t know how strong their army is but I don’t want to underestimate them. I am really going to try to defeat Australia because its an objective and I will have everything on the Asia map which I want to do to state my dominance.

Japan 1944
I am very happy about this year, I had many successes on the battle field and won many territories. I waited till Russia moved their advanced army out and away from eastern europe, then attacked. They couldn’t do anything about it. I also took the rest of china and more. With the resources I got my military strength to a ten, and because I took Burma from Britain their military power was brought down jurasticly.

Japan 1945
I wasn’t able to capture Australia which makes me very upset, but I was able to capture most of the asia. In my opinion the Axis was victorious, but I was surprised with the outcome of the war. I wouldn’t have guessed that the allies would have come back as well as they did.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 4

WW2 Simulation
Great Britain 4 1938
We are deciding on what Germany is going to do. He is going to take over Denmark and then send troops to Asia through the oceans. With my strong Navy I will be able to take over his navy and not allow him to move any of his troops. With him being landlocked in the inside of Europe Germany will be easy to take over.

Great Britain 4 1939
Germany is trying to take over a lot of countries which is wasting a lot of their troops. They will be hurting in a couple of years when they run out of troops. I love how he is attempting to talk crap when in the end he will not win. I have accomplished some of my objectives by moving troops into Belgium to help defend the country. I captured the small country of Arabia for the oil that is located there. This will help me with gaining more resources like Oil.  I may have wasted a lot of troops in China, but it will pay off when they get attacked by the United States and have nothing to fight with.

Great Britain 4 1940
I attacked Germany in Norway to get rid of the troops that were located there. I was planning on taking out the Navy of Germany, therefore he could not move any troops, but I will let him waste his troops on trying to take over a country that is almost useless. I reconquered some of my land in Asia also. United States and USSR joined the Allies power and this helps us a lot.

Great Britain 4 1941
Moving my Navy around to take out the Navy of Italy so they can not move any troops to China through the Suez Canal. We also took over many countries in Japan. Japan is desperate right now and is trying to do anything to gain power. The country is slowly falling to pieces. German is spreading out all of their troops which is helping us in the long run. Japan is also trying to take over United States and keeps falling because of the help of my navy.

Great Britain 4 1942
Italy has joined the Alliances and we are in total control of taking over all of Germany and finally shutting him up. We successfully took over F1 and also took over Austria with the help of Italy. Germany is moving all of their troops out of Eastern Europe, which will help us in the long run with all the troops that we will mobilize.

Great Britain 4 1943
One of our main goals is to move all of the United States troops into Europe. We are doing this so we can take out all of the troops in Germany. Germany is trying to take over more of the USSR but is falling because of the Siberian troops that they have. Germany is trying to get me to sign an alliance with them, because I think they are scared to lose a battle.

Great Britain 4 1944
We are taking over Belgium and moving all our troops around to start a huge war with Germany. They are losing a lot of troops and have a lot of them spread out, so it will be good to take them over. Germany Is trying to come from the south side of france which is good because it is taking troops out of G1. We took over G1 with all of our troops. We finally shut him up.

Great Britain 4 1945
Today we are going to take over the whole world. We are going to start by taking over all of the European countries and hopefully have enough time to take over every country. Japan is still trying to move their troops around and get land back. This is not working in their favor. Japan is very desperate now, they are trying to retain their original territory for a good grade.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Poland and The Netherlands 4

WW2 Simulation

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1938
Today was the start of the World War 2. Today I thought about how I am going to get more resources that I need. I also talked to people that are on my side and see if they would help me out if I need there help. I am hoping the Soviet Union will help me out. I also just thought about how I would fight people that come after me and think about what there next step would be.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1939
Today we didn’t get on a good start. Poland and the Netherlands both got taken over.  Germany took over my Netherlands. USSR took over p2 of Poland and Germany took over the rest. I lost everything and even including my navy. The only thing I have left is the Dutch El Netherlands. Looks like from here my plans didn’t go as plan.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1940
Today is the first day I joined with the Allies because both of my countries got taken over. The first war of the day is Great Britain is trying to attack Norway, Germany thought they should help Norway out and Germany and Norway were victories. Finland went to war with Sweden and Finland won. Today was a good day but we lost some good soldiers and we hope tomorrow is a batter day. Before we ended the day we did move people around and navy so that we would be ready the next day to go to war again.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1941
Today Japan started right away and tried to attack the United States navy but Japan had lost. Japan tried one more time and they lost again because they want to take over Pearl Harbor but they can’t because United States keep beating them. Germany attacked France in F1 and Germany was victories. Germany took over Belarus and Ukraine of the USSR. Bulgaria attacked Yugoslavia and Yugoslavia won with some help from other people that was on his side. Germany is trying to take over the USSR but I don’t think it is going to happen. After war today we thought about what to do next for tomorrow war and we are going to take out all the Axis navy and take them over.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1942
Today italy joined with the allies. The allies attacked France in F1 to get back what we lost and we got it back. Great Britain attacked Sweden and we got it back. Today was a good day at war because we took over things that we lost and got them back. We did some movement of our troops to get ready for the next day so we can take more land over.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1943
The start of the war today Germany took Finland back over.  After the war was over the allies did a lot of moment to get ready for the next moves that we wanted to do and that is to take back everything we lost and gain more countries.  We took back chine of what Japan took and we took Japan over too. We also took out Japans boats. To end the year of what we did we moved troops to get ready for the next year.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1944
The start of the war was Germany took out Poland navy. My navy wasn’t that good so I couldn’t put up a fight for anything. At this point germany was just on a roll and started taking out other countries navy. The USSR navy was taken out and the ranking for them wasn’t that good either. The United States helped us out a lot because she got more and more troops every year. So by this time France and United States took back Belgium. We did some moving after we got done with war because we had one more year left to get everything back that we needed to get back. By this time everything was taken for a turn.

Poland and Netherlands and Dutch El  4th 1945
Today is the last year of war and we as allies are going to hit it hard and take back everything that we want to take back.  To start it off Germany didn’t have much of a army left because they all died from all the other wars. We got to get back at Germany and take over some of what the axis had for land. At the end of war the allies won because the axis side had nothing left. It was a great 8 years of war and after the allies having to put up with a good war we sure did have a good come back at the end.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria 4

WW2 Simulation
Rumania 4 1938
Here could be the start of something great. Tomorrow I will make an alliance with Germany. I need to acquire more natural resources and Germany will help me accomplish that. I want to gain help to be able to be strong enough to attack the Ukraine. They have plenty of troops to back them up, so I need to really think ahead before pursuing this.

Bulgaria 4 1938
Bulgaria is not in a good situation. We have been struggling with this depression and are not entering this war with good resources. I will serve as a support for the Axis powers and help them defend their territory. My military is weak and I have no natural resources, so attacking on my own would be like suicide which is not what I want.

Hungary 4 1938
Right now I must sit back and stay uninvolved. I have the support of Germany and Italy and will help them as long as it is worth it. I will need their resources to be able to try and take over Yugoslavia and be able to defend myself.

Rumania 4 1939
Today the action started. As of now, it doesn’t seem that I am in any danger as of yet. I became alliances with Germany and I think they can help me with future plans. I would like them to move some of their troops into Rumania so I can pursue and attack on some of the USSR territory. I know that they have a lot of troops to back them up, which is making me hold back some.

Bulgaria 4 1939
Right now I am at a still as I am to remain neutral. Today the axis powers did take some war action and did win part of Poland. I hope to see the Axis continue on a successful streak and help them as much as I can. I need to acquire some natural resources to increase my strength.

Hungary 4 1939
As I watch the war happen, I continue to think of my own future plans. Right now I feel that taking Yugoslavia will not be a difficult task, but I cannot act on anything for another two years and much can change in that time. As I plan to help my allied countries, I hope they will do the same for me and so I have a chance of coming out victorious.

Rumania 4 1940
For the axis powers it was a good day. Some action was taken and did gain some territory, not huge amounts but it was progress. I supplied Italy and Germany will some oil and Italy said they would back me up once they gain more. I found out that the USSR does not have a very high rating, and thats what was preventing me from pursuing an attack. Tomorrow I will scope things out and possibly take some action.

Bulgaria 4 1940
Today was really just a day to see what action people are taking and where I might be of use. Tomorrow I can break neutrality and ally with axis powers, so I can start to help them as needed. I am thinking that Hungary could use my help and think that would be a good way to go.

Hungary 4 1940
My time is coming, it is calling my name. Tomorrow I can become involved and want to make my attack on Yugoslavia. I plan to use some of Bulgaria’s troops to be successful, and then if I come out victorious I want to see what I can do to take Greece as well. Germany is ready for me to be active and would help be take over Yugoslavia if need be. Tomorrow could be a determining day of what the future holds.

Rumania 4 1941
The axis powers have plans, but I fear we are about to crash. I can tell Japan has got a plan and is determined, and so are Italy and Germany, but it doesn’t mean it will end well. Tomorrow I believe the plans are to take some action on the Ukraine/USSR. As I am not strong enough to defeat them on my own I will help Germany do so if need be. If the Axis are victorious I would like to make an agreement and have the Ukraine signed over too me. I finished off the troops in Yugoslavia

Bulgaria 4 1941
My first step today was creating an alliance with the axis powers. I attempted to help Hungary with an attack, but did not send enough troops. As for future plans, I will help my allies with attacking in the USSR, or maybe help Rumania with an attack Greece to win over that territory.

Hungary 4 1941
Today was a good attempt at an attack, but I came just a little short. With my troops all used, I had Rumania attack Yugoslavia again with more than enough troops and came out with a win. Since I used up my troops I can’t help my allies and I am pretty much out of the game. My territory is well surrounded by Axis power’s territory, so it should be well defended at least for a while.

Rumania 4 1942
Italy has left the Axis powers and joined the Allies. She left her territory with few troops, so I was thinking of attacking, but she has over 2000 in Austria and I could be quickly taken out. Before I risk that I am going to move my troops into the Ukraine to be sure I acquire it before I chance getting taken out.

Bulgaria 4 1942
My plans to attack Greece, or help attack, are pretty much cancelled. I may move my troops into Yugoslavia and possibly attack Italy or Greece. I am going to wait and see what Italy does in the next couple years to see if they are going to be moving their troops out of Austria. If Rumania decides to come back and attack on Italy I will be right there to help.

Hungary 4 1942
With Italy have left the Axis and Germany slowing going down the drain, even if I were able to help, it wouldn’t be worth it. Japan is trying to fight, but she is has been pretty well taken over and doesn’t have many troops left. Sadly I don’t feel there is much hope for the Axis to come out of this on top.

Rumania 4 1943
I have made it to the USSR and have acquired the Ukraine. I have left a few troops in the Ukraine and am heading back towards Italy. With the help of Germany we could be successful with taking Italy, but since she will probably want to retain her original territory I would guess she would counter attack with a lot of the troops in Austria. Sometimes you have to take a chance, and if we fail at least we tried.

Bulgaria 4 1943
As time ran out I did not get a chance to move my troops. I think I will attack on Greece with maybe a little help from Rumania. It’s not an important attack, but every little bit helps. Thinking about it more, I may still wait a  year before doing so because it may not be worth wasting my troops on that if the Axis really goes down the drain.

Hungary 4 1943
I’m really not sure where things are going at this point. It didn’t seem that the Allies took much action today and I haven’t heard of any big plans going on. I know that the Axis are stuck with what to do. We are pretty much at the point where you have to take a chance or just give up. If anything I feel that the Allies have a lot of plans for the last day to totally just take us out and win the war.

Rumania 4 1944
I risked myself to help Germany and lost basically all my troops. I attack on Italy knowing that Italy could send their troops from Austria and take me out, which they did. I was not sure I really wanted to do this, but this helped Germany by distracting/taking out part of Italy’s troops. It made the troops move away from German land and took out troops that could have attacked Germany and really killed the Axis. Protecting Germany as much as I could is all I can do to help and I did that, so I feel I did the right thing.

Bulgaria 4 1944
Along with Rumania, I also sent troops to attack Italy. I didn’t do a lot of damage, but it helped take out more troops, which was part of the goal. Although I am taken out, I think I have a decent chance of still retaining my territory. I took one for the team and with time running out I needed to make some effort to help and feel good that I did so.

Hungary 4 1944
I think today was a preview of what tomorrow holds. Germany had their original territory taken out and the Allies have plenty of troops left. I’m guessing they will just continue on from there and take out a bunch of Axis territory. I also heard that the USSR is going to attack Japan and other land on the Europe map. We know what is coming for us, but hopefully they don’t get too many moves so they wouldn’t be able to take too much of our territory. We are not going to win, but I feel that we can keep from a massive loss.

Rumania 4 1945
Italy took back Austria and Yugoslavia. Not a big surprise, but I guess I didn’t think through what they might do. They were not able to make it to Rumania, so I was to keep my territory. The Axis made some last ditch efforts and they didn’t do much, but we took over some land and the rest was pretty much stalling. Germany was left with very little to no troops and we didn’t have many choices. All is said and done and we gave a good run.

Bulgaria 4 1945
Thankfully Italy didn’t have anymore turns otherwise they would have taken me over. Japan did take over some territory at the end and I believe they did take back Asia, or at least a good part of it. We had some plans back fire, but we were greatly out numbered by the end and did our best.

Hungary 4 1945
I did not expect Italy’s attack. I lost my original territory, but I didn’t have anything to fight back with and I kept it until the last day. Hindsight is a great thing, but I don’t think there is much I would change. The Allies were to win the war and we didn’t do too bad up until the last few years. I was allied with Italy, but my other countries attacked on them, so I had it coming. My prediction was right, yesterday was only a preview and today they were attacking left and right.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 5

WW2 Simulation
Germany 4 1938
We stand at the dawn of a war that will put Europe underneath the heel of the Fatherland. We shall unite with our Axis brothers in Italy, Japan, Romania, and Bulgaria to crush the the great powers for the crimes they have committed against us with the treaty signed in Versailles. I hope to avoid a massive two front war like before by eliminating the Western European powers before attacking the USSR. I also intend to help my much weaker ally Italy gain strength and aid us in conquest of Africa and the Soviet Union. Hopefully, we’ll be able to outplay our enemies and secure the empire and land the German people need.

Germany 5 1939

So begins our ruthless conquest for all of Europe and eventually the world. We made the obvious first moves right away by taking the P1 region of Poland and Denmark. Poland was an easy capture as it was isolated away from everyone else and Denmark, being connected to Germany, undefended, and half of the countries required to hold the Baltic Sea, was a natural choice to attack. While we make our own way, the weakness of Italy and their lack of resources makes them hard to use and the distance of Japan makes it hard for us to help each other out.

Our biggest ideas were to take over Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden, align with Finland against USSR eventually). and begin moving troops to the puny border countries between us and those French swine. We took the Netherlands, both to secure a footing (since France moved 1000 troops into Belgium.) In 1940, we, alongside the Italians, hope to surround and crush the French before moving on to Britain.

So far, my biggest worry is of Great Britain. They are a daring group. They used military force to conquer Sweden, something I did not anticipate in the slightest. And because our Asian allies taking too long to wage war, our navy was destroyed by the British and Polish (Poland’s last revenge, I suppose). This complicates our goals of taking Norway and helping Finland. At this point, we might have to go around the Baltic coast to reach Norway and Sweden. We also aligned with Yugoslavia by threat of force, but I am skeptical as to whether they will keep their alliance.

One of our other goals is to (hopefully finally be able to) move some of our troops to Italy and help them secure north Africa and specifically, the Suez Canal, which will allow us and the Italian to pass to Asia to help Japan and Japan to help us. The British are small in number in Africa, so as long as Russia doesn’t come to help them, we should be able to sweep through Africa and get to the Middle East, where Britain sits on the mother load of oil imports. And as soon as we begin to move against the Soviet Union, I also want get Japan to help us crush the Soviet Union from two fronts, in a sort of ironic “Ha ha how does it feel to have to fight two fronts? It sucks. I would know.” Additionally, we now how some oil reliance on secret ally Romania, so we can weed off Russian imports until we can take Caucasus

In short: Take France and Belgium tomorrow, start attacking North Africa, and see what we can do with Great Britain, Norway, and USSR.

Overall, a relatively successful day.

Germany 5 1940

Today could’ve gone better, I suppose. France clearly knows we are coming. They and British along with the Belgians tried to hold the last obstacle to conquest of France, but they all fell to our military might. However, their defense left us with less troops than satisfiable, so we must begin moving troops from our annexed North to conquer France. In addition, we will begin moving troops south to help Italy take the key areas along the southern coast of the Mediterranean. I hope our troops with Italy’s will be able to crush the British’s colonies and take the valuable resources there. Italy will also hopefully be valuable in sending troops into southern France, forcing a divide in France’s forces and allowing us both to conquer those cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

I hope that, with the capture of France, North Africa, and the Middle East (along with Yugoslavia, who I was correct to assume would betray us), I will then turn our attention to the Soviet Union. I want to leave the Soviets completely isolated (Britain could offer little-to-no help to the USSR, being an island with a navy that could only transport 300 or so troops at a time.) I want to slam Russia from the south through the Middle East with Italy and through the West with Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria. I want to divide their forces and leave them scattering. I also want Japan to push in the East, but he is unwilling to attack them, which is unfortunate. However, hopefully he will secure the British colonies and commonwealth states there to trap and weaken Britain and secure a wealth of resources. Hopefully, there is still a chance yet for Japan to attack in the east.

Tomorrow should be a big day.

Germany 5 1941

1941 was a slow year, unfortunately. It was merely setting up our future thrashing of France. Italy send half of its troops into southern France and managed to defeat the French, a happy surprise to us all considering Italy’s total weakness. However, his attack on French North Africa ended in relative failure. However, hopefully Italy will be able to ship a full squad of my troops to thrash the rest of the French and then move with the Italians east through Africa into those sweet resource-rich Middle East countries.

We’ve been pretty liberal in sending aid toward our Allies in southeast Europe, like Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, who are sympathetic to our cause. We have shared resources and have been at the ready to send aid in their conquest of Yugoslavia and Greece. Once we finish off France, they will surely join us and Italy in Operation Barbarrosa. An all our assault against the Soviets cut off from significant Western Allied aid should allow us to destroy them with ease.

Germany 5 1942

Today was, without a doubt, a smashing success. Our combined Italian and German forces overtook France to the point Britain had completely given up on them. Additionally, though it took some time, the feet of Germans landed in North Africa and have crushed French North Africa and Egypt’s French and British regiments. A short march from now, the British’s precious resources shall be ours to use and we shall be on Russia’s doorstep from two fronts.

The Allies seem to have given up on Europe for now, focusing their attention instead of Japan’s forces in the Pacific. While I would like to help, I have Russia to conquer, along with Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Italy. Particularly in Italy’s case, as I have been pumping them with as many resources as we can. Our victories and resources are likely to keep Italy on our side as the war continues.

Britain will be forced to deal with our guards on the borders around the Baltic Sea while we focus our attention on defeating the Soviets. There will be many casualties on both sides, but I shall see the Axis as victorious. Soviet soil will be painted in communist blood.

Germany 5 1943

Another smashing success. We continue our Italian-German march across Africa, taking Palestine. Soon the British’s resources will be ours and Russia will face troops coming from two directions. Additionally, we attack Ukraine with Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary and conquered it per Romania’s objectives. Russia is now in the war, but isolated from all its Allies with the Allies paying us no mind in Europe. If they do not act against us, the Rome-Berlin Sphere will be the victories come 1945.

Germany 5 1944

So, curiously enough, the Allies didn’t act against us. At all. In anyway. It’s almost infuriating how smooth today went. Germany and Italy swept through Africa and claimed all of their territory. The Western Axis assault against the Soviet Union was smashing success, taking Belarus and Northern Russia. Even Japan, who faced literally no opposition from the Allies, sent some troops up to Eastern Soviet Union to cripple their stronger forces there. 1945 will see us making one last attempt to finish our objectives, though I’m unsure if we’ll finish them all.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I believe that today put the final nail in the coffin of the Allied war effort in this seven-year-war. Their total lack of mobilization of any troops to prepare for a big comeback will force them to suffer in 1945. There will simply not be enough time to defeat us. They may retake some of our territories, but Axis victory in the west is all but assured.

Germany 5 1945

Today saw the first defeats of the German army in the entire war. Russia was relentless in taking back their territory. They held us off from taking Caucasus and Southern USSR with their Siberian troops and took back Northern USSR. An unfortunate loss, but at this point, the numbers we had sent into the east had dwindled significantly and, with well-trained and well-equipped troops coming from the Asian half of Russia, it was inevitable. We simply couldn’t hold them off forever.

The United States and Britain did try to make a final push into Europe, as I had expected. However, their total lack of activity in 1944 cost them. They could’ve crippled our numbers heavily and made a serious attempt to conquer to center of the Third Reich. However, they only got to F3 simply because I was not told how many troops the Allies had sent, so I did not send enough troops to fight them back accordingly. At the end of the year, the war was called: sweet, beautiful Axis victory. Our European empire is still massive and under our control and Japan’s empire in Asia was unchallenged and now more wholly united with the (admittedly ridiculous) final alliance between the decimated Chinese and Japanese. We held out against the mighty United States, USSR, and Britain and won. Boy it tastes sweet.

However, I strongly believe that, if the war hadn’t been forced to end this year, the United States, Britain, and the USSR would’ve eventually corned and defeated us in both theaters. Our troop numbers had dwindled while the US and UK idled and the USSR followed our nonaggression pact. They still had thousands upon thousands of troops at their disposal. Within the span a few years, our empire would be crushed unless we gained more troops to defend it.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with how our campaign went. Not all objectives were achieved, but we now hold a massive empire for German lebensraum. The Reich is supreme.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 5

WW2 Simulation
Period 5
As we set course to start another world war I am very unsure of my plan. At this moment I am most focused on getting the rubber I need and on conquering more lands with oil so that if America stops giving me oil it won’t hurt me too much. If America quits giving me oil I will definitely attack them.

Period 5
Early on I was able to get some rubber from the east dutch indies. I wanted more but Hunter was only willing to give me 5. So he signed it over to me and then a few turns later I took over east dutch indies. When I took it over that was all he had left. Nobody helped him. Since I declared a lot of war it took up a lot of time. As a result of this Germany was not able to do movement. Since Germany was not able to move their navy it was destroyed. Germany now has no navy and is blaming me. Honestly I think it’s kind of funny. I have a good army and navy. Things are looking good for me. All I really have to fear is America. I plan to wait as long as possible to attack America. I want to keep them out of the war as much as possible.

Period 5
I conquered more land today and things are looking good. The only thing I fear is attacking the American navy. If it were up to me I would just keep them out of the war but I need to remove their navy from the pacific. I plan to take out their navy and take the Philippines. I also need to take more action in China. I need to completely take China over.

Period 5
I took out the majority of the U.S. navy today but lost over half of my navy in the process because all the navy’s close to it decided to come in and help. The navies remaining around pearl harbor are very weak and I plan to take them out tomorrow. I also took the Philippines today. I feel the stress of the war coming over me as we go deeper into this. I need to take over China and the rest of Asia but I am uncertain how I can do that now that America is in the war. I don’t have very much confidence but I can’t show that. If I show a lack of confidence then people may think Japan is weak and would be easy to take over. I still have a lot of troops so I should be able to hold my own. I am starting to question the intelligence of the Allied powers. France was taken over today and they did almost nothing to help them.

Period 5
Not much happened today. I didn’t really do anything because I was too worried about being attacked. I fear that America is going to come for me. I fear that my navy will not make it another day. This doesn’t affect me much but I still cannot believe that Great Britain has made no attempt to get back France.

Period 5
My navy was wiped out today. The US has gotten much stronger and their navy has largely increased in size. The allies powers honestly seem kind of dumb. I took over all of China today and Great Britain did absolutely nothing to help them. They have 1400 troops right by me and they have not once made an attempt to take China back. I’m not even sure if they know that those troops are there. I honestly am starting to think that America isn’t even going to do anything to me. My stress is leaving and my focus is shifting to to gaining more territory. I am going to stay weary for a little bit just to make sure that America or Great Britain does not attack me.

Period 5
I am fairly certain that Great Britain and America are not going to attack me. So I made an attempt at eastern USSR today which failed. Although it was not a complete failure. I sent in 1000 troops to face their 1500 not realizing that the eastern troops are strong than the west. Even with their stronger troops they ended with about 111 troops. I am going to move troops close to them and take easter USSR tomorrow. I plan to make an attempt at Siberia and India tomorrow. I want Burma also but that would be a suicide mission at this point and the fight would not be worth the reward.

Period 5
Today was the last day. Not everything went as plan but I am very happy with the outcome. I went this whole war without being attacked on land once. My navy was whipped out but thats it for being attacked. I took over all of China and Eastern USSR. I attacked Siberia but did not have enough troops or time to take it over. I wanted to attack India but did not have the time. It’s pretty clear the Axis won. The only sour thing is that right at the last second F3 was attacked by the allies and the other axis powers didn’t know how much they were sending and didn’t send enough. So as a result of that we lost the F3 right at the last second.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria

WW2 Simulation
Rumania 1939
Today I am going to figure out all of the natural resources my country needs. I have 15 oil and all I need is 2.8. So the countries that I am very close to, I am going to give whatever amount of oil they need. The countries that I am really close to are Hungary and Bulgaria. Hungary needs 1.9 and Bulgaria needs .9. So that is 3 less so that leaves me with about 8 oil left. I am going to ally with Germany right away because I do not wanted to be screwed. I gave 6 oil to Germany because they need it to be a better military. We also attacked Greece just to make Germany happy.

Rumania 1940
Today I am really striving to get all of my natural resources from countries that are my allies. I asked Japan to give me 6 oil. They approved and I got my 2.8 that I needed then gave the rest to Hungary and Bulgaria. I also got 6 coal from Germany and did the same with the surplus of the oil.

Rumania 1941:
Today I got asked to help Germany take over Yugoslavia. I have agreed on terms and conditions. I am going to help, if and only if, they help my go into Ukraine and help me conquer at least one third of Ukraine. I attacked Yugoslavia with Hungary to make sure we crush them to the ground. We are victories. Now all i need to worry about is to take a part of Ukraine.  We also attacked Greece just to make Italy happy.
Rumania 1942:
Today I took over Albania. I am also moving all of my troops that I had down in the Greece area back to Rumania to soon invade Ukraine.
Rumania 1943:
Today I am going to get troops from Germany, Bulgaria, and Hungary into Rumania. I am going to invade the Ukraine today. I have plenty of help so if the USSR attack, we will have plenty of power to crush them.
Rumania 1943:
We took over Ukraine! have very few amounts of troops left, but the objective is complete. I will now help Germany and Italy continue taking over the USSR. The USSR is weak and unstable and I think they and us have a chance. Let the war continue.
Rumania 1944:
Today I am just taking to my allies and seeing what their plans are for war. They plan on taking P2 of Poland. I think they will be victorious. I hope we keep continuing east.
Rumania 1945:
Today Germany is going all out on USSR. I am going to sit back and see what happens. I do not have enough troops to help them anymore. All my objectives are taken care of.

Bulgaria 1939
I am worried about getting all of my natural resources that I need. I am also worried about getting attacked by Yugoslavia. I got oil, coal, and rubber from Rumania. I am just taking it easy until 1941. That is my objective so i’m hoping that countries stay out of my business until then.

Bulgaria 1940:
Today I am just observing everything and making sure I play my cards right so I don’t mess everything up.

Bulgaria 1941:
Today I allied with Germany. I am considering helping Rumania take a part of Ukraine. We attacked Greece today.

Bulgaria 1942:
Today I am just doing some movement with my troops. I am down in greece with most of my troops and I am going to help Rumania take over Ukraine. I am slowly moving north to get into Rumania.

Bulgaria 1943.
I have finally got all of my troops into Rumania. I am ready for Rumania’s orders and get into Ukraine and kick A** and take names.

Bulgaria 1944:
Today I am just stationed in Ukraine. I am thinking about helping Germany take Belarus if they attack. Otherwise I am just keeping my pride in victory in taking the Ukraine.
Bulgaria 1945:
Today I am doing the same thing as Rumania. I have nothing left to do to help. And my troops are nearly gone.

Hungary 1939:
Today I got oil from Rumania and Coal from Germany. Which helped improve my military. I am hoping I can continue getting the resources I need to make my army stronger and more advanced so no one attacked me.

Hungary 1940:
Today I got Rubber from Rumania. All I need now is Iron Ore. Then my country will have everything it needs. I am keeping an eye on Germany to see if they need help, but as of now they are fine.

Hungary 1941:
Today I needed to take over Yugoslavia. Rumania helped me and we wiped them out. The territory is now ours. Next is to pay them back and help them take Ukraine.

Hungary 1942:
Today I am just moving my troops into Rumania. All of my objectives are complete so I am going to help out Rumania with theirs.

Hungary 1943:
All of my troops are in Rumania and ready for battle. Hopefully this battle turns out like we want it to.

Hungary 1944:
Today we plan on taking the Belarus and keep moving east. We want to corner Russia and see if we can do the most damage possible on the chumps.

Hungary 1945:
We have been observing Germany’s strategies and I think they can be doing a better job than what they are doing. They are preserving too many troops too much. They are going to get bit in the butt later on. Luckily the war is done today or the USSR could possibly take what they want back.

WW2 Simulation Journal: France 5

WW2 Simulation
France 1938
Today we were planing how to get our other natural resources.  We are tenitivly planing to get the resources we need from USA and GB. Great Britain wants me to help take Denmark and to help them defend there territory in the Middle east in exchange for some of the natural resources we needed. We don’t want to attack right away. We want to have the USA cut off Japan. The leader of Japan said out loud he wasn’t going to attack Pear Harbor. I really don’t think the leader has the balls to hit the USA off the bat. I really want Germany to be country happy and move all of there troops away and maybe I can sneak in and take a Germany area.

France 1939:
Today went a lot better than I expected it would’ve gone. I figured I would’ve been taken over by now so I’m pretty happy.  We were planning on getting denmark but we figured out that G1 would supply denmark with more people than we could send.  I am worried right now because I have a lot of troops in Belgium and G1 could take it over at anytime. If I pull out than I would just have to fight a bigger group of German people later.

France 1940:
We saved Belgium for a while but then lost them when Germany sent in a second wave. I never should’ve sent people in to protect them for the second time. Great Britain was on my but to save them, but I lost. Now that I lost I have 1,000 less troops to defend my capitol. If she wanted to save Belgium so bad she should’ve done it herself. What I am not liking very much is Great Britain is sitting on her island with all of her troops when she has nothing to be afraid of. She needs to send her troops to me so we can mount a offensive against Germany.

France 1941:
God bless the USA. The USA is in and we are going to send all of our navy to the US to help them take out Japan. Germany may attack me but I don’t think they have the balls to hit me. The leader of the USA is not the smartest person in the world. He defiantly was dropped when he was a baby. He had most of his navy destroyed so we are using our navy to help them. The only problem with that is there is now now way to get people off of Great Britain into France. Great Britain needs to pull there head out of where it shouldn’t be and fight for themselves.

France 1942:
France was taken over today! I feel like I did as good of a job as I could.  I think I could’ve lasted longer if Germany would’ve been on a two sided war. With Germany only having to worry about me they just kicked my but with most of there troops. If they were on a 2 front war then maybe they would’ve fought me with less troops and i could hold out long enough for the USA to bring me some of there troops. The one conforming thing is I knew this was going to happen. It happened in the real war so I assumed eventually I would’ve been taken over.

France 1943:
If I was in I would go ferry some US troops into France but I was taken over by Germany. We have made a plan to go beat Japan and let what ever happens happen in Europe.  We took out all of Japan navy now we are going to leave them because they can’t really do anything now. Our plan now is to go get a foothold on europe and go beat the Germans. Russia joined the war today! It’s to bad they didn’t do that earlier to take some of the pressure off of France.

France 1944:
The plan for today is to move all of the Navy to europe and try to take back F3. I really want to attack french north africa and Libya because made me mad when I only had 5 people left and they demolished me really bad. The only problem is Mr. President Logan Krause says that is against the plan. I really don’t care what he has to say we are freeing the world of tyranny and he has a bunch of troops anyway! Our plan is to start the offensive tomorrow on France with any luck we may have france free of tyranny by the end of the day tomorrow, and win the war!

France 1945:
We are going to just send wave after wave of boats to attack F3 in a hope to just gain some European land back. We should’ve started to do this yesterday. We know there is no way we can win we are going to send everyone. We are going to use all of the boats to attack and hopefully gain some land. If this was longer then we really do think that we could win. I just think we need more time.  If this is how the actual war we probably wouldn’t be the US anymore. The whole world would’ve been under control of a guy with a bad mustache. Russia was slowly taken over for the most part until they got to attack then they gained most of there ground back. We did end up getting F3 back with a combined attack from the US and GB but we ran out of time to take back the rest of France.