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WW2 Simulation Journal: China and Finland 5

World War 2 Simulation

Period 5 Austin Richards Finland 5 1938
Well, by next year Europe will be in another war, another war great war by the looks of it. Finland wants nothing to do with it, we going to stay out of it for as long as we can. I feel confident in my army, we may be small but we are strong. I am talking to Germany about gaining supplies and hopefully getting them to send soldiers to help defend us if worse comes to worse. I am very worried about the USSR and I know Germany would like to be able to attack the USSR from where Finland is, if they decide to go to war with the USSR. I have made a secret alliance with Germany, so if thing get bad Germany will hopefully be able to help me.

Period 5 Austin Richards China 5 1938
We are not in a good position, Japan’s armies have already taken large portions of our territory. They are definitely the better trained army, I cannot afford to attack right away I will be crushed. I am going to build up an alliance with Great Britain and hopefully they will send some of their colonial troops to help defend me and build up a defense. I am holding out until there forces ware down or are spread too thin, then GBC and I will strike. I am also talking to my allies the US to help me with supplies. I hope they join the war, I could use some assistance from their armies, and they are my allies, but they are stuck on being isolated.

Finland 5 1939
The USSR are building up troops by my border, I know they are planning on invading soon. What can I do? We will probably lose this battle without outside help. The Allies will not help me and Germany did not have time to send troops to assist me before their ships were destroyed, so I have nothing else I can do. I can’t gain anymore troops. I will have to wait and pray that the resources I gained from Germany will make my army better enough to take on the force of the USSR. Finland has done nothing to provoke an attack, I have talked with the leader of the USSR and tried to tell them I want nothing to do with the war, but it is clear they do not want to talk with me and have made up their mind on invading. I could attack first, but I get the feeling the allies to my West also want to attack me, so I am in a bad position either way.

China 5 1939
We have done very well in defending the Japanese attacks. We have not lost anymore land, and Great Britain’s colonial troops are willing to help me, we held off an attack. We suffered some loses, but a win is a win. I have talked with the Japanese leader and he told me he only wants to take over part of my land to make a passage to the Dutch East Indies, he will not attack anymore after that. I do not know if that is true, but for now I am at least acting like I am trusting him. That doesn’t mean I am giving up that land without a fight.

Finland 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. Sadly I see we lost Finland to the USSR. They attack for no reason, I tried to stay peaceful never did I provoke an attack, sadly I was not there to stop the attack, I was just too ill. I had a plan that I would attack with a small force, stopping them from attacking me, but I was gone so I could not do that. It looks we didn’t go without a fight though!  They attacked with 1500 troops against out 250, they were left with 250 in the end. Not too bad. But it doesn’t change the fact that we lost and the USSR now control out land.

China 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. It looks like they did not do too bad of a job defending. We lost only SC China, I expected larger losses. I assume Japan was nice and did not want to take advantage of the fact that I was gone.  I am trying to hold them back long enough that GB will maybe send more troops or the US enters the war. I could use their help and I still need more resources. I have secured oil, but hopefully I will be able to get more resources from them. Or maybe Great Britain or USSR will be able to send some supplies too? I hope.

Finland 5 1941
Still out of command, not really much to talk about.

China 5 1941
We are still holding strong. We have yet to lose any territory, I think China is getting ready for an attack on the U.S., which is good, then some of the attention will be turned away from me hopefully, and attention can go to the U.S. Hopefully USSR enters the war soon too, they can easily charge through the Japanese forces hopefully.

Finland 5 1942
Nope, USSR still controls Finland, and Germany has no way of getting up here either. So still out of the war.

China 5 1942
Well we have lost NC China, but we put up a fight. Japan also attack the U.S. navy, but also lost a large part of their army. I think Japan is trying to charge through us and take over as much as they can before the U.S. lands on Japan and takes, leaving them to worry about that. If USSR joins they are even more done. You can see they are running thiner and thiner on forces, and soon they will fall. I fear that we will fall before they do though. I had also made a secret alliance with Japan, if I attack USSR and get them to join the Axis, Japan will not attack me. I have also been allowed to join the Axis after I do this.

Finland 5 1943
Still taken over by the USSR. Germany is saying they are planning to move up and liberate Finland though!

China 5 1943

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 5

World War 2 Simulation
Great Britain 5 1938

Today an alliance with Norway was made in the
hopes that they will give us access to the Baltic
Sea. A possible alliance with Russia could be
made tomorrow, and a possible alliance with

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow, 1939, France has agreed to attack Germany
so that they are tied up on their land while I take over
Denmark by way of sea so the allies can control the
Baltic Sea. I have asked the United States to cut off
supplies to Japan, and I have asked Russia to cut off
supplies to Germany. Ensuring Allied Victory. I
NEED the United States to come into the war.

I fear that my alliance with Norway will entangle me
and if they are attacked I will have to spilt my forces
to protect them. I am scared that the U.S. won’t cut
supplies off to Japan, and that Russia will not be true
to our alleged alliance. I am also leery of China because
Finland is also involved with Germany and I feel
that China could fall to the Axis powers easily.

Great Britain 5 1939

And alliance with Yugoslavia was made today, but
I fear it will further entangle me in the war. They
have to keep it very secret and Germany is threatening
to attack them if they ally with me. I’m worried that
Yugoslavia will take advantage of my resources.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We took over Sweden today in hopes of controlling
the Baltic. Then we destroyed Germany’s army also
in the Baltic Sea. (IT WAS EPIC) Tomorrow planning
on taking over Finland with Russia and getting Poland

back once we control the Baltic.

I fear that my colonies will be taken over and that
I will lose all my resources. I fear that if the U.S.
doesn’t come into the war I will fall because
France is basically useless because they are so
weak, and they are very afraid.

Great Britain 5 1940

Yugoslavia joined the Allied powers today, along
with Belgium. Russia also made a secret alliance
with us today.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
There is no immediate plan of attack, we are waiting
for the Axis powers to do something first. We
absolutely need to protect Burma or all our resources
will be gone. And we need to get Belgium back
from the Axis powers.

I very much fear that the Axis powers will take
over Yugoslavia and I will be forced to defend
and I will surely meat death. I fear that France
will fall and I will be helpless unless U.S.
joins that war. I fear that now that Japan has
basically taken over China they will take over
Burma, where all my resources come from.

Great Britain 5 1941

The United States finally got to join the Allies
today. This is awesome because I needed them
to survive. Except they ran away like a little
girl. Yugoslavia got taken over today and
were pissed because we didn’t help
them. However we couldn’t get to them.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow we plan to attack Japan’s navy,
and then get the U.S. troops on Japan soil
and destroy everything there. Then all we
have to worry about is Germany.

France is going to be taken over tomorrow.
And I fear if Russia doesn’t come into the
war we will lose on the European map.
I fear Japan’s navy is too powerful to be
taken over, and I will not have a navy anymore.

Great Britain 5 1942

No additional alliance were made today.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of attack. We are
in deep trouble. Just going to try to stay

I fear my navy will be wiped out and I will
have not means of getting anywhere across
the map. Yeah…we’re pretty much screwed.
This is goodbye world. Nice knowing ya.

Great Britain 5 1943

The Soviet Union joined the Allies today,
after they got attacked.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We plan on moving troops from the U.S.
onto European soil, because they are useless
just sitting there and hopefully take back
over France/Poland. And we need to take
out Italy’s navy.

I fear that we won’t be able to move troops
from U.S. quickly enough to help save Russia.
That means that surely the Allies will lose to the
Axis Powers.

Great Britain 5 1944

No new alliances were made today. No one joined
the Allied Powers.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We need to protect Burma at all costs because
the Axis Powers have basically taken over everything
around Burma.

I fear that we won’t win the war because
we can’t get the U.S. soldiers over fast enough
to save us. I also fear Burma will fall to the
Axis Powers. If that happens we will have
surely lost the war.

Great Britain 5 1945

I feel we needed to be more aggressive in order
to win the war. It would have been much
better if the U.S.S.R and the United States
would have joined the war sooner. To be
completely honest we totally sucked. If
I had to do it all over again I would do the
exact opposite of everything I did this time.
It’s really depressing to be the Allied Powers
and to have lost. I feel really disappointed in

WW2 Simulation Journal: Yugoslavia and Belgium 5

WW2 Simulation
Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1938

This year as the leader of Yugoslavia, I’ve had to do a lot of strategizing and planning. Yugoslavia doesn’t have a very big or strong military, therefore I have to depend on my allies. I have close ties with Germany, but in 2 years I will break off my relations with them. When I break off relations with them, I need help from France and Great Britain. I will make a secret alliance with France and Great Britain so they will have my back when I break off from Germany. I have to make sure that Germany won’t invade me. Hopefully France and Great Britain will help me because without them, I won’t be successful. I need them for security and to get my natural resources. I won’t be able to do much for the next 2 years until I do break off relations with Germany, and then I will join the allies.

This year has been a year of planning. I can’t do much without the help of my allies, Great Britain and France. I really depend on them because my country is super small and can’t do anything by itself. Many countries are going to try to take over mine because it’s so small. With the help of my allies, hopefully I can retain my original territory. I will stay neutral until I’m attacked. When I’m attacked I will become a part of the allies.  I have to depend on my allies so that I won’t get taken over easily. I’m scared that Germany’s huge military is going to make my country one of their first attacks because they are right across the border. I depend on my alliances for natural resources, because I can’t take over countries by myself. They will have to transfer some of their natural resources to me.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1939

This year my country made a secret alliance with France and Great Britain. I hope that Germany does not ask me to help them militarily because I won’t help them. If they know I’m not going to help them, they will probably go against me sooner than I want them to. I can’t completely break of relations with them until next year. After that I know I’m going to get attacked by them, but I’m going to do everything I can for them not to take over my country. Germany actually assured me that if I turned against them, they will conquer me. With the help of France and Great Britain this shouldn’t be an issue. If my country does get taken over, then hopefully my allies will help me out to get it back. Right now I’m just sitting back waiting to help someone if they need my help (other than Germany). Things aren’t very exciting right now, but I have a feeling they will be sometime soon.

This year nothing really happened. My country is going to stay neutral until I get attacked, then I will join the allies. Once I get attacked (which I’m not for sure when that is going to happen) France and Great Britain will hopefully help me stop that from happening.  Once I officially join the allies, I’m planning on them transferring some of their resources to me because I really don’t need that much. I’m going to make as much defensive alliances I can within the next couple of years, so I can be protected.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1940

This year was the year I had to cut off relations with Germany, and they didn’t seem too surprised. They never did ask me to help them militarily, but I wouldn’t have anyway. I officially became a part of the allies now that I broke off relations with Germany. They didn’t attack me this year, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will next year. I know they’re planning something. I’m not sure if my allies will really be able to help me if I do get attacked. I warned them that they are going to have to get ready but they didn’t seem very confident that they would be much help. If they can’t help me, I don’t really know what I’m going to do.

This year Germany attacked me with 1,000 troops, but with the help of my allies (Great Britain and France), Germany was unsuccessful in taking over my country. I was very happy about that.. until Germany attacked Belgium again, and my allies tried to help but it didn’t work. I’m still thankful for my allies because they did help me out, it just didn’t work the second time. We tried to do everything we could, but it wasn’t enough.  Now that I was attacked, I’m no longer neutral. I officially joined the allies. I made two secret alliances with Sweden and the Netherlands. I have to make a lot of defensive alliances. Maybe eventually we can fight back for my country but my allies have bigger things to worry about, so I doubt they will want to. I will try to convince them, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1941

This year Yugoslavia was attacked by Romania and Hungary. They were successful because no one helped me. I’m too isolated and no one was really willing to even try to help me. Since they took me over, they took the small amount of iron that I had. This isn’t that big of a surprise, I knew Germany would try and do something, and they did. I doubt that I will get my country back. I’ll at least try to convince my allies to fight for it, but I’m almost positive they won’t do anything. I guess I will just wait see what the future brings, and go from there. Right now there isn’t much I can do, but maybe eventually something will work out.

This year nothing happened, I’m still taken over by the Axis Powers. My plan is to just sit back and wait for my allies to finish what they need to get done. Once they are done with finishing their biggest duties, I’m going to convince to help me get Belgium back. I really want to get my country back, and then I’ll work on getting natural resources. I see that they aren’t really being helpful with getting back Yugoslavia (who has the same alliances that I do) who got taken over this year, so I’m just going to wait a little bit. If I don’t convince them to get Belgium back then I guess there really isn’t anything else that I can do.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1942

This year has been a very bad year. France got taken over by Germany, and won’t be able to get it back. France pretty much lost all of their troops because they used them to try defend themselves. They are my allies and now they are taken over, so my country is pretty much screwed. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Great Britain, but the way things are going, I’m sure it won’t be very good. With my allies being taken over, there’s no way I can get my country back.

This year I am in the same boat as Yugoslavia. My country got taken over, and my allies are getting taken over. France got taken over by Germany, and now I’m sure they’ll start taking over Great Britain. This has been an awful year, and things are just going to keep getting worse. I don’t know what I’m going to because my allies aren’t going to be able to help me because they have to focus on defending their own countries first.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1943

This year my allies focused on trying to destroy Japan’s navy. We want to do this because we want to stop Japan from taking everything over. They were successful in wiping out all of Japan’s navy. All the decisions have been pretty much on France and Great Britain. They are the only two who can actually do anything right now because other allies are wiped out. As allies, we just need to work together and over power the axis powers. From this point on, I feel like we will gradually work our way towards taking over more countries. This year was also the year that the USSR finally joined the allies. I doubt they will help me get my country back, but there’s not really I can really do about it.

This year was very similar to the year that Yugoslavia had. The allies successfully wiped out the Japanese navy, so they can no longer keep taking everything over. The USSR also joined with allies. Since Belgium is so small, it’s not very important to get back right now. My allies have other focuses, and Belgium is not one of them. Getting back my country isn’t important to them, like it is to me. I’m screwed on getting my country back, and I can’t really do anything, unless a miracle happens.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1944

This year my allies were moving towards success. They moved their troops closer to the eastern part of the United States, and all of the troops are going to go into Europe and try to dominate. In order for the Axis powers not to defend themselves easily, they are going to make smaller attacks, so they lose their troops, and then hit the bigger areas. Like I mentioned last year, I doubt they will help me get my country back, so I have pretty much given up. There is nothing I can do anymore, we won’t have enough time.

This year was again a year like Yugoslavia, since we have the same allies. We’re running out of time, and the Axis powers keep taking over land. As allies, we need to start making our move. We started making our move this year by moving all of our troops towards Europe. My country is long gone and forgotten about because my allies have better things to focus on.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1945

This year was really unsuccessful, the allied powers lost the war. It’s finally over, but it was long and boring for me, since I got taken over right away. My allies were really lazy, until the last day. They finally started making their move the last day. The USSR gained back a lot of it’s land that it lost, but that’s all they did. All my alliances were pretty much taken over by the axis powers. They weren’t very successful in defending themselves, so I don’t know why I thought they would be able to help me. They were weak, and lazy, and had an awful war. That really affected me because I can’t do anything without them.

This year was awful because the allied powers lost the war. They weren’t successful at all in defending themselves, so obviously they couldn’t help me out. All of our land was taken away by the axis powers, and there’s no way I was going to get Belgium back. My alliances were really weak and none of the communicated our worked together. I’m glad the war is over!

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 5
USA 1938:     Today was orientation day. I am pretty nervous because I am not quiet sure what to do or whats going to happen. I have a feeling on the first day that there is going to be a lot of battles. But I cannot help anyone because it goes against my objectives. I am suppose to stay out of the war until someone attacks me. I am planning on cutting off Japans supply of oil. Which that will probably lead to them attacking me. If someone attacks me I cannot do much because I will not have a very big army or navy. Lets see how this goes.

USA 1939:    The war has started! Germany went on a rampage and took over Denmark and E. Prussia. The allies took over Sweden so I think that both sides are trying to control the baltic. I gave france 6 of my surplus oil to help them out. Then I gave China the 6.7 oil that they needed. Hunter asked if I could protect him in the Indies but I can’t do that until I get attacked. I am cutting off Japans supply of oil from the U.S.


USA 1940:    Today my plan is to had out some natural resources. I gave USSR 10 oil. Then I am planning on bringing my navy over by the Philippines back. So they don’t destroy my navy there and bring me into the war yet. I don’t have enough people to do anything if I were to join the war. Thats why I am doing this. Wait I am not going to do that. If I leave there I would loose the Philippines. Then I would have to join the war. Germany attacked belgium twice. They lost the first time. Then the second time Lane who is France decided to help with 1000. That was stupid!!! He was going to loose belgium anyway. So he wasted 1000 troops!! Now he only has 600 troops left. By the time I join the war France will be gone and we will not stand a whole lot of a chance!!!! Today was not a good day for the allies.

USA 1941:    I still don’t have a a very big army. God Bless the USA!! I moved my navy back towards Hawaii. Japan came out with there navy and attacked me. I am FINALY IN THE WAR!!!!!!! USA, USA, USA. Get ready world the USA is coming for you! Great Britain is sending their navy from europe to help me in the Pacific. It will take them a while to get there. I am planning on doing nothing really today other than allying with every ally on the map. Great Britain moved there navy down by Australia so the U.S.A, Britain, and Netherlands we are all going to attack Japans navy. Japan attacked us first. With they help of GB and Netherlands we defeated the Japanese from taking pearl harbor.  But  Italy took over F2 and attack North Africa.

USA 1942: Our grand plan is forming today. We are moving our most of the Allies navy to the Pacific ocean. We are planing on using all of our navy’s to attack Japan’s navy. some time soon. So we can take out Japan’s navy so they won’t attack me.  After that they we will try to go and defeat Germany. That will be pretty hard saying france got taken over today. And all of Europe is now a part of the Axis powers. They still haven’t attacked Russia. So Russia can’t join the war and help us out.


USA 1943: Today my plan is to get my next mobilization then attack Japan’s Navy. We took out there first of Japans navy. Now I am going to wait until I can use GB help to destroy the last of there navy. We need USSR to join the war!!! They can destroy Japan. Then they could help us attack Germany after we get rid of Japan. Japan attacked NW China. Sense Austin isn’t here he is going to get taken over today. I have no idea what the Axis are thinking. I am hoping they don’t do anything until I can attack them. Now Japans navy is gone!! I am planning on taking some of my men to GB so we can attack Germany sometime soon. Finally Axis attacked USSR!!!!! USSR is in the game. Lets Go!!!


USA 1944: Today we are going to move all of our boat to the Eastern US. Pick up our guys then head over to Europe. We are going to us my 36 navy to attack F1. So they can’t help. Then have GB and France navy to attack F2 so they can’t help. Then we are going to use all of our navy to attack F3. So we can have some land in France. I think this plan will work. It will take a while because we have 2 navies by Japan and we need them to be on the other side of the US. We ran out of time today to get my navy moved on the other side of the US. I don’t know if we are going to have time to attack Germany.


USA 1945: Today is the last day of the simulation. We are going to loose and the axis have probably won the war. It is going to take to long to get our navies that are by Hawaii and get them over to help and start shoveling troops into Europe. I am still wanting to go with my plan of using the two little navies and getting F2 and F3 busy so they can’t help and try to take F3 back. I don’t know if that is going to work sense we don’t have a very big navy attacking F3 but we might as well try. What we should have done was not worried about Japan’s navy and started sending troops into Europe 2 years ago. Oh well I met all of my objectives. Japan took over Eastern USSR. Just for the fun of it. I thought this war was a little to long. That and it took to long to move everything. There were like a dozen more sea zones. Then the naves of every country were to small to move all the people. Like today I have 9,500 in the U.S.A and I have enough navy to take about 300 of them.


WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain 3

Period 3

Great Britain 1914 (Friday)
Significant events – Ottoman Empire takes Bulgaria, Germany and Austria-Hungary take part of Russia
Strategies/plans – I (Great Britain) need to declare war on Germany so I can take out their navy. I also need to start moving other parts of my navy towards the Ottoman Empire to secure the Dardanelles Strait.
Thoughts – An alliance with the US would be good to agree to.

Period 3

Great Britain 1915 (Tuesday)
Significant events – Great Britain destroys German navy, Great Britain moves troops and navy to North Africa region, Italy joins the allies, France moves troops into Belgium and Italy
Strategies/plans – I need to declare war on the Ottoman Empire so I can secure the Dardanelles Strait for Russia. I also need to help out the smaller allied countries because they are getting taken over fast.
Thoughts – Perhaps I could attack the Ottoman Empire from the back side by getting troops in Egypt.

Period 3

Great Britain 1916 (Wednesday)
Significant events – Austria-Hungary takes Serbia/Montenegro and Romania, Great Britain and France attack the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Empire moves troops back from Bulgaria
Strategies/plans – I need to make a final blow to the Ottoman Empire and take them over tomorrow, because Russia needs help badly. I also need to ally myself with the US and Portugal to achieve some of my objectives.
Thoughts – It might be a good idea to move French troops with my navy.

Period 3

Great Britain 1917 (Thursday)
Significant events – Austria-Hungary takes Greece, Great Britain and France take the Ottoman Empire, US joins the allies
Strategies/plans – I need to bring my navy back to Great Britain and move as many troops as I can into France or Belgium, possibly using the US navy if I don

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 1

World War 2 Simulation

Germany  1938
As we learn about the simulation, my partner and I are coming up with good ideas and plans for the future. Will we win, I hope so. Nevertheless, we will do our best to work on and do our best.  We are meeting with our allies, thinking out a plan to take out our enemy before they attack us. We shall see what goes on.

Germany  1939
As war goes on, the Motherland has taken over the Netherlands and also taken out Great Britain’s Navy. This was a great win for the Motherland as we work on taking over the world. Our military is right now is taking over Poland with the help of U.S.S.R.  Together we can work to take over as much land as we can.

Germany  1940
As the year goes on, the motherland creates the plan for world domination. We are gathering our troops to move into Belgium. Our country invaded Belgium and now we have conquered more land. The motherland is now going to conquer the rest of Europe. We will win this war. I can tell that the Allies power are getting worried as we acquire more and more land.

Germany  1941
A lot is going on right now. Many countries are working together to acquire more land. Greece and Sweden have been taken over by the Axis Power as we move to surround France and once we get France, we will send help to Italy to help them with taking North Africa.

Germany  1942
As the war goes on, we come up new ways to fight the Allied Powers. We came up with a plan to invade the France. We want them to attack us in Belgium and then we will retaliate and destroy Britain and France.

Germany  1943
Today is the day, we will either take most of France or fail to do so. As the simulation goes on and is near the end, we are coming up with a plan that involves a lot of troops. We are going to take France head on with the help of Italy.

Germany  1944
Today has been a good day. We have taken all of France and now we are going to move troops to the east.  Once we defend the west, we will strength our territory to the east to stop the Soviet Union from taken Romania. Once we defend our land, we will attack Soviet Union. Will have already taken most of Europe and we will keep take more.

Germany  1945
Today is the last day of the war. In the last few years, we have taken almost all of Europe. Now we go to strength our eastern border and attack the Soviet Union. Our plans are to take as much of the Soviet Union as we can in the last day.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 3

WW1 Lesson Plan

States 3 1913

is 1913, and war is about to start. I think if us United States stay
neutral for some time, we should be fine. After we stay neutral for
awhile, I believe we should make an alliance with Great Britain and
France, to make sure we are safe. Declaring war on Germany may be a
smart idea, since we have allies to back us up, we will be
successful. I think we should attack the part of Germany that has the
least amount of troops, because we will have more of a chance to take
over that land. Once we attack Germany, we will then help Great
Britain and France with the wars they end up declaring. As allies,
our duty is to back each other up in time of war.

States 3 1914

in the year of 1914, us United States has decided to mobilize. This
helps our number of troops greatly! Although nobody has declared war
on the United States, they have declared war on other countries. The
Ottoman Empire was successful at war with Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary
and Germany are successful in taking over part of Russia (known as
R3). The United States is fortunate right now, because no one is
attacking us. I do not think we are anyones target at this point in
time, but, I am sure once we start making moves, we will be a target.

States 3 1915

year many countries got Poison Gas. Unfortunately, we were not one of
those countries to receive the luxury of Poison Gas. Not only did
others receive Poison Gas, but, the Lusitania sunk. There were 1,198
deaths, including 128 Americans. This put the United States under the
spotlight, just a little. During this year, a lot has happened; The
German Navy was destroyed by Great Britain, Italy joined the Allies,
France and Great Britain’s navy’s are now surrounding Germany, and,
Austria-Hungary is now giving no representation for the Slavs in
their government. We are still neutral at this time, but, we need to
start talking to Great Britain and France to make sure they are going
to be okay with forming an alliance in two years.

States 3 1916

are getting serious now. So much war is happening, and I am afraid
other countries might start attacking the US. Austria-Hungary
attacked, and took over Montenegro and Serbia. Romania joined the
Allies, but was taken over by the Central Powers not too long after.
Greece was almost taken over by Austria-Hungary, but received some
temporary help! The allies are in desperate need of land. We are
slowly losing land, one piece at a time. This is not good. Next year
we will be making our allies, and the US will be known as part of the
Allies, which may cause some tension to build.

States 3 1917

we joined the allies, and we are declaring war on the Central Powers.
This is crazy! We just mobilized, and now have a total of 1,674
troops. We are going to attack O2, and hopefully succeed. With some
help from France, we were victorious in war with O2. Us allies also
attacked O1, and were victorious, as well. It looks like allies might
be getting a lead! Hopefully this is taking a turn for the worse for
the Central Powers!

States 3 1918

is the last year of war, and things are severely intense. Not only is
there war left and right, but, everybody is moving their troops and
navy everywhere! Us United States attacked G2, and we were
successful. At this point, we have fulfilled our objectives, so we
don’t really need to do much more of anything. But, with war going on
all around us, we need to be able to help back up our allies if
possible. At the end of the year, the allies were victorious over the
Central Powers. There was a little bit of Germany left, but, there
was more allied land, than there was Central Powers land. Our goal
has been reached!

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 1

World War 2 Simulation

Great Britain 1 1938
I, Nikki, was the President of Great Britain, and my Prime Minister was Robin Regan.
When I had learned who was who for their countries, I immediately saw that my Allied countries, like Poland and Belgium could easily be taken by the psychotic people of Germany, and the USSR, the Axis powers.
This got me thinking of how to defend my friends. I knew that Poland would be wiped from the map in a year by the USSR and Germany, so I had to act fast. I tried to talk to Martika who had small countries that were next to Poland, but it didn’t help. Traitorous friends right? France was going to do nothing until she had to defend her country, so I was beside myself on this one.

Great Britain 1 1939
On top of assessing my situation to being a allied power, I have also considered being a Axis power because of this, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,” saying. If I were to ally myself with the Axis powers, I would be closer to Germany, and I could easily move my troops through Germany until I was in Poland, and then declare war on Germany, so that I could take back Poland! I know that would be suicide, and that would take years to mobilize a lot of troops, and if I had so many troops in P1 of Poland, I would think that Germany would suspect that I would be a Traitor. I have two other back up plans, but I don’t think it will get me anywhere close to Poland, but it is worth a shot right? I
I was right about one thing last year, and i should trust my gut more often because my poor allied country, Poland, and Belgium, both fell today. I swear I will try to get the two countries back, but I’m sore scared now that France will fall soon.

Great Britain 1 1940
Today is a good day. Today I have gained the upper hand on my enemy! I am taking on of my other back up plans; Starve my enemy of natural resources! This is a risky game, but I figured that if I took resources that Germany would need, their rating would drop, and therefore be weaker, and when thy enemy is weak, you plunge thou sword through thy heart! Romantic right? So, what I am going today is several naval battles.  If my enemies supply troops to other countries by boat, then the number one enemy is my enemies ships, and therefore I shall attack ships, and then move my way up to Sweden and Norway to take away Germany’s source of Iron Ore.

Great Britain 1 1941
Keeping true to my words, I did destroy thy enemies ships! All of them, besides a USSR navy down in the Aegean Sea, which if they were to use that ship, my navy down there would wipe them out, but I have talked to the USSR’s Prime Minister. I had implemented the seed of a treaty, if the Allies are to win, we need the USSR! I also took over Sweden and Norway that was in the clutches of those filthy Nazi rats. This means I have successfully reopened the Baltic Sea, and no enemy can take that away from me, nor reach me, unless Japan decides to travel around, but I know they won’t be able to get by the U.S. I have successfully completed one of the many steps in my back up plan that I had! Go Great Britain!!

Great Britain 1 1942
Why, just why? I am so ticked today that my prime minister had decided to go take war with Italy when we have not knocked out their ships because then they would be able to supply more troops! JUST WHY? I wanted to take out Italy’s ships so that she couldn’t supply her colony, Libya, with more troops, but NOOOO! I lost this battle, but Italy has just waken the wrath inside me. I have also made a secret treaty with the USSR, and I know that they can’t attack Germany until Germany attacks them, so when that happens, they are joining the Allies, and therefore I will be able to move troops through the USSR to back the USSR up to take Poland back!

Great Britain 1 1943
I am going to wipe that smug little face off of Italy if it takes my last breath! I have given up hope for the Allies that are around Germany, even though I hold strong as a country, I know I won’t be able to take those countries back, but I can try! Always try, and if failure comes, well that is less troops on my enemies side then! But, back to Italy she took a lot of my British colonies away from me! I know I should have supplies troops, but the more wars Italy has with my small countries, the less troops I have to deal with in battling her. Wait, that sound confusing. Okay, what I mean is that I have troops in my small British Colonies, and the more she invades them, the more Disperse her troops became, and also trapping herself within my colonies as well! On another side note, I want to smack the leader of China! Like, come on, really? Your country is slowly being taking down, and your sitting there doing nothing? I stepped up to help, but I don’t have many troops, and I lose every single time I try to help China. I need a break, I am going to recompose myself before I do something I can’t fix.
Okay, I am back, and I guess curiosity really did kill that cat this time. I have learned that China thought she was already taken over by Germany, and so she did nothing. I want to say so many colorful things, but I will not be immature about this. If China wants to sit, and do nothing, then the Allies have lost altogether, and there is no hope then, on the downward spiral as well

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 3

Germany 3 1913

It’s 1913. The year before the World War 1 Start. I’m one of the Central Powers, Germany, and allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. They are both really strong but I still wanted to make more alliances, since they can never really hurt you, as long as you don’t trust them too much.
Since it was one of my objectives, I made a secret alliance with Bulgaria. It had to be secret, because Bulgaria was worried about the effects of having open alliances.
In addition I tried to make sure I have alliances with countries that surround France, since they are surely going to try to get their land back. Thats why I made a secret alliance with Belgium, so I could convince them to let my troops through their land every time. I also hope that they are going to fight on the side of the central powers- against France.
Last but not least I also tried to make an alliance with Italy, since I wanted them to protect me and Austria Hungary against France. But Italy denied and so I am pretty sure that it already has an alliance with France. I’m aware of that alliance and always keep some of my troops on G1, next to Italy.

Germany 3 1914

The World War started. Many countries mobilized but in the moment I heard Russia is mobilizing I acted and declared war to Russia. Why? I really don’t want to wait till I have France and Russia attacking me from both sides at the same time – the two- front war that eliminated Germany in the first world war. So I decided to kill Russia as quick as possible, so I can concentrate on France. Austria-Hungary is fighting on my side and the Ottoman Empire is trying to attack Russia from the South. We will see how that goes. I’m just scared because the Russian have lots of new soldiers next year and I don’t want them to over roll my exhausted army.
Thats why I’m planning on moving more troops to the East, always in the hope France is going to wait till they attack us.
I’m also concerned about Great Britain, since they have been pretty quiet so far.
The next step I want to make is convincing Austria-Hungary to kill Serbia and Montenegro, because they are little countries, that are going to grow from now on. We should eliminate as many enemies as we can in the next year, so our power is growing and we are ready to fight Russia and France at the same time, and can fully concentrate on them.
A little lost was  the take-over of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, since I was planning on honoring my alliance with this little country. But I couldn’t do anything- all my groups were in the North.

Germany 3 1915

Russia just got about 3000 new soldiers in their backland. Although I really want to fight them I can’t overtake the next part of their land because they would just fight me back and overwhelm my exhausted army. So I tried to convince the Ottoman Empire to attack Russia from the South, but they were concentrating on Greece and Serbia. Thats why I am going to wait till I try to destroy Russians army again. Why? Because Great Britain just took my navy down and the alliances got pretty strong in the West. 2000 French soldiers are in Belgium and about 4000Soldiers are in Italy, which joined the alliances. That forced me to stay in the West, I can’t effort to put Russia down right now, I need all my troops to save my borders and Austria-Hungary. Otherwise France and Italy are going to attack us.
In addition Egypt and all the other countries on the South joined the alliances against the Central Powers. Now I’m getting kind of nervous because we are surrounded by enemies.
But I couldn’t do anything about all our little enemies in the south, like Serbia or Montenegro because I needed my troops elsewhere. I tried to convince Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to take them down as quick as possible so they can’t get any stronger but they didn’t want to.

Germany 3 1916

The situation for Germany got better this year. After long calculations and strategies I decided to make the border to Belgium and Italy strong enough to have more Power than the French soldiers in these countries have.
I’m not going to attack them though, because I don’t need to fight them and since I know that they want their land back from Germany I just wait for them to attack me, so that I can get the defense point in the rating. My army is going to be up at a rating of 11 when they declare war against me so it should be possible to defend myself. I’m just waiting for their next step.
Meanwhile I convinced the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to take down Serbia and Montenegro, since I had the feeling that they are going to become really strong when we don’t take them down immediately. I think we should get rid of as many enemies as we can right now so we can concentrate on our biggest enemies and save the borders.
Romania tried to help Serbia, which really surprised me because it is in the middle of the Central Powers and really easy for us to take down. I even told them my ultimatum: Stay out of it and neutral or we crush you. They didn’t listen and so Austria Hungary took it down. Now that Austria Hungary lost a lot of people I’m going to help them with as many groups as possible.
Russia still didn’t move which surprises me since they could weaken me when they use a lot of their army. Since the Ottoman Empire in the South is really weak now they can’t really threat Russia anymore which should be a chance for Russia to use their complete Army for the West- Germany and Austria-Hungary. But I am not too scared because Russia always had lots of people, but never strong ones.
My main point is defense at the time and at the point where I get the chance- I’ll attack Russia and help the Ottoman Empire to get stronger again.

Germany 3 1917

This year was compared to the last years pretty quite. Italy and Belgium still have the same amount of troops and I still wait for them to attack me to get my defense point on all of my troops. Meanwhile Russia moved their troops to the border- a lot of people stay against me. I just moved all my troops that were close to this border to Russia to get a defense point on all of my troops since they are obviously going to attack me. When they really do then they don’t really have lots of troops left- their army is destroyed.
The Ottoman Empire got pretty much taken down by navies of Great Britain. I tried to eliminate those troops with my navy but I wasn’t strong enough. The Ottoman Empire is lost and now Austria-Hungary and me stand against the rest of Europe. We will move all our troops in our countries since we don’t really need the land in the south, like Bulgaria and Greece.
Otherwise nothing really happened, the US joined the Allied Powers, which didn’t surprise us and now I’m waiting for them to get on the border of Belgium. I just hope I am strong enough to defend myself in the end.
Since tomorrow is the last year everyone is just going to attack us but I still stay with my defense-idea: waiting for them to attack and getting thousands of defense points on my side. Since they really have lots more troops than I do I really need a high rating to be able to get them down.
We will see what happens next. If Russia isn’t going to attack me I may just use my army in the east to destroy as many Russian troops as possible.

Germany 3 1918

The last year of war was nerve wracking. Since I didn’t realize that troops can come through the forrest the U.S and France were able to take my territory over easily.
I wasn’t able to take it back though because as soon as I would have done it, all my other territories would have been weakened and vulnerable. The Russian army got their territory back but they lost lots of army. The Russians were almost wiped out at the end.
Italy didn’t do anything and the troops in Belgium didn’t really do anything either.

My final thought about the position as Germany and my main strategy: My main strategy was the thought that the Allied Powers have a more powerful army over the whole time period. To resist all their troops I wanted to destroy as many capitals of allied countries as quick as possible so they lose some of their troops that I have to fight over time. That didn’t really work though because the Ottoman Empire denied to help me with crushing Russia from the South and Austria-Hungary didn’t want to take over Serbia and Montenegro at first. That’s why the Allied Powers got stronger over time. We didn’t really stopped their troops from growing. That was our main problem. Another problem was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire after attacking Greece, from which I warned it. Austria-Hungary and me stood there by ourselves. These facts added together with the frustrating fact that I got the facts about the Ardennes Forest wrong, made the Allied Powers strong and so at the very end I lost one of my territories to the French.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 1

Italy  1938

I am planning on watching the other countries to see what some of them are going to do,  so when I go to conquer a country I know who to avoid. I am thinking of moving troops into Northern Africa, and conquering those countries and taking those resources. I need to see if anyone has extra resources they could give me, so I can raise my rating.

Italy  1939

Since Germany is attacking the Netherlands, and are planning on attacking Poland too. I am staying out of the wars for now to see who is going to win, and if the Germans win I am going to ask them for some resources. I am also overhearing that Russia, Germany, and Romania are going to attack Poland. I cannot really do anything to help them, but I am going to help get France for Germany. Hopefully when I help Germany they will help me get North Africa.

Italy  1940

Today Germany is preparing to attack or draw France into its territory next to Belgium. I am going to help them by possibly attacking the French territory that is next to Italy. I am hopefully going to get more resources out of this agreement. I am also going to invade Albania and keep my troops there until I can get help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. After I take those countries over I am aiming to invade North Africa

Italy  1941

I have successfully gained Albania, and now I just need to conquer Greece. I am wanting to stay out of this attack on France so I might have a chance of surviving this war. I am working on getting help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. I was attacked! Yugoslavia attacked me in Albania, but I was victorious anyway. I have conquered Greece! I have also gained oil from Bulgaria, so I have more of the resources that I need.

Italy  1942

Today I am hoping to not have to attack France for Germany. I have convinced them to let me attack the French North Africa first. I was attacked by France and Great Britain in Lybia, but I beat them both. Now the French North Africa is almost defenseless, now is my time to strike! Well, that didn’t go very well at all, I lost in the battle for the French North Africa. Now I have to plan to defend Lybia, and attack the rest of North Africa.

Italy  1943

MY NAVY!!! My navy is gone!! How am I going to move troops into Lybia? Well, I do have around six hundred in Lybia. I have to try and get the rest of North Africa with only 680 some troops, it will take quite a bit of strategy. I have already gotten Egypt so the rest will come fairly easy, except for French North Africa. I am going to attack Palestine too. I am only going to take the countries I need.

Italy  1944

Today I am going to invade Palestine, and I am planning to only take Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, French North Africa, and Iraq. After I get the countries to the east I will go attack the French North Africa again. I am close to obtaining all of my objectives, I just have to make sure I can hold the land once I obtain it. I have gained Palestine, but Great Britain is putting more troops into French North Africa. I do not think I have enough troops to defend Lybia from attack. It looks like the USSR is going to attack Romania, and I have sent troops to help Romania but I don’t know if that will help a whole lot.

Italy  1945

Today is the last day I have to get the Trans-Jordan, and Iraq. I have taken the Trans Jordan, but now I must take a big risk on attacking Iraq since they have 100 troops and I only have 87. I am going to attack Iraq still, but I also need to protect the lands I have gained. I also have to be ready for attack from French North Africa. I have gained Iraq now, and now I am going to defend Lybia. Well Lybia was attacked and taken by the British, and I saw it coming. Now I just have to protect the rest of North Africa I have gained. All that I have lost is only Lybia!