World War I Simulation Student Journal: Germany 2

World War I Simulation

Germany 2 1913

This year started off like any other year but changed drastically when a rogue Serbian group that called themselves the black hand killed the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne. This infuriated the Austro-Hungarian people and this caused them to declare war on Serbia. With Serbia having powerful allies, they came to the rescue by mobilizing their troops and getting ready to help in the war. But, the Austria-Hungary people had powerful allies as well. One of those Allies is us, Germany. With the threat of the Allies mobilizing, we too mobilized and now we will prepare for war. But we needed more allies. We called a meeting of the Central power and with bulgaria to discuss and Alliance. Bulgaria accepted our invitation and joined the Central powers.

Germany 2 1914

With all of the fresh troops that we have now received due to our mobilization, we must now prepare for battle. Russia has an immense army that will try to invade us from the northeast and Great Britain as well as France will try to be invading us from the west. We will split our army into two groups and fight them in a two way war. One on the northeast, one on the west. Belgium stands between us and France so it must go. We cannot allow Russia to have their navy in our sea zone. They must also go.

Germany 2 1915

We have captured Belgium and taken out the Russian navy! Now nothing is standing in our way to attack either group. So far, the United States has remained neutral but time will tell whether they will say that way or not. No worries since the German army is the most powerful army in all of Europe! We have taken the capital of France! We will crush any who oppose us or the Central powers. Especially Russia. Our ally the Ottoman empire wishes to acquire some of the Russian land. Russia is also threatening the Ottomans with their massive army. If the Central powers are to win this war we need the help of the Ottomans. We will assist them in taking down Russia. We have secured part of Russia.

Germany 2 1916

We have lost our entire navy while severely weakening the British navy. This was a necessary price we needed to pay. For now, the British cannot directly attack Germany. While we were stopping the British, the Ottoman empire, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria are making lots of progress in the lower region of Europe. They have been able to take over Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania. We now have full control of Central Europe. We move onward and gain control of the coast of France! But we now have a small problem. Italy has now chosen to join the Allied power and they are now mobilizing. Russia is bringing in more troops from the northeast to invade Germany. We are about to get attacked on both sides now.

Germany 2 1917

Russia tries to regain the land they lost from us. They were unsuccessful while the German army was victorious! This victory has inspired the Ottoman empire to attack the Russians from the south. They too have claim a victory! The Russian army is in shambles and they are sent into civil war! They are forced to surrender to the Central powers. One step closer to victory! But after all of that victory comes devastating news. The U.S. Has mobilized as well as joined the Allied powers. They sent their army to the coast of France and they have regained the region for France. We must Reinforce the Capital of France. While the U.S. invades from the coast, Italy tries to take control of the coasts of Austria-Hungary! They are unsuccessful due to the numbers of the Austro-Hungarian army.

Germany 2 1918

This year a large number of battles took place. The Allied powers are trying to regain what they have lost. They are sending everything they have to try to regain France as well as Belgium. We were forced to send all of our troops out of Belgium and into the capital of France to make sure that the forest of Ardennes stays in the possession of the Central powers. If the forest is lost, the Allied powers can attack Germany directly. With lots of fresh troops supplied by the United States, the Allied powers win Belgium and the Capital of France. But this severely diminished their army. The Allies are very close to the capital of Germany now. All hope seems to be lost for the Germans. They send everything they have at the Capital of Germany. The Germans seem overwhelmed, but then they get reinforcements from Austria-Hungary and they win the battle for Germany! The Allied powers don’t have enough troops to continue to attack the Central powers. They retreat with what little troops they have left. The war is finally over and we, The Central powers, have finally won the war!