WW2 Simulation Journal: Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria

WW2 Simulation
Rumania 1939
Today I am going to figure out all of the natural resources my country needs. I have 15 oil and all I need is 2.8. So the countries that I am very close to, I am going to give whatever amount of oil they need. The countries that I am really close to are Hungary and Bulgaria. Hungary needs 1.9 and Bulgaria needs .9. So that is 3 less so that leaves me with about 8 oil left. I am going to ally with Germany right away because I do not wanted to be screwed. I gave 6 oil to Germany because they need it to be a better military. We also attacked Greece just to make Germany happy.

Rumania 1940
Today I am really striving to get all of my natural resources from countries that are my allies. I asked Japan to give me 6 oil. They approved and I got my 2.8 that I needed then gave the rest to Hungary and Bulgaria. I also got 6 coal from Germany and did the same with the surplus of the oil.

Rumania 1941:
Today I got asked to help Germany take over Yugoslavia. I have agreed on terms and conditions. I am going to help, if and only if, they help my go into Ukraine and help me conquer at least one third of Ukraine. I attacked Yugoslavia with Hungary to make sure we crush them to the ground. We are victories. Now all i need to worry about is to take a part of Ukraine.  We also attacked Greece just to make Italy happy.
Rumania 1942:
Today I took over Albania. I am also moving all of my troops that I had down in the Greece area back to Rumania to soon invade Ukraine.
Rumania 1943:
Today I am going to get troops from Germany, Bulgaria, and Hungary into Rumania. I am going to invade the Ukraine today. I have plenty of help so if the USSR attack, we will have plenty of power to crush them.
Rumania 1943:
We took over Ukraine! have very few amounts of troops left, but the objective is complete. I will now help Germany and Italy continue taking over the USSR. The USSR is weak and unstable and I think they and us have a chance. Let the war continue.
Rumania 1944:
Today I am just taking to my allies and seeing what their plans are for war. They plan on taking P2 of Poland. I think they will be victorious. I hope we keep continuing east.
Rumania 1945:
Today Germany is going all out on USSR. I am going to sit back and see what happens. I do not have enough troops to help them anymore. All my objectives are taken care of.

Bulgaria 1939
I am worried about getting all of my natural resources that I need. I am also worried about getting attacked by Yugoslavia. I got oil, coal, and rubber from Rumania. I am just taking it easy until 1941. That is my objective so i’m hoping that countries stay out of my business until then.

Bulgaria 1940:
Today I am just observing everything and making sure I play my cards right so I don’t mess everything up.

Bulgaria 1941:
Today I allied with Germany. I am considering helping Rumania take a part of Ukraine. We attacked Greece today.

Bulgaria 1942:
Today I am just doing some movement with my troops. I am down in greece with most of my troops and I am going to help Rumania take over Ukraine. I am slowly moving north to get into Rumania.

Bulgaria 1943.
I have finally got all of my troops into Rumania. I am ready for Rumania’s orders and get into Ukraine and kick A** and take names.

Bulgaria 1944:
Today I am just stationed in Ukraine. I am thinking about helping Germany take Belarus if they attack. Otherwise I am just keeping my pride in victory in taking the Ukraine.
Bulgaria 1945:
Today I am doing the same thing as Rumania. I have nothing left to do to help. And my troops are nearly gone.

Hungary 1939:
Today I got oil from Rumania and Coal from Germany. Which helped improve my military. I am hoping I can continue getting the resources I need to make my army stronger and more advanced so no one attacked me.

Hungary 1940:
Today I got Rubber from Rumania. All I need now is Iron Ore. Then my country will have everything it needs. I am keeping an eye on Germany to see if they need help, but as of now they are fine.

Hungary 1941:
Today I needed to take over Yugoslavia. Rumania helped me and we wiped them out. The territory is now ours. Next is to pay them back and help them take Ukraine.

Hungary 1942:
Today I am just moving my troops into Rumania. All of my objectives are complete so I am going to help out Rumania with theirs.

Hungary 1943:
All of my troops are in Rumania and ready for battle. Hopefully this battle turns out like we want it to.

Hungary 1944:
Today we plan on taking the Belarus and keep moving east. We want to corner Russia and see if we can do the most damage possible on the chumps.

Hungary 1945:
We have been observing Germany’s strategies and I think they can be doing a better job than what they are doing. They are preserving too many troops too much. They are going to get bit in the butt later on. Luckily the war is done today or the USSR could possibly take what they want back.