WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 3

WW2 Simulation
Great Britain 3 1938
Today was a little confusing but after asking a few questions and reading through our binder a little more, we are starting to understand it a little more. Great Britain  plans to give the US some rubber hoping that it might be the beginning of an alliance between the two countries. This excites us because we NEED an alliance with the US.

Great Britain 3 1939
Today after the Soviet Union cut off their oil transport to Germany and the US cut of their oil transportation to Japan, we knew this was the beginning of a good alliance with both countries. After Poland was attacked, Great Britain felt kind of bad that we couldn’t help but Poland knew they had no chance considering they were being attacked by Germany and none of their allies could get there to help. We decided it would be in our best interest to try and defeat the Japanese navy while we can and before they gain more land/power. We also have plans to funnel some troops from Great Britain to France so when they are attacked by Germany, we are prepared to fight back and be Victorious!

Great Britain 3 1940
Today we followed through with our plan and attacked the Japanese navy and weakened them as much as we could. We thought that by doing this, they would be a lesser threat to Great Britain’s Navy. I think this might have helped us a little bit it didn’t make a HUGE difference in the simulation.

Great Britain 3 1941
Today we lost Belgium because it was impossible to protect ourselves from Germany and Italy. Fortunately for us, Japan has attacked the Pearl Harbor which means the US is officially entering the war. All we have to do now is protect as much of France as we can since we are allied and we have a reliable, accessible place to store our troops.

Great Britain 3 1942
Both Ben & I were gone so we weren’t able to do much strategizing but Allied countries as a whole did some strategizing and decided that it would benefit us to not declare war and just move the Great Britain’s navy over near Great Britain so we could move more troops into France (F3) because they thought (and were right) that Germany was going to attack (F3). Since one of our objectives is to remain loyal to France, I was happy with the decision they made while Ben & I were gone.

Great Britain 3 1943
Today didn’t go our way at all. Ben and I feel as if we’ve already lost the war because there is no way we can take out Japan, Germany, or Italy since they are way more more powerful than us. The USSR lost a lot of their troops today which mean that the US and Great Britain are pretty much the only countries left with valuable troops. At this point, if Japan attacks our navy, we’re screwed.

Great Britain 3 1944
The only troops we have at this point are the troops we have stationed in F3. We don’t think war is a good idea for us right now so we plan to use our navy to help the US mobilize. And to put a cherry one the cake, good ole’ Italy took over Iran today and took the resources we had there. We attempted to fight back but we had no navy in that area and we only had 50 troops in Iran. This is extremely frustrating because we feel stupid that we didn’t even see that coming so we weren’t prepared what so ever.
Great Britain 3 1945
Ben and I feel that we should have gotten more done in the beginning of the war. The USSR didn’t help us as much as we thought they would and they also were nearly as powerful as we thought they were either.¬† This really irritates me because i hate loosing, obviously.