WW2 Simulation Journal: France 4

France 1, 1938
Today is the first day of the war. I didn’t get involved with anything because  it is still early in the game. Im planning how I am going to obtain my objectives. I found where all my troops where so that if someone came into my territory I could easily move some troops into the area that was being attacked. I plan to honor my alliance with Great Britain, Poland and Belgium. I will defend them as much as I can but not to the point where I lose all my troops.

France 2, 1939
Today I attempted to protect Belgium. The first time we were successful with the help of Great Britain. The second time we weren’t so lucky they took over the Netherlands and then sent more troops into Belgium I really considered to send some troops into Belgium but then I talked to my allies and then realized that it wasn’t worth losing a lot of my troops. I had to think about my country because if  I lose a lot of troops then I won’t have enough troops to defend my land if another country tries to take me over.

France 3, 1940
Today I don’t have any objectives to obtain except being loyal to my ally Great Britain and backing them up if they need any assistance. The United States asked me to make a public alliance with them. I did, their reasoning was that they became allies with Great Britain and since I am also an ally with Great Britain then I figured if we join together than we will be unstoppable.

France 4, 1941
Today I discussed with the allies what to do with my navy. They said that the axis powers were going to go down and go through the Suez canal to get to get down towards India to take over. So I moved my navy with 121 troops on it from the South Atlantic Sea down to the West Mediterranean sea. On our second turn I moved my navy down another sea zone to The Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

France 5, 1942
Today italy join the Allies and left Germany to tumble down by itself. I sent 1500 troops from F2 into F1 and 250 troops into F1 as well and we were victorious! We regained the territory in F1! I also moved both of my navys that I put in the East Mediterranean sea into the West Mediterranean sea zone.

France 6, 1943
I was not here that day but the Allies made the decision to move my navy and some of my troops around.

France 7, 1944
The last few days are getting really intense. Germany just took over Poland’s navy and the USSR’s navy. I just sent 1200 troops in to Belgium from F1 and the US sent 1800 troops into Belgium as well. Germany only has 500 troops in Belgium so the allies were victorious. Then we loaded some troops from Great Britain and took them into Belgium. Then move 417 troops of France’s from F2 into F1. I sent 1418 troops from Belgium into germany and my 417 troops from F1 into G1 as well. Germany is starting to get taken out quickly by the Allies.

France 8, 1945
Today is the final day of the war. The Japan was trying to regain its territory but they were not victorious because the US had sent some troops into SE China and came out victorious so SE China is still a part of the Allies. I am sending my 535 troops from Germany into Denmark. Since Germany did not have any troops in Denmark the Allies took Denmark over. Time is crunched, we have less than 10 minutes left until the end of the war. It’s looking really good for the Allies. Germany has lost all of their troops.