WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 7

United States 7 1913
I have been informed that the archduke has been killed by Serbian Nationalists. I have decided to place our navy in the atlantic to keep peace and protect our suppliers. If the conflict escalates any farther the United States may need to move in and try to create peace. This must not spread into the public of our movements but we must keep the fight in Europe not at home.

United States 7 1914
Today the Central powers attacked Russia, Greece and serbia. I have moved some of our navy to protect our supplies and other trades. Also the central powers and allies are rallying their troops i think this war is about to escalate and i do not want it to come to that. I will defend our suppliers only when we are needed i do not want to enter this war prematurely and be on the wrong side of the american people.

United States 7 1915
Italy has joined the allies and it has stirred up the central powers and i have a feeling they are going to retaliate because of the threat of the allies support. The central powers are taking over most of the southern countries. They have been stopped from taking over Montenegro and that has slowed their momentum but i have a bad feeling they may escalate their movements. Also a the ship the Lusitania has been sunk by the German and it was carrying 198 americans so the people of the United States are starting to back joining the war. I’ll wait and see how this pans out in the future.

Untied States 7 1916
I have decided to join the allies in the war on the central powers. I have moved troops into france for preparation to attack Germany. I have made this decision because we must end the war before mexico enters it. Russia is gaining  some land back and the allies are starting an offensive.

Untied States 7 1917
I have kept moving our troops into France to began an assault into Germany, but i am waiting for the right time.  I have attack Germany today with the help of Great Britain, but we have fallen. I am sorry my people this war is not over yet. Germany has been set back a bit and the allies have taken over some of Austria Hungry.

Untied States 7 1918
I have moved even more troops into Belgium to fight but I was unable to move into war because the war had ended. The allies won but it was not without cost. We lost Serbia and Greece but we took over A1 and fought as much as we could but in the end all of the countries lost and gained ground. We the United States lost no land but lost many soldiers in war and I am sorry for the families of those men they died for a great cause and I am thankful for their service. Thank you America for your compassion and defense of my actions.