WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Italy 7

Italy 7 1914
Align with Germany and Belgium. Since Italy was to remain neutral until 1915. Germany took over Russia. Also made a secret alliance with Austria- Hungary.

Italy 7 1915
Romania gets taken over and so do other parts of Russia.  Joined the allies at the end of the day and formd a secret alliance with France. Also I was able to mobilize my troops.

Italy 7 1916
Italy attacked Austria Hungary with 2000 troops gaining the land of Trieste from them. Russia attacked themselves in attempt to take their land back but they failed and the Central Powers got to keep it. Italy moved troops into Trieste  because if I didn’t then the central powers would take attack it and take it back. I also attempted to take control over the South Tyrol, but Germany reinforced Austria-Hungary and defeated me.

Italy 7 1917
The stragedy is to keep land that we got from Austria-Hungary. France moved troops into Italy that way the Central Powers can’t attack Italy, and if they did they would be out numbered and i would keep my land. After France moved their troops into Italy I moved my troops into Trieste because Central Powers were moving their troops closer to that land. Japan moved their Navy into the Adriatic Sea zone. Austria-Hungary sent to attack Trieste (land that i gained from them), but with the help of France i was able keep that land and Austria- Hungary lost. Russia took back some land that they had lost in the beginning. France attacked attacked Germany with 1000 troops, and I attacked Austria- Hungary with 500 troops and we both lost due to reinforcement from Germany.

Italy 7 1918
France moved troops into Trieste. United States moved their Navy back to the U.S.A. Russia got land back that the Central Powers had taken over. Ottumwa Empire  tried to attack Trieste, but we were successful and didn’t let them take over it. U.S.A and Belgium attack Germany, but were not successful because Germany had mover troops and backs that could help him. Germany sends 1000 troops into France and France won.