WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France 5

France 5 1913
Today we mobilized our troops for our country, France. We did this because it seemed to be a trend in our class so we didn’t want to be the one behind with not enough troops as everyone else. We have made a lot of allies so far even before the war has actually started. We allied publicly with Great Britain and Russia. They are definitely on our side in this war. We also have other secret alliances that will help us to complete our objectives hopefully.

France 5 1914
Today is the first year of the war. As I’m thinking about my objectives Russia got taken over. Russia is an ally with me and one of my objectives is to honor our alliance, but there was nothing I could do to help him. The music in the background makes it seem so much more intense. I love it! My next plan is to go through the Ardennes Forest and to attack Germany. I just want to take some of the pressure off of Russia, and also try and accomplish one of my objectives. That is to get back two territories from Germany. I’ve noticed that Germany is going to be very hard to defeat because of its very high rating. In the future this might cause France to have some hardships.

France 5 1915
Today was a bad day for the allies. We lost the biggest country we have, Russia. I was helping them get o2 from the Ottoman Empire, which we succeeded in doing. But then right after Germany went for Russia’s R——- but there was nothing we could do because we didn’t have the Dardanelles’ straight so they got it. This is a big blow to France because our future plans were to capture all of the ottoman empire with Russia. Tomorrow I’m not sure what my plans are to be so I am going to have to talk to my Allies and figure out a plan because we are not going down without a fight. I know that Italy is possibly wanting to ally with the allies so that we can move troops through there to attack Austria Hungary and eventually Germany. I’m hoping they ally with us because this is what we need to possibly still have a chance at winning the war.

France 5 1916
Today some major things happened. Belgium was attacked by Germany. This means Germany has a straight shot for France. I’m hoping they don’t take that root to us. I tried to save Belgium with my troops but was unsuccessful because of there really good army rating. So, I failed at this objective to keen belgium neutral, but I tried to save them. Also, Serbia was attacked and taken over! Montenegro is still a part of the allies though. But I didn’t know this was going to happen before this happened so I only had around 600 troops in Serbia. I wanted to defend Serbia the best I could because they are connected to montenegro and I am allied with them, and one of my objectives is to keep my alliance with montenegro. I was unsuccessful in keeping Serbia, but they didn’t take Montenegro. When we move from Italy to Austria Hungary I am hoping to regain Serbia back while also taking other countries in the process. We are planning to work together to sweep across the map from italy taking the countries as we go. Britain, Italy and us are all going to have to work together because of Germany’s high military rating. America is going to attack from the top of Germany so it is almost like a two front war. We’re hoping this pressure will cause Germany and Austria Hungary to crumble.

France 5 1917
Today was a good day for the allies. We started off with ally war. We didn’t do any of that so we moved on to movement. To conquer one of my objectives I decided to ally with Italy to start going through Austria Hungary to get to G2. I need this to conquer back my territories that Germany took from me. Italy and I got A2 today! We had to settle with A2 instead of A1 because A2 could help A1 if attacked but A1 couldn’t help A2 if attacked. So the better strategy for right now would be to just take A2. The allies are slowly gaining. We tried to also take G1 today but were unsuccessful. We tried to go around Belgium with ships but it just wasn’t enough troops to take on Germany’s really good army. Tomorrow we has some plans though too. It will be the last day of the war. We are starting off with movement. We may be victorious this time because America gets 2,000 troops tomorrow. After that we are attacking G1 again! The reason we want to get G1 is so Germany can’t mobilize anymore that way they don’t have reenforcements. This is the only way we can win because Germany has such a high rating! We are accomplishing an objective again because we are keeping our alliance with Great Britain and honoring it by helping them get Germany with our ships. Another way we are accomplishing our objectives today is we had a part in keeping Montenegro safe from the Central Powers. I was no where around Montenegro to help them, but I did play a part in convincing Italy to use one of their navies to help Montenegro. Italy and Montenegro came out victorious!

France 5 1918
This was the final year of the war. It didn’t come out looking good for the allies even though I tried everything I could think of to defeat the Central Powers. Even though I failed at getting my two territories back I definitely tried to get them. Since I could only send 1000 through the forest it limited me to what I could do. So, each turn I would send 400 inĀ  G2 so that my allies could try to get G1 so that I could eventually get G2 next. I sent them into G2 so that the G2 troops couldn’t help the G1 troops in defeating America and Britain. I was also working with Italy to take A1 next since we got A2 the day before. Germany then attacked me through the forest and so did Belgium. I ended up coming out victorious because Britain sent a lot of troops to me to help me. After that Germany had no troops in G2! I could have taken it so easily if I just would have had a little more time. They only had about 400 troops left. We could’ve had all of Germany. We were so close! I also had plans to go through Italy to get all the small countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania back.