WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 5

Austria Hungary 5 1913 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Allied with Ottoman Empire,            Serbia and Russia pose
Italy, and Bulgaria.                    a great threat, and their
Weary of Ottoman Empire,                ally France
and unsure where
Bulgaria’s head is.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
First, I plan to help Germany and Ottoman Empire attack and take over Russia,
after this Serbia will be cut off from their only ally and will be defenseless.
So, I will work with Bulgaria to take over Serbia, because they attacked
and killed a leader of my country. I have deceived Serbia into thinking
that I would like to negotiate to create peace between our countries, this
is not the case.

I am very fearful that France will get involved with the war in Russia;
however, the Central Powers have allied with Italy so HOPEFULLY
Italy will not let the French through their territory. Bulgaria is allied
with Romania, which is allied with Russia. I am very fearful to
discuss any concrete plans with Bulgaria because I fear they may
be double crossing us. I also fear that Germany will get wrapped
up into a navy battle with Great Britain and will be so distracted
that they will be useless to me.

Additional Thoughts:
I have figured that Russia will immediately go for the Ottoman Empire
United States will most likely ally with the Allies
Serbia has left me without an heir, so I will completely destroy them,
and if Russia tries to get in my way I will take them out as well.
As far as I’m concerned, I have no more options but to go out with
a bang. First, Serbia. Next, THE WORLD.

Austria Hungary 5 1914 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
No additional alliances                France still poses a great
were made today                    threat, worried about
Serbia taking action

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Central Powers took over one portion of Russia today. I spread my
troops out across my land to deter enemies from attacking.

I am fearful that France and Great Britain will move their troops into
Germany, distracting us from the war with Russia/Serbia. I am
fearful that Bulgaria will turn their back on us. I am fearful that
Serbia is going to attack, hopefully Bulgaria will assist if Serbia
decided to go to war

Additional Thoughts:

Austria Hungary 5 1915 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Allied with Romania                Serbia and their ally
to deter allies from                    France pose the
attacking                        greatest threat

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow myself, Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany will join forces
to defeat and take over Serbia. Russia fell today so therefore the
only connection Serbia still has is France.

I fear the Italy will not honor our alliance and let France and
Great Britain through their territory to get to Germany. I am
fearful that I will lose the battle against Serbia because they
have French troops on their land.

Additional Thoughts:

Austria Hungary 5 1916 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Italy dishonored our                France and Great
alliance today by                    Britain pose a
joining the Allies                    large threat

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of action is planned. I will wait until France and
Great Britain attack on my land

I fear that I will lose the battle against France and Great Britain and
that Serbia will regain the territory they lost today

Additional Thoughts:
I knew Italy would dishonor our alliance from the start, I told Germany
and the rest of the Central Powers that they should be the first country
we take out. I am leery that Serbia will rebel and therefore regain their
territory. I am also leery of Romania as I am not sure they will honor
our alliance as well.

Austria Hungary 5 1917 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
No additional alliances                France, Italy
were created today                    Great Britain,

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of attack is is place.

I fear that I will be taken over, Germany will fall, and therefore the
Central Powers will lose the war.

Additional Thoughts:
Because of the circumstances, dwindling troops and resources, the
original goal of mine is unreachable and therefore unattainable.
As far as I’m concerned, you can count me out of the war at this
point in time.

Austria Hungary 5 1918 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We attempted to retake over some territory lost in previous battles,
and failed each time.


Additional Thoughts:
The Central Powers lost the war, which doesn’t come as much of
a surprise.