World War I Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

World War I Simulation

Great Britain 6 1913

  We have been hearing of a war coming so Great Britain needs to prepare. We are preparing to fight the battles so we can take over countries. We are allied with France, Russia, Japan, and Portugal. Our main objective for the first war is that we need to keep our original country. This means that we can’t let anyone attack our country and if they do then we need to make sure that they can’t take it over. Our navy is very big and our ranking is a 10. Our army isn’t as strong as our navy, with our ranking being 7. By the end of 1913, we cleared our first objective and the Central Powers did not take over Great Britain. Hopefully by the end of the simulation, we will not have anyone take over our country.

Great Britain 5 1914

  In 1914, Serbia and Russia tried to take over Bulgaria but the Allies (Serbia and Russia) lost to the Central Powers. Also Serbia killed the Arch Duke which started all of the disputes and wars during this time. In Great Britain, we decided that we were going to lay low and try to not get on anyones bad side. Our strategy for the next couple years is that we will start to take over things that we need so that we could get our objectives done. During these few years, no one declared war on us and we still had our original country so we were in good shape. With the Arch Duke being killed, Great Britain decided to stay out of the drama and away from the different countries and not get into it so that we couldn’t become a target in the end.

Great Britain 5 1915

  In 1915, The Central Powers decided to take a part of Russia away from the Allies. Germany was the country that decided to take away one decent sized part of Russia. Now that we had one less area, we had to try to fight back. Germany also decided to sink the Lusitania ship so that there was no boat in the oceans. The Allies did not want to start another war because of how strong the Germany army is. We weren’t quite sure how high their ranking was but we didn’t want to start any wars where we could lose more things.

Great Britain 5 1916

  In 1916, the Allied forces attempted to take the Dardanelles Strait, but we lost, due to the Central Powers strength. The Ottoman Empire decided to fight back against the Allies and won. As soon as they could, Portugal and the United States joined with us because we persuaded them to be on the Allied Forces. We figured that if we could get a couple more countries to join us, then we would have a stronger force. It was hard for the Allies because a lot of our countries were being taken over by the Central Powers. In order for us to fight back we needed to start a war or multiple wars to gain them back.

Great Britain 5 1917

  In 1917, there was a huge fight in Belgium. Germany took F1 of France, Austria-Hungary took Serbia and Romania over. Great Britain couldn’t fight back because the German troops are too strong of an army.

Great Britain 5 1918

  In 1918, Great Britain combined our entire army and navy together and sent 1,844 troops to French North Africa. After that happened, Greece took back Serbia, but then Germany took back Serbia. In the United States, Germany, and Great Britain joined forces and took back France. Great Britain saved Italy with our troops because they couldn’t fight back. After Italy was under recovery, Great Britain went to the Ottoman Empire and decided to take the Dardanelles Strait because we needed it for our objectives. At the end of the simulation, we passed all of our objectives and didn’t get our country taken over.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Italy 4

World War I Simulation

Italy 4 1913

I feel the tensions rising in the countries surrounding me.  I am starting to get nervous that I might be stuck in the middle of something I don’t want to be.  I think its my best option to ally with France but keep it a secret so it doesn’t set off the Austria-Hungary’s.  That was if the central powers want to try and invade I can call over France to help defend.  I need to keep a close eye on France and Great Britain.  If they wanted to get to Austria- Hungary they might invade me to get their.  I can’t trust anyone at this point. 

Italy 4 1914

The tensions have boiled over!  Austria- Hungary declared war on us.  It was expected but not this early.  Little did they know I was in contact with France and Great Britain.  When they heard that I was in trouble they jumped into action and accompanied us in war.  After a hard fought battle the allies came through victories!  We lost lots of troops but we will rebuild and come back better than ever!  The ally powers have been talking and I think we all have a plan to derail the enemy.

Italy 4 1915

After a successful defense in the last year the ally powers have developed a plan to use our powerful navies to attack and destroy the central powers Navy.  We have mobilized our troops and moved France and Great Britain’s troops into Italy and we plan on taking over Austria Hungary in our next moves.  There is a steady wall all around the central powers and it is just a matter of time before that wall caves in on the central powers.

Italy 4 1916

The Allies have come up with the plan of taking over the Ottoman empire.  We are teaming with Great Britain and France.  Our fail proof plan failed and we lost 200 troops.  We are going to take it back to the drawing boards and develop a defense strategy for the rest of this year.

Italy 4 1917

We were surprised when the Central powers decided against attacking us in the beginning of the year.  The allies took advantage of this mistake made by them and we took over more than half of Austria Hungary.  The attacks were led by 4000 Italy troops.  We have them right where we want them.  Backed in a corner.  The United States joined the fight this year and will be a great help in defeating the Central powers once and for all.

Italy 4 1918

The allies went into this year with great confidence.  After taking over part of Austria Hungary last year Italy had over four thousand troops and left 1000 troops in Italy as backup.  We weren’t expecting an attack from German.  But that it exactly what happened.  Germany attacked Italy troops in Austria Hungary so Italy sent up over a thousand troops for support.  It was our five thousand vs Germany three thousand.  Unfortunately, Germany got the best of us.  We lost Italy.  And from there on out it only got worse for us.  The allies put together a total of 8 thousand troops to go into war against germany including over a thousand from the United States.  Germany put together 4 thousand troops.  Some how some way Germany came out with the victory.  That was the end of the war and in a total shock.  We lost.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 4

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 4 1913

My alliances and I got together to discuss what we wanted to do (Germany and Austria Hungary). Our main goal is to attack Serbia for taking for killing the Archduke. But first we need to take out Romania to do that. The first thing we decided was that we either needed to take out Italy or align with them. Austria Hungary talked to Italy about aligning with the Central Powers and they reclined, so the best thing to do was take them out the next day. Ottoman Empire also made an alliance with Bulgaria to hopefully go behind their back and take them over.

Ottoman Empire 4 1914

Austria Hungary, Germany, and Ottoman Empire mobilized our troops. I moved 200 of my troops to Bulgaria so that we could attack Romania in the future. Our first move was to attack Italy. Austria Hungary and Germany moved troops to Italy, But the Allied Powers were victorious. Our next plan was to attack Belgium, and the Allies were victorious again. Hopefully with them using all of their troops it will give us an advantage.

Ottoman Empire 4 1915

Today is the day we try and fight back. My goal is to get Romania and Greece but unfortunately my alliance has other plans right. Serbia it is. The Central Powers tried attacking Serbia, but the Allied Powers were again victorious. So far our armies have not been strong enough, because the Allied powers brings in quite a lot of troops to battle against us. Our next plan is to attack Belgium one last time and see if we can get it, finally this time we were victorious. The allies come back with Attacking 02 of my country, and unfortunately were victorious. I will have to regain my territory as soon as possible.

Ottoman Empire 4 1916

Today our goal is to regain the territory that we have lost and gain some new territory. The Allies declared war first and were able to take Austria Hungary’s A3 territory by using troops from Russia. After gaining that territory they tried to take over The Ottoman Empire capitol. I decided to move my 200 troops back to 01 to hopefully make a difference. Even though I only had 1900 troops and the Allies had about 2500, somehow we pulled it off. After that war was done for the day, and we decided to keep planning for the next day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and we can start gaining some countries.

Ottoman Empire 4 1917

The Allies started us off by declaring war to take back Belgium, we did not have enough troops to cover, and they used poison gas to kill our men. Belgium is now Allied Powers territory. They also took over Austria-Hungary’s A2 and A1. So far, this war is not turning out for the Central powers. Serbia offered the Ottoman Empire an alliance to help take over Bulgaria, in exchange for safety of my country. I declined the alliance, so that I would;t go against my own alliance. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for the Central Powers.

Ottoman Empire 4 1918

The Central Powers started off with war. Luckily there weren’t many troops in Serbia, Romania, Greece, and Italy so we were able to gain some new territory. We then proceeded to gain back 02, A1, A3, and A2. The allies tried to take over Germany’s capitol but were unsuccessful. The Central Powers also gained part of France. We cam back strong and ended up winning the war.

World War One Simulation Student Journal: France 4

World War One Simulation

France  4  1913

Tension between us and Germany have been high. Looking in the long run, we want to gain back Alsace and Lorraine from Germany. We want to take down the Ottoman Empire as soon as possible, in order to overrun their country and to have access to the Dardanelles Strait. I will try to become strong allies with Great Britain, Italy, and Russia. We will help supply Russia with the needed war materials by taking over the Ottoman empires’ capital to be able to pass through the Dardanelles Strait. By doing this, I should be able to get help from Russia to gain back Alsace and Lorraine from the Germans.

France  4  1914

There have been some rumors that Austria-Hungary are trying to do whatever they can to try and take me down as soon as they can. They have threatened my secret ally, Italy, to try and get them to become allies with them or else they would use force to take them over. My ally is pretending to accept their request. It is obvious that they are trying to go through them in order to take over F2, which I may need some assistance from Great Britain’s Navy to defend F2. I am going to do what I can to take O1 from the Ottoman Empire.

France  4  1915

As the new year came, O1 got more troops and we weren’t able to take them early on. Instead, we took O2 and moved my navy to the North Atlantic Sea. Our plan is to take on the German Navy with our own French Navy and with the help of the British Navy. Once they are out, the British will take the Austrian’s Navy, cutting off all of the Central Powers Navy. This will stop them from being able to move outside their land zones, and will allow us to trap them in with assistance from both our allies Navy and our own.

France 4 1916

We were unsuccessful in trying to help defend Belgium. And were also unsuccessful in trying to take over the Ottoman’s capital. Next, we are going to try and defend as much as we can, while moving our Navy up North and I plan on bringing the U.S. troops into France. We will fill troops into Belgium and dominate Germany.

France 4 1917

After moving our Navy up North and as many troops into France as we could, we are going to move everything into Germany’s capital. Serbia, Romania, and Greece are surrounded by Ottoman troops, and we have no way to move troops South in order to help to defend them. Our ties with Britain and Spain are still strong and hopefully we will be able to defeat the Germans.

France  4  1918

We are not proud to announce that the allies will be forced to surrender. After trying to attack Germany with many US, British, Belgian, French, Portuguese, and Italian troops, the powerful German Army defeated us. They conquered everything. Our intentions were to take over the German capital to be able to take Alsace and Lorraine, but were failed. This has been a hard fought defeat.

World War 1 Simulation Student Journals: Greece, Montenegro, Serbia

World War I Simulation

Period 4  Serbia 1913:

I want to mobilize my troops so each year I will get more new troops and they will get stronger. I thought that was a good idea because what isn’t good about getting new and improved troops? Once I am mobilize I will keep my alliance with Russia and make sure they will do the same.

Period 4  Greece 1913:

It sucks because I can’t mobilize my troops. I have a feeling that staying neutral is going to be hard. If I get attacked, I am going to want people to defend me. I am a smaller country so countries will probably want to attack me, and I can’t make allies witch stinks because they could help defend me. I want to stay neutral and thats what I plan to do.

Period 4  Montenegro 1913:

I have made a little plan that may work if my allies will work with me. I plan to have Great Britain and France send over some sea troops for me. That will make me stronger, also, I could send them over to Serbia, if I wanted to. Going to try my best to retain my territory so no one can can take me over!!

Period 4  Serbia 1914:

The start of this was bizarre. Austria Hungary wants to declare war! I thought it was a good idea to mobilize my troops so we were ready for war. My plan is to side with and honor Russia, they have many troops and they can supply a large army with little industrialization. I want to become allies with as many countries as I can so we can take down Austria Hungary! I want to destroy Austria Hungary, may the best country win!!

Period 4  Greece 1914:

I can’t really do anything at this point because I need to stay neutral and not join anyone; when I could be helping them. I really think that I am going to get attacked and I am gong to have to go un neutral so other people can try and defend me. I really don’t like that idea but I am scared that that is going to happen… What I plan to do is try my very best to stay neutral until 1917 and then put on an attack on Bulgaria.

Period 4  Montenegro 1914:

Being a small country is a disadvantage because everyone can attack you. Easily. All I need to do is keep my alliances with my allies and have them defend me. If I can have them do that, I should be fine. I can use Great Britain’s navy to help me, also. I won’t be much help towards my allies since I only have 50 troops, but as long as I can convince them to defend me I won’t get taken over.

Period 4  Serbia 1915:

I am working my best on taking over A2 of Austria-Hungary. My allies and I have sort of made a mini plan that may work. We were planning on moving in a ton of troops in to take over A3 and if we win that it will be a breeze to take over A2. Then, we can takeover A2 and there will be no way for them to win that.

Period 4  Greece 1915:

I only have 1 more day that I have to stay neutral! One more day and I can side with the allied powers and retain my part of Bulgaria! We are waiting patiently for this to happen. Once we takeover Bulgaria, We can take over the rest of Ottoman Empire!! As long as no one sets an attack on me, I am set and ready to attack.

Period 4  Montenegro 1915:

I feel like everyone forgets about me, because I am so small. It’s a good thing that I have Great Britain’s and France’s navy to defend me. I also have Serbia and Italy and h=everyone else surrounding me to help defend me so I can retain my territory. I will try and help out Serbia has much as I can with the 50 troops I have.

Period 4  Serbia 1916: 

So our plan worked really good at first. Some of our troops just aren’t strong enough. Russia hasn’t been a big help for me since his troops are weak. I have gotten attacked twice and won both times since my troops are strong. I am still waiting on the perfect time to attack part A2 of Austria-Hungary.

Period 4  Greece 1916:

Tomorrow I can finally join the allied powers! Serbia, Romania, and I will takeover Bulgaria, then I can take my part of Bulgaria. I have made it this far, I can end this and be victorious and get what I want!!

Period 4  Montenegro 1916:

I seriously think it was a good idea just to keep my mouth shut, because no one has even thought about taking me over. I have done everything in my objectives so far, so I am on a pretty good track right now. If Serbia gets attacked, I plan on sending my troops over into there to help them out. Even Greece could help out too, And Romania! We all need to stay together so we can all be just one little mini country.

Period 4  Serbia 1917:

I have finally taken over A2 of Austria-Hungary! I knew our team could work together and get what we wanted! We better be prepared for tomorrow because Germany is going to attack right away and try to attain that territory back. If they are smart they will just start trying to follow their objectives and do whatever they need to do. But since I have taken over A2 I can unite all the Slavs in the Balkans into one nation. Since Greece has joined the allied powers I can use their country to secure an outlet to the Aegean Sea.

Period 4  Greece 1917:

I have joined the allied powers! It’s becoming to the end and I am ready to win this war. I am ready to take down Bulgaria. It really stinks that I can’t mobilize my troops so I can get more, but I’m confident that I will be able to get what I want and be just fine. As long as Serbia and Romania can help me out.

Period 4  Montenegro 1917:

I lost all my 50 troops to help Serbia. I helped weaken the Austrians so Serbia could get a better attack. If I get attacked I am surrounded by all my alliances so they can all help me out. Since Serbia took over that small part of Austria I am part of one small nation.

Period 4  Serbia 1918:

I saw this coming… But I am so proud that I made it this far. I got part of Austria-Hungary, I did everything that I needed to do. Then on the very last day, I got taken over. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it.. None of my allies could help me and I didn’t have enough troops to fight. If I would have had a little more troops I could possibly made it out.. I am very proud how well I and the rest of my team did though.

Period 4  Greece 1917:

I did everything I possibly can. It sucked that I couldn’t mobilize my troops and that I had to stay neutral for so long. There was nothing I could do to save my country and my allies couldn’t help me either. I made it all the way tim the very last day where I couldn’t do anything to save my country Because they moved 1 troop into every country around me.

Period 4  Montenegro 1918:

Well, I don’t know what to say about this battle. We did so well, and then at the very end there just wasn’t anything we could do. I gave up all my troops to help Serbia out, and then that left me with no troops which wasn’t a very good plan. Just like the other countries I couldn’t do anything, no one could help me. But, I made it so long just like the other countries with getting taken over until the very last minute.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: France 3

World War I Simulation

France 1913

Today is our first day as a country. We have just gotten word that Serbia has just killed the Austrian Arch duke. Our objectives are to regain G2 from Germany, and also regain the Alsace & lorraine from Germany. We are supposed to honor our alliances with Russia and Great Britain. Carolyn and I think that an Alliance with Montenegro would be the best thing for France. The only bad thing about our objectives is that we have to be neutral with Belgium. Which is kind of hard because they are all by themselves and don’t have anyone to help them in battle.


Rose Warrington

France 1914

Day 1

Today we started the simulations, and we immediately made alliances with tons of countries. First even before class started we had Italy approach us and ask if we wanted to have a secret alliance. We thought about it and we deiced that it was a good idea if we were going to get the Dardanelles strait back from the ottoman empire. So we decided to think about making an alliance with Bulgaria and Romania and Greece to gain the territory back. In our booklet it also said that we need to make an alliance with Montenegro, we asked the President and she said yes but in secret. We also discussed inviting his other country Serbia in the alliance and we decided to. Now in today’s world Austria Hungary’s Archduke was killed by a Serbian nationalist group. Serbia is denying everything that has happened and France is very grateful. At the end of class, I was thinking about how we also have to take back a piece of land in the Germany territory.

Day 2

Today we found out that Germany is going to try and take over the Andantes forest. Great Britain gave us 200 troops and we Belgium 82 troops to move into Germany faster. Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia and lost, then they declared war on Russia and lost horrifically. The ottoman empire took over Bulgaria and now its going to be tougher to gain the Dardanelles strait.


Rose Warrington

France 1915

Today we are thinking about moving into Germany and hopefully taking over the Ardennes forest, there are less troops in Germany G2 than there was in 1914. We declared war on Germany and lost greatly. The other central powers are declaring war on Germany and Austrian empire.

Italy attacked A1 in the Austrian empire and lost epically but made most of Austrians troops disappear. Germany declared war on us, and great Britain helped us but  we ended up losing F1. After we lost F1 Russia tried to take over O1 but lost drastically.  Now we are scrambling to make a good move to not wipe out our country. Japan made their first move also, we asked them if they wanted an alliance and they said no, because they want to stay neutral.


Rose Warrington

France 1916

The ottoman empire took back O2 with 1 troop and no fighting, seth didn’t really care if they took it back. Serbia attacked A2 and was victorious and now Russia and Romania are thinking about attacking A3.  Austria Hungary has a very good army so I don’t know what will happen with Romania. After the battle the Allied powers lost. We are now moving our navy to the Atlantic ocean.

So after all of the war Japan decided to take the german colonies in China. So after Russia took A1 Germany tried to take back A1 but failed, epically. Then Russia moved 400 troops to Romania and that’s going help with I think what’s going to happen next year


Rose Warrington

France 1917

In 1917 Germany has looked to Mexico for help, which I don’t know how that would help them when they are halfway across the Glob. Today the ottoman empire and Germany decided to attack Romania, after the battle the Central powers were victorious. This year the United states can finally help us! Great Britain tried to take our F1 back from Germany and failed and lost around 2000 troops. Now our allied power Italy just got attacked by Germany and Austria Hungary, they lost greatly they are now in the same boat as us. Ottoman Empire took over Greece for more resources. And we just got done helping  move 753 troops from great Britain into F3.  Hopefully that will help us next year.


Rose Warrington

France 1918

Today is the last year in the war and I’m very nervous that we will not get F1 back from Germany. The one objective we are hoping to gain back F1 this year, if that’s the last thing we do. The Austrian empire declared war on Serbia and in the A2 territory, Serbia and A2 were lost to the allied powers.

Our first attempt to try and take back F1. The US, Great Britain and 50 of our troops were used. Surprisingly we lost, we though we would have won because we did all of the math dealing with troops and winning chances. Germany attacked F2 and we lost without a fight we deiced to not fight back because we only have a limited amount of troops. The battle Germany tried to take over R3 and lost all 200 troops that he brought with him. After that battle Russia Used all of his troops and tried to take over G3 will all of his troops and lost all of them to Germany. We helped, with our 10 troops in North Africa, take back Greece because he needed to keep his country. The US helped us get back F1 in a battle that wiped out most of Germany’s troops! And that ended the war. We are grateful to at least have the Capital back.


World War I Simulation Student Journal: Russia 3

World War I Simulation

Russia 3 1913

Our first goal is to mobilize our troops and move on the Ottomans. We have to capture the Dardanelles Strait for resupplying our troops. Hopefully the Ottomans haven’t been talking to Germany. I’ve made an unofficial alliance with Germany, with us both having agreed to not attack each other directly unless we are called in by an alliance. Austria-Hungary is the wild card though.

I think once we have conquered the Ottomans, the next step is to contain Austria-Hungary. I’ve been asking other Allied countries if they’d be willing to help me by sending troops. If they attack Serbia, which they are likely to do, it will drag both Russia and Germany into war. I know Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece are all afraid of the Central Powers, so I’m planning on making an alliance with them. Hopefully I can unite them to fight against the inevitable Austro-Hungarian invasion. One of my objectives is to keep Bessarabia from Romania, so I’m assuming that capturing it is one of Romania’s objectives. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them. They don’t have many troops though, so I’m not too afraid of them.

I’ve told France to push in against Germany, as this will force Germany to focus on the western front. Just because I can’t attack them directly doesn’t mean I can’t hinder their efforts. I’ll probably send a few hundred troops to help France, as it is imperative that I maintain my alliance with them.

Russia 3 1914

It was a good year. Austria-Hungary made a costly mistake. For some reason they attacked me at my strongest point. I think they were trying to bait me into an attack, but I’m not dumb enough to do that. Tensions were high between Austria-Hungary and Germany after that mistake. Unfortunately, Bulgaria has been conquered by the Ottomans. This delays my plan to wipe out the Ottomans completely.

While the Central Powers were meeting to discuss their plans, I called a meeting of the Allied forces and neutral powers. I’m fairly sure that we have united the rest of the world against the Central Powers. The only country I’m not entirely sure about is the US. They are maintaining a strict isolationist policy. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be winning and they’ll opt to join the victors.

The plan is for France to push as hard as they can on the Western front, with Britain contributing troops to help. Britain will also send troops my way in order to help me conquer the Ottomans as quickly as possible. Once the neutral countries can officially join the war, they will help to close in on Austria-Hungary and Germany.

Russia 3 1915

Absolute catastrophe for the Allied Forces. France was taken, which puts a big barrier in plans. This will effectively eliminate a large portion of the western front. I tried to make my move on the Ottoman capital, but it was a disaster. We lost by a small amount. This is awful. My troop rating has finally gone down to a 1. My army is basically worthless. I can’t move against the Ottomans again, so I’m basically forced to play a more passive role in the war, sending my troops to reinforce when needed. It’s going to be super hard to take France back if I can’t distract the German troops. If I try to move in at all, my army will be crushed.

Russia 3 1916

This was a very passive year for Russia. We’re basically just amassing troops near our borders in order to deter attackers. They don’t know that our rating is a 1, so hopefully they will be scared of us. I’ve basically just been serving in an advisory war. We’re going to try to use the British and French navies to ferry troops in from Britain. Next year America will be in the war, so we will ferry their troops over.

Russia 3 1917

America officially joined the war this year. The Central Powers also started closing in on the Balkans. I’ve sent some of my troops to help defend, but with my low rating it’s almost impossible to contribute anything meaningful. Once again, I’m just trying to help the other Allied countries develop plans for how we’ll move forward. Our first attempt to liberate France didn’t work out, but it led to severe casualties on all sides. Britain also moved to destroy the German navy. Austria-Hungary took Italy, but I’m not too concerned with them.

Russia 3 1918

The final year was bittersweet. Using the combined forces of the US, Britain, and France, we liberated France after two hard fought battles. Serbia was finally taken over by the Austrians. I tried to take some troops away from the German capital, but since my army was so undersupplied, it was a suicide mission. All 5000 of my troops perished. Seeing this weakness, the Ottomans invaded me. Knowing that it was the end of the war, I decided to throw all I could into defending, even though I knew that it was impossible to win. This is one decin I regret, as it led to the collapse of Russia at the last possible moment. If I had kept some troops behind, I would have remained.

World War 1 Simulation Student Journal: Italy 3

World War One Simulation

Italy 3 1913

Today is orientation day. I, as President of Italy have to try my hardest to follow my duties as one. Today I have made a secret alliance with France and also with the Ottoman Empire. The objectives I have to complete, so far, are on schedule. My feelings for the coming years are mixed. My foreign minister and I will continue to make the necessary arrangements to fulfill our objectives. Next year may not be so promising, things may get tricky. But as for now, France and Italy (I) have come up with a plan to get what the both of us want, without harming each other.

Italy 3 1914

News has come that Archduke has been killed.  This is causing an uproar for may places. There are reports that Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Germany, and Russia has mass mobilization of troops. Is there really going to be a war? As President of Italy I plan to stay neutral.  Serbia has said they are not taking the blame for the Archduke’s death. Austria-Hungary has stated “anyone with sour feelings to join the winning side.” No one is quite sure what is going to happen now, since there is so many alliances. But as for now, we are staying out of this conflict.

– Side note – I have made a Public alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. I still have not figured out if that was the smartest move for Italy. But since I have to gain land from places now ruled by Austria-Hungary, I may have good back up, since I have France, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire. Although, Germany seems to be on the side of Austria-Hungary. My foreign minister, France’s foreign minister, and I have conducted a meeting and we have discussed plans for how they will open back up the canal from the Aegean Sea zone to the Black Sea zone. We may need to hold that off until we have gotten our land back from Austria-Hungary. Because then we will still have trust with other people we allied with. Then once we have gotten our land back, France, (possibly) Germany, and the Ottoman Empire will still have our backs.

– Side note #2 – I have made an alliance with Russia and Great Britain. Russia and the smaller countries, also including Italy, have made a plan to condense Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary just tried to take Russia and Serbia,  and lost. Austria-Hungary although did take Bulgaria, and Bulgaria joined them. This year Germany is very angry with Austria-Hungary, because their army is very down, because of their loss in battles. Russia has a strong plan for Austria-Hungary. This year Russia also took over parts of the Ottoman Empire. As President still, it is my duty to try and take back parts of Italy, even if that means going against an alliance.

Italy 3 1915

We just joined the Allied Powers. Even though we had/have an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Today we are moving in on our parts of Austria-Hungary.

– Italy moved into Tyrol of Austria-Hungaryand took a decent loss. We were planing on a good win, because I moved 1500 troops to that zone. When they had 1024, but they must have a slightly better rating then we do. But I give it to us, we tried. That was my attempt to get back that part of Austria-Hungary. Now thinking back, it was not very smart idea on my part. Italy cannot relay on France anymore, because Germany took over Belgium and in the process of that, Germany also took over France. Leaving them with very low supplies and not many options. I’m not sure what is the better idea, leave France behind or help them take back control. Conflict is rising with Russia and the  Central Powers, as Russia tried to take the rest over the Ottoman Empire and failed. Now Germany is really out for them. Italy has future plans with Serbia to move into to lower part of Austria-Hungary and take that over, or at least attempt to. This may be difficult to pull off since they have a large surrounding force, but hopefully they move some of those troops out with the next coming year, then it will be more likely to work in my favor.

– Side note – News has come that the Lusitania has been sunk. Not sure how this will effect the the next few years.

Italy 3 1916

This is the perfect time to try and take over Austria-Hungary’s parts for Italy. Austria just tried to attack the northern part of Italy, we maintained our land, but not by much. I as president have been able to maintain the original Italy. This will go towards one of my many objectives I have to maintain. There are only a few things left to do. Things are starting to get tricky with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

– Italy and Serbia just took Trieste form Austria, not by much however. We may lose it again, since we don’t have the troops there to back the land up. Germany tried to take back Trieste and lost, again not by much.  This means that Italy just gained back some of their land, now we just need Tyrol. Italy has already made a good attempt to try and get this back already. But if we are able, we will try again.

Italy 3 1917

Russia and Great Britain just tried to help France get their lands back. Russia and Great Britain took out a number of Germany’s forces, however not enough to win. So France still hasn’t got their land back. Unfortunately Germany and Austria just moved in a total of around 2000 troops into Italy to my 1400 and some. My mistake as president, I should have thought this through more, was moving my 22 troops I had left in Trieste, back into the capital of Italy. That was definitely a wrong move, because now Italy has zero troops. If I would have left them, then maybe someone would have come and taken Italy back, I could have troops left to put back in there and then I would have gotten more back to defend with.

– Clearly there was no way for me to win this war, especially since Germany brought in their troops. I was a sitting duck. I figured that this would happen sooner or later. Just wish it hadn’t. I can definitely say I tried to maintain a our original Italy, it even cost me all my troops. So this definitely wasn’t a lack of trying. I at least tried to complete all of the tasks assigned to me. Italy doesn’t have a lot more that they can do. 

Italy 3 1918

Italy is not fully out of the game, but still not in the game by much. Although, I don’t think that anyone is going to bring us back. Well the United States just helped take back the capital of France for them. This is the last day of the war and no one is willing to help bring back Italy. No one is really able to bring it back either. Germany/Austria-Hungary (Central powers) just barely won the WWI. Italy still has a tiny army and all the navy that they started with. Italy was able to maintain its original territory up until 1917. We were also able to at least attempt to get all of their objectives. The thing that I would have done differently though, to maybe have still been in the fight. I would have not tried to get Tyrol right away in the game, so my troops would have been built up.  Then, when Germany/Austria’s troops were  low, because of all their battles, I could have really gotten Tyrol. Still having a decent amount of troops left to defend with. That is what I should have done.

World War One Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain 3

World War I Simulation

Great Britain 3 1913

Although the simulation has not truly begun, strategies are already under way and actions are being taken to get a head start in the game. As Great Britain, we are already allied with the nations of France, Portugal, and Belgium. To strengthen the force of the Allies and accomplish our main objectives, we believed it was in our best interest to also secure alliances with Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro. With the widespread fear of a great and unavoidable conflict in the near future, we have currently begun to mobilize our troops. We have made contact with the United States as well about an alliance, but their final decision has yet to be determined. There is great concern that the Central Powers are planning world domination, but all we know for now is that Europe is under a lot of pressure at the moment, and who knows how it’s about to go down.

Great Britain 3 1914

It’s 1914, and the “great war” has begun! Surprisingly, us Allies are off to a great start. The Central Powers came out this year with aggressive attacks toward Belgium and Russia, however, both attempts to take Allied territory failed! Unbelievable! Plus, on the even brighter side, we have now enforced a secret alliance with Italy. Although the United States has still not responded to our suggested alliance, we’re starting to believe that they simply want to remain neutral, and have no desire to assist the Central Powers. Our strategy now is to move enough troops with our navy down to French North Africa and across the second Mediterranean Sea zone to aid Russia in defeating the Ottoman Empire. By conquering the Dardanelles Strait, we would be able supply Russia with more foreign resources, as states one of our main objectives, and increase the power of the Allies. Ready or not Ottoman Empire, here we come!

Great Britain 3 1915

1915 was certainly a devastating year for us Allied powers. Seriously, it’s as if the Central Powers completely turned their luck of around and handed us the worst of it! Not once could us Allies successfully gain or defend territory at war. Germany overtook Belgium and part of France, while the Ottoman Empire shocked the world by holding off a massive Allied invasion in attempt to secure the Dardanelles Strait for Russia. All in all, we lost a lot of troops, but the Allies have to reorganize and stop the German advances on France. With Portugal and Italy now officially on our side, I believe we can do it! However, until we can restore order in France and Belgium, this will be our number one priority!

Great Britain 3 1916

For the Allied Powers (now consisting of Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Italy, French North Africa, Libya, Egypt, and Romania), 1916 was not a particularly successful year, but compared to 1915, we’d certainly say it was acceptable. Overall there wasn’t much gained from either side, although just because Great Britain didn’t play a big role in combat this year doesn’t mean we don’t have something huge planned. That’s right, HUGE. Whether Germany can see it coming or not, all of Great Britain’s navy now sits in the Atlantic Ocean zone, as all we did was unite our navy groups into one. This is perfect, because not only are there no German subs around us, but Great Britain is loaded with troops. Now, with the help of our new partner in alliance- the United States!- and the French navies, we plan to throw everything we can into liberating France and Belgium from German control. We know there are only two ways this can end, great victory or devastating defeat. When 1917 comes, I guess there’ll only be one way to find out!

Great Britain 3 1917

Disaster… complete disaster! Yes, unfortunately, our invasion force of +2000 troops in attempt to take back the French capital was unsuccessful. The Allies certainly outnumbered them, however, it’s no secret that Germany has the most advanced army in the world, and we just simply could not overpower them. Luckily for us we kept the US out the conflict, otherwise we would have just lost more troops. As of now, the Central Powers have seized both the French and Italian capitals, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. With 1918 bringing an end to the simulation, we basically have one last shot at redemption. There’s no way we’ll be able to defeat the Central Powers, but the nation of Great Britain is going to give it everything we have one last time to liberate France and Belgium. Since we destroyed the German navy and will receive reinforcement from both the United States and Russia, all the Allied Powers can say is that we’re not going down without a fight!

Great Britain 3 1918

1918, the final year of the war. Although the simulation was to come to an end this year, all nations across the continent of Europe fought to the very end! The Central Powers were relentless with their continental invasions, ending the war having conquered Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy. However, the greatest news was that, thanks to American and French support, we were able to liberate the French capital from German control! That, at least to us, was a major accomplishment! Unfortunately, Russia paid the price for us by going all out and losing their entire army to the German and Austria-Hungarian forces  As sorry as we are for them, we hope that they know we couldn’t finished the war the way we did without them. So… who really won the war? That’s a tough question, and while both sides would debate it was them over the other, in the end, it truly took its toll on all of Europe and left a lasting impact across the world.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 3

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 3 1913

It is the year of 1913, we have lost a lot of territory due to Russia and other countries. We hope to regain Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania throughout this war. Great Britain’s Egypt has taking our interest as well. the navy of Japan and great Britain might also be an issue down the road. Maybe we can get an alliance going with the U.S. in their powerful navy. My biggest concern is Russia. They took something very important from me, and I want it back. I might take a lot more from them in the process. I don’t think they have the guts to strike first, since they might be focusing on bigger issues. Only time will tell.

Ottoman Empire 3 1914

Turns out I was completely mistaken. After we successfully took Bulgaria, Russia did go on the offensive and manage to take some of my territory. Egypt is most likely out of the picture for the time being. Our main focus now is getting back what we lost.

Ottoman Empire 3 1915

It’s a miracle, perhaps one of the happiest years in Ottoman Empire history! We held off the Russian invasion on our capital, and took out a lot of Russian troops in the process. We even held off a smaller British invasion on our capital. It will be a day that we will cherish forever. But now it time to take the offensive. First the opportunity to take back our lost land is wide open, and will also see if we can get an alliance going with Greece.

Ottoman Empire 3 1916

Not a lot happened in the year of 1916,  just a lot of replenishing and strategizing. Were still working on a Alliance with Greece, we might have to be more forceful with them eventually. Romania is in our future as well. We will soon look to try an advance on Russia as well.

Ottoman Empire 3 1917

So it turns out Greece was working with the enemy the whole time. We took our first opportunity to strike and succeeded. Then we figured why stop now and manage to take Romania with the help of German allies. It’s all turning around for the Ottoman Empire and the Central Powers as a whole. Germany seems to be holding things down in the west, and Russia is getting weaker by the minute. Our next move, Russia.

Ottoman Empire 3 1918

With taking the Crimson back from Russia the main plain, we decided to help our allies take Serbia. With a easily accomplished victory on Serbia, We were ready to attack Russia. They ended up helping us out tremendously by attacking Germany weakening their army badly. We attacked and with the help of our allies Germany and Austria-Hungary, we succeeded. A glorious day for the Ottoman Empire and the Central Powers. Sadly with suffered losing Greece because of  a small invasion of French soldiers with no men defending it. With just too little of time left we were no able to rush back and retake it, the war had ended. But overall, this was a time period of tremendous success for the Ottoman Empire. They nearly doubled their previous territory, and managed to take back everything they lost during previous wars. Major success for the Central Powers.