Austria-Hungary WWI Journal

World War I Simulation

Austria Hungary, Period 1,  1913 

The first day/year of the war I was gone. So Cheyenne took over. Bulgaria wanted to ally although Cheyenne did not want to. In my thoughts I thought they could’ve helped us in the war if they would’ve came a central power. Although I believe the Ottoman Empire or one of the countries that we were already allied with had an objective to take over Bulgaria. Also Cheyenne decided to mobilize the first day which was a good idea, to start “recruiting” troops. I felt bad for Bulgaria because they wanted to ally with us and they were saying it was my fault they were taken over the first day because I was gone. Central next priority was to take over Italy. Central powers heard that Italy was a key to the war whether it’s taken over or not. Also the Ottoman Empire became allies with Germany and Austria Hungary, which in my opinion was the smartest to to do it.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1914

For the first couple years I didn’t quite understand the concept of the simulation or the “rules”. Grayson was making all the decisions and telling basically all of Central Powers what to do like with war, movement, and when to do that stuff. I’m glad Grayson was Germany. He helped my country a lot at first. Once I had enough troops to take over Italy I did. Italy didn’t mobilize , so they were done for. After the region I1 was taken over we sent one troop to Italy’s I2 just to take over the land and make it ours. I thought the Allied Powers would’ve tried to re enforce although they didn’t they just gave it up. The Allied Forces hasn’t done much with us, declaring war or anything anyways, they were just becoming allies or taking over the smaller countries first. As for us we were trying to gain more land towards the bigger more dominate countries.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1915

Once Central Powers had Italy we figured we could just take France over due to numbers and how spread out they were. Germany and my country thought of the strategy but attacking F1 Fraancs’s capital with one troop and let them reinforce which would open up F2 and be able to take over that region. Then we were able to attack their capital and take it over so  they wouldn’t be able to recruit anymore which worked, although as soon as we had it they attacked my country back in F2 to gain that region back ,along with F1. In my opinion it wasn’t a bad strategy although  we didn’t gain much from it besides taking out some of their troops and spreading them out even more. I figured since they took back their capital and F2 that they would try to attack us and we would be ready with reinforcement ,but they didn’t.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1916

By 1916 no one really did much attacking and taking over until the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria Hungary decided to take over the rest of the neutral or Allied Powers countries in southern Europe. Germany and the Ottoman Empire was able to move toward Romania and Serbia. I thought I could take Serbia over with the Ottoman Empire although because I did not think Romania or Greece would ally with the Allied Powers ,but they did. We lost that war until Germany came from R3 to take Romania over while the Ottoman Empire and Austria Hungry was able to take over Serbia and Greece. I asked Germany and the Ottoman Empire to help take those countries out not just because they were terrorist supported countries which was one of my objectives to take out although so the Allied Powers can not try to attack us from the south of us. This worked well because by the time we did this the same year Russia surrendered due to their civil war. That was basically our countries plan that year and it worked.

Austria Hungry, Period 1, 1917

For Central Powers 1917 was just an organizing year, a lot of movement took place. I took over Montenegro because the Allied Powers had that region although they had no troops there. For the rest of the year us three countries decided to move back and be prepared to defend or attack Great Britain or France. The United States joined the war and allied with the Allied Powers which unfortunately gave Allied Powers hope to winning the war. I thought it was a good strategy to send most of our troops back to regions like I1, G1, G2, A1, A2, and G3. We planned it correctly because the Allied Powers did the same which we figured they would. They started to take over the countries like Libya and defended French North Africa while we were picking small wars with them. We did that just so we can killed some of their troops and make them move their troops around more since the United States had a large number helping the Allied Powers in Belgium which they had.

Austria Hungry, Period 1, 1918

1918 was what it all came down to. It’s when the Allied Powers used 3/4 of their troops in Belgium to try and take over Germany in G1. Since they did this I decide to take over F2 in France against the little to no troops they had in that region. We let them come to us and declare war with us. It was the biggest war in the whole simulation because there were at least 15 million troops in G1 between 5 different countries. It worked because we had reinforcement all around G1 for that reason. We planned it correctly because even after the war we still had about 1600 troops left over. Although I think they did that on purpose just so they had a shot for someone from the Allied Powers to get their objective by taking over G2 after the war. Even though they were able to do that the Central Powers still won the War (Simulation). I was even able to complete all of my objectives and retain my original territory.

World War One Journal France

World War I Simulation

France 1, 1913

Today we stayed out of the way of Germany as best we could. We weren’t attacked, but tomorrow might be different. We formed alliances with Montenegro, Belgium, and Italy, which will hopefully help us if we get into any trouble. Our biggest hope is for Italy considering their size and proximity to our country. We did not mobilize any troops today which may or may not come back and bite us in the rear end, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow we hope to mobilize troops towards G2 in hopes of regaining  our territories of Alsace and Lorraine. This battle will be tough, but fought hard.


France 1, 1914

Today we mobilized 3,400 troops into F1. Even though Germany is a large and intimidating opponent, we took our chances and sent 1000 of our troops through the Ardennes Forest into G1 in hopes of taking back Alsace and Lorraine. While we did not win, Germany really only kept what they had. They didn’t gain more territory. Which, for us, is better than nothing. Even though they’ve lost troops here, they still have plenty more in other regions of their country. Even if we attack again with more troops, their numbers and ratings are just too strong right now.

Italy has been taken by Austria Hungary, giving the Central Powers another leg up on the rest of us. We attempted to help Italy out by sending over almost 300 of our own men, but it all failed miserably. Now our F2 is empty of men and ready for the taking by the Central Powers. However, we will fight as best we can to at least make it difficult for them to succeed. Just shortly after Italy was taken, Belgium was overtaken by Germany with a massive amount of 200 men. A bit of an overkill if you ask me, considering Belgium only had about 150 troops to begin with. We thought about helping out, but realized again that Germany’s army is too good, and we would lose too many men. As much as we want to help, we have to help ourselves too.

As of right now it’s not looking too bright for us allied powers, but if we stay strong and look out for ourselves and each other, we still may have a chance. Stocking up on troops in different regions is going to be key to keep our territories that we currently have. And helping out if we can, within reason, is going to help our other allies, and give them even more of a reason to help us later on. Currently, we have 3782 mend in F1 which we’re going to need to spread into F2 to compensate for our loss helping Italy. This is not going to be easy.


France 1, 1915

Today we faced a tough decision. Our own capital was taken over by Germany, despite our best efforts to fight them off. With Italy already taken, the allies and myself needed to decide if we were going to try to take back the capital of Italy, or take back the capital of France. Looking at the capital of Italy being surrounded by Austria-Hungary and their many troops, we knew we would be destroyed if we tried. So, we decided to put what we had towards the Capital of France. We won! This has now given us the opportunity to mobilize again, and gain more troops. The ottomans seem to be getting stronger, and Germany continues to be strong and intimidating. Today was intense and nerve-wracking, but somehow we made it through.


France 1, 1916

Today was a day of simply sitting and watching. We were not attacked again, but we also didn’t attack anyone else ourselves. Germany spread their troops around making it more difficult for us to send troops in to regain our lost territory. The only chance we have is Germany moving troops way out of the way.

Russia went into a civil war, and we lost them. Losing a big power we were allied with put another strain on our plans as the allies. Being on the edge of everything has made it so difficult for us to do anything. Pretty much everything central is owned by the Central Powers, which makes it easier for them to move around. Everything seems to be just a hop, skip, and a jump to take over. It’s going to take a miracle to beat them. Especially since they took over Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania. Our chances of winning this are beginning to diminish more and more. As of right now, I believe that we’re just going to have to watch and make sure we have enough troops to do some damage before we throw ourselves too far out there. We need our lost territory, but we need our capital even more at the moment.


France 1, 1917

Today was a day of moving troops into France from Great Britain and now, America. We needed more troops in case Germany decided to attack us in any way. With Belgium under their control and the pass through the Ardennes Forest, we needed some back up just in case. After gaining enough troops, we decided to try and take Belgium. We were successful! And, after liberating them, we were able to gain Belgium troops to help us all fight against the central powers.

Germany and the rest of the central powers moved their troops around their countries. It seems as if they’re planning an attack on France sometime soon by the way their moving all their troops further and further to the West. Hopefully if they do attack soon, we’ll be ready with our allied troops.


France 1, 1918

Today was one of the more victorious days for the Allies. The Ottomans moved further West and tried to take over French North Africa, but Portugal and Great Britain fought to keep it, and won. They then moved into Libya and won their as well. These victories may have been small, but they were victories. Seeing German troops being moved around was something that put us a bit on edge, but we were brave and stood strong. We stacked more and more troops in Belgium and F1 to get ready for an attack.

Finally, after moving troops into Belgium, we moved into G1 with just about everything we had. Germany moved a few troops in and were victorious, but they still lost some of their own soldiers as well. This then gave us (France & America) the opportunity to attack G2 to gain back Alsace and Lorraine. We were victorious! This was one of the bigger battles we had fought this entire time, and to win was amazing. We might not have won much throughout the war, but we did what we could, with what we had, and sometimes that’s all you can do.

WWI Simulation Germany

World War I Simulation

Germany 1 1913

We are planning to take over France, the easiest way to get to paris is through Italy. Speaking of Italy, we want to make an alliance with them so it is easier for us to get to France without anyone getting killed on the way. Our next target place is Russia. They have a strong military so we have to be careful that we don’t get too confident in what our abilities are. We are at an alliance with the Ottoman Empire so they can also help take over Russia. On the way one of us might as well take over Bulgaria so they are out of the way. Paris or bust!!

Germany 1 1914

We agreed with the Ottoman Empire that they are going to take over Bulgaria so we don’t have to worry about them trying to attack us. Once they took it over we sent our navy to attack the Russian navy and we came out victorious! (That’s a shocker.) We also took over part of Russian land and we surprisingly came out victorious in that battle too. I don’t know how they thought they could stand a chance but France thought they could take over part of Germany and we ended up winning that fight also. Hopefully now that we know we can be victorious over France, we will be able to take over Paris and conquer France. That is the next goal we are trying to accomplish. Germany’s two main goals are to take over France and Russia. Oh, and not that this is a big deal, but while we were at it, we decided to take over Belgium too.

Germany 1 1915

Now that France took back their capital we don’t really want to go after France. Our main goal is to close in on Russia with the Ottoman Empire. I think that if we get enough troops between the two countries we should be able to be victorious. We have to watch out for our navy because the British has a good navy and they could attack anytime. We are waiting to see what strategy Serbia and Greece are going to go with because we want to take them over also. When Russia declared war on us they used poison gas and we didn’t, but we still were victorious. You can surrender anytime now Russia!

Germany 1 1916

The British took out our navy which wasn’t a huge issue but it isn’t the best thing that can happen. The country that is the most concerning at this point is Great Britain. Especially since the United States joined the Allied Powers they are more intimidating. We have to keep a good military and try to keep as many troops as we can. We declared war on Russia and they gave up and they only sent 1,000 troops, we had an easy defeat. We also declared war on Romania and even when they sent all their troops and used poison gas we were still victorious. Russia finally surrendered because they knew they didn’t have a chance to take over the Central Powers. So now we don’t have to worry about them anymore. The Central Powers pretty much want to take over all of Europe so we thought we might as well get Serbia and Romania out of the way. The British, French, and the Italian navy are all moving towards Southern France so they can come together. The U.S. joined the Allied Powers this year after being neutral for two years.

Germany 1 1917

There was a lot of navy movement from the Allied Powers and they are all finally starting to come together. We moved our U boats from the Baltic Sea zone to the North Sea zone to get closer to Great Britain. Even though Russia didn’t have any power left, the Central Powers still took out their navy. Just because. The Allied Powers teamed up against Germany to get Belgium back but it wasn’t a big deal because we don’t really need Belgium. All of the Allied Powers are finally closing in on the Central Powers after three years, and we will be ready for them! All the countries in the Central Powers still has plenty of troops to defend ourselves, so I think we will be ok.  Bring it on Allied Powers!!

Germany 1 1918

The Allied Powers took back so of their territory like Belgium and Libya. We tried to take over French North Africa but the Allied Powers were victorious. France took over part of Germany but that’s ok because in the end the Central Powers won the war. And besides that we took over some of France so we were kind of even anyway. Germany ended pretty good because we still had quite a bit of troops left after we defended ourselves from three other countries. We worked well with our allies and we couldn’t have won the war without them. We are just glad we took over most of Europe because that was our main goal.

WWI Simulation Italy Journal

WWI Simulation

Italy period 1 1913

We have come up with a plan which is to stay nurtural until we can South Tyrol from Austria Hungary. We also planed to make alliances with France, Germany, Austria Hungary and Russia and that plan work wonderfully. As I look around most of the other countries have formed alliances as well. Austria Hungary’s Arch duke was assonated and Austria Hungry blamed it on Siberia. Siberia delivered a speech saying that they were not responsible for the assassination of

Austria Hungary’s Arch Duke.

Its bad enough that Russia has started a war with Germany. Seeing this I started thinking that at this point more bad things might be on there way for the rest of the countries especially Italy. One of the things I am worried about is what would happen if one of our alliances gets defeated in battle? I don’t know if we have a backup plan for that, but if i sense that is about to happen I’ll talk to the higher ups to see what they think.  I really hope that nothing to horrible will happen to Italy.

Italy period  1 1914

We had just learned that Germany might be planing to betray us, this makes staying neutral harder for us. Our plan now is for everyone in our alliance to move in on Germany and hopefully have the Russians cut through the Austrians and try get them to the Germans. Austria Hungary has declared war on us so we had to come up with a plan on how we can win the war against them. Unfortunately We lost the battle against Austria Hungary and half of our country was overtaken by them.

It is really unfortunate that half of our country has been taken over. I kinda wish that we did move our troops so that we could have possibly prevented the current outcome form happening. Hopefully this will be the only major bad thing that come our way because I don’t want to see country being completely over taken. I also hope that none of the other countries in our alliance will turn their back on us. I really hope that everything will turn out ok in the end.

 Italy 1 period 1915

We were unable to move again because our capital was taken over by Austria Hungary in just the last year. The only objective that we have no is to develop an alliance with the allies. We had already made an alliance with the Allies in 1914. Hopefully we are able to form with them again otherwise, it will be the complete end for our country. At this point we are at a critical risk of losing everything if we don’t make an alliance with the Allies.

I’m up for this plan a hundred percent but at the same time I’m worried that this plan won’t work or that it will backfire on us. I also don’t want to see any of our allies get destroyed by the other countries. The one country that I hope doesn’t target any of our alliance members is Germany because we had heard that they were going to betray us and I still believe that is going to happen.

 Italy 1 period 1916

Once again we can’t do anything  right this moment. Part of Russia was taken over by Germany. We have no plan because we don’t have any land. We had received word that Russia had surrendered and lost 1/3 of their population, 1/3 of its agricultural land and 3/4 of its industries. At this point we don’t know what to do or whats going to happen.  I had just learned that Great Britain is going to try and take over the ottoman empire.

I hope that it will work because we want our allies to gain as much land as possible then, we might have a chance of getting our country back. I can’t believe that Russia had surrendered because we had now lost one of our allies. At this point I hope we don’t lose anymore of our alliance because if we do then we could loose our country and possibly everything else. Hopefully all of us can come up with a plan so that doesn’t happen. If we don’t have a plan soon then we might just loose the war.

 Italy period 1 1917 

We had just found out that from the Zimmerman telegraph that Germany is trying to get help from Mexico. We had decided to move our navy to the atlantic I hope we had made the right choice. It looks like all of our allies are moving their navies to the Atlantic. Russia had went into war and lost half of their land. I really don’t want any of our allies losing more land because if  they don’t lose land then there might be a chance to get our country back.

I hope that Great Britain can come up with a plan to save Russia and us. One of the things I thought of is that we should form an alliance with the United States. If we did that Then we might have a chance of getting our own country back. I talk to the higher ups about that. I hope we can get our own country back in our hands.

 Italy period 1 1918

Great Britain (one of our allies) sent some U.S. troops over to France. With some help from Great Britain the Allied powers were able to win a battle against Austria Hungary. With the help from our allies we will be able to win more battles. Germany had just wiped out all of our troops and our alliances troops. I thought things couldn’t get any worse that it already but, it turns out things have because of what just happened.

I don’t think theres not much more that we or our alliance can do. The only thing that could possibly turn this around is if one of the other countries loses some of there own troops in battle. I hope that we will be ok and be able to get back in the war. I am still worried about what our alliance is going to do with the remaining troops that they have. I hope everything will work out in the end.

World War I Simulation Student Journal: Germany 2

World War I Simulation

Germany 2 1913

This year started off like any other year but changed drastically when a rogue Serbian group that called themselves the black hand killed the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne. This infuriated the Austro-Hungarian people and this caused them to declare war on Serbia. With Serbia having powerful allies, they came to the rescue by mobilizing their troops and getting ready to help in the war. But, the Austria-Hungary people had powerful allies as well. One of those Allies is us, Germany. With the threat of the Allies mobilizing, we too mobilized and now we will prepare for war. But we needed more allies. We called a meeting of the Central power and with bulgaria to discuss and Alliance. Bulgaria accepted our invitation and joined the Central powers.

Germany 2 1914

With all of the fresh troops that we have now received due to our mobilization, we must now prepare for battle. Russia has an immense army that will try to invade us from the northeast and Great Britain as well as France will try to be invading us from the west. We will split our army into two groups and fight them in a two way war. One on the northeast, one on the west. Belgium stands between us and France so it must go. We cannot allow Russia to have their navy in our sea zone. They must also go.

Germany 2 1915

We have captured Belgium and taken out the Russian navy! Now nothing is standing in our way to attack either group. So far, the United States has remained neutral but time will tell whether they will say that way or not. No worries since the German army is the most powerful army in all of Europe! We have taken the capital of France! We will crush any who oppose us or the Central powers. Especially Russia. Our ally the Ottoman empire wishes to acquire some of the Russian land. Russia is also threatening the Ottomans with their massive army. If the Central powers are to win this war we need the help of the Ottomans. We will assist them in taking down Russia. We have secured part of Russia.

Germany 2 1916

We have lost our entire navy while severely weakening the British navy. This was a necessary price we needed to pay. For now, the British cannot directly attack Germany. While we were stopping the British, the Ottoman empire, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria are making lots of progress in the lower region of Europe. They have been able to take over Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania. We now have full control of Central Europe. We move onward and gain control of the coast of France! But we now have a small problem. Italy has now chosen to join the Allied power and they are now mobilizing. Russia is bringing in more troops from the northeast to invade Germany. We are about to get attacked on both sides now.

Germany 2 1917

Russia tries to regain the land they lost from us. They were unsuccessful while the German army was victorious! This victory has inspired the Ottoman empire to attack the Russians from the south. They too have claim a victory! The Russian army is in shambles and they are sent into civil war! They are forced to surrender to the Central powers. One step closer to victory! But after all of that victory comes devastating news. The U.S. Has mobilized as well as joined the Allied powers. They sent their army to the coast of France and they have regained the region for France. We must Reinforce the Capital of France. While the U.S. invades from the coast, Italy tries to take control of the coasts of Austria-Hungary! They are unsuccessful due to the numbers of the Austro-Hungarian army.

Germany 2 1918

This year a large number of battles took place. The Allied powers are trying to regain what they have lost. They are sending everything they have to try to regain France as well as Belgium. We were forced to send all of our troops out of Belgium and into the capital of France to make sure that the forest of Ardennes stays in the possession of the Central powers. If the forest is lost, the Allied powers can attack Germany directly. With lots of fresh troops supplied by the United States, the Allied powers win Belgium and the Capital of France. But this severely diminished their army. The Allies are very close to the capital of Germany now. All hope seems to be lost for the Germans. They send everything they have at the Capital of Germany. The Germans seem overwhelmed, but then they get reinforcements from Austria-Hungary and they win the battle for Germany! The Allied powers don’t have enough troops to continue to attack the Central powers. They retreat with what little troops they have left. The war is finally over and we, The Central powers, have finally won the war!

World War 1 Simulation: Bulgaria Journal

World War One Simulation

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1913

Today was the first day of war. Germany and the rest of the Central Powers came out strong. I thought that since we were close to the Ottoman Empire and that one of our objectives was to ally with them that they would want to do the same for us but oh were we wrong! Germany tricked us into thinking that themselves and the Ottoman Empire were not going to take over us and that they were going to take over Russia. But actually they were going to take over us. And just like that we got taken over in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1914

The today was very interesting. I thought that the Allies would be a lot stronger in this whole simulation but they weren’t. Great Britain tried to help liberate us but in reality all they did was take forever to even get to the Mediteratianian sea. They had way too many road blocks such as protecting their navies from the Germans and trying to help France when they were being attacked by Germany. Italy was the next country to be taken over and they were very upset with Germany. The Central powers had become very strong.

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1915

There was all kinds of war and alliances today. Germany and Austria-Hungary declared war on Belgium and took it over. France and Germany fought continuously  for the southern part of France and The Ottoman Empire took over Egypt. The Ottoman Empire’s strategy seemed to be that they liked to take over areas surrounding their empire rather than take a long shot like Germany and go for some random country. Russia tried taking over parts of Germany and Russia tried taking a part of the Ottoman Empire but was unsuccessful. They also lost their navy too.

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1916

Today Germany tried taking over a part of France and was unsuccessful. The United States also got involved by lending some of their troops to Great Britain when they sought out to regain Belgium back. Portugal also went to the Allies side and remain their for the rest of the day. Germany tried attacking Great Britain and France but lost because lack of troops. Russia also surrendered and they backed out of the war. I thought that was interesting because I figured that they would stay in the war because they are ruthless and are never scared and want battle. Tomorrow should be interesting. I’m curious if the Untied States will be more involved.

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1917

Today was a pretty still day. Their was just lots of mobilizing and stand still. With about 10 minutes left in the year, countries started attacking. France had to ask of Great Britain’s help when they again got attacked by Germany. Germany and Austria- Hungary were victorious and took another chunk of land from France. The countries that were in war (that could) used poisonous gas. I thought that was interesting because I didn’t really seem a make or break in the number of troops that they put into that battle or the casualties that happened.

Bulgaria, Period 1, 1918

Today was also a pretty still day. There was a lot of stand still which was surprising because I thought that there would be a lot more action on the last day. The United States and Great Britain and tried to help out France again because they wanted to re take their original territory back from the Central Powers! They were victorious and regained part of what was taken. Personally, I thought that the Allies would have been stronger and that the Central Powers would have been weaker and would have had some kind of road blocks along the way.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 4

Germany 4 Year 1913
As Germany we have realized that we aren’t going to win the Navel War so we decided to attack first move with our Navy to Great Britain. We decided that our key is to take out Russia so we can focus the fight on just one side

Germany 4 Year 1914
We took out some of the British Navy and then we started biting away from Russia and took all the way up to R1. France didn’t attack us at all which is perfect. We still have about 3.500 troops that can be used. We finished the day by taking over majority of Russia and tomorrow we are going to be getting more troops.

Germany 4 Year 1915
Russia surrendered so that is a huge plus we don’t have to worry about anything coming from that side. They can’t mobilize which saves us from like 5,000 troops. We are slowly going to start attacking France at this point, as well as taking out Romania, Greece, and Serbia. I tried convincing Belgium to let me send troops through there country but he refused so I am forced to start hacking away at Belgium now.

Germany 4 Year 1916
This point in the war its starting to get crazy with people coming out saying they are part of the allies. We have just been saying that we are going to destroy anything that isn’t part of the central powers. We have started to build up our army for the last few days when we are going to take out Italy and France.

Germany 4 Year 1917
Today I didn’t make it to school, but I was on chat with Bo and we had the strategy to just lay back and if Italy and France wants to get aggressive then we would get the defense bonus. Without me there I didn’t want the central powers to get to aggressive with out the main head honcho me. I told Bo to make sure the U-Boats were in the same ocean as the G.B. navy. He failed. We also thought they would start to attack in the southern part of the Ottoman Empire. So we started to rotate troops down there.

Germany 4 Year 1918
Today is the last day so we are going on the offense on france and Italy. I think that If me and Bo start to hack away with the first move then we will win even if Jacob attacks down in the southern part of the map. We started off by taking out Italy and then we were going to go after France. We finished the day off by having majority of the map and I would say that we won the war.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 2

World War 2 Simulation

Japan Period 2 1938

The war starts tomorrow and my partner and I have created a decisive
plan for the whole war. We are going to be aggressive right away. We’re
sending troops down to the Indies and snatching up all that land and
resources. We especially are seeking oil because we have a tense
relationship with the US who supplies most of our oil. We know we
must become self dependent and take over countries with a lot of
natural resources. After we take the indies, we’ll do a loop of takeovers
of countries and end up taking over China. Once we have a lot of
resources and land, we’ll attack Pearl Harbor. This is our biggest
objective and we really need to hit them hard, which shouldn’t be too
difficult with our military strength. If we really push down the US military,
that will help our Allies in defeating the opposition because the US is a
huge part of the war. Since we are helping our allies in hurting the US,
they need to help us in getting land in Egypt, so the opposition can’t get
through the Suez canal which gives them access to the Pacific. I’m
pretty positive that Japan will get most of the objectives, or all. Bring on

Japan Period 2 1939

Today has been a great day, more than great I should say. The majority
of my plan has worked. I started right off with conquering much needed
resources from the Dutch Indies. I had a nail biter of a battle against
Great Britain and the Netherlands, but I came out victorious! This was a
great victory because I very much dislike the British and their leader.
This also defeated 100 alli ships in my region! The resources were very
useful to my allies and I. This will help us later in having bigger ratings
and help us take over the world. After I gained all that land, I decided I
wanted to go further. I pushed in my war slips quickly and battled in
China. I easily overtook a section in China, which was promising. When
it came to South Central China, I was defeated by the British. I will
easily take it over tomorrow because they have less than 200 troops
there. There was one minor set back to today and that was the United
States thought it was a smart move to take the oil I so desperately

need. I take this as an act of war, and when I gain the amount of
resources necessary, I will attack them with great force. After I attack
them with great force, I will have Hawaii. After I conquer Hawaii, I will
head for their mainland. If I can capture their mainland, I will hurt the
Allies greatly and help my group a lot. I am excited and a little scared
for what comes next because I know the British and US have a very
high rating. I must stay positive and keep my head aimed at my

Japan Period 2 1940

All I can say is wow! Today didn

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France 4


France 4 1913-

This is Day 1 and France became
alliances with Belgium. Russia is at war. France became mobilized.
France also became alliances with Italy and Serbia. My plan is to
take over my original land and take over Germany. Since I have Italy,
Belgium, and Serbia I can have the surrounding countries around

France 4 1914-

This is Day 2 and France has made the
Serbia Alliance Public. I sent 150 Navy Troops into Montenegro.
Montenegro is victorious and keeps their land. Since I didn’t have a
turn today I want to move troops into G2 of Germany. I want to move
600 troops there and take it over. Also I Want to send my Navy of-
379 into French North Africa. I talked to Great Britain and he is
going to send some troops into Libya so the Central Powers don’t take
it over.

France 4 1915-

This is Day 3 and I have 500 troops
into F3 and 500 into F2 leaving 4,397 troops in F1. I moved navy by
Belgium sent 1500 troops to Belgium. Belgium is now allies with
France and Great Britain. My overall plan is to take over G2 land.
That would get my objective of taking over a certain part of land in
the G2 spot.

France 4 1916-

This is Day 4 and France really didn

WW2 Simulation Journal: Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria 1

World War 2 Simulation

1938- Orientation
Today I talked with Kayla, Marina, Taylor C., and Anthony. We are all allies with each other. We need to fill out the forms to confirm it, but we are working together as a team. Two of my countries I can’t really do anything with because I can’t declare war or anything until 1941. But i still have Romania. We have made up the plan that Germany (Kayla) and Italy (Marina) will go over and take out France tomorrow. Once that is done I am going to send a few hundred troops into P2 of poland while Kayla and Marina take over P1. Hopefully we win that battle and and we can take over Poland there. Then we will still work together to try and take out the USSR.

Today I made a secret alliance with the USSR with Romania. There is going to be a two front war on Poland. Germany is sending 5000 troops into P1 and I am sending 200 troops to P2 and the USSR is sending 800 troops into P2. We want to get rid of Poland as soon as possible because we want to take their resources. We all can use them and share them with one another. This will benefit all of us. We are victorious for P1 so far. And P2 the USSR and I as Romania were successful for taking over P2. Jaccie and I had come to agree meant that we will split the land of Poland. She gets the North half and I get the South half. We are splitting the coal and the iron that we earned. And because we have become a secret alliance, I told her about one of my objectives which was i have to take 1/3 of the land in the Ukraine.  And I told her that I didn’t want to go against her in the end. So we settled an agreement that she will give me 1/3 of the land if she gets most of the supplies for the iron and coal. We had agreed. Now i don’t have to worry about going behind her back and we can still work together to take over the places that we need and get the supplies that we need.

From what it looks like today, it looks like France is going to try and attack Italy. I am going to send 200 troops from Romania to Italy. That’s going to take about 3 turns to get there. Hopefully I can make it there in time to help her on the Defensive side of the offensive side. So far i was able to move 200 over to Hungary. Also today send iron and coal over to Bulgaria and Hungary from Romania. Japan (Taylor C.) gained rubber from taking over land. She had shared the amount of rubber i need for Romania. Now all i have to get for supplies is one more of iron and one more of coal, then i can move over to the next countries to get the supplies that they need. Tomorrow I can officially use Bulgaria and Hungary finally in war if i need to.  1941 has finally come that i don’t have to hide out and have other countries help protect me.

This morning I had a meeting with Germany and Italy. (Kayla and Marina) We all made a plan and agreed that us, including all three of my countries now that i can be in war, will all team up and take down Great Britain and France. Im not sure if we are going through with this plan today or not. But what i am doing for sure is I’m helping Italy attack Greece. Japan (Taylor C.) had shared rubber with the rest of my countries. I had given her oil back in return, and i gave some oil to Italy too (Marina). Im finally able to declare war with Bulgaria and Hungary, so I’m sending troops down to greece from Italy.  We were victorious and we were able to take out Greece. Now i have to go after Yugoslavia. Just found out also that the USSR need some of my land. That is one of their objectives, well mine is to keep my original territory. I don’t want to give that up, but then again i should since they gave me land too. I have a lot to work out and try to do. Well now i know not to trust the USSR. They had annexed their land back that they gave me. This definitely means war. Since we both took over Poland, I’m going to try and get the resources back that we shared. Im no longer trusting them. After I help take over Yugoslavia, France, and Great Britain. Then I’m going to try and take over the Ukraine for sure. Im going to get the territory that i need, and I’m not gonna let them stop me.

Today were supposed to take over F2 and F1 of France. We need a lot of troops, hopefully we have enough. Were hoping we have enough especially now that our ratings have gone up. We need to go after F2 first, that way Great Britain doesn’t come down to help them. What were thinking is, if we go after F2 then France will want to come and attack us. We want that. If they come to attack us, then we will have more than enough troops to take them out. If this plan works, then we can move on to our next plan. My next plan is to take Yugoslavia with the help from Italy. Then going after the USSR!

Im trying and taking over Yugoslavia. I hope that i make it. This is one of my last objectives that i need. If i get this i will be very happy