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WW2 Simulation Journal: China and Finland 5

World War 2 Simulation

Period 5 Austin Richards Finland 5 1938
Well, by next year Europe will be in another war, another war great war by the looks of it. Finland wants nothing to do with it, we going to stay out of it for as long as we can. I feel confident in my army, we may be small but we are strong. I am talking to Germany about gaining supplies and hopefully getting them to send soldiers to help defend us if worse comes to worse. I am very worried about the USSR and I know Germany would like to be able to attack the USSR from where Finland is, if they decide to go to war with the USSR. I have made a secret alliance with Germany, so if thing get bad Germany will hopefully be able to help me.

Period 5 Austin Richards China 5 1938
We are not in a good position, Japan’s armies have already taken large portions of our territory. They are definitely the better trained army, I cannot afford to attack right away I will be crushed. I am going to build up an alliance with Great Britain and hopefully they will send some of their colonial troops to help defend me and build up a defense. I am holding out until there forces ware down or are spread too thin, then GBC and I will strike. I am also talking to my allies the US to help me with supplies. I hope they join the war, I could use some assistance from their armies, and they are my allies, but they are stuck on being isolated.

Finland 5 1939
The USSR are building up troops by my border, I know they are planning on invading soon. What can I do? We will probably lose this battle without outside help. The Allies will not help me and Germany did not have time to send troops to assist me before their ships were destroyed, so I have nothing else I can do. I can’t gain anymore troops. I will have to wait and pray that the resources I gained from Germany will make my army better enough to take on the force of the USSR. Finland has done nothing to provoke an attack, I have talked with the leader of the USSR and tried to tell them I want nothing to do with the war, but it is clear they do not want to talk with me and have made up their mind on invading. I could attack first, but I get the feeling the allies to my West also want to attack me, so I am in a bad position either way.

China 5 1939
We have done very well in defending the Japanese attacks. We have not lost anymore land, and Great Britain’s colonial troops are willing to help me, we held off an attack. We suffered some loses, but a win is a win. I have talked with the Japanese leader and he told me he only wants to take over part of my land to make a passage to the Dutch East Indies, he will not attack anymore after that. I do not know if that is true, but for now I am at least acting like I am trusting him. That doesn’t mean I am giving up that land without a fight.

Finland 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. Sadly I see we lost Finland to the USSR. They attack for no reason, I tried to stay peaceful never did I provoke an attack, sadly I was not there to stop the attack, I was just too ill. I had a plan that I would attack with a small force, stopping them from attacking me, but I was gone so I could not do that. It looks we didn’t go without a fight though!  They attacked with 1500 troops against out 250, they were left with 250 in the end. Not too bad. But it doesn’t change the fact that we lost and the USSR now control out land.

China 5 1940
I was ill today so command of my forces went to someone else. It looks like they did not do too bad of a job defending. We lost only SC China, I expected larger losses. I assume Japan was nice and did not want to take advantage of the fact that I was gone.  I am trying to hold them back long enough that GB will maybe send more troops or the US enters the war. I could use their help and I still need more resources. I have secured oil, but hopefully I will be able to get more resources from them. Or maybe Great Britain or USSR will be able to send some supplies too? I hope.

Finland 5 1941
Still out of command, not really much to talk about.

China 5 1941
We are still holding strong. We have yet to lose any territory, I think China is getting ready for an attack on the U.S., which is good, then some of the attention will be turned away from me hopefully, and attention can go to the U.S. Hopefully USSR enters the war soon too, they can easily charge through the Japanese forces hopefully.

Finland 5 1942
Nope, USSR still controls Finland, and Germany has no way of getting up here either. So still out of the war.

China 5 1942
Well we have lost NC China, but we put up a fight. Japan also attack the U.S. navy, but also lost a large part of their army. I think Japan is trying to charge through us and take over as much as they can before the U.S. lands on Japan and takes, leaving them to worry about that. If USSR joins they are even more done. You can see they are running thiner and thiner on forces, and soon they will fall. I fear that we will fall before they do though. I had also made a secret alliance with Japan, if I attack USSR and get them to join the Axis, Japan will not attack me. I have also been allowed to join the Axis after I do this.

Finland 5 1943
Still taken over by the USSR. Germany is saying they are planning to move up and liberate Finland though!

China 5 1943

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 1

World War 2 Simulation

Germany  1938
As we learn about the simulation, my partner and I are coming up with good ideas and plans for the future. Will we win, I hope so. Nevertheless, we will do our best to work on and do our best.  We are meeting with our allies, thinking out a plan to take out our enemy before they attack us. We shall see what goes on.

Germany  1939
As war goes on, the Motherland has taken over the Netherlands and also taken out Great Britain’s Navy. This was a great win for the Motherland as we work on taking over the world. Our military is right now is taking over Poland with the help of U.S.S.R.  Together we can work to take over as much land as we can.

Germany  1940
As the year goes on, the motherland creates the plan for world domination. We are gathering our troops to move into Belgium. Our country invaded Belgium and now we have conquered more land. The motherland is now going to conquer the rest of Europe. We will win this war. I can tell that the Allies power are getting worried as we acquire more and more land.

Germany  1941
A lot is going on right now. Many countries are working together to acquire more land. Greece and Sweden have been taken over by the Axis Power as we move to surround France and once we get France, we will send help to Italy to help them with taking North Africa.

Germany  1942
As the war goes on, we come up new ways to fight the Allied Powers. We came up with a plan to invade the France. We want them to attack us in Belgium and then we will retaliate and destroy Britain and France.

Germany  1943
Today is the day, we will either take most of France or fail to do so. As the simulation goes on and is near the end, we are coming up with a plan that involves a lot of troops. We are going to take France head on with the help of Italy.

Germany  1944
Today has been a good day. We have taken all of France and now we are going to move troops to the east.  Once we defend the west, we will strength our territory to the east to stop the Soviet Union from taken Romania. Once we defend our land, we will attack Soviet Union. Will have already taken most of Europe and we will keep take more.

Germany  1945
Today is the last day of the war. In the last few years, we have taken almost all of Europe. Now we go to strength our eastern border and attack the Soviet Union. Our plans are to take as much of the Soviet Union as we can in the last day.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 1

World War 2 Simulation

Great Britain 1 1938
I, Nikki, was the President of Great Britain, and my Prime Minister was Robin Regan.
When I had learned who was who for their countries, I immediately saw that my Allied countries, like Poland and Belgium could easily be taken by the psychotic people of Germany, and the USSR, the Axis powers.
This got me thinking of how to defend my friends. I knew that Poland would be wiped from the map in a year by the USSR and Germany, so I had to act fast. I tried to talk to Martika who had small countries that were next to Poland, but it didn’t help. Traitorous friends right? France was going to do nothing until she had to defend her country, so I was beside myself on this one.

Great Britain 1 1939
On top of assessing my situation to being a allied power, I have also considered being a Axis power because of this, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,” saying. If I were to ally myself with the Axis powers, I would be closer to Germany, and I could easily move my troops through Germany until I was in Poland, and then declare war on Germany, so that I could take back Poland! I know that would be suicide, and that would take years to mobilize a lot of troops, and if I had so many troops in P1 of Poland, I would think that Germany would suspect that I would be a Traitor. I have two other back up plans, but I don’t think it will get me anywhere close to Poland, but it is worth a shot right? I
I was right about one thing last year, and i should trust my gut more often because my poor allied country, Poland, and Belgium, both fell today. I swear I will try to get the two countries back, but I’m sore scared now that France will fall soon.

Great Britain 1 1940
Today is a good day. Today I have gained the upper hand on my enemy! I am taking on of my other back up plans; Starve my enemy of natural resources! This is a risky game, but I figured that if I took resources that Germany would need, their rating would drop, and therefore be weaker, and when thy enemy is weak, you plunge thou sword through thy heart! Romantic right? So, what I am going today is several naval battles.  If my enemies supply troops to other countries by boat, then the number one enemy is my enemies ships, and therefore I shall attack ships, and then move my way up to Sweden and Norway to take away Germany’s source of Iron Ore.

Great Britain 1 1941
Keeping true to my words, I did destroy thy enemies ships! All of them, besides a USSR navy down in the Aegean Sea, which if they were to use that ship, my navy down there would wipe them out, but I have talked to the USSR’s Prime Minister. I had implemented the seed of a treaty, if the Allies are to win, we need the USSR! I also took over Sweden and Norway that was in the clutches of those filthy Nazi rats. This means I have successfully reopened the Baltic Sea, and no enemy can take that away from me, nor reach me, unless Japan decides to travel around, but I know they won’t be able to get by the U.S. I have successfully completed one of the many steps in my back up plan that I had! Go Great Britain!!

Great Britain 1 1942
Why, just why? I am so ticked today that my prime minister had decided to go take war with Italy when we have not knocked out their ships because then they would be able to supply more troops! JUST WHY? I wanted to take out Italy’s ships so that she couldn’t supply her colony, Libya, with more troops, but NOOOO! I lost this battle, but Italy has just waken the wrath inside me. I have also made a secret treaty with the USSR, and I know that they can’t attack Germany until Germany attacks them, so when that happens, they are joining the Allies, and therefore I will be able to move troops through the USSR to back the USSR up to take Poland back!

Great Britain 1 1943
I am going to wipe that smug little face off of Italy if it takes my last breath! I have given up hope for the Allies that are around Germany, even though I hold strong as a country, I know I won’t be able to take those countries back, but I can try! Always try, and if failure comes, well that is less troops on my enemies side then! But, back to Italy she took a lot of my British colonies away from me! I know I should have supplies troops, but the more wars Italy has with my small countries, the less troops I have to deal with in battling her. Wait, that sound confusing. Okay, what I mean is that I have troops in my small British Colonies, and the more she invades them, the more Disperse her troops became, and also trapping herself within my colonies as well! On another side note, I want to smack the leader of China! Like, come on, really? Your country is slowly being taking down, and your sitting there doing nothing? I stepped up to help, but I don’t have many troops, and I lose every single time I try to help China. I need a break, I am going to recompose myself before I do something I can’t fix.
Okay, I am back, and I guess curiosity really did kill that cat this time. I have learned that China thought she was already taken over by Germany, and so she did nothing. I want to say so many colorful things, but I will not be immature about this. If China wants to sit, and do nothing, then the Allies have lost altogether, and there is no hope then, on the downward spiral as well

WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 1

Italy  1938

I am planning on watching the other countries to see what some of them are going to do,  so when I go to conquer a country I know who to avoid. I am thinking of moving troops into Northern Africa, and conquering those countries and taking those resources. I need to see if anyone has extra resources they could give me, so I can raise my rating.

Italy  1939

Since Germany is attacking the Netherlands, and are planning on attacking Poland too. I am staying out of the wars for now to see who is going to win, and if the Germans win I am going to ask them for some resources. I am also overhearing that Russia, Germany, and Romania are going to attack Poland. I cannot really do anything to help them, but I am going to help get France for Germany. Hopefully when I help Germany they will help me get North Africa.

Italy  1940

Today Germany is preparing to attack or draw France into its territory next to Belgium. I am going to help them by possibly attacking the French territory that is next to Italy. I am hopefully going to get more resources out of this agreement. I am also going to invade Albania and keep my troops there until I can get help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. After I take those countries over I am aiming to invade North Africa

Italy  1941

I have successfully gained Albania, and now I just need to conquer Greece. I am wanting to stay out of this attack on France so I might have a chance of surviving this war. I am working on getting help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. I was attacked! Yugoslavia attacked me in Albania, but I was victorious anyway. I have conquered Greece! I have also gained oil from Bulgaria, so I have more of the resources that I need.

Italy  1942

Today I am hoping to not have to attack France for Germany. I have convinced them to let me attack the French North Africa first. I was attacked by France and Great Britain in Lybia, but I beat them both. Now the French North Africa is almost defenseless, now is my time to strike! Well, that didn’t go very well at all, I lost in the battle for the French North Africa. Now I have to plan to defend Lybia, and attack the rest of North Africa.

Italy  1943

MY NAVY!!! My navy is gone!! How am I going to move troops into Lybia? Well, I do have around six hundred in Lybia. I have to try and get the rest of North Africa with only 680 some troops, it will take quite a bit of strategy. I have already gotten Egypt so the rest will come fairly easy, except for French North Africa. I am going to attack Palestine too. I am only going to take the countries I need.

Italy  1944

Today I am going to invade Palestine, and I am planning to only take Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, French North Africa, and Iraq. After I get the countries to the east I will go attack the French North Africa again. I am close to obtaining all of my objectives, I just have to make sure I can hold the land once I obtain it. I have gained Palestine, but Great Britain is putting more troops into French North Africa. I do not think I have enough troops to defend Lybia from attack. It looks like the USSR is going to attack Romania, and I have sent troops to help Romania but I don’t know if that will help a whole lot.

Italy  1945

Today is the last day I have to get the Trans-Jordan, and Iraq. I have taken the Trans Jordan, but now I must take a big risk on attacking Iraq since they have 100 troops and I only have 87. I am going to attack Iraq still, but I also need to protect the lands I have gained. I also have to be ready for attack from French North Africa. I have gained Iraq now, and now I am going to defend Lybia. Well Lybia was attacked and taken by the British, and I saw it coming. Now I just have to protect the rest of North Africa I have gained. All that I have lost is only Lybia! 

WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 1

World War 2 Simulation

USSR 1 1938
Today we learned about the simulation, and we decided that tomorrow we are going to take over Poland, and that we are going to make an alliance with Germany and Rumania. I am worried that Germany is going to go against us, but I guess we’ll see what happens. I do plan to annex Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia within the first two days, I’m hoping we’ll get at least two turns. Im thinking that Finland may be a little harder to take over, and still trying to decide what to do with Japan, whether to make and alliance with them or not.

USSR 1 1939
Today was a stressful hectic day, we allied with Germany and Romania. With the help of Rumania we were able to take over Poland. We made an agreement that Rumania could have part of the Ukraine, in order to get almost all of the resources from Poland. In the agreement they get the land, but I plan to annex that land, and just keep the resources. I also annexed Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. I want to take over Finland, but I don’t think we will be able to move enough troops today due to the Axis Powers taking a long time to make their decisions.

USSR 1 1940
Today was a pretty slow day, I decided not to get involved in anything, just to move troops. Today I wanted to watch to see what other countries are doing. This may help me to decide what to do next and where to keep my troops at in case of an attack. I decided to keep troops down towards China in case of an attack from China or Japan. I also moved my navy towards the Japanese navy in case they would like to go at it. Tomorrow I’m thinking  I’m going to annex the Ukraine, in hopes that Rumania does not invade us.

USSR 1 1941
Today I’m moving a lot of troops towards Germany, Rumania, and Finland. I want to protect myself from Germany, but they think that I am moving troops in to help them take over France. I want to take over Finland but am worried that I won’t have enough troops to get the job done. I went ahead and attacked Finland, but did not have enough troops. But on the bright side they now have about half the troops that they did, so next time it should be easier to take them out. I also said that I moved troops down by Rumania, this is to eventually take them over and in hopes that they do not strike first.

USSR 1 1942
Today we won Finland!!! We sent in a ton of troops and have about five hundred troops left over. I would like to move west with those troops, but I don’t want to spread my troops too thin. I am worried because Germany wants to move troops throughout my land to protect their land. This worries me because I don’t want them to move troops in and attack me. So today I decided that I’m going to cut all help to Germany in case they might attack. I also don’t want to help them win a war, and then lose a massive amounts of troops. I have talked to Great Britain and France to see their point of view and they transferred some resources to us. Thinking I’m going to stay neutral unless attacked by Germany.

USSR 1 1943
Today we moved more troops towards our western front, and a ton more troops towards Rumania. We finally got another turn and we are going to attack Rumania. We attacked but failed due to not enough troops being sent over on our side. We do need Besarabia though, so we will plan to attack again but on the last day. This will help us because they will be worried about helping Germany and not defending themselves from us. The next day we think were are just going to be sitting ducks and watch and see what happens. We also moved our troop towards Japanese territory in case they plan to attack.

USSR 1 1944
Today we were sitting ducks

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 1

World War 2 Simulation

Japan 1938; Orientation day – Today is the first day I saw the objectives. We have a lot of objectives to complete, not all of them seem quite easy. Unlike in WWI I am not alone this time, and based on my objectives I might need to have help from other countries. Also the people who I was allied with last time are no longer my allies, I need to take China, but the other lands I need to take are allies with a smart people  who I think know how to get things done. First off, I think I will take Philippines, as in my objectives. I also have a partner this time, so hopefully we get along. . Also, while I may be allied with some other countries, it seems a bit difficult to trust them, as we were enemies before.

Japan 1939 – We are in a tough situation. We need to attack the Philippines, however, if we do that we bring America in the war because they are guarding it. W can’t attack America’s navy either because that will also bring them into the war. I talked to Russia yesterday and we made something of an alliance. It’s best not to put full trust, as that gets you betrayed easily. For now we will not attack anyone until next turn. We need to focus on our movement for now. We will move 500 from Manchukuo to NE China, we will then move 500 from NE China to SE China giving us 2000 in SE China. On our next attack turn, we will attack French indo China with 1000. Even though they have 200, we need to be expecting back up for that country, so that’s why we sent such a huge number. While this is getting tough because the other allies are taking so long to attack, we might not be able to do movement this round, which would be really bad considering we need the movement in order to take out China. Russia is doing some smooth talking to our allies, it seems almost to good to be true, so they should be cautious.
– We have just taken French IndoChina. Instead of waiting for movement, we moved 1,000 of our troops that were already there into indochina because we did not want to waste time in getting it. We won with little opposition. We also got some resources. Our allies have taken quite a lot of land with Russia too. We have a secret alliance with Russia at the  moment. We won’t really call on them until later when we might need a double front war with China.

Japan 1940- Today would be a good day to take out New Guinea. We started off with movement for Axis powers today, so we did yesterdays plan today. Dutch East Indies Was taken by us. It does’t look like anyone can  send help to them since their land is neutral. We send a surplus of troops there to take it, it was 293 against 50, so it was a pretty good win. Next we plan to move into China, or something along those lines. The plan is kind of unclear. Also Russia is now in our country. They  need some of our land no doubt. I think the only reason the purposefully lost points so that they could gain trust to betray Germany and Us, Japan. We will not share resources to keep them less powerful. I heard Russia had an 8 rating in their  eastern part of the country. So we are planning on attacking China with Russia’s help for the time being. Maybe we can reach an agreement over something later.

Japan 1941- Today we moved are navy by each of America’s navies except Hawaii because they are to far away to move in one turn. We plan on attacking all the navies at once. We succeeded, we took Pearl Harbor. We also destroyed pretty much all of the American navy. Next we need to focus on China and Australia. Germany is leaving their country so bare to Russia. Also the United states said they will no longer be sending us with oil. It was kind of funny because France tried to send troops to America, thinking we were going to attack them, when really we had no want to attack them. They thought it was clever, but they weren’t allowed to. We didn’t do much today again, but there is always tomorrow.

Japan 1942- Today is kind of like an all out go for it. I will discuss it with my partner on taking the Philippines and taking some of China.
– Immediately we decided to take Philippines with 200 troops against 100. Great Britain sent 100 total troops against us, so it might make this a little more difficult. I don’t think we can win agains their forces. Somehow we won, but we are going to need to set more troops in the territory of Dutch east Indies.
– We moved our navy back to get ready for an attack on the British navy. We also moved troops into the French Indo China so we can set up for an attack on the Burma, we need plenty of troops there so we can get the rubber that is there. Next we plan on taking Hawaii just because we have troops there and we can. The only problem I see is America sending their navy over to us. They have 40 and we have 50, which is just enough to win slightly. Hopefully they don’t send in troops.
– We just attacked Britain’s navy. They sent in reinforcements thinking that might help, we just destroyed their whole navy in the process. We then attacked Hawaii. It was kind of funny, we lost, but they only have 5 troops. I think we can take them out next time. We decided to use our 30 navy that we moved back to Japan, and stick 30 troops on it. We plan on taking Hawaii this time. Then with the navy right next to Hawaii, we plan on destroying the last bit of American Navy. After That we plan to take back our navy, and use it to guard against the American navy. Their country grows stronger every day. So we need to be careful here.
– They just sent 40 troops to Hawaii, looks like we won’t be taking it over. Oh well, we can at least destroy their navy.

Japan 1943 – Today was the day we for sure decided to take some from China. We sent in 1,000 troops. we split the amount between SE China and French Indo China, so that there would still be a decent amount of troops there. It took a long time for China to make a decision on what to do. They finally settled on sending in 700 to their 900 troops against my 1,000. Plus great Britain sent in 200, so i will admit I was a little concerned that we were going to lose. Then suddenly it turned out, we won, with 300 troops left. I must I was shocked. Our next goal is NC China, but we have to wait until our next turn.
– We successfully took over NC China. By a huge win. 1,200 agains 1,000, we won’t with 700 left. Also Britain is playing quite well into our hands. They are moving troops out of the place we want to take, so we will attack them next round. All of Asia is Is almost ours, I can almost taste it. Next we will move onto Burma, that way we can get more resources, and stop Britain from getting anything. Then they will stop supplying France, well that’s what I’ve heard from Germany. They plan to attack France, so it will work out for both of us. I plan to send 900 into Burma so I can take them out easy. They are sending in troops From India, wow this could not be better. They have 100 troops there left, easy picking for us to take this now. Almost all of Asia is ours.

Japan 1944 – Today we will start a 3 front war so we can take the rest of Asia. I guess we  could take Australia now that we are running out of places to take. I already expect that the other countries can see my goals of taking the rest of Asia. But they have no way of getting help since I’m attacking Tibet, India, and NW China at once. However to ensure I can take them I’m attacking them in a certain order. First I will attack India, because Britain has a decent rating I think, I don’t want them to send the rest of their forces into Tibet since I’m not sending that many troops in there, about 100 against their 300. Then I will attack NW China since they are the biggest, and once I take them out they won’t be able to send any troops to Tibet. Then I will take out Tibet because it’s the last one and will have not that many troops left. It all seems like to a good plan. Even if something else happens, I’m prepared to fight anything off. I think Great Britain isn’t doing so well because they are sending in too much troops to help other countries, but they are just wasting troops there.
– We almost took up half of the period just on Axis power. For whatever reason, the allies have not set the 10 minute rule. Had they done that it could have really helped them.

Japan 1945 – Today is the last day. Wasting my time on Australia is really pointless. What will I do, send 88 troops over every time only to have them killed? I only have 88 navy so that’s why I can only send 88 troops over. I will just be wasting turns to try and take it. And Russia is pretty strong, and I don’t think I have the troops to fight them and take their land. So at this point I’m not sure if I want to attack or just do nothing the whole period.
– Well it’s the last battle, so I will put all of my troops on the border of Russia, and attack them with all we’ve got. Perhaps America will do something while I am attacking Russia. Well they really can’t, I’ll leave 300 troops in Japan to fight them off if they attack because they don’t even have 300 navy by Pearl Harbor. I can’t say I’m really worried that much, but I wouldn’t put it past America to get help from other countries on whether they should attack me. It’s kind of all in the air at this point.
– Well we attacked Russia with 1,600 troops. They send 2,500 troops against us. they won with only 75 troops. Had we had more time, we could have taken them over, but we ran out of time. Ah well, we still had all of our territory. It was a good run, and I can honestly say, without my parter, I probably would have never remembered to transfer resources or kept track of how many we had, so good job parter.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 1

USSR 1 1938: My goal is to stay neutral as much as possible. I need to be able to conquer my goals without having to fight Germany. If I would get attacked by either the Allies or Axis powers then I could easy loose my land. I am going to side with the Axis in secrete for now they don’t attack. Right now my goals are simple and if I can avoid fighting in my plans that will be great. I know that I would have to attack Finland and Poland but I still need to do that soon or my chance might fade away.

USSR 1 1939: Of course taking out Poland would be our first choice. The USSR needs the oil. Negations are stressful and when they were done we were allies with Rumania and Germany. Taking down Poland was a little to easy and they were wiped out. The only other thing we did was transfer the resources in Poland to Romania. In our agreement Poland is split in half and because we get more resources we plan on giving some to Germany once we can get some more to sustain ourselves. Our next move was to anxious Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Once we done that I felt we accomplished much, but I still felt that we didn’t have much power in the Baltic Sea so we can try to take Finland.

USSR 1 1940: Staying out of the war would be the best choice for now. Let the other powers fight and break down to nothing. My goal to take down Finland was delayed due to the USSR’s rating not being enough. Even though I lost, my goal is still there and I still have my land. Rumania and I had an agreement that we got the resources from Poland in exchange they got Bessarabia in their control. Even though they have it now we will get it back. The only thing I’m worried about is them attacking us.

USSR1 1941: Annexing Bessarabia from Rumania right after I gave it to them in exchange for resources was a sly plan but it helped complete my objective. I have little fear that Rumania would try to take it back. There is also the fact that Germany is busy with France and Great Britain. As for right now we are still neutral and I’m baking on staying like this to keep the pressure off so I can take Finland before Great Britain decides to move to Norway and then east which could foil my plans.

USSR 1 1942: This year was early simple. As the USSR we finely got Finland due to their weakened troops form our loss of the battle in 1940. I am so proud that no one is attacking me. Although it does suck that our navy in the Baltic Sea got wiped out. I think that Great Britain is going to try to have us join them but there is know way I’m getting myself caught up in that mess. Like the saying goes hit two birds with one stone, I’m letting my enemies forces dirndl down so if an attack come I can at least try to survive. Once Rumania seems possible and my troops are moved I’m going in for their land.

USSR 1 1943: I planed to attack Rumania for their land. Due to that being the only way to get their territory. Although I didn’t account on the troops they would be able to defend with and my attack failed. To my defense I did try to take it by sending a lot of troops to the point that they were wakened. I’m not stupid so I won’t be attacking again. Germany will just move a portion of their troops and it would be best of I did the same. I’m gong to loose if I attack again so I will just stand by and let them come to me.

USSR 1 1944: I waited and planned to move troops to defend my border. I took some out of Serbia because they had a better chance of defending than my western troops. I know I’m going to be attacked seeing how easily France just got take over. Japan also has to acquire some land from my eastern territory. I think I have enough troops in each spot to defend and I can now only hope.

USSR 1 1945: I was attacked by Germany so we were forced to join the Allis and was able to defend the Ukraine. The Japanese then attack the Eastern USSR and I was able to defend without loosing any land. The war ended with me have almost all of my plans going perfectly and I put up a good fight against Rumania.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 1

Germany 1938
Today we learned the basics and rules of the games. I hope to make an alliance with Russia tomorrow and hopefully they will help me take down Poland easily, then Italy will I hope help me with France. I don’t trust Russia, but hopefully after they help they will be weak enough for me to take control of. I need to gain control of Great Britain as soon as possible, I know they will attack me as soon as they are able.

Germany 1939
Today we took control of Poland, which was one of our objectives. We got Russia to sign an alliance, which was needed because I need to keep my enemies close. We’ve also gained Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.  I know that Great britain needs to protect Belgium, so I’m going to attack Great Britain first so they can’t both attack me. Italy is going to help me take down a large part of France tomorrow, so I hope everything goes as planed.

Germany 1940
We didn’t gain control of France today. We were hoping that by taking belgium wed have them attack us, but they unfortanely didn’t. I honestly don’t have a plan to take down Great Britain or France, but hopefully my allies and I, Germany together will have enough that we can take them quickly and efficiently without much loss.

Germany 1941
Today I feel like we are at a stale mate. Tomorrow I plan on going to war with France, and if I have to attack alone then I will. I don’t trust Russia, and I will be putting more defense on my border with them, and get Italy to send most of their forces to help attack France. Today we lost our navy, so I don’t know how we will help Italy gain the lower land that it needs.

Germany 1942
Today we moved troops into and towards Italy. I no longer trust Russia and none of the Axis want to offer them any help. On Monday we will be attacking the southern part of France, and hopefully will will win. I want to have a spare 1000 troops outside still in Italy so if they do attack us back after we gain the land we can set up a trap, and attack the top part with the left over northern troops. I hope this works my allies are relying on me.

Germany 1943
Today we had great victory! We took control over lower France, so this way we can help Italy get control of the more southern countries by making Great Britain have to go further to take troops to move them. Tomorrow we are declaring war on the top and west part of France, then moving quickly to help Romina. I know that judging from Russia’s moves so far they don’t want to use a lot of troops, and their rating is very low so we will attack the Ukraine and try to win that land so it will be more difficult for them to attack Romina. We will also strengthen our eastern border because I don’t like the build up of troops that has been going on there.

Germany 1944
We finally captured all of France! luckily Great Britain fell for our trap and send some troops to us, so we easily took all the troops they sent, weakening them. Tomorrow I plan on attacking Russia, and trying to get some of the oil so we will have enough. I know our progress is slow but I would rather fight slow sure battles then quick unreliable battles.
Germany 1945
Today on the last day we tried to capture the Ukraine, nut we lost the battle. I was kindle annoyed today because i felt like people were just trying to waste time and went doing anything. I was glad that we tried and if we could’ve had five minutes more we could’ve taken the ukraine, but at least we kept or original land.

World War Two Lesson Plan Student Journal: Germany

Germany 5 1938

It’s a sunny day in Germany. And one full of adventure and promise. And more importantly victory. Our plan as the rulers of Germany is to come in fast and strong to show that we’re not here to play or mess around. We’re going to take a bunch of surrounding area and use that to our advantage. Hopefully we can strike fear into our opponents. I know they’re kind of intimidated already because one of the other countries told us so. I also think that they’re afraid of us as a whole allied system than just one country. And already our country is pretty impressive. We’re super advanced and have great military leaders. How we can lose.. I have no idea. 

Germany 5 1939

So there is some news. We did take some of the countries we had wanted. We took some of Poland which was an objective. We gained a few resources which isn’t bad but doesn’t really do anything for us. It does enough I suppose, We do have more than we did so that’s a plus. We also took Norway which we wanted but we didn’t really do what we wanted to do with it. The goal was to take Norway then Denmark so we could more our navy into the Baltic sea to keep it safe. But we were unable to obtain Denmark and move our navy to safety so our navy was lost on this day. Which is a bit upsetting because there were so many things we could have done with it. This is war though and we have to be prepared to lose some. Overall it was a better day than most. As for now we just have to play it by ear and have many ideas of how this could go. 

Germany 5 1940

Today the omnipotent power behind the simulation was gone so not much got done. I really hope it doesn’t get extended an extra day. I don’t like being the Prime Minister to Sage. He is extremely controlling and really annoying. All he does is tell me to do what he doesn’t want to do and he never tells me anything about what our country is doing. If I wasn’t such a loyal person I would tell the entire class all our secrets just to make him angry. I’m sure someone in my position would feel the same. Anyway the last piece of information I was given was that we were going to take France. I believe the best strategy (and possibly the only strategy) would to move our troops through Belgium into France 1 and have Italy move into France 3 simultaneously. That way the French have to split some of their troops up. I know they’ll probably get some reinforcements from Britain and what not but if we sent enough troops we could probably do it. There’s also a secret alliance that we’ve formed with the USSR. The only reason the USSR allied with us is because the US made them angry. That’s something I would do. Back to the point. Let’s see how the day goes.

Germany 5 1941

WHOOOOOOOOOOO! We totally won that battle with France! I had no idea it was going to work out that way. I literally had no faith in what Sage was doing. I was wrong. That. Was. Impressive. I feel awesome about that. I’m shocked. I really am. But in a good way. This kind of shows how great our army is and how everyone should be shaking like little girls in their boots at our mighty power and such. Even I, myself, am in awe of such power. So as of now felling pretty good (: The rest of France fell like the building blocks of little kids. It was awesome. After this I don’t really know what is next. Only time will tell. 

Alright. There’s more time passed. We took Belarus as well as Sweden. 

Germany 5 1942

Well. A prime minister is gone one day and wouldn’t you know

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 1

Japan 1 1938

Today is one of the most important days. Today we find out the rules, and what we are going to decided to do to reach our objectives. The different thing about this simulation is that not only do we have our armies going to war, we have to worry about natural resources. We have a good standing with our natural resources right now, but countries will be after the resources.  I’m going to try to get Japans overall rating up with natural resources, then trade resources with my allies if I have a way of getting them there. It’s going to really important that we keep up with our transfers to help with our rating. Also, filling out the natural resource spreadsheet is going to be important so we know where our resources are going, or who we are getting resources from. Our first goal is to get all of Asia and then humiliate the U.S navy in the Pacific.  We are deciding to take over Asia first so we can get an overall higher rating to help us with defeated the U.S. The U.S. has a high amount of natural resources, which will go into their rating. We need to have a higher rating than them so we will be able to destroy them. They only have 200 troops in the pacific we have 490. Hopefully they won’t see it coming and don’t move even more navy over or ask for anyone to aid them, and we can destroy them easily. Detail is key. Tomorrow is war.

Japan 1 1939

Today our plan of attack is to start taking down the US Navy. I’m hoping that our allies will help us out if it is needed. Germany has already declared war on Netherlands with Great Britain help. This is an interesting way to start the war up Germany is victorious. We have a strong axis power, which will help benefit us. I’m very torn about going to war with the United States because they give our country so much natural resources we need to gain more territory with natural resources so when the United States goes down we still have natural resources. Our first plan of attack is to attack French Indo China. We have a plan of moving so many troops down so we will be prepared if we get attacked from the sea or land. Germany has declared war on Poland. This will be in our favor because they are high in natural resources. All of our Axis powers have a secret alliance to share natural resources with each other when it is needed.  Germany is victorious. Romania and USSR have declared war on Poland they are victorious. The Axis powers have complete control over Poland. The Axis power also has Netherlands now. We are just going to let Germany and USSR do their own strategies because it is going well for them and they are gaining natural resources. We have officially attack French Indo China. We are victorious. We have gained natural resources which was our goal we needed rubber but we are hoping we can move through Thailand to get to Burma to get rubber.

Japan 1 1940

This year we plan on setting up more battles and making movement to take down the US Navy. We are making movement down the West Pacific coast so we can get to the Philippians and New Guinea. Our goal today is take New Guinea so we can take the natural resources like rubber that we need. We took over all the Dutch East Indies so we gained the rubber we needed plus more. We gave some rubber to our allies for a trade of help if we need it at some point. We had a surplus of rubber by 23 it was a good trade. Great Britain tried to attack us and loss a humiliating fight. They didn’t take into consideration our natural resources effect on our army rating. Reaching our goal today was a great accomplishment.

Japan 1 1941

Our goal for this year is to take down the US Navy. We have enough natural resources to destroy their navy. They supply us with natural resources but since we took over the West Dutch Indies we have enough natural resources for ourselves. We are sending some of our surplus of natural resources to other countries to help them become strong incase we need them to aid us in war. The USSR and Finland have just signed an alliance. It looks like that are going to take over Norway. I’m trying to stand guarded about the USSR. I have a not so good feeling that they are going to try an attack us because they are in need of natural resources. We have just attacked the US Navy by Pear Harbor, we are victorious. We always attacked the Aluentian Islands and we were victorious. We have met our goal and destroyed the US Navy. Now we need to focus on taking almost all of Asia. China and Great Britain are weak it seems or they don’t make very good decisions. I feel like this will be smooth sailing from here on out..

Japan 1 1942

This year we are plan are staying strong in our own country. We know that USSR is going to try to attack us for our natural resources. They are trying to make an alliance with us but I don’t trust them at all. They gathered resources from Great Britain and are trying to make a deal to get resources with the United States. Many people are scared of the USSR but, they just have big numbers with bad ratings due to the lack of their natural resources. I wouldn’t trust the USSR with a dirty sock. We took over the Philippines with just our navy. It seems like the US is starting to fall slowly which is good for us. Russia needs to go with them. Japan is going to try and destroy Great Britain so they can’t help the USSR attack. Great Britain is making poor choices and attacking countries just so they can’t move troops. I feel like they need to be more focused on other things. They are very paranoid and it’s just hurting them in the long run. We are now going to attack the British navy, and Hawaii. We have taken down the British navy and they are devastated. I have a strong feelings though they that they will try to get back at us for taking their navy. I don’t think they stand a chance against us. United States is victorious over the battle for Hawaii. We have taken out almost all the Navy in the Pacific. This has benefited us a lot we won’t have to deal with a two sided war.

Japan 1 1943

This year is going to be an important year in Japan history. We will be invading China as much as we can to gain most of the land in Asia. We have a strong military rating when they do not. They do have Great Britain to help aid them, when we have no one. If Great Britain tries to aid them in our battle with South Central China we will attack Burma. We are victorious and have gain south central China. We are now fishing attacked the US navy near Pearl Harbor. We want to destroy their navy so they can’t bring allies over, or come closer to our home land. We have destroy all their navy in the Pacific. We planned this out perfectly in my eyes. If we would have waited another day then we probably wouldn’t have been able to take out their navy because they would have had a plenty of time to get aid from other countries. Even though Great Britain still didn’t aid China we are going to try and take Burma. We need Great Britain out of the way so we can take Australia so we don’t have to worry about more troops during that war. First we are going to take North Central China. This is going perfectly China is moving their troops from North Central China into Tibet. The less troops we have to worry about the better. We are victorious we are slowly taking over almost all of Japan. The US took troops from their homeland to make a navy and are attacking Japan Navy. They destroyed us because we forgot to move our troops closer back home. That’s fine though we will let them have a small taste of what victory is like, because they obviously don’t know what they are doing. We have attack Burma and we are victorious. We are rich in natural resources.

Japan 1 1944

Our goals are slowly happening year by year. We are going to try to finish our countries objectives and take the rest of Asia and start movement down to Australia. We plan on taking Australia from Great Britain. We plan on attacking India first out of Asia. That is owned by Great Britain which will give us a better chance of taking the rest of Asia because they have a higher military rating than China. Then after India we plan on taking North West China and then move our way up to Tibet. After all of Asia is conquered than we will start making plans to conquer Australia. France has completely taken over by the Axis powers such as Italy and Germany. We have conquered India and are now going to war with North West China. We are victorious in North West China also. We have taken over Tibet now. We have all of Asia conquerer and belonging to Japan. There is no better feeling than completing goals.

Japan 1 1945

This is our final year and our plan was to take Australia but we don’t believe we will be able to do that. We only have 88 navy and we need to move troops down to New Guinea it would take us a lot of time to move the troops we just don’t have that time. We had to use our Navy to defeat the US which took a toll on our navy. Now we plan on taking the Eastern USSR. We will just slowly move our troops up until we have enough troops to attack. The USSR is victorious over us by 75 men not a bad thing considering they doubled our number of what we said it. We could have taken them over because now they only have 75 men left in the Asia remaining but due to time we didn’t have time. This war went really well. We only didn’t meet one of our objectives which is an improvement from the last time we did a simulation. I’m glad the way it turned out.