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World War II Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain

Great Britain 8 1938

I believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning for most countries but also the end for some.  I believe that initially Germany will instantly invade Poland and take as much as they can. My strategy going into the conflict is to use our incredible amount of surplus of resources to both help allies and try to gain new ones. We will use resources to help France  and try to get the U.S. on our side. We are going to use our strong army and amazing navy to both defend and attack countries that defy the allies in the war. We will work to tak out the Nazi and maybe get the help of the Soviet Union.

Great Britain 8 1939

With the start of the war as we guessed Germany instantly took the capital of Poland. Unfortunately we couldn’t do much to help Poland defend them. Initially I decided we needed to push into Norway and cutoff that land from Germany so that they couldn’t push up and attempt to surround us. We also needed to stop the onslaught of Japan pushing west. The only way we can successfully defend is with the help of the Soviet Union and possibly the United States. Our current plan is to do as much as we can to gain the help of the U.S.S.R. and the United States to help defend off the Nazi army.

Great Britain 8 1940

Lots of negotiating is taking place with the start of 1940. Thankfully the Soviets finally joined the allies along with Yugoslavia and Sweden. With an amazing show of France’s defensive strength against a massive Italian army aided by German forces, Italy may be considering flipping sides. I am still working on getting them to flip and I also am working to get Bulgaria and Hungary to see that staying with the axis is hopeless. I believe that the Germans will soon push into France and take as much land as they could.

Great Britain 8 1941

With continuation of negotiation Italy and now Hungary are really thinking about flipping sides. I believe that Japan is soon going to make a big push for the U.S. seeing that they took Hawaii. Allowing the U.S. to mobilize their troops and side with the allies. Our current plan for coming years is to continue reinforcing the two fronts of France to protect from a full scale attack. We also are going to try and utilize our navy forces to bring more and more troops all throughout allied lands. We also hope the Soviets will help push west and slowly weaken the Germans. The next few years will be all about reinforcing as much as possible.

Great Britain 8 1942

Our plans for this year is to take the empty lands and get American forces to France to help against the Nazi army. With lots of strategic moves and help from allies we managed to push into the Netherlands, East Prussia, and we took back Burma from the Japanese. We are constantly moving troops with our navy and we are still working to convince Italy to join the allies. We get closer by the second. We think that if the Soviets push west and France, Great Britain, and the U.S. all push east to weaken Germany we will be set to win the war.

Great Britain 8 1943

1943 was a bit of a slow year on both sides. Our plan going into the year was to build up large numbers of troops to take regions back that we originally lost. Using the U.S. troops we strengthened France’s power and numbers. We have a massive naval fleet constantly moving more and more troops from the United States into France. Japan is still pushing west so we have teamed up with the Soviet Union to build up forces in Iran to hopefully at some point within the next two years push back into China and weaken Japan. Unfortunately convincing Italy to join the allies came to a halt. They weren’t convinced they had a better chance if they flipped over to the allies. As a consequence when they decided they wanted to take French North Africa we stepped in to help a small and outnumbered French army. We defended against the Italians and pushed into Libya and kept pushing our armies east to enforce Iran. Next year we are going to hopefully take back both China and Belgium. We will work to eventually take out the Axis.

Great Britain 8 1944

This year we made our move to Belgium. We have reinforced and we will push back into Belgium. With a fairly easy win our next objective is to build up our armies to defend against any other attacks and we will try to push back into China and face Japan. The United States also took back Hawaii and now with a small naval fleet that includes Dutch, American, and British boats we will try to push back against Japan and take back the lands with a mass of resources by surrounding them. This year was a success for the allies and we have scared the Axis more than ever.

Great Britain 8 1945 

With the end of the war in sight our plan is to make our push for Germany’s capital and we threatened Italy to join the allies with a mass army that would push into the Italian capital. Italy had to make the move to flip sides to ensure their safety. Which allowed us to put all of our attention on Germany. They ended up barely defending their capital even while being outnumbered they survived with almost no troops left. After the loss they pushed east to take as much land as possible from the Soviets and all we could do was reinforce as much as we could. With the end of the war Great Britain had done all that they could to assist the allies with all conflicts. If we had more time I think we could eventually push farther east and use the numbers from the United States to wipe out the Germans. World War II Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Soviet Union

USSR 1938

Talk about straddling the middle! First, I spoke with the Axis leaders, then the Allied, and both make appealing cases for joining their sides. However, both come with their difficulties. Joining the Axis is only possible if they allow me to take Rumania and Finland, and I doubt the Germans want me to have a monopoly on the oil in Europe, plus I don’t fully trust them. On the other hand, I can’t help the Allies against Germany until I’m attacked by Germany, and going to war with Japan will be risky if they get their hands on the southern colonies to increase their rating. At least the Germans have agreed to not supply the Finns when I attack, though I’m still going to use an overwhelming force in case they break the agreement, which wouldn’t surprise me. I am pleased with my foreign minister, we see eye-to-eye on many foreign policy decisions, and he has some helpful input as well. It also seems that Germany may be supplying Finland against our agreement, so we could use that to persuade them to give us Romania.

USSR 1939

I didn’t do much this year, I spent most of my time positioning forces, however we did manage to take P2, and we should be in position to take Finland soon. The Axis Powers appear to be doing better, so perhaps we’ll join them. We have also reached an agreement with the Swedes to transfer 15 of their 17 surplus iron ore to us in exchange for one coal and one oil to improve both of our ratings. I am still having talks with both the Axis and the Allies, the Axis can offer me a greater chance of victory at the moment, but the Allies can offer me resources and are less likely to stab me in the back. But right now, my foreign minister and I are listening to our national anthem as we watch mayhem unfold. This is going to be interesting either way.

USSR 1940

This year wasn’t executed very well on my part. It started off well, with us coming to an agreement with the Germans that I would take Romania for my victory conditions and give them the oil, as well as join the Axis. That went off without a hitch, unfortunately I was unable to join the Axis, and my turn ran out before I could move to take Finland, which will be a job for 1941. Knowing that joining the Allies would be inevitable, I decided it would be better to join them now rather than wait for a German attack, which would throw a wrench in the Axis plans. (I also think Ribbentrop is secretly the one running Germany). Hopefully I’ll still be able to take Finland.

USSR 1941

Victory hinges on one thing: America joining the war. They cannot do this until they’re attacked, which means we have to provoke the Japanese into attacking them. I have been scheming with my allies to make this happen. We have several options: send American troops into crucial zones like F1 and Burma on ‘training exercises’ or ‘courtesy visits’ and have them fight if the zone is attacked by the Axis. If the Axis refuse, that’s great because we still have those zones and don’t even need to defend them unless the Axis want the US in the war. Another thing we can do is move the US Pacific Fleet into the Western Pacific, right next to Japan, put troops in the Philippines, and play chicken with the Japanese. The Germans will inevitably take Rumania and will likely support Finland when I attack. I plan to still go for Finland, but I may move my troops out of Rumania to fight another day. I should also be able to hit Manchukuo and hopefully divert the Japanese from Burma with my Siberian troops. Hopefully that goes well. Update: Well, we got Finland and the Baltics, though we lost Rumania, but managed to pull the rug out from under the Japanese by taking most of their iron and some of their coal in Manchukuo and Korea, in addition to severely weakening their army. I am happy, as although we lost Rumania, we took light casualties in Finland, and will be able to repel whatever forces the Germans can spare to attack us with.

USSR 1942

This year greatly improved our chances of victory. The Soviet Union did little more than tie down German troops in the east and reinforce the British in Iran, but we helped with the strategy. The British Prime Minister is a great ally to have, and together we have led our alliance to attaining a great position for the next round. The Japanese also made the unwise choice of attacking the US. Now, I can understand that it might be one of their victory conditions, but they could have taken what they needed in 1945 against a very weak US, but instead the US is now gearing up for war to help us, and is already sending us resources. My opinion is that we should secure the Middle East and reinforce France in 1943, then push the Germans out of Belgium in 1944 while I move my forces to Belarus to attack P2. Meanwhile, the British and Americans should build up forces in Australia to hit the Dutch East Indies and weaken the Axis’ rubber supply before invading the mainland via the DEI’s connection with Thailand.

USSR 1943

This year was good, I held my positions and received more resources from the Americans. My western troops have more than doubled in rating since the beginning of the game, and I am confident that they can fight off the German troops currently on my border. Meanwhile, I am assisting my Alliance in planning other maneuvers. We have all agreed that taking back the rubber in Burma or the Dutch East Indies is of the highest priority, with making a move against Germany with the troops in F1 coming in second. I wasn’t pleased to lose East Prussia after briefly conquering it, but the territory is of little use or value for the moment. The securing of Africa by conquering Egypt took a lot of stress off me as well, as I was worried about the Italians taking the Suez Canal. I just hope my Siberian troops can hold off the Japanese in the Far East.

USSR 1944

This was the most boring and anticlimactic year so far. The US retook Hawaii and the WAllies took Belgium at a great cost, but other than that we are simply waiting for the Americans to build up a big enough army for us to take down the Germans. The Germans will not be invading the Soviet Union it would appear, but I’m not moving my troops back. Hopefully in 1945 I will be able to launch offensives with my troops in China in coordination with the armies in Iran. The goal is to retake Burma and give our troops better ratings. This is a fairly short entry because there was really nothing to journal about, hopefully 1945 will be more interesting.

USSR 1945

As a result of having an army meant to take over France and the Soviet Union without the Siberian troops, the Germans pushed into the Soviet Union and destroyed our armies while the Siberians were holding the Japanese at bay. As a result of Allied failure in the Pacific, if I had withdrawn those troops I would have lost there too. Overall, compared to Period 3’s map, I feel great about my situation, the Soviet Union is still intact and Germany’s army was shattered taking Central. I was also close to retaking Finland and Norway before the Italians and map glitches killed all of my time. World War 2 Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: China & Finland

China 8, 1938

As China, we are at a clear and unfair disadvantage to start the war. We had just been beaten by Japan which took some of our land which had our resources. This led to the Japanese having a huge advantage over our Asian theatre. Our plan is to try to survive the first hull of Japanese attacks, then get enough resources from the U.S to get our military strength high enough to put up a fight against the Japanese. We also have some allied militaries like the British and French to help with the Japanese attacks. 

Finland 8, 1938

As Finland, we want to stay out of the war and out of Foreign affairs. We have the strength to hold our own if we need to, but if we have enough resources. We will really be a really strong country. We want to try to become allies with the Germans because we need some help with the bigger countries that are around us that might try to go to war with us. Our main plan is just not to do anything unless absolutely necessary. If all goes well, you will hear from us for a long time to come. 

China 8, 1939-

1939 was calm for China for the first half or so of it. We didn’t have our resources yet from the U.S, they were still being shipped to us from the U.S. So our plan was to stay away from any war with Japan since we knew that they were bigger and stronger than us. The Japanese attacked North China and as the foreign minister, I told our President that we should pull our troops back and let them take it until we were stronger and were able to put up a fight against them, but the president decided against it. The outcome was known from when he sent them in. He knew we had no chance against them. We lost North China and thousands of troops. Our plan now is to try to see if other allies around us can help us. 

Finland 8, 1939

Finland had an easy 1939. Nobody came for us and as Finland that was amazing. We have to stay out of war if we want to live. We also have an alliance with the Germans that if we go to war, they will help us if they can. One of our neighboring countries being Norway was taken by Great Britain. This is scary for us because it seems that Great Britain is just going to push further towards us and take us over at any time. Our plan for now is the same as it was to start. Just lay low and stay out of the war. 

China 8, 1940

Right to start 1940, we were attacked again by the Japanese, this time in South Central China. At this point we had the resources to have our military at a stronger point than last year, but even with that and the help of the British, the blow of soldiers we lost last year was the turning point of this battle. The Japanese took out the British and the rest of our soldiers. Leaving us with no soldiers. At this point our only plan is to survive and hope that the British can keep them out of parts of our country and keep part of China intack. 

Finland 8, 1940

1940 was a very slow year for Finland. No other countries came to battle us and we didn’t try to battle anybody. Listening to the radio, we heard about China get attacked by the Japanese again and losing. Also lots of battles between the Germans and Italy going against the French. Not a lot to talk about for this year. Our strategy is still the same, stay out of the war and survive. 

China 8,1941

We have been defeated. The Chinese were taken out by the Japanese. We were outnumbered and outplayed. The Japanese were too powerful for our weak army. On the bright side our allies took part of our country back in Manchukuo. The USSR were able to defeat the Japanese and take this part of our country back. Even though it means nothing for us, it was a small win for the allies. The USSR also took out the Japanese in Korea to take hold of that as well. It seems like the Allies are pulling ahead in the war, but it is just the beginning. 

Finland 8, 1941

To start the year, it was just like every other year, no movement and no war for us. Then came the Russians, 2,500 strong coming right for our throats. We thought we would have the help of the Germans, but they failed to help us. So gave our best, but lost. Losing our country. It was heartbreaking. Thinking we were going to be able to survive a little bit longer and be a lot stronger. We were sadly mistaken. 

Journal five 1942, Battles 24-38

China 8, 1942

The Japanese kept coming and attacking our land little by little. This year it was India. We couldn’t do anything about it since we had lost all of our troops. So they took it from us. Another heartbreaking loss for our country. We are helpless, defenseless. We are just sitting ducks hoping that our allies can and will keep us afloat. 

Finland 8, 1942

We were not able to survive any longer, but we could still listen to what went on in the war. The Germans sent hundreds of troops into Great Britain leading to a loss for the Germans. Italy attacked Greece and ended up with the win. Lots of small victories for  different countries, but now the question is will they become bigger in the long run. 

Journal six, 1943 Battles 38-

China 8, 1943

With the war evolving to something big, Japan is still reigning supreme over the Asian Theatre. Taking over the U.S country of the Philippines, and of our countries in Tibet. Still not being able to do anything about it, they took it with ease. Japan also took Burma, pretty much sealing that they now have all parts of our country but one. Nearing the end of our countries life we were heartbroken even more. If we would have made one decision differently years ago, we would have been able to put of more of a fight then you see now. 

Finland 8, 1943

Lots of war went on in 1943, seems to be the year which people tried to turn the tide of the war. Italy loses the battle to get French North Africa while Great Britian takes Libya from Italy and takes away some of Japans ships in the Central Pacific. A big surge in movement towards the Allies, but can they keep it up. Can the Allies win the Final Stretch? 

China 8, 1944

Not a lot happened in the Asian theatre during 1944. The U.S takes back Hawaii after the attack of Pearl Harbor against the Japanese. This leads to a huge win for the Allies. This seems like the turning point for what is to come in the hopeful final years of the war. 

Finland 8, 1944

Not much really happened in 1944, lots of stuns to keep armies in territories while flanking the other way and countries sending few men to capture land with no other armies there. At the end of the 1944, the French, UK, and U.S all sent thousands of troops to capture Belgium. With Germany being far outnumbered by the Allies, they lost Beligium and the Allies took control. This was a huge win over the Axis Powers and was indeed a turning point in the war. 

China 8, 1945 

This was the final year of the war, no movement or battles on the Asian Theatre. Japan had taken most of our land and had majority of the other countries in the Asian Theatre. This makes them the winners of our Theatre. We put up a fight, but were greatly outnumbered and had lost most of our land. If one decision was made differently, this is a whole different story for the Chinese I believe. 

Finland 8, 1945

To wrap up the war, we had three humongous battles take place. First being France, the U.S and G.B all sending their troops to try to take over Italy. This ended in a surprising victory for the Italians. Second, the U.S led the charge with the help of G.B and France to Attack the Germans. This was a war for the ages. Thousands of soldiers from both sides ready to slaughter each other for the biggest battle of the war. At the very end of the battle, the Germans came out on top. Not with a lot of troops left, but they had won the battle. To wrap things up, I believe there is not enough evidence to prove the either the Allies or Axis had won the simulation. They each had an equal amount of land. So in my eyes, I deem this a draw . World War 2 Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Germany

Germany 8 1938

I lay awake at night, thinking, planning, body rigid with anticipation of the coming battles. The end is nigh for any opposition of the glorious Third Reich. The year itself has been long with planning, checking, then double checking, then re-cechking again just to make sure the first hit can lead to a knockout blow against our advisors. Those foolish French know not what is in store for their ‘mighty army,’ for we shall play a simple game of cat and mouse. My sources lead me to believe that their leaders react soly of emotion, with little forethought to their next move. It matters not of the British fleet in the channel, they shall little difference, if any at that. Their remoteness, once seen as their strength, shall become their crutch. We shall sweep upon the fields of northern France like a plague from the old testament, exterminating all who shall stand in our way. I wonder, though, if our influence could be spread more thoroughly throughout the Benelux, say a potential agreement with our Dutch neighbors? 

While the west shall dissolve in a storm of lead and steel, the navie Poles will look upon us and pray, though no god shall listen to the prayers of weak men. My fuhrer and that slavic peasant the Russians call a leader have been able to strike a deal, for they are allowed to take the eastern polish lands and the Baltic states. I pray that they fools are stupid enough to challeneg the Finish army, for even peasents can have a strong resolve. Those fools fail to realize that they are simply a tool to be used, nothing more. And the grande finale to this wonderful, shall we say blitzkrieg bop, is the our planned occupation of both the Danish archipelago and Norway itself. Hopefully this will be enough to make those soft bellied Swedish bureaucrats that hope for neutrality is meaningless. Though I am only mortal, something tells me that for right or for wrong, our strength is an extension of God’s will and the will of our beloved fuhrer.

Germany 8 1939

The year of 1939 has passed with little development on either side of the war. With permission from the future, I was able to launch a successful invasion of not only the low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, but we were also able to finally eradicate a large portion of the Polish army during our initial invasion. I’m starting to believe that we should have taken everything and left the barest of scrapes for those Russian peasants. It would certainly show them that they are a tool and nothing else in this war. Though it has been slow in Europe, our eastern allies have had a much better experience in taking what they need, for they have conquered almost all the islands in the West Pacfic. Not only that, but they have dealt a serious blow to those peasants that call themselves the Chinese army. Nothing but a bunch of pretentious fools if you ask me trying to resist the power of a nation such as Japan

On a more serious note, it does make curious that the Allied nations would outright attack a nation such as Norway. On one hand they had made no moves to intervene on anyone’s behalf, but they do also hold strategic value. It annoys me though that we weren’t able to get there first, but in the end it would probably be best to conserve troops for other battles. I’ll have to convince the fuhrer, but it might be best to send one of our army groups from Austria down to Italy just to be sure against an allied breakthrough in the southern mountains. For now we can only wait and see what they’ll do.

Germany 8 1940

This rotten world is full of traitors, and may God have mercy on their souls. Those soft bellied Swedes have signed not only a defensive treaty with the Russians, but have allied themselves wholly with the Allied nations. Even more, those Russians have broken our truce and invaded our ally Romania. May the history books that the Romanian legion took more then their fair share of the communists pigs. We’ll have to begin preparations for one of our eastern armies to not only retake to oil fields, but also deal with even more inserections from Yugoslavia. My take away from this is to never trust a slav, for they are all cowards and traitors at heart. They will soon learn the error of their way. To add even more salt upon an open wound, our Italian allies floated our advice and launched a failed invasion on southern France with not only more than half their total army strength, but also convinced the general in charge of the southern army to join them. Those fools deserve the cold embrace of the grave they had brought upon themselves. I swear that the only point of Italy existenting at all is for Germany to waste even more of superior strength protecting their feeble armies and territory. We’ll have to move an army into Austria eventually as a deterrent of any further allied incursions.

Though the year has seemed bleak, it is not without some good news. We have reached the point in our war that I’m starting to consider our japanese allies are invincible with how they have taken most of China and the colonial possessions of  France. It does worry me though that there are still Russians in the Siberian region. If our reports are anything to go off of, we’ll need to deplete them as soon as possible before trying to make any further actions in the west.

Germany 8 1941

This year was full of possible hope, only for it to be dashed away by complete foolishness. We were able to deploy a sizable enough army to recapture Romania with enough success, as well connecting our territories with our Bulgarian allies who have now declared for us. Along with this, the former country of Poland is now under complete German control with extensive defensive fortifications along the eastern border as a just in case preparation. Victory, however, does not exist without a certain taste of defeat. Our Japanese allies were able to strike a massive blow to the allies by capturing Burma, thus cutting off all rubber to any nation outside of the Axis powers, but at the same time lost the provinces of Manchuria and Korea to the russian devils. The reports I read indicated that it was valiant, but in the end resulted in a Russian victory. Their role was not in vain as the Russians nearly lost ⅔ of their total forces in the initial assault; it might be best to look into defensive preparations our allies could make. The worst part is that this isn’t even the worst event of the past year. No, that would go to the fact the Japanese dragged the American doughboys into the war by conquering the island provinces of Hawaii. I wish those fools thought ahead before striking eastward; they could’ve done more damage if they took both Hawaii, Australia, and Alaska, thus forcing the allies to spread their armies and navies across three different territories. Alas, now that the Americans have joined, it’s time Germany starts preparing for the eventual end.

Germany 8 1942

We may not realise it, but time plays an effect on all of us that sooner or later, we will notice. The years continue to fly by in even more tragedy. Our Bulgarian and Hungarian allies got it into their head that their armies are strong enough to take Yugoslavia on their own. What fools, for they choose to challenge a nation of their home territory. I had hoped to send a Germany infantry division to help reinforce their lines, but the fuhrer shot it down, staing “we need to protect the oil fields at all costs.” It’s moments like these that I truly start to wonder if they fuhrer is the right man to lead our armies. He wishes for a strong victory, yet he has both Boch and Gudairan sitting in Poland and Romania, respectively, in defensive positions, hoping for the Russians to take the bait. They simply do not understand that they have lost all momentum by failing to take France, thus preventing us from even making a move westward. Eastward, however, is still ripe enough if we think it through and spread the Russian army out over a greater area. Along with this, we had also failed initially to take Denmark, forcing us to draw more troops away from the Belgium lines to retake it, and Japan lost Burma to the American dogs because their forces were spread so thinly.

The only positives, if you can call them that, is that all of the British Grakata divisions in India were wiped out, thus allowing Japan access to the middle east if they so wish. Italy was also able to do something right today in that they finally took Greece, though the true benefits, I cannot see in such an act. Since we are entering another year of hell and waiting, I will be doing everything in my power to assume complete control of the German legions and hopefully salvage something from this horrible mess.

Germany 8 1943

Lady Luck has finally shown us some favoritism, though it’s too late in the war to really call it that. Earlier this year, a coalition of Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Italian forces finally stomped out the last of the Yugoslavian resistance, thus removing one less piece from the board. I have since recommended that they start moving the last of their divisions to Italy to reigonce against an allied assault. I have also received word from the east that the last of the Chinese army, and thus the Chinese United Front, has been erased from this word, along with a successful naval invasion by the Japanese on the Philippine islands, and the recapture of Burma from American forces. I truly wished this how the entire year had transpired, but alas this was not so. The doughboys were successful however in taking back their precious Hawaiian territory, though not without substantial loss to their initial invasion fleet to use against Japan. Along with this, for one reason or another, our Italian allies, though I’m seriously considering them saboteurs, launched not one, but two failed invasions trying to take the entirety of Northern Africa. Initially they tried for the French territories and failed, they decided to try their luck and take Egypt with the same results. It might be time to start considering what side their failure of a leader is truly on. If need be, let them know how it feels to have German steel shoved down their throats 

Germany 8 1944

The year of 1944 shall be known for its great air of anticipation and preparation. After thoughtful consideration, half of the German army group in Belgium was pulled back, with the second half staying as a deterrent against allied attacks. Also, by recommendation from the other generals and field marshals, I have decided to move an extra division to Poland in preparation of a Russian push on Berlin, though it might best to revert that order with the French and British breathing down our neck. The commusist dogs, however, are as perplexing as they are pitiful. Our intelligence reports would have us believe that they are amassing troops in Iran in preparation for an all out assault on occupied India. If that is the case, then I pity them more than when they were defeated in Romania. The Japanese army, no matter how depleted, is never one to be underestimated in a fight, especially if they are given the time to prepare. Other reports also indicate an influx of Americans into France, more than likely in preparation for an attack on Italy. In response to this, I have deployed an army into Austria as a precaution against further aggressive actions. Though I feel the end is nigh, I believe that every leader should go out with a bang. The question is how? I’ll have to consult with my generals, but I hear Northern Russia, for the most part, is vastly empty of all military personnel. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future options.

Germany 8 1945

If there had ever been a God, let it be known that he favors German superiority above all else. The beginning of the end seemed bleak for both our Hungarian and Italian allies sided with the allied dogs. Try as we might, their surprise led to the loss of our Austrian territories to the Italian dogs. Though we were not able to liberate our brethren in arms, we were still able to accomplish our greatest goal that shall go down in history as the great miracle. The allied dogs decided they had the strength to rip away the fatherland from the hands of true rulers of this earth. Reports indicated there were legions upon legions of French, British, and American soldiers, though none stood a chance against our ironclad will. We were forced to pull all our troops from Denmark, Finland, and Norway to prepare, and I’m almost thinking that it was completely unnecessary. Everyone who survived proved they were worth every bit of training they were given. Let it be known from here on out that no army of this earth can match the pure tenacity and raw power that is the German army. For above all, our ideas are right and our will is absolute in face of all difficulties.  

German invasion of Finland

German assault on Ukraine

Hungarian and Italian assault on Egypt

Great Britain recaptured Egypt

Conquered Moscow & the Baltic States

World War II Simulation

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Japan

Japan 8 1938

With conflict rising, I sense it is only a short matter of time until the outbreak of a second world war. However, if and when it happens, as President of Japan, I can assure you we will be prepared–we have been. Leading up to this moment, we have pushed the limits of the Allied Powers in which they have proven their own gullibility. We have been working and training tirelessly to improve and grow our territory and troops. Allies, I am afraid you are too late. You should’ve stopped us Axis Powers a long time ago. Although we have proven to be a force to be reckoned with, our thirst for power and improvement doesn’t stop there. Our next move is the remains of Asia. Specifically, we have our eyes on South China, the French-Indo territory, and the Eastern-Indies. Their militaries don’t stand a chance against our high-ranked army and navy. This should make attacking and assuming control a breeze. With the possession of these territories under our belt, we will further mobilize into these regions, allowing us access to the resources we desire: Oil, iron, coal, and rubber. If we are able to get our hands on these prized resources, there’s no telling how unbeatable our industry will be! 

Japan 8 1939

It is official: The second World War has formally kicked off. While we stand against the remaining, corrupt forces in Europe, as President of Japan, I stand confident that they are no match for our strong, military forces in which we hold great numbers of troops. Not to mention, our mindful strategy. The only thing holding our powerful nation back is our lack of natural resources. However, a quick annex of the East Indies contributed as a milestone on the path to fixing this problem–all according to plan. With control over the rule of this territory, we assumed all of the resources with it. Overall increasing both coal and iron deposits by a hugely 13 units! Before, we held so much untapped potential. These resources were the key to unlocking it as we were able to industrialize and modernize, improving the damage we could do. Following the Eastern Indies, China had been in our field of view for conquest next. China occupied the heart of Asia. Had we been able to wipe out the Chinese, we would hold the power of Asia in our hands under Japanese rule. Therefore, we proceed to attack and defeat both French-Indo and North Central China. While they carried the numbers to put up a battle, the Chinese were simply unable to hold back the river in which our troops were. In addition to the conquering of land, we began moving and mobilizing troops westward. With this strategy, we will be able to corner the enemy and wipe out the Chinese, giving us all of Asia. 

Japan 8 1940

Another day of war brought another day of conquering. Our trend of expanding west seems to be bringing us great success. Our well-thought out movement of troops into our new land of North Central China benefited us immensely. With reinforcements nearby, we were able to conduct battle in South Central China. While the battle paved out to be a little too close for comfort as allied forces called for backup, we were still able to pull through victorious. With both the north and south central territories of Asia under our wing, we were more than prepared for the land along the west coasts of Asia that would come next in our plan. Specifically, the territory of North West China which lacked a ruler, making them an easy target. However, other war casualties and conflict distracted our ficus from China. Instead, the United States demanded our attention. The U.S. has been the only roadblock in our country’s goal of Asian pacfici unity for years. However, they made up for being a nuisance by supplying us with the oil we strived for. Desperate for peace, the Americans have begun posing rising tension and conflict with us by threatening to cut off our supply if we don’t do as they wish. Japan will NOT stand for this. No foreigners will control us in that aspect. Something needs to be done about the U.S. and fast before they are able to mobilize and grow out of our control…

Japan 8 1941

1941–an eventful year to say the least. The year began like any other with our victorious streak of power and war wins remaining. With plans to conquer all China, if not all of Asia, our first strategic move began with the land of Burma. A quick defeat Burmans gave Japan and the rest of the Axis Powers a leg up as we inherited their stock of oil. With an increase in oil, we were able to innovate and produce more mass amounts of machinery and weaponry to assist our military in the war. This set us on the perfect route towards the remaining unconquered land toward the western parts of Asia. However, before expanding in that direction, we figured it was time to cut the puppet strings in which the Americans were playing us by for once and for all. It was now or never before the U.S. became too strong of an opponent for us. While the bombing of Pearl Harbor in the Pacfic was a victory in our books, looking back, this was the first mistake to set not only the Japanese, but our allies on a downward spiral. Once peaceful Americans became outraged and officially joined the war later that year…unfortunately on the wrong side–the Allies. Suddenly the confidence we Axis powers once flaunted had decreased as the amount of resources and power the Americans had became a reality. While our ego was fading, the Allies were not. Russia built up the nerve to come for our Manchukuo territory. A quick defeat allowing them access to even more land. Next, they halted our troops in Koreas and took it with ease. The war has just taken a hard right turn in the wrong direction. 

Japan 8 1942

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the events to come in the year of 1942 proved me wrong. The previous year had been a wake up call for our nation of Japan. While our allies began to hang their hands in sorrow and defeat, Japan was resilient and refused to give in just yet. While they may have what once belonged to us, Manchuko and Korea, they were wrong if they think they’d be able to expand any further. To halt the ally enemies, we stocked up our troops in surrounding countries to ensure the heart of Asia would remain in our hands–especially our homeland of Japan in which was guarded with extra precaution and even greater armed forces. With certainty over the security of our territories, we shifted our focus to a new region. A region beyond what we thought was possible at first. In fact, a region beyond Asia: the Urals. The Urals had seemed like an easy target as there were no other nations mobilized within it, as well as no nearby nations strong enough to stand a chance against us. Had we been able to make it the Urals, there’s no telling what we couldn’t do! The Urals were rich in both iron coal…areas where we lacked. Therefore, attaining these resources would boost both our industry and rank. From there, we’d even be able to expand as far as the Caucasus and sweep their large collection of oil as well. The most difficult part of this plan is to safely get to the Urals. From there, everything had seemed as easy as pie. Our first step in our plan was small yet strategic in avoiding tipping off our plans to the enemies. For one second, we shifted our focus from Burma into the neighboring country of India. In that small second, we had become vulnerable. Those wretched Allies stunned each and every surrounding country containing Japanese troops, and took Burma right from under our noses. Things had just got even more difficult. Before carrying out our goal of the Urals, we would now have to backtrack from Burma. Great. 

Japan 8 1943

This year was an action packed year full of redemption and emotions for us Japanese. Following a losing streak from the previous two years, it was time for us to turn the tables in this war. Saying we are annoyed by the Allied Powers would be an understatement. However, we channeled this inner anger as fuel to the fire, motivating us to do everything within our power to make a comeback–and that is exactly what we did (kind of). As president of Japan, I made the executive decision to go after the Americans yet again. They want to cut off our supplies? Fine. Two can play at that game. I ordered our naval forces to focus on the Philippines, an easy victory as we outnumbered and overpowered U.S. forces in this area. While we didn’t gain any resources from this territory, it felt awesome to stick it to the Americans. It also helped us accomplish and check another objective off our list. This important victory restored our hope and confidence we once beared, making us feel unstoppable. I’ll even admit, it may have boosted my ego. In fact, it had even influenced our next plans in getting revenge. Sparing a few troops from South Central China, we nearly captured both Tibet and reclaimed Burma! Our huge win over the Allies at Burma was especially important in increasing our oil supply. However, not everyone was happy to see us succeed as we were. Disgusted and I think jealous, the Americans just couldn’t keep our name out of their mouth. Out of embarrassment, they halted their plans in Europe. Instead, they were too busy fighting our navy in the Central Pacific, and strategizing to get ahold of Hawaii once again. Meanwhile, we had bigger problems to worry about than the U.S. A growing Russian army was beginning to get a little too close for comfort. We feared they would begin closing their way in on our Chinese territories…and even worse, our homeland of Japan. As a result, we spread our troops from the middle of Asia to the outermost parts. They would have to get through this wall before getting to the heart. 

Japan 8 1944

After the previous, action packed year of 1943, it made 1944 seem like a bore. With few, safe options on the offensive left, we chose to take the defensive route this year. Had we made any attempt to acquire new land, it would have just resulted in a suicde mission as we were no match for the thousands of high-ranked Sierians surrounding us. In addition, one single small mistake could lead to the ultimate downfall and defeat of Japan. Stacking our troops, we shifted our military around to protect our land. In particular, our mainland of Japan. A defeat here would hurt most, like a shot to the heart. Suddenly, our plans had shifted from the divide and conquer strategy. It became more than just accomplishing our objectives. Our priority now was simply staying alive. With an increase in industrialization in the Siviet Union, there’s no telling how powerful their military forces are now–and I don’t want to find out either! While it hurts me to admit, I’m not sure we would be able to hold off their troops. But we would sure put up a fight trying! And that is exactly what we plan to do to play out the rest of this war! 

Japan 8 1945

1945, a true tragedy… But not for us!!! Victory is ours!! Similar to last year, with little conquerable land left in Asia, we played it safe, choosing to take the defensive route once again. Korea had seemed attainable, yet wasting our troops there would expose our mainland of Japan. Plus, I don’t mean to brag, but we had already doubled, nearly tripled our own territory! It was simply not worth it. America, getting a little too big for their bridges, began moving in on Australia with hopes of moving their way up north towards Asia. If this was supposed to be an intimidating factor, it wasn’t a very good one. Our wall of defense had proven to be a difficult barrier to break. Meanwhile, with communication with our fellow allied Axis Powers across sea, we encouraged them to go big or go home. That is exactly what they did to help us win the war! With little time, resources, and troops left, the allies grew frantic. Our allies, Germany took advantage seizing eastern Europe territories. With nothing left to defend, the war had officially been called off. I couldn’t believe it! 1945 will be a year that will remain in history! People will be talking about it forever! It was the year of the underdogs! The year when even through all of the betrayal and doubt, Germany, Japan, and Bulgaria pulled through with a win. World War II Simulation

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Japan

Japan 8, 1938

As the foreign minister of Japan, I am very eager for the start of World War Two. While talking with my president and the other axis powers, I believe our plans are strong enough to pull off this fight. Looking at our ratings, our natural resources seem to be our big focus for Japan to be able to succeed in this war. Looking at our summary, gaining more resources will make us much more aggressive and powerful in battle. We will start off the war by attacking as many countries as we can, in order for us to achieve our objectives, as well as gain more resources. We plan on this to bring fear among the people of the countries. This will put them in a hard spot for decisions to be made.We will then plan on moving troops to help defend our axis powers. We believe that this will help give our axis the backup if they need it. While talking to my president, we have come to the conclusion that we will need to be very cautious with our decisions, in order to stay alive. We plan on staying very close to our axises in hope of achieving more, as well as gaining more. Looking at the United States, we are fearful of the amount of natural resources they hold at this time especially because they could backfire on us. Looking at the time right now, it is going to be a tough couple of years, but we believe that we hold the strength to succeed in this war. 

Japan 8, 1939

It is no secret, the start of the war brought upon a lot of tense and rush between the axis powers. While meeting at the beginning of class we have come up with good battle plans that will hopefully lead to success in this war. Talking with my president, we believe our biggest goal right now is to work on conquering China. This will help lead us to achieve our objectives which we are working towards. Japan was victorious in all of our battles today, which helped us tremendously. Our strengths from being victorious lead to Japan gaining more coal and iron which was very much needed. We are fearing tensions arising from the United States because they are threatening to cut off their supply with us. We are beginning to think that this could eventually ruin us because that is our main go to source for resources. We are trying to come up with a plan to maneuver around this, so it doesn’t destroy us. Hearing the allied powers today, it seems to be that they are coming up with some good strategies. This puts us axis power in a tough situation, because we have to always have backup plans ready in order to win over them. In fact we lost the war to the allied power, which we were not expecting. My president and myself have been brainstorming some plans and actions that will hopefully get us back up again. We plan on attacking more of China to gain our objective, and we also plan on moving troops. This will hopefully allow us to take all of China over. It is not going to be an easy ride, but I have faith that my President and I will make the best possible choices for our country. We will see you tomorrow!

Japan 8, 1940

Hello, the forign minister of Japan is speaking. Wow things are really starting to feel and get real here. Countries are beginning to get very intense, and we are all scrambling to make the best decisions for our countries. As of right now, Japan is standing at a good spot, and we are making great progress. We are gaining more natural resources which is a necessity. Our plan is to continue our journey of expanding west, and we will keep doing this until we have conquered all of China, and most importantly Asia. Today we were able to conquer South China and we were planning on going for Northwest China, but that plan didn’t succeed. With the fear of the United States still, they got in the way of this plan. We have come to the conclusion that they are becoming very powerful to us and threatening us to not give us oil anymore. Listening to my President, this can not happen to us because we need all the oil we can get. Meeting with the rest of the axis powers, we have made sure to come up with a strong plan for what to do to stop them from controlling us. We will continue our plans as the years go on, but for now we plan on keeping Japan out of conflict. As the foriegn minister of Japan, I will continue to keep working with my president and axis powers to make sure we get the best overall outcome. I have nothing but faith in all of us to make the right decisions and pull off this win. We will see what tomorrow brings for us!

Japan 1941

1941 started off with a powerful rush of stress between the allied power and axis powers. As the Foriegn minister I am trying my best to keep Japan under complete control with the help from my President. Today our main focus was to complete some of our objectives, so we tried to attack as much as we could. One of our significant attacks was with the United States. Our strategy that came with this battle was to only send 100 troops. This allowed for us to meet our objective without risking a great amount of our troops. With this great strategy, we were able to come out with a victorious axis power. Talking with Germany, they gave us the idea of attacking Burma. My president and I put this into action and we attacked Burma. Our plan of this is that it will help keep the allies from attaining it because it is an important source of oil, which Japan needs. I can feel the tension rising between the two powers, and it is really beginning to feel like war is really here. We are fearing that the United States may want revenge since we bombed them in the beginning of this year. My president and I took a wrong turn on a decision which led to Russia taking Korea from us. This is not good for Japan as Korea leaves them a gateway to get in Japan, which means they can start coming after us and taking it away. We decided to move our troops into Manchucko to battle the USSR, but this became very unfortunate to Japan as we lost the battle, as well as Manchucko. Our plans are to continue to move our troops from Bruma into India as this will help us move Westward to the Urals, as well as move down to work towards gaining more resources. Things are looking not too good for the axis power, but I have hope that we will work together and figure out some plans to get us back up on our feet. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next year. 

Japan 8 1942

Well as the foreign minister, I believe that things are really starting to get real. Countries are starting to get more competitive with each other, more tension is rising, and I can just feel emotion in the room. I know that my president and I are starting to feel stressed and rushed on what we should be doing for Japan to succeed. With the suggestions from other countries, I believe we are on the right track, and hopefully it will stay this way. However, we are fearing the plans that the allied powers have in store, because it seems to be that they are coming up with good strengths. We can not let this get to our heads, and we need to just focus. Our plans to move our troops from Bruma to India was a success, as we were victorious. We will continue to keep moving our troops down where we can find the resources. We got some very bad news, as we saw the allies quickly taking over the opportunity of no timer. They were able to complete battles and movements that significantly hurt Japan. The significant event that occurred today was that  The allies stunned India, SE China, and our navy to prevent us from reinforcing in Burma. They are gonna get the advantage of this because they are going to take control of it, and also gain our resources we were holding. Talking with my President, this puts us in a bad position of what we should do next, as we needed to make sure that never happened. We are dreading what may happen to us next, as well as the other axis countries. We are quickly realizing that they are using stunting as their strategy, which means we quickly need to come up with a new gameplan. This puts all of us in danger, and I can feel the rush and stress creeping upon us. I have high hopes that we will be able to come out of this situation better than ever. It may be hard, but with the amount of knowledge we hold within our group I have no doubt that we will work our way around this. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow, and I will soon let you know what goes on. 

Japan 8 1943

The allied powers are really starting to get on our nerves, and it is quickly raising our nerves. Us axis powers have come to the conclusion that we are starting to struggle, and we are having a hard time getting away from that. My president and I are trying to achieve our objectives, but we are starting to get ripped apart from them. The allied powers are still using powerful strategies to come after us and tension is still rising. Our main focus this year was to attack and move troops, so that we could get back to the allied powers. We decided to attack the Philippines, and we were victorious. This was an advantage to Japan because this allowed for us to gain one of our objectives. We took the opportunity and put an attack on Tibia China and we came out with the victory, as well as Burma. We experienced trouble on the way when we lost our navy, as well as Hawaii. Although it was a very close battle in Hawaii for the reason being there were only 6 troops at the end, we still weren’t able to pull it off. Overhearing the Allies, we are fearing Russia as they are starting to move troops to NW China, and trying to take us over. As of right now, all we can do is move our troops back to help defend and make it difficult to proceed with their plan. Things are starting to feel boring, as we are running out of plans and strengths to move forward. We feel as if we are struggling to get around the allies, but we are still trying to be as successful as we can. This is not the time to give up, especially when things are starting to get even more serious, and all we have to do is have the right mindset. I know that my President is trying her best to make the best possible decisions, and while talking to her, I know that it is not easy. Our plans for the future are to focus on the movement of our troops. This is really our only option right now, as we are coming down towards the end of the war. We will try to move them back to Japan to help defend, because we don’t want to get wiped out. Our overall goal right now is to try and achieve our objectives, and even if we don’t get them all, as the foreign minister I know that we tried our best. As the forign minister, I am pretty bummed by what is happening to the axis powers. I am very interested to see what will happen in these next final two years. I am not giving up yet, and I know that no one else is. We will continue to fight through this war the best that we can. I will let you all know what tomorrow brings. 

Japan 8, 1944

The foreign minister speaking, well it’s 1944, which means we have one final year left until World War II is over. This has been a long, hard fought battle and to say the least, I am ready for it to be over. I am ready for all the stress, worries, battlecries, and horror to come to an end. Speaking with my President at the beginning of class, every move we seem to make, the allied power somehow destroys it. As this has been a boring year, we thought this would be the best time to focus on defending rather than attacking. We decided that if we would try to conquer land this year, we would not be able to compete with the powerful Sierians  around us. We have been taking good advice from other presidents and foreign ministers in the axis powers, but the allied powers must have something up their sleeve. Our plans for this year were to focus on moving our troops back towards our mainland. To do this, we moved our military around to be able to protect it. If we ended up losing Japan, it would hurt us terribly, and leave a hole in our heart. My president and I are now worried about Japan staying alive and in the war, as this would be heart wrenching if we got wiped out. We are startled with the increase in industrialization with the Soviet Union, because this will raise their military forces and make them more powerful. We aren’t looking forward to this happening, but we are unsure if we will be able to hold off their troops. As shameful as this sounds, we feel there’s no other way around this conflict. We will continue the hard fight for the final day in battle, and I am anxious to see what the result will be. 

Japan 8, 1945

Wow, one last journal of World War II. This doesn’t quite seem real to me yet, that the time has come to an end. We found that as time does come to an end, we are finding that there is little left for Japan to do. My President and I made the decision that we will just wait to be attacked, and then play defense. With everything that has already happened, we believed that this was our best decision right now. We had planned to try and take Korea, but we fear that they would send troops from Manuchuko, resulting in Japan being opened and exposed. Although everything is coming to an end, we are all still fighting and I still can feel the emotion in the air. This has been one of the toughest wars to go through, being in it in real life, I could never imagine. We also came to the realization that we no longer could take Eastern USSR because we would have to use all of our troops, which meant that it would leave Japan open for others to grab. At this point, we are trying to limit our decisions based on factors of our own country. This late in war, we don’t want Japan to be taken away from us, especially if we have gotten this far. It was very calm in Asia, meanwhile our allies in Europe were working hard to take more land. I am very impressed with the axis powers and my president. This has been such a hard fought battle, and even when things got extra hard, no one gave up which shows a lot. It has been very interesting to see each person use different strategies to move forward, and somehow we still manage to get this far. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my president, or the rest of the axis powers. We have been noticing that the allied powers are getting very cocky, which helps nothing. This makes us just want to get more defensive and powerful against them. Ever since 1939, they have believed that they have enough strength and good plays to win this war. Although we didn’t finish some of our objectives, I know that we most certainly tried our best to succeed in them all. However, I have learned that when in war, you can’t always achieve what you were planning on. Everything always changes, constantly and sometimes you can’t control that. It has been my pleasure to be the foreign minister of Japan, and i’ve learned so much on the way. The axis powers have been hoping for a win this whole time, while the allied powers have been as well. I am pleased to say that the axis powers have come back and redeemed themselves from some of the mistakes we have made on the way. Japan was alive this whole time, and for my president and I, that is a huge accomplishment. I am still in shock that the axis powers won the war of World War II. This foreign minister is signing off.  World War II Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Student Journal: Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary and Italy

Small Class: Students had to do multiple parts

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1938

This is the start of it all. I think that Great Britain and France are going to try and start a war with Germany. My first thoughts are that Japan will remain neutral. Being part of the axis I do know that we will attempt to somehow get them to ally with the axis. Even though Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania all lie very close within the axis powers but will most likely remain neutral for as long as possible just to see if siding with one alliance will actually be beneficial. I will do my best to help my allies with resources and try to take new land for better resources and gain a surplus of resources to help my axis friends. Also being neutral countries as well  I will really try to be patient with allying with a side because I need to see how everything plays out.

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1939

A year went by and not a lot has been accomplished by the Axis like I was hoping. It helps me because it would help me do better in the long run. Bulgaria, Hungary, and Italy couldn’t do anything during this year at all so all I had was Rumania. Rumania didn’t need to do anything because we didn’t need to at first. But next year will be different. The Axis took over Japan and Norway. Next year I will ally with Germany as Rumania. I can also begin to use Italy’s military in 1940. I understand that this year was not the greatest year but trust me when I say that this is only the beginning and it’s not even close to being over. 

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1940

With lots of retaliation from the allies my current plan for Italy is to utilize my navy to the south and take Egypt and push as far east as possible to gain lots of resources. As for Hungary, and Rumania, I need to wait until 1941 or later to see if it would be beneficial to side with the axis and let them use my troops to turn the tides. However I fear that if I do not help them they will just eliminate me. I can see that at the moment if I don’t make a move soon great britain and France will conquer the counties I have. So far they have taken Libya and if I don’t act fast Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria will be taken out right under me. Next year will be my year. I can use troops that I haven’t gotten the chance to and get what I need. I didn’t get to taking Egypt this year like my plan was but I will next year, plus so much more like Iran, Ariba and hopefully everything around it. Next year will be my time to shine and really show everyone what I can do.

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1941

This is not what I was expecting. A lot of my Italian troops have been lost. There were a lot of battles that were happening that I had to defend and with my army rating being low I had to put a lot of troops up to defend in order to make sure I kept my land. I had a lot of dreams and wishes for this year thinking that I could do it, but it was very difficult to get anything accomplished and the Axis don’t want to help me. I felt all alone and was fighting by myself so I started thinking about having Italy and Hungary switch to the allied side but I am not for sure yet. This year was not great for any of my countries and really all I did was lose a lot of my troops. I tried to attack France to make sure that they wouldn’t come for Italy for Germany but unfortunately I didn’t win the battle and lost pretty close to all of my troops. It is going to be a struggle next year but I am trying my hardest to hold on with the little troops that I have. 

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1942

I thought last year was tough, well this one was even worse. I lost Italy. The allied powers invaded and won. I am very close to losing Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania. Thankfully I had just enough troops to win back Italy but this is a time where I really need to side with the allied powers if I want any chance of winning. Next year will be it, Italy and Hungary will side the allied powers and now I just have to hope that they won’t attack Rumania or Bulgaria. I need to try and keep my counties for as long as possible but if it does come down to me losing Rumania and Bulgaria I won’t go down without a fight. Those are my counties and I will be right for them until the end. On the other hand with Italy and Hungary, people may say that I am taking the easy way out, but it not only helps me it also helps France and the other countries take over and conquer Germany. The Axis will be mad at me for switching but if I am not getting any help then I will move in order to get the help I need. Next year once I ally with the Allied Powers will be so much easier for Italy and Hungary. I will get what I need done and get the helped that I want! For Rumania and Bulgaria, well lets just say who knows what will happen. We just have to wait and find out!

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1943

This year I switched and joined the allies. Everything that I needed was now finished because of me switching. One thing that I was hoping for was that they would not take over Bulgaria and Rumania, but they did right away. They took over and I could do anything about it. All of my troops were too far away to help and I didnt even have that many. So Rumania and Bulgaria were no longer mine. All I had left was Italy and Hungary. Everything looked great this year until the end when the Axis started pushing their way into our land and took all of our resources so our military rating went down. They started taking over our countries one by one. At this point I really thought that no matter what side that I am on I was just going to cause bad luck. 

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1944

This year I lost Italy and Hungary. I used everything of my own to try and stop them but nothing worked. I was a goner. Axis were just too strong for us and there was no stopping them. After they took Italy and Hungary they started going for more of the USSR. At this point we saw that there was pretty much nothing we could do. We just had to try our hardest and hope for the best. This all came out of nowhere and I did not see it coming at all. When I switched with them last year I was not planning to lose everything that was mine. Nobody ever plans that but that is exactly what happened. At this point I was way past hope. I knew what they were going to do and that was to take over everything, and because of them being so strong that is exactly what happened. We were done for..

Bulgaria, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy 3, 1945

This is it, it is the end of the war. The Axis had officially won, even though we already knew that. In the end the only thing that the Allies had left was 19 counties, the rest were all of the Axises. It was sad to see how the war ended and I really thought that once I switched sides that we were going to win. That was not what happened at all obviously. It was a hard loss but the one good thing I can say about it was that we tried our hardest. We fought as hard as we could and used everything that we had to try and win and keep what was ours. This war was a big eye opener for me because it showed me that just because things look good for you doesn’t mean that they would stay that way. World War 2 Simulation

World War 2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain & France

This Journal is from a small class where multiple countries had to be controlled by one person

Britain + France 3 1938

France is in the Munich pact with Germany and does not want to get into another World War with Germany. Mussolini and Hotler have become very powerful in their government systems and it scares both Britain and France. Both countries watched and let Hitler take the Sudetenland and promised he was done then took all of czek. This was the last straw. War looks to be declared in the coming months. Hitler is moving forces to the border of Poland and if it’s touched the Allied powers will declare war on Germany and put an end to their games. The USA doesn’t want to enter this war but winning will be very difficult if not brought in. The allies will keep poking at them to get them to join us and defeat Hitler. 

Britain + France 3 1939 

1939 was a year full of movement for the allies. We have so many less troops and they aren’t as strong or as advanced as the Germans. So we need to be conservative. The USA and USSR don’t want to join us. The USA wants to stay neutral and the USSR just signed a nonaggression pact with Germany. This is scary to think about. The allies moved forces to help China reinforce their borders with Japan. Their troops are weak and I sent them resources to help improve this. With our help China will be stronger than ever. The allies helped defend Norway and had control for a small period of time but it was soon taken over by Germany who controls both Norway and Denmark. I’m trying to get them to move as many troops as possible out of Mainland Germany so when I attack they can’t do anything about it. As we wait we are stacking up troops on the Maginot Line and waiting for the right time to attack. 

Britain + France 3 1940 

The allies went a little on the offensive end in 1940. We took control over Libya which was in Italian control. While Germany fought hard to take over Denmark and Norway, we kept advancing troops into France to prevent an all out invasion from Italy and to be ready to attack Germany. The japanese took over the western part of the USA. This was a big mistake on their part because the USA mobilized and joined the allied powers. Since the USA’s army is becoming bigger and bigger the allies are working as hard as we can to send their troops into Europe. The japanese are expanding their rule throughout China and what it looks like towards Burma. Japan’s troops are stronger than anticipated and just keep coming. It looks like they are going to attack Australia with a big navy. This is only them wasting troops for pointless land. In the coming years with the USA mobilizing an attack on Germany is imminent and we will win this war and put an end to these totalitarian governments. 

Britain + France 3 1941 

1941 was a successful year for the Allies. The Germans expanded their rule to the northern hemisphere and into the USSR. The axis teamed up and took yugoslavia as well. They attacked from all sides and there was nothing we could do to help. The axis made their first attack in France and they were unsuccessful thanks to the help of the British army. Italy’s troops seem to be weak. Next year we will attack Italy and take them over. This could catch the axis off guard. Germany is really spreading out their troops to take over other countries, this is making mainland Germany less powerful. Within the next few years we will attack the country of Germany and end this war. 

Britain + France 3 1942

Since Germany attacked the USSR in 1941 the USSR has joined the allied powers. This is a huge gain for us because they have so many troops to fight. This means we will make Germany fight a two front war. They can’t hold this up. The Italians attacked F-2 of France with over 3,000 troops. Our defenses held up and we attacked them right back and took Italy. We used the USSR to attack the few thousand troops in Romania and we depleted the whole army. The Axis are starting to tire in Europe. Soon they will go belly up once we take all countries surrounding Germany. The USA keeps mobilizing every year and they are well trained troops. We need to work as fast as we can to get their troops down in F-1 of France and attack through the Maginot Line to overpower the Germans. Meanwhile Japan in the east is expanding. We are countering this with the eastern USSR and giving them problems. 

Britain + France 3 1943 

The axis powers started to expand in 1943. Japan took all of China and almost all of the eastern USSR. The United States is still mobilizing so need to work swiftly to get their troops ready to attack Germany. German troops are stronger than anticipated. We sent our first wave to attack them in 1943. This killed maybe 300 Germans. Their troops get the defense bonus and are already stronger than ours. We need to find a way to attack them, with everything we got to take Germany. Italy and Hungary joined the allies and are eager to help us beat the axis powers. Within the next year we will deplete the German army to the breaking point. 

Britain + France 1944

The Germans are advancing upon the USSR and there is nothing we can do about it. The Japanese have also started to take over the middle eastern countries. The japanese empire is expanding rapidly and so are the Germans. We need to in 1945 attack the German mainland over and over again. This will eventually make them give in. There are more than enough troops ready to fight in the USA and In Britain. If we can use the navys to get to Germany we can win this war. The Germans tried to take Italy but that backfired on them. Next year will be all battles. I’m not sure if Germany will back their troops from the east but it won’t matter we will fight and win at any cost. 

Britain + France 1945 

The German troops are strong. There is nothing more to say. We used over 4,000 troops to attack the German mainland on two different attacks. The German troops held off both our attacks. If we had one more year we would’ve attacked with 2,000 more troops. But I’m not quite sure if that would even have won. The German troops in Germany are just too strong. They killed all of the USSR and took over the entire map of Asia. We held France and Britain but as I’ve said before troops were just no match for Germany. They took all our resources and depleted our troops ratings. There was nothing we could do about that because we needed to keep using the navys to send US troops to Europe. 

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WWII Simulation Journal: Japan

Japan 3 1938

The war begins. The axis powers begin with a strong miitary which is an advantage, but to make this work our movement and battle plans need to happen at the right time. We cant lose our troops and or navy. Within the Axis powers we will be taking over the Western United States. Looking into the first year Japans hope is to have China on the Axis power side considering Japan will take over China either way. For the next few years another plan we want to have is the north sea zone so that people cant go through it without battling the Axis powers. Lets see what the next year brings. 

Japan 3 1939

One year went by the axis powers were able to understand the advantage the Allies have. Japans first plan to take over the western United states was successful. It turned out to be that China will not be aligning with the axis powers instead, China is now the Allies. As Japan looks through this, China will be taken over with or without being allied withing the axis powers. Looking into the next year Japan is looking into taking over China and its territory, its never too late for china to allie with the Axis powers, maybe after we take over Chinas territory China will have doubts about who thy decided to be alliances with. 

Japan 3 1940

The allied powers had many new alliances this year, where we were still looking for China. China is at a disadvantage not becoming an alliance with the Axis Powers with that being said, Japan will take over China without a doubt. This year French indo China became part of Japan. Japan gained Natural reosufces such as iron ore and coal, from that territory. Japan is agresseivie because of the short supply of natural resources so gaining some was pleasing. Japan wants to be powerful, and a strong country and to do that Japan needs the natural resources. 

Japan 3 1941

It turns out that the United States will and can not become an alliance with anyone from the Axis Powers, so The Untied States aligns with the Allied Powers. Japan will be conquering their way through china and land will be taken. Japan is in need of resources. As Japan conquers, they become victorious gaining Burma as theirs and with that Rubber was gained. Although Japan wants more resources and is very aggressive for them, this helps out their country. Going through the Dutch east indies Japan conques New Guenie and with that come more resources such as rubber! USSR is looking strong and attacking Japans land, but Japan will do anything and everything to keep it. USSR comes for Japan, Japan will be coming for USSR in years to come!!

Japan 3 1942

The Axis powers continue. Although USSR continues for Japan, Japan will be thinking deeply to come up with the best strategy to take them down. Not only will Japan look to take USSR, but also China. Within in Japans plans, it takes over India and become victorious. A struggling battle happened up in Manchuko between Japan and USSR and this territory was taking over and Japan did not keep it. Looking towards the years to come Japan has plans to conquer USSR and China, but it only takes time. Japan also will be planning to conquer Asia with the help of the Axis powers. Japan is strong and powerful and trying to have no doubts!!

Japan 3 1943

The new year starts and right off the bat, Japan takes Northwest China and Tibet China. ALL of China has now been taken over by Japan. Japan also takes over Austrailia from the Allies, the Allies did very little defending. The Allies are trying and planning to take over Germany, but Germnay is doing everything to block them off and destroy their troops. Germany had to defend along with Poland and Denmark. The United States has an adavantage becasue of their abiblty to moblize. Moving through the war, the coming plans are to take over USSR. It only takes time. The Axis Powers are hoping this next year will be a good one. The plan is to move into Arabia and Iran and move our way up. Lets see what 1944 brings!

Japan 3 1944

It is Japan and Germnays hope to have good outcomes in this war. We plan to start closing in and taking over USSR. Japan begins taking over Arabia and moving our Navy, following we will move into Iran. No territry that Japan has was lost in this war. Looking into closing into USSR we are hopeful we can take it over. We have to think smart fully knowing they want to come after Germnay and take it over. With only one year left, we have hope, but one thing is the USA and their ability to moblize and bring in more and more troops to help out the Allies. We are happy to say it was a good year for us as we were able to accomplish our plan and  move forward in the war, the last year is yet to come!

Japan 3 1945

The end of world war 2 is coming and the Axis powers are not doubtful. I think the Allies may be a bit worried. This year the Axis Powers are aiming to take as much land as possible. Japan is moving into take Eastern USSR and that was success along with taking the Philipines and the Allies did very little defending. Japans final moves were aking voer part of the middle East to help the Axis powers to vicotry. Germany and its high rating were successful in holding of the Allies from trying to take over Germany. This was a a long war and the Axis Powers have very few regrets in the plans they have made let led them to a victory!

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World War II Simulation Student Journals:

Britain P8 1938

War seems to be imminent. Germany has stepped over the line many times now, especially by invading Czechoslovakia.  It looks like Italy may join them, as well as many other countries in the central parts of Europe. As war starts to become a reality, we must set objectives to have a focused vision for the times ahead. 

In addition to those objectives, we have also set objectives that would help us very much towards war. 

  1. Keep Burma and have the Dutch East Indies in Allie control for their resources
  2. Keep Middle Eastern Lands in order to retain their resources
  3. Prevent Germany from Attacking the US from the East.

Britain P8 1939

 First year of war comes and goes. Poland is invaded and we have no possible way to help, so we must stay behind. This will drive us to start becoming more weary of war coming closer, which does happen. In this year, Germany invades both the Netherlands and Belgium. Because we only have few navies to try to reinforce both of these countries, we were not able to provide much help. We tried our best, but were no match for Germany’s quick and powerful armies. France pleiades for help, and thus we use as many forces as we can to fortify a line between Belgium and France. We do go on the offensive in Norway, in order to prevent Germany from having an easy line to go from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. We do this in order to protect the main British Island and prevent a quick attack of the US.

In Asia, Japan attacks the Indies. We try to defend, but because of Japan’s huge navy, we are unable to provide much help. We also fortify Burma in order to keep the largest supply of rubber. By having this rubber, we are able to make our allied troops better and provide France and China with better equipment.  Japan decides not to invade the US, which worries the Allies slightly. If Japan causes the US to help the Allies, we would have a huge advantage as they would be able to help with their many troops and a decent sized navy.

Britain P8 1940

Germany is on the hunt once again,and with the help of Italy, attacks our close friends, France! France claws and scratches its way to a victory, assisted by a few hundred British troops. This is a huge win for the Allies as it delays german Access to France. Another huge win is the USSR’s Alliance with us! With their help, we would be able to start a 2 front war with Germany, and also provide many troops to China to help defend Burma and take the Indies back. In the Middle East, Italy brings many troops to Libya, which alerts us to a possible attack coming to some of our sources of Oil in Iraq and Iran. 

We talk to the Italian president and find out that they may want to revisit their Alliance with Germany. After the loss against France, and USSR’s turn to the Allies, Germany starts to seem more and more vulnerable. We may be able to convince Italy by offering them some resources and promising some land in the middle east. If we are to get Italy, Europe would be able to surround Germany into defeat, ending the European Side of the war. We are very hopeful in these negotiations.

Britain P8 1941

Burma has been taken over! The japanese have taken all but 100 of British and Chinese troops, leaving us very little hope other than Russia. We could send troops from the middle east, but since we have so little there anyway, they may not be much help. Negotiations with Italy were not as productive as we hoped. But as Germany loses more and more troops, and with the new inclusion of the USA, we may be able to convince them in a year or two. Also, the US will be a massive help on both fronts, but especially in the war against Japan. Now that we have the US, getting Burma back will be much less difficult than before. We have also decided to move as many British Navy as we can to the Western US to be able to provide much help in 1942 and 1943. By sending ships through the south pacific, we can bypass Hawaii and the Japanese. Things are looking up for us in this war, and when we can convince Italy to flip, Germany will be overwhelmed.

Britain P8 1942

Japan has left it’s defenses in Burma alone, and by isolating the former British Colony, we are able to retake it for the abundant rubber. This is huge as it gives the Allies another year of great resources and thus, more powerful armies. Britain is also able to isolate Holland and E Prussia, which is giving Germany fits and may be just enough to let Italy switch sides. US troops are starting to arrive in France to defend from any German attacks, and Italy is starting to pull troops from Libya, possibly to reinforce Italy if they ever switch sides. We expect Germany to start taking back troops into the eastern part of Poland and to retake E Prussia and the Netherlands, and possibly even try an attack on France.If they do strike, we believe it will be a last effort, and if we are able to hold them off, will mean a very certain end for Germany. 

Britain P8 1943

Germany has stayed very uncharacteristically calm and passive.  Britain and the USA are bringing more and more troops to France by the day, making it harder and harder for Germany to take over France, which means that Germany is either very stupid or very bold to think they could take on a fully supported France. Italy seems to also not want to join the allies, and because of this, we decide to invade Libya with France. In the middle east, all of the troops are being concentrated into Iran to be able to connect with India and by 1945, be able to reach Burma. This is a very difficult task and we hope that Japan does not catch on to these movements and let’s us set up for a final stand in India. Other than that, the year was calm with very little movement all around.

Britain P8 1944

The allies have finally decided it is time to retake Belgium and go for a final push for Germany. There was a large fight in Belgium, but the allies were easily able to take it over. The end result of the battle left many British, French, and American troops left in Belgium, and possibly enough to take over Germany next year. In Asia, the USSR and British Troops have been stationed in Iran to make a final push towards India and Burma. USSR Troops in NW China and Manchuko will also help in the fight in Asia, and while they may not be able to help directly in Burma, they can help distract the Japanese. A small fight between Italy and Britain happened in Palestine, but it was uneventful and the holy land only exchanged for a single turn. Next year will be the decider, the finale, and the Ultimate showdown. Will the Allies be able to defeat Germany on its home turf? Will Italy ever switch sides like it promised too? Will India and Burma be taken back with the help of USSR. We will have to find out.

Britain P8 1945

We may have lost the battle, but with 2 more years we would have won the war.  A giant battle, with many American, British, and French Troops, ensued in Germany. The outcome of the battle: a close loss. But, they were left with few troops in Germany, and 1 more shipment of troops from the US could have taken over the entirety of Europe. Just before the attack, Italy joined the Allies after we threatened to invade and they saw that Germany was moving everything into their capital. They were able to help us out against Austria and be able to not have to worry about them when we attacked Germany. Other than that, there was a small, useless fight in Egypt from Italy early in the round, where all that happened was an exchange of troops and Navys. Because of the concentration and intenseness of the fight in Europe, the Asian part of the map was ignored. If there was more time, the USSR and Iran would have gone for an offensive in India and Burma to reclaim British colonies. This year ends with little German Troops, a defenseless France, and a war without a conclusive end. World War 2 Simulation