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WWII Simulation Journal: Japan

Japan 3 1938

The war begins. The axis powers begin with a strong miitary which is an advantage, but to make this work our movement and battle plans need to happen at the right time. We cant lose our troops and or navy. Within the Axis powers we will be taking over the Western United States. Looking into the first year Japans hope is to have China on the Axis power side considering Japan will take over China either way. For the next few years another plan we want to have is the north sea zone so that people cant go through it without battling the Axis powers. Lets see what the next year brings. 

Japan 3 1939

One year went by the axis powers were able to understand the advantage the Allies have. Japans first plan to take over the western United states was successful. It turned out to be that China will not be aligning with the axis powers instead, China is now the Allies. As Japan looks through this, China will be taken over with or without being allied withing the axis powers. Looking into the next year Japan is looking into taking over China and its territory, its never too late for china to allie with the Axis powers, maybe after we take over Chinas territory China will have doubts about who thy decided to be alliances with. 

Japan 3 1940

The allied powers had many new alliances this year, where we were still looking for China. China is at a disadvantage not becoming an alliance with the Axis Powers with that being said, Japan will take over China without a doubt. This year French indo China became part of Japan. Japan gained Natural reosufces such as iron ore and coal, from that territory. Japan is agresseivie because of the short supply of natural resources so gaining some was pleasing. Japan wants to be powerful, and a strong country and to do that Japan needs the natural resources. 

Japan 3 1941

It turns out that the United States will and can not become an alliance with anyone from the Axis Powers, so The Untied States aligns with the Allied Powers. Japan will be conquering their way through china and land will be taken. Japan is in need of resources. As Japan conquers, they become victorious gaining Burma as theirs and with that Rubber was gained. Although Japan wants more resources and is very aggressive for them, this helps out their country. Going through the Dutch east indies Japan conques New Guenie and with that come more resources such as rubber! USSR is looking strong and attacking Japans land, but Japan will do anything and everything to keep it. USSR comes for Japan, Japan will be coming for USSR in years to come!!

Japan 3 1942

The Axis powers continue. Although USSR continues for Japan, Japan will be thinking deeply to come up with the best strategy to take them down. Not only will Japan look to take USSR, but also China. Within in Japans plans, it takes over India and become victorious. A struggling battle happened up in Manchuko between Japan and USSR and this territory was taking over and Japan did not keep it. Looking towards the years to come Japan has plans to conquer USSR and China, but it only takes time. Japan also will be planning to conquer Asia with the help of the Axis powers. Japan is strong and powerful and trying to have no doubts!!

Japan 3 1943

The new year starts and right off the bat, Japan takes Northwest China and Tibet China. ALL of China has now been taken over by Japan. Japan also takes over Austrailia from the Allies, the Allies did very little defending. The Allies are trying and planning to take over Germany, but Germnay is doing everything to block them off and destroy their troops. Germany had to defend along with Poland and Denmark. The United States has an adavantage becasue of their abiblty to moblize. Moving through the war, the coming plans are to take over USSR. It only takes time. The Axis Powers are hoping this next year will be a good one. The plan is to move into Arabia and Iran and move our way up. Lets see what 1944 brings!

Japan 3 1944

It is Japan and Germnays hope to have good outcomes in this war. We plan to start closing in and taking over USSR. Japan begins taking over Arabia and moving our Navy, following we will move into Iran. No territry that Japan has was lost in this war. Looking into closing into USSR we are hopeful we can take it over. We have to think smart fully knowing they want to come after Germnay and take it over. With only one year left, we have hope, but one thing is the USA and their ability to moblize and bring in more and more troops to help out the Allies. We are happy to say it was a good year for us as we were able to accomplish our plan and  move forward in the war, the last year is yet to come!

Japan 3 1945

The end of world war 2 is coming and the Axis powers are not doubtful. I think the Allies may be a bit worried. This year the Axis Powers are aiming to take as much land as possible. Japan is moving into take Eastern USSR and that was success along with taking the Philipines and the Allies did very little defending. Japans final moves were aking voer part of the middle East to help the Axis powers to vicotry. Germany and its high rating were successful in holding of the Allies from trying to take over Germany. This was a a long war and the Axis Powers have very few regrets in the plans they have made let led them to a victory!

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World War II Simulation Student Journals:

Britain P8 1938

War seems to be imminent. Germany has stepped over the line many times now, especially by invading Czechoslovakia.  It looks like Italy may join them, as well as many other countries in the central parts of Europe. As war starts to become a reality, we must set objectives to have a focused vision for the times ahead. 

In addition to those objectives, we have also set objectives that would help us very much towards war. 

  1. Keep Burma and have the Dutch East Indies in Allie control for their resources
  2. Keep Middle Eastern Lands in order to retain their resources
  3. Prevent Germany from Attacking the US from the East.

Britain P8 1939

 First year of war comes and goes. Poland is invaded and we have no possible way to help, so we must stay behind. This will drive us to start becoming more weary of war coming closer, which does happen. In this year, Germany invades both the Netherlands and Belgium. Because we only have few navies to try to reinforce both of these countries, we were not able to provide much help. We tried our best, but were no match for Germany’s quick and powerful armies. France pleiades for help, and thus we use as many forces as we can to fortify a line between Belgium and France. We do go on the offensive in Norway, in order to prevent Germany from having an easy line to go from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. We do this in order to protect the main British Island and prevent a quick attack of the US.

In Asia, Japan attacks the Indies. We try to defend, but because of Japan’s huge navy, we are unable to provide much help. We also fortify Burma in order to keep the largest supply of rubber. By having this rubber, we are able to make our allied troops better and provide France and China with better equipment.  Japan decides not to invade the US, which worries the Allies slightly. If Japan causes the US to help the Allies, we would have a huge advantage as they would be able to help with their many troops and a decent sized navy.

Britain P8 1940

Germany is on the hunt once again,and with the help of Italy, attacks our close friends, France! France claws and scratches its way to a victory, assisted by a few hundred British troops. This is a huge win for the Allies as it delays german Access to France. Another huge win is the USSR’s Alliance with us! With their help, we would be able to start a 2 front war with Germany, and also provide many troops to China to help defend Burma and take the Indies back. In the Middle East, Italy brings many troops to Libya, which alerts us to a possible attack coming to some of our sources of Oil in Iraq and Iran. 

We talk to the Italian president and find out that they may want to revisit their Alliance with Germany. After the loss against France, and USSR’s turn to the Allies, Germany starts to seem more and more vulnerable. We may be able to convince Italy by offering them some resources and promising some land in the middle east. If we are to get Italy, Europe would be able to surround Germany into defeat, ending the European Side of the war. We are very hopeful in these negotiations.

Britain P8 1941

Burma has been taken over! The japanese have taken all but 100 of British and Chinese troops, leaving us very little hope other than Russia. We could send troops from the middle east, but since we have so little there anyway, they may not be much help. Negotiations with Italy were not as productive as we hoped. But as Germany loses more and more troops, and with the new inclusion of the USA, we may be able to convince them in a year or two. Also, the US will be a massive help on both fronts, but especially in the war against Japan. Now that we have the US, getting Burma back will be much less difficult than before. We have also decided to move as many British Navy as we can to the Western US to be able to provide much help in 1942 and 1943. By sending ships through the south pacific, we can bypass Hawaii and the Japanese. Things are looking up for us in this war, and when we can convince Italy to flip, Germany will be overwhelmed.

Britain P8 1942

Japan has left it’s defenses in Burma alone, and by isolating the former British Colony, we are able to retake it for the abundant rubber. This is huge as it gives the Allies another year of great resources and thus, more powerful armies. Britain is also able to isolate Holland and E Prussia, which is giving Germany fits and may be just enough to let Italy switch sides. US troops are starting to arrive in France to defend from any German attacks, and Italy is starting to pull troops from Libya, possibly to reinforce Italy if they ever switch sides. We expect Germany to start taking back troops into the eastern part of Poland and to retake E Prussia and the Netherlands, and possibly even try an attack on France.If they do strike, we believe it will be a last effort, and if we are able to hold them off, will mean a very certain end for Germany. 

Britain P8 1943

Germany has stayed very uncharacteristically calm and passive.  Britain and the USA are bringing more and more troops to France by the day, making it harder and harder for Germany to take over France, which means that Germany is either very stupid or very bold to think they could take on a fully supported France. Italy seems to also not want to join the allies, and because of this, we decide to invade Libya with France. In the middle east, all of the troops are being concentrated into Iran to be able to connect with India and by 1945, be able to reach Burma. This is a very difficult task and we hope that Japan does not catch on to these movements and let’s us set up for a final stand in India. Other than that, the year was calm with very little movement all around.

Britain P8 1944

The allies have finally decided it is time to retake Belgium and go for a final push for Germany. There was a large fight in Belgium, but the allies were easily able to take it over. The end result of the battle left many British, French, and American troops left in Belgium, and possibly enough to take over Germany next year. In Asia, the USSR and British Troops have been stationed in Iran to make a final push towards India and Burma. USSR Troops in NW China and Manchuko will also help in the fight in Asia, and while they may not be able to help directly in Burma, they can help distract the Japanese. A small fight between Italy and Britain happened in Palestine, but it was uneventful and the holy land only exchanged for a single turn. Next year will be the decider, the finale, and the Ultimate showdown. Will the Allies be able to defeat Germany on its home turf? Will Italy ever switch sides like it promised too? Will India and Burma be taken back with the help of USSR. We will have to find out.

Britain P8 1945

We may have lost the battle, but with 2 more years we would have won the war.  A giant battle, with many American, British, and French Troops, ensued in Germany. The outcome of the battle: a close loss. But, they were left with few troops in Germany, and 1 more shipment of troops from the US could have taken over the entirety of Europe. Just before the attack, Italy joined the Allies after we threatened to invade and they saw that Germany was moving everything into their capital. They were able to help us out against Austria and be able to not have to worry about them when we attacked Germany. Other than that, there was a small, useless fight in Egypt from Italy early in the round, where all that happened was an exchange of troops and Navys. Because of the concentration and intenseness of the fight in Europe, the Asian part of the map was ignored. If there was more time, the USSR and Iran would have gone for an offensive in India and Burma to reclaim British colonies. This year ends with little German Troops, a defenseless France, and a war without a conclusive end. World War 2 Simulation

World War II Simulation Student Journal: Norway & Sweden

World War II Simulation

Norway 4 1938

As a whole we are a small country because we have very little supplies and no military that has been heard of. We are located near the baltic sea and that is very valuable to the countries that want to try and receive it. As a country we are going to try and remain neutral and keep the territory for ourselves. I am not sure how well that is going to go because we have nothing to offer anyone. So we will see how this plays out!

Sweden 4 1938

We have a lot of resources such as iron ore, that is equal to 18! As a whole country we don’t want to go to war with anyone so we try and stay as a pacifist. We know that Germany wants our iron ore so we are prepared to give them what they wan to avoid any destruction they could do to us. We also know that the USSR could harm as well, so right now we are thinking about an alliance but not for sure. We have also came to the conclusion that if Germany would need to move troops through, we would allow that.

Norway 4 1939

Tensions are very high between Norway and Germany. There has been a lot of talk that they are coming for us and we are terrified! We barely have an army to defend ourselves and we must remain neutral so we will stick to ourselves.  The moment came and Germany defeated us. No one would come to our side to help defend our land. So we will see what comes in the future for our beloved country.

Sweden 4 1939

To help avoid war at any cost, we have aligned with a few of the bigger countries. Even supplying some resources to our new alliances. We have joined the axis power because we aligned with Germany who was apart so we decided to join as well. We have been told that we should be scared of the USSR, but we decided to be nice with them for now.We wanted to keep peace so we sent 5 iron ore to Germany in hopes they would not bring up war or any conflict. As of right now we would just want to keep the peace.

Norway 4 1940

As of today we have realized that we stand no chance between anyone so we will continue to stick to ourselves. We now have 308 German troops in our land, so we have to keep peace with Germany.  We aren’t fond of alliances, yet we still have to be friendly because they simply can demolish our country if we don’t play by their rules.

Sweden 4 1940

We are continuing being apart of the axis power in hopes of avoiding war.  I have mentioned before that we known to be scared of the USSR but after consideration we made a deal with them and formed an alliance.  The deal was to send them some natural resources since we have so many. So we ended up giving them 6 iron ore, in hopes to get on their good side. While talking more with Germany we have established if anything goes wrong here they will defend us.  

Norway 4 1941

As the axis power progress through out the country, we noticed Great Britain, which was an allied power. We weren’t sure what their plans were but we started to be cautious of them in case they used us to get to the USSR. We didn’t really talk to anyone only because I know they couldn’t have done it because of the North Sea and having Norway right behind us. Including if they took troops of of Great Britain then Germany would come in and take over. So we will see what happens!

Sweden 4 1941

We are continuously watching and listening to other countries in hope we don’t have to end up going to war. Germany has continuously moved troops around the map, making me wonder what they have in store for war. As of right now we trying to stick with only two alliances in the Axis powers because a couple of countries have switched sides giving secret details!

Norway 4 1942

While the war is going on, we have set ourselves away from it and done our own thing. Great Britain hasn’t attacked nor do I think they will because they are focused on keeping their land safe. We are surrounded by German troops still, so as of right now I don’t think anyone is coming. The axis power has mainly focused on taking over China and the Netherlands. 

Sweden 4 1942

This is very long and stressful war at this point in time. The axis powers have still been taking over countries, winning almost every battle they have had. No other country has came for our natural resource, iron ore, and we couldn’t be happier. As of right now we are listening in depth to our alliances’ plans and standing by watching the war go on. 

Norway 4 1943

The war has still been going on while we just watched everything happen. We keep to ourselves and have to obey Germany, but they don’t have anything planned out so we just sit and wait. The axis powers have pushed forward to get ahold of Iraq, Arabia, and Egypt. So they are definitely expanding all over the globe in hopes of taking it all. Yet Great Britain,United States, and Canada, etc are still part of the Allied powers.

Sweden 4 1943

Our country has been informed that Finland may come and attack us. Germany told us this information and was talking about moving troops in to help us. They told us they would send about 100 in, but at this point they wouldn’t know for sure because it was just a rumor and nothing more. We are thinking this is rumor because we are aligned with some of the more stronger countries and they would have to go through the baltic sea to get to us. 

Norway 4 1944

With Germany already taken over us, and their alliance with Sweden we had to go along with their plans. As of right now we have 308 troops in our land. There was talk of Finland wanting to attack Sweden, so with Germany wanting to protect their alliance. They eventually moved 100 troops in Sweden. This was a little risky for us as a country because if we got attacked we would most likely end up loosing if Germany wasn’t able to send even more troops in. Yet if any other country would attack I think Germany would send more troops in.

Sweden 4 1944

A year after talking with Germany about Finland possibly attacking us, they had come to their conclusion. They were going to move 100 troops out of Norway and put them here in Sweden. They weren’t too concerned about the number of troops they put in because they said they were a powerful military. Around the time the year was ending they never attacked, but we felt secured enough to not worry about them attacking again. While in fear of attack we continued to watch the surrounding countries all fall in the hands of the axis powers.

Norway 4 1945

War was reaching an ending point and we continued to have German troops in our land. No one expect for Germany came for us, I think because we had the North Sea in front of us. In the end we tried to remain neutral but with Germany attacking and over taking us, we ended up being apart of the axis powers. After all that happened we stayed to ourselves and no one wanted anything to do with us.

Sweden 4 1945

The war was finally coming to an end and we managed to stay away from all of it. No one, expect Germany, wanted anything from us. There was a lot of talk about people wanting to conquer the Baltic Sea, but I think people stayed away because the USSR could attack at any moment. Eventually the USSR put around 20 navy ships in the area, giving us even more comfort knowing that no one would come for us.

World War 2 Activities Student Journal: Germany

World War 2 Activities

Germany, period 4, 1938

My country is on the brink of war, It’s obvious now, and It’s been obvious for many years. After France and Britain left us with next to nothing after the Great War, my country and people were left to fend for ourselves. But then a leader rose up. He promised us everything we could ever want. 

As the minister of foreign affairs, it’s my job to keep the peace between our allies and secure new alliances. I’ve already spoken with the president and foreign minister of Russia and they have agreed to an alliance that shall be made pubic next year (tomorrow). They shall offer us safety from the east and help us dominate other small countries. I don’t know if we will betray them or not though. I suppose that is up to the president to decide, but I think a permanent alliance would be most beneficial. 

Our attack plans for the next year are not set in stone, but I believe that taking over the Baltic Sea is our best course of action. In order to do this we must invade Denmark and Norway. Denmark should prove easy and nearly effortless yet Norway could pose a problem if Great Britain tries to intervene. Our navy is strong but I am unsure if we could defeat Britain’s navy. Perhaps we could. Only time will tell.

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1939

The war has begun. Our army struck quickly and precisely and within no time at all Norway and Denmark had been claimed by the Axis. Sweden, being cut off from any others, quickly surrendered and joined the Axis as well. They supply us with lots of iron, just one of the many resources we need. 

A chunk of Poland fell to the Axis as well (P1). However, when the USSR tried to claim the other small chunk (P2) They were defeated. I told the president of the USSR that Germany and Romania, another of our allies, would take it for them as a sign of good will. That way they could focus their energies into supplying the nations of the Axis powers with resources. Perhaps we won’t betray them after all.

 In the coming year I am unsure of what to do next. I think the president would like for us to take Yugoslavia, something that could be easily managed by Austria and Bulgaria. However, I believe that taking the Netherlands would be the next best step, maybe even Belgium. We’re secretly allied with them and breaking this alliance may put the USSR into a state of unrest. 

For now we must keep them close. Perhaps it would be best to push downwards, help our Italian allies gain more territory in the mediterranean sea area. Doing so would close off the sea for the British and make it difficult for them to reinforce countries such as Egypt, Arabia, Iraq, Syria, etc. It will be smooth sailing, straight to Britain and France from there.

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1940

My country still stands strong in this war and I could not be more proud. Our troops continue to expand our reaches from the Netherlands to Eastern Poland to the very tops of Sweden and Norway. 

This year we gained much territory, taking Yugoslavia and  the other half (P2) of Poland. We divided both countries with our allies, the USSR and Bulgaria as a show of good faith. Italy has also been making their advances in the south of Europe as well, claiming Greece and soon Albania for themselves. 

In the coming year Germany will push on the Netherlands and then Belgium as well. We have secret alliances with both countries yet as far as I’m concerned, they’re nothing but a means to delay their defeat. 

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1941

Our military efforts have proved fruitful this year despite the loss of a major battle. 

The Netherlands fell to us easily. None of their so called “allies” even defended them. Afterwards, our troops pushed downwards into Belgium, but despite our strong military power we were defeated when Britain and France decided to intervene. They see just how important that tiny country is in this war and they refuse to let it go without a fight. We may have lost this battle, but I am proud to say we did significant damage to both the British and French armies. Good. Let them weaken themselves. It will be all the easier to take France when it has hardly any troops left.

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1942

This year  put us farther ahead in the war than I could have hoped. After our defeat in Belgium last year, we needed to reinforce our borders and prepare to launch another attack. We waited patiently and struck the tiny country once more. Britain and France did their best to defend it like they had before, but they ultimately failed and not only Belgium, but F1 of France became ours. 

Finally! A way to attack France head on from Germany. I had been moving troops into Italy and instructing the President to wait for my order to attack southern France (F2) so that the French would have no choice but to reinforce F2 and leave F3 vulnerable. But this was so much better! Having a foothold in France will work wonders and hopefully secure our victory in this war.

With Belgium and Northern France under our control, my allies and I will finally be able to carry out this little strategy of mine and strike back at one of the countries that humiliated us so much after World War 1. Honestly, I wish we had done this much, much, sooner.

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1943

Taking the rest of France is proving to be a trickier task than I anticipated. Britain had been shipping soldiers to defend France in a near constant and tedious routine. Not only that, but the United States had finally stepped up and decided to join the Allies in the war. This was definitely a problem. Had Japan, my loyal allies, not gotten too cocky and decided to attack them, we wouldn’t be having this issue. That is not the case, however, and now I must deal with the consequences of their actions. 

It is not matter though. I will continue to pull troops from anywhere I can, Prussia, Denmark, Austria, Poland, wherever I have troops to spare, and send them to italy or germany so that we may defend. While I scramble for soldiers it is no doubt that Britain and France will be doing the same. While they have America to fight for them, I have my allies in Romania, Bulgaria, and other various places. They send troops as quickly as they can at my command. Once Italy is done taking over the Mediterranean, they will begin shipping soldiers back and the Axis will have even more to spare. 

These next few years will decide the fate of the war, I can feel it. We shall see who will be standing victorious when the smoke of the battle clears.

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1944

At long last France finally falls to the Axis! It took many battles, hundreds of soldiers were lost, but in the end we were victorious and claimed F2 and F3 of France for the Axis. However, I fear we may not be able to defend them for long. Few soldiers were left at the end of the fights and it will take time for reinforcements to arrive. I cannot let the allies take back what I have worked so hard to claim! I can’t! 

Italy must hurry and send back more soldiers from Libya or French North Africa. I need more soldiers as soon as possible and they may be my only hope. 

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Germany, period 4, 1945

It seems all of my fears and paranoia within this last year was all for naught. Britain and America made almost no attempts at taking back France. Perhaps they have deemed it a lost cause? 

They seem to be taking no chances with letting us attack Britain. When I moved the German navy into the Northern Sea Zone, they destroyed the German ships almost immediately. While infuriating I cannot help but be amused. They feared what we would do and took action. Smart. 

After our navy was destroyed there was little else we could do. The USSR were still steadfast allies of ours, and I felt that it would be pointless to break this alliance. Italy and Japan continued to work together in the Middle East, conquering countries together until there was nothing else left to conquer. However, America managed to take French North Africa from them just as a call for peace and an end to the war was issued. 

Many countries gathered, broken and battered from this long war. Even the people of my own country, the ones who were so eager to fight, seem like shells of what they once were. Peace was finally achieved and treaties were signed by nearly everyone in attendance. They were much fairer than in previous years. 

While this war was a bloody and seemingly pointless endeavor, I cannot deny that it had many benefits for my country as well as my allies. Hopefully we can all maintain a lasting peace now that the fighting is over with. 

But honestly? I don’t think there can ever be permanent peace. I suppose only time will tell. 

German Minister of foreign Affairs, 

Second World War Lesson Plan Student Journal: Poland & The Netherlands

Second World War Lesson Plan

Journal 1- Poland 1938

As of tomorrow WWII will have started. As the president of Poland I plan to lay low while making as many alliances as possible. We don’t want to aggravate any countries but we are surrounded by the two strongest countries. We plan to get Great Britain and France to help defend us as long as the Baltic Sea is open. We are allied with Great Britain and France but we need them to vow to defend the borders around Poland. We, as Poland, are to week to take on the countries on both sides. 

Journal 2- Poland 1939

P1 was attacked by the German army, they were to strong and we couldn’t defend ourselves. I made the executive decision to not move the 400 troops from P1 to P2. That decision seemed to pay off. Later on the USSR decided to attack P2 with 600 troops. After the battle came to a close we survived with a total of 111 troops. We tried to negotiate with the USSR but they denied the request to ally. We have received intel that Germany is planning on taking out P2 tomorrow. Nobody will be able to help us due to the fact that the Baltic Sea is closed. Our plan for the future is to see if Poland will survive and continue from there.

Journal 3- Poland 1940

Poland was defeated by Germany, they attacked P2 and won. We couldn’t get help because the Baltic Sea was closed by the Germans. France was going to come and help but as said before the Baltic sea was not passable. As of 1940 Poland has fallen to Germany.

Journal 4- Poland 1941

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 5- Poland 1942

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 6- Poland 1943

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 7- Poland 1944

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 8- Poland 1945

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.


Journal 1- Netherlands 1938

Our plan is to stay neutral as long as possible. We signed a secret alliance with Germany to try and keep them away from us. We are afraid that they will get power hungry and try and take us over. We are hoping that if they want to get to France they will take Belgium but then that will leave us stranded, surrounded by Germany.

Journal 2- Netherlands 1939

We still are trying to stay out of the war. Our armed forces aren’t strong enough to protect us from Germany. We have very few troops to defend with so we are trying to blend in and act as though we are not even there. 

Journal 3- Netherlands 1940

The Dutch East Indies were taken by the Japanese. We did nothing to defend it because there was nothing we could do. We continued to stay neutral to try and keep Germany away from us. All we have left is hope that we won’t get attacked by Germany.

Journal 4- Netherlands 1941

Today we got attacked by Germany, our plan for the future was to stay neutral until the final days and then join the allies. That plan was demolished with the war brought on by Germany. We joined the allies when Great Britain and France to tried to help us stay alive. We were suppose to surrender to Germany but we had the support behind us that we hoped would help us survive.

Journal 5- Netherlands 1942

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 6- Netherlands 1943

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 7- Netherlands 1944

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

Journal 8- Netherlands 1945

After the fall of our country we had no troops to move so we continued helping our allies. We gave advice to the Allies to try and keep them from vanishing off the face of the earth.

WWII Simulation Student Journal: Finland & China

WWII Simulation

Daily Journal #1

1938- China

Period 4

Starting off operation day was a bit slow but it also gave my group a lot of time to think about and plan our strategy and what we have to do during this whole simulation. Thinking about this simulation is a bit crazy because there are a lot more things that are included in this one that wasn’t involved in the World War I simulation. Everything is the same but now there in natural resources that are needed to increase your military ranking. 

1938- Finland

Operation day started today and it was a super slow day. Not only did we learn about the whole simulation and what the objective of it was but we also learned about all of the new stuff that was put in this simulation that wasn’t in the last one. The only new thing that was added to this simulation was that there are natural resources and if you collect them then you can increase your military rating which could help you when you are planning on attacking a country. 

Daily Journal #2 

1939- China

Period 4

Today China had to get natural resources like Oil, Iron Ore, Coal, and Rubber. We successfully got what we needed for all of our resources, but we were just needing to get rubber. Not only was it hard to find countries that had rubber around us but we also had to keep in mind that we can’t get rubber from any countries that weren’t allied with us or they could try and backstab us and try and take our land which wouldn’t be good. 

1939- Finland

Today Finland had a pretty slow day. There was really nothing that we could have done, except for making alliances and become friends with some of the other countries. To start off we wanted to talk to Russia to see if we could have an alliance with them so that we could help them attack countries and so that they could help us whenever we were getting attacked and needed some more troops to help fight. We also made a secret alliance with Germany so that they could also help us with anything at any given time. 

Daily Journal #3

1940- China

Period 4

Today has been a stressful day, not only have we been attacked once but we’ve been attacked twice. We were also attacked by the same country which sucks even more. At first Japan declared war on NC China, they had quite a few troops so we sent over just 500 so we wouldn’t lose all of our troops on one attack. We ended up losing that battle and the next round Japan decided to declare war on NW China. We didn’t bring any troops over because we already new what was going to happen and we were right in the beginning. We lost that land as well. 

1940- Finland

We’ve been pretty much chilling these past couple of days because there is nothing for us to do quite yet. Nobody is trying to attack us or steal any of our resources. We have gotten most of the resources that we need which include 1 oil, 1 iron ore and 1 coal. The U.S. has been super nice to us lately and we appreciate everything they are doing for us at the moment. Our goal for tomorrow is to try and finish up getting all of the resources that we need so we can have a better military and start attacking. 

Daily Journal #4 

1941- China

Period 4

In our simulation today it didn’t go so well. On Friday we got most of our country taken from us and today Japan yet again took NC China and SC China. When they were attacking NC China we wanted to try and win so we sent 1200 of our troops over there to fight. We needed up losing that land and all of our troops as well. When they attacked SC China they had 800 troops and we decided not to bring over nay of our troops. The only good thing that we got out of today was we finished getting all of our natural resources that we needed. Great Britain had given us 7 rubber. 

1941- Finland

Today in Finland was pretty laid back. All that had happened was Russia wanted to send about 50 of their troops to just hang out in Finland. They did that because they are allied with us and are just there for extra help if we ever get attacked. Russia was also very helpful today and gave us 1 rubber that we needed, so we officially have all of the natural resources that we are supposed to have in this simulation. 

Daily Journal #5 

1942- China

Period 4

Today we tried to successfully get some of our objectives but it didn’t go as planned. We tried taking back NW China. They had over 400 troops and we sent over 800 because we thought we were going to be okay, but we ender up getting destroyed and lost all of our troops because of that. Japan then attacked Tibet China and since we didn’t have any troops to fight we couldn’t do anything about it. We also ended up losing that part of China too and currently have no troops and Japan has all of China taken over. 

1942- Finland

There wasn’t really anything Finland could have done. We’re all around countries that we are allied with and we don’t want to start attacking countries when we have only a few hundred troops and not a good military rating. The USSR also decided to put 300 more troops into Finland just to hang out there just incase some country tries and attacks us and we need some extra military. 

Daily Journal #6 

1943- China

Period 4 

Today China didn’t have really anything to do, but we did get asked if we wanted to help Great Britain. When they asked us to help we couldn’t because we have lost all of our troops when Japan attacked us and killed all of our troops. We now don’t have to worry about losing anymore troops or being attacked because we lost all of our land and we’ve lost all of our troops. 

1943- Finland

Today we are still clear from being attacked and still have 400 troops in our area. We also got talked to about maybe joining the Axis powers, but we are still unsure if we want to make a big decision like that with only having a couple days left in this simulation. We also plan on staying out of the war but we are willing to help the USSR if they want to attack a country that have more troops. 

Daily Journal #7

1944- China

Period 4

During the simulation today we didn’t have really anything to do. Since we got all of our land taken from us and also all of our troops we can’t really do anything but listen to what the other countries are doing and what their planning on doing throughout the rest of the simulation. We also always get asked if we can help Great Britain when they want to attack a country but we can’t help because we have no troops. 

1944- Finland 

Today for Finland we didn’t do much. There isn’t really anything for us to do because we are still neutral and have to stay neutral. All of the countries that are allied wars don’t really have anything to do as well because they all don’t have enough troops to attack the bigger countries like Japan, Germany, and Italy. We all basically want to stay away from them because we all know that if we try attacking them then they will definitely beat us because they have more troops than us and have a really good military rating.  

Daily Journal #8

1945- China

Period 4

Today was the final day of the simulation and nothing really happened with China. Since Japan had taken in over like the third day we haven’t really been able to do anything other than talk with our alliance and see what they need help with, and we can talk to them about what they should or shouldn’t do. We have also met some of our objectives, but the ones that told us to try and get back the land that Japan had taken from us, but we tried and it didn’t really work out as planned. 

1945- Finland

Today was our final day of the simulation and for Finland we couldn’t really do anything or move any troops unless we wanted to attack a country. We could’ve attacked a country around us but our allies would be mad and probably try to attack us in return. We have though successfully completed all of our objectives. We mostly completed them the first couple of days since we started the simulation. 

WW2 Activity Student Journal: USSR

WW2 Activity

USSR 4 1938: I don’t have many plans for the USSR, but I know that I can not attack Germany. I’d personally rather keep the USSR out of war with the countries around me. However, I also know that Germany will have to fight a war on two fronts if they attack the USSR. I’ll follow my objectives as closely as I can, and hopefully the USSR will stay alive and keep it’s original territory. I know it’s not much to use, but it worked last time. So, I’m going to bring food for my allies, hopeful that will be persuasive enough to keep them from attacking. 

USSR 4 1939: I want to keep my alliance with Germany and make peace with the countries around me. I’d rather not fight with those around me, unless I have no other choice. If I don’t I’ll also have to fight on a two front war. I want my country to survive and not be taken over by others. I have also allied with Japan and other countries that are part of the Axis. I do fear what will happen to my country if Germany attacks, I know I do not have the strength to take them or Japan in a fight. I tried to take over Poland, but I underestimated their army. However, Germany agreed to split Poland with me. Along with that I promised to send 4.5 oil to them, they don’t need to know that it’s part of my objectives to do so. It worked out for me in the end. 

USSR 4 1940: Our plan is to be allies with Germany for as long as we can. I have planned to have Germany help us have resources. It’s better to be on their side, because if I don’t I know I will lose my country. It’s also part of the pact that I can’t attack unless attacked. I have been allied with Finland now, instead of taking them over. Some of my troops are now in Finland too. My allies have also started to transfer some their resources to us. I plan to strengthen my army. I’m also transferring my resources my allies. It’ll help strength our alliance. 

USSR 4 1941: With my alliances, I have gained resources that I need. My allies are also gaining territory, specifically Japan. They have taken over a country that had a lot of rubber. I convinced the President to transfer most of the rubber to the USSR. I have also made a deal with the U.S., in exchange for rubber I received oil. I have no intention of allying with them unless I’m given no other choice. There aren’t many goals for me that involve attacking. I do know that I can’t take part of Rumania, because I’m allied and we have a sort of agreement. The USSR doesn’t take part of Rumania, and they won’t take part of the USSR. 

USSR 4 1942: I was gone for one day, which means I was gone for a year. I am very concerned about what my Foreign Minister did. He moved many troops, and a couple I know I will move when I have the chance. My allies are very worried about what he did. I’ve had to reassure them that nothing will happen, and that he acted entirely on his own. If I don’t they may think we’re up to something, Japan is already suspicious of me because the President says, and I quote “I can’t tell what you are thinking.” I am now also surrounded by the Axis fully, I feel it is a smart move to finally become part of the Axis. I know Italy is planning something, they are the only Axis country I am not allied with. If I do ally with the Axis there is a strong chance they will not be able to take any of my land. I’ve been holding onto another plan too, but I knew I was too weak. I could try to go after Iran, and then split it with Rumania. It could put a little more distance between the USSR and Britain. However, I’m weary of my troops. Even if Britain only has 50 troops and they most likely will not fight back, I don’t want to take a chance without many troops going there. 

USSR 4 1943: I have decided to join the Axis. That’s because I see it as more insurance. I’m surrounded anyway, I don’t think they can actually attack me if I join the Axis. I don’t plan on helping much, purely for the reason that it would take too long to move my troops. There just isn’t enough time for me to help with my troops. The President even agrees, and I told them that I would strengthen my border but to not worry. Germany has also taken some of France, it’s only a matter of time before it falls. Japan has also attacked the U.S. At least I know that the USSR is mostly safe from both countries. 

USSR 4 1944: Apparently, I’m not allowed to join the Axis. So, I’m back to being neutral because there is no way I can join the Allies. Some of the Allies have started to beg for me to join, but I can’t. Germany is advancing more and more on France, in fact they have taken over the country. I do feel safe for now, because the other countries are not focused on the USSR. They are focused on the Axis, so they really have no reason to attack us. Iran has also been taken over, even though I planned on taking it. It’s alright though, I have some trust in my allies. They know full well I will take food privileges away too. Right now, I just want to strengthen my borders. There is also no way I can do war because my allies around around me now, and I’m not the type of person to throw away an alliance unless provoked. The USSR is mostly just doing movements.

USSR 4 1945: The last year, I don’t plan on doing much. I can’t start any wars, because I’m allied with the countries around me. I’m still going to strengthen my borders though. Germany has also taken over all of France, but the U.S has taken over French North Africa. I still have nothing to worry about, I know that I’m not Germany, Japan’s, or Rumania’s top priority. They also don’t want to lose food privileges, so that’s why they haven’t attacked me. Germany no longer has a navy either, so America and Britain are safe. I can’t really help because that would take too many moves and time is already running out. I can proudly say though, the USSR has survived WWII with very little casualties. 

WW2 Activity Student Journal: Italy

WW2 Activity

Italy 3, 1938

The world is on edge again. You can feel tensions rising through the air. Italy is not ready for war. As a country we have decided to just sit back for a little bit, and see how everything goes. We are not very strong, we need to collect natural resources to help ourselves out. We love our alliance with Germany, as long as they stand strong. We have lots of countries that we are out to get.

Italy 3, 1939

The war has officially started. Italy is still choosing to stay out of the war for the time being. As we strategize, and try to agree on our first plan of attack, we try to decide what will be best for our country. We still need to gain more natural resources and we think we may have found a way to acquire some. The countries that we want to take over don’t have much for natural resources, this will be our biggest problem. The Axis Powers have headed into the war full force, and are taking over many lands already. We believe that being apart of the Axis Powers will be very helpful to us, and that they will provide us much help.

Italy 3, 1940

In the year 1940, we as Italy have finally decided to join the war. We are making big moves to allow us to be in best position for invasion. We have taken over Albania, it my have not given us any natural resources but we still believe that it still be useful. We have big plans for the war, and believe that we will be very successful. As our next move of attack we plan to take over Greece. And after that start to take over the countries on the bottom of the map. We may wait a little bit though before we attack so others think that we are just sweet and innocent, and won’t cause any harm.

Italy 3, 1941

We have conquered Greece, and will continue to take over other countries that we feel need to be taken out. Our next plan of attack is to take over Egypt. We believe that this will be easy because they don’t have many troops, and they don’t have anyone that can help protect them. There is talk in our alliance of kicking Germany out…. We do not believe that this is a smart move as the Axis Powers, especially because Japan has lost a majority of their troops. USSR has decided to side with the Allied Powers, and they are now very angry with them. It was a mistake for Japan to attack them, we feel that it will come back to haunt us in the end.

Italy 3, 1942

The Axis powers are remaining strong. Japan has been continuing to take over pretty much everything. Japan tried to attack the USSR, which was a big mistake. Losing most of their troops it is not looking good. Things are not looking good for Germany. We are not sure that we should side with them much longer. It may be in our best option to side differently. Germany has started to drift from attacking in the war, and we are not sure why. We fear that they may attack us. We have lost all of our Navy ships, which is going to make it very hard to conquer the countries that we want to take over.

Italy 3, 1943

Italy has decided to make a big change, even this late in the war. Italy has decided to switch sides, and side with the Allied Powers. Things were not looking good for Germany, and we feared attack from them. After lots of thinking, and processing we decided it was what would be best for our country. One major factor in us deciding to switch was the fact that our Navy was completely taken out. Without our navy we had no way to conquer the countries we needed to complete our objectives. When I signed with the Allies they promised me that those countries could be under Italy rule. Now as an Allied Power, we will start our attack on taking over Germany. We took over Austria, in order to move closer to Germany. Belgium is also back under our control.

Italy 3, 1944

Germany is still not doing much in the war anymore. As the Allied Powers, we continue to take over more, and more territory getting closer to Germany. Germany doesn’t even try to defend their countries. Today we as Italy we took over Bohemia- Moravia, to prepare ourselves for what is to come. We are starting to move into Germany. They are done for. All of Germany has finally become ours. We will now plan our attack, and move closer to Poland. Our first and only attack on Poland was a great success! Part of Poland is now ours. As we prepare to take the rest of Poland, we think deeply about our strategy. The Axis Powers aren’t doing much in the war anymore. We feel as though the end days of WW2 may be coming.

Italy 2, 1945

As the war is slowly starting to die down the Allied Powers stand strong. All of Poland has finally became ours. Along with Yugoslavia, Romania, and a bunch of other countries that are now also ours. The war was very interesting, and consisted of many different events. It was a hard fought war on both sides, even if the Axis Powers didn’t end with many on their side. It is a relief for all to see the war finally come to an end. There were many territories that went back and forth between both sides during the war. In the end it was a great win for the Allied Powers! 

WWII Lesson Plan Student Journal: Poland & The Netherlands

WWII Lesson Plan

Poland 3 1938

Being stuck between Germany and the USSR is not ideal when we are having territorial claims on our land by both strong countries. We will rely on the help of our friends France and Great Britain to keep the greedy powers away from our country. We need to start to gaining natural resources and make defensive alliances quickly. If I can get France and Great Britain to defend us and publicly guarantee our borders, we will be set for business. 

Netherlands 3 1938

Staying at peace has been so far so good, no tragedies, wars, treats, just our people living peacefully and calm. But as of late the German Armed Forces have been building and it worries my people at their hearts. If Germany does tries to go to war with my country will have to surrender because we will stand no chance. What also is worrying them and I, myself is that fact that Japan’s aggression in Asia is close to our dear Dutch East Indies. I need to form defensive alliances to better protect my country. Time to see what the Western Nations are able to do for us. We need to secure alliances by helping them in the pacific. Maybe I should try to give them some rubber, since we have more than enough. We just need to stay Neutral and out of the way. 

Poland 3 1939 

Today the plan was to strategize and try and gain more resources. But soon in 1939 we were taken over in P1 by the Axis powers and tried to save our land but we used all of our troops and still were defeated. We are still Allied with the Allied powers as of now and are looking to regain our lost territory. Poland is trying to regain out land so our Allies can protect our borders and we can retain what we have lost. We need to start gaining materials as well but first priority it to regain our land. 

Netherlands 3 1939

The Netherlands today was full of defeat. We lost out territory and the including the Dutch East Indies. We are still remaining neutral but with the Allies because we were invaded and needed to fleeing to Great Britain.  Right now we are waiting to see our next move and will discuss our plans to regain territory. We were nervous going into the war because our country has been at peace and our worst nightmares have happened, but we will be back. 

Poland 3 1940 

Today was a slow day at the office for Poland. We are waiting for our Allies to help and regain our territory lost to the Axis. Still negotiating with our Allies it is a waiting point at this point because we need to strategize through the North and Baltic Sea to get out country back! We are not worried about the USSR above us taking anything so as long as we can take back our country in hopes Great Britain and France will protect our borders and we will be back and strong again! Our navy is still strong so we are looking to take out the Nazi’s ships in the Baltic Sea so they can’t transfer troops over anymore. For now we are holding strong but big moves are coming in the future! 

Netherlands 3 1940

The territory lost was devastating for our country. But we still have high hopes because our neutral countries are looking to support us in future war. If we could regain back our country the people who helped us would get tremendous help because of the resources we could give back to them in huge sums or natural resources. As soon as the time is right we will try and take back the Netherlands first and regain all of our resources and then move on to take back the Dutch East Indies. The near future holds big things for the Netherlands and DEI and the heads are held high in coming times! 

Poland 3 1941 

It started with the USSR movement today and soviet union taking over Lithuania which is moving closer to Poland. We are trying to discuss with the USSR, GB, and France to take back over Poland so we can regain resources and help the other militaries. In the world news Japan has multiple attacks starting with Australia and moving on too Northwest China, Tibet, India, and Thailand. The Axis powers are making there presence known and taking over country by country. But in recent rumors we have heard Germany is beginning to lose power and we can start to make our move with gaining out land back and moving into Germany. As soon as we can regain our territory we will invade the Axis Powers and in high hopes start making our presence known with the Allied Powers. But in HUGE news today the USSR joined the allies which mean the countries surrounding me are now on my side which is amazing because we can easily take over Poland with the power of their army. This is a great thing happening because the soviet unions power is amazing and we are very excited to see what is going to happen in the near future! 

Netherlands 3 1941

Lots of wars are going on around the Netherlands territory. Japan has launched multiple attacks and is taking over names. But if we can possibly regain our land the resources we would gain could help our allied armies start to recover and begin to attack other lands because Japans troops are so spread out trying to defend all the land they are taking over. We are using our 50 boats in the Indian Ocean to take Japans boats so they cannot move any troops and we will control the waters. This is a huge sea battle and if successful we will control the navy. Unfortunately we lost the Naval battle to Japan because the had a defending bonus on top of their already high rated army. With the defeat we still have boats in the Indian Ocean so we can defend if needed. As of now our plan is to still take over the sea and move troops back into the Netherlands. The Germans have little troops in our territory and we are looking to attack tomorrow! 

Poland 3 1942

It started today with the Axis movement and not much happened. The United States our Allie today gained naval power with 200 more ships and over 2000 more troops because of the draft happening in America. The USSR is making movement towards Poland to try and regain P2 of Poland and we can start moving west towards Germany and France can start moving East so that we can take over the axis power and show Germany how strong we are! Wars are still happening around our country because Germany just took over Lithuania from the Soviet Union because we decided not to put up a fight and let the little territory go. After that we have decided with the regained power, GB and France are attacking the Italian Navy. We are doing this so that France cannot move anymore troops into Italy and they will be forced to spread out their troops and be easier to attack.  We won the sea battle and took out their navy and we still have plenty of ships left. Our next move is to hopefully defend Germany attack from P2 because they have moved lots of troops their and right now the USSR needs to defend that and after the victory we will start attacking back Poland because the Germans will be weak. As soon as this happens we can start to regain our military and navy and take over the Germans. But for now we are waiting for our allies and most importantly the USSR helping us to take back Poland!

Netherlands 3 1942

The hopes are not high for the Netherlands because the territory surrounding us is all taken over by and Axis and is not looking great for the land regain movement. Really not much is going on in the Netherlands because of it all being taken over by the Axis powers so right now we are just playing the wait game because we are focused on getting our navy set so we can move troops back into the Dutch East Indies so we can take over. We don’t think this will be a very difficult war as long as we get our ships in place and can move troops into the Indian and Philippine Sea. We re trying to currently regain the Netherlands with GB, France, and the United States attacking our country to get our land back lost to Germany. As soon as we take it back we are going to create a pinch effect so the Germans can’t do anything. We ran out of time today for this to happen but as soon as tomorrow comes around we are attacking the North Sea and taking the Netherlands back!

Poland 3 1943

Today starts with the Axis powers war. Today Japan decided to attack the Eastern USSR with 1145 troops and have decided to defend the territory with 1206 of our troops and we were victorious! The soviets plan of defending has been working great and is sitting very strong to move into Poland. As well Germany tried to attack F1 of France and France was victorious! The Axis powers keep losing troops and we are looking strong because to defend the land they currently have their troops are so spread out and weak we can attack very soon to take back our land. Today the strategy for the Allied powers is to move troops to the soviet land and really focus on movement for future battles because all of our Allies are on board to help get Poland back from the gosh darn Nazi’s. Our Allies today are also trying to create another huge accomplishment by trying to recruit France to join the Allies. If we could get this then we could be able to pinch Germany and really give those damn Nazi’s a piece of our mind. A little slice of heaven came down today as 4000+ troops and Italy joined the Allies! This gives us a much better chance of regaining our land because now Germany has to be worried from all angles and their troops will be so spread out they have no choice and we will be able to regain Poland! Germany has no option but to move troops out of P2 at this point and this a a great day for the country of Poland. It shows that the waiting game is sometime the best game! As well as Italy joining us today Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Bulgaria. What a turn of events happening for the better of our Allies and the future is so bright for us. Within a soon time period we will have our country back and the allies will be as strong as ever!

Netherlands 3 1943

More battles have happened near the Netherlands today but nothing in the better for us. The Nazi’s tried to take over in France but were defeated and now Frances troops are low and our strategy has fallen because they have to have troops so that we can attack and get back the land. All of our allies are focusing on movement today and try and mobilize to get their troops replenished and ready for battle because we don’t think it will be a very hard task to retake the Netherlands but it’s a process that takes time. But on a brighter note today the United States and the Netherlands have made verbal agreements that we are trying to regain the Netherlands and as soon as possible. It should be very hopeful future because within the next year our Allies have set a guarantee we will attack and regain the Netherland and our next focus will be towards the Dutch East-Indies. We have smiles and hopes on our faces and minds because we know that very soon we can finally show the world the power we really have!

Poland 3 1944

It all begins today with movement for the Allied Powers. Our biggest hope for reinstatement Poland is being a big pain in the rear because he doesn’t want to lose troops. But we think we have him convinced because he has plenty of troops and the Allies have taken over so much territory that even if he could lost all of his troops he couldn’t be attacked even if they tried. So as of now we are still discussing with the Soviet Union but they are not wanting to help even when we are Allied. In great news our allies are moving there way into Germany and we can finally take over our country once again. We have waited years for our allies to be ready and we finally think we have the chance to take back our precious land lost early in the war. As soon as we move our troops into position we will have Poland back from Germany. We have successfully pinched the Nazi’s today and is looking like a great battle about to go down in Poland because the allies have a MASSIVE amount of troops headed for the nazis and I don’t think they can defend. The Axis powers at this point are just trying to stall now because they know all they can do at this point is wait and see how much land they lose within the coming years. As soon as the Allied can attack we have over 9000+ troops to attack Poland and surrounding countries with. The allies have really shown their power in this war but we are far from finished! We have minimal time left but we are attacking Poland in the final steps of this war. For today we are only attacking P1 and regain that land first and then we will move on to our final goal to gain P2 and our country will be restored at once. It is amazing this is finally happened and we have regained half our territory with the regain of P1. This is once small step for Poland and a huge step for the Allies and the country!

Netherlands 3 1944

Another slow day at the office, both the Netherlands and the Dutch-East Indies are not seeing much attention as of this point. The United States and Great Britain have a plan to move ships and attack the Netherlands so they can move troops and start to pinch Germany which will also take troops from Germany in Poland and will make our battles much, much easier to win.  We are attacking the Netherlands today! YES FINALLY! Through the gruesome war the allies and the Netherlands have come out VICTORIOUS! We have been waiting for this to happen for years and this is amazing because now we get our resources, army, and navy back at once. We can now secretly help the Allies work towards the pacific and become the rulers of the world! Our only goal or objective at this point would be to regain the Dutch-East Indies but is looking to be very difficult because Japan is occupying all of that territory and would be extremely difficult to do in the amount of years left. 

Poland 3 1945

The war is finally coming to an end. We have now regained P1 of Poland and will take back P2 today with no effort! Our Allies have moved for the final time today towards P2 and we have a sum of 9000+ troops ready for battle near P2 of Poland. Germany tried to defend Ukraine with the troops from P2 and was successful but has very little troops left. Now that they cannot defend P2 we will get our land back we lost early in the war! We can now finally regain all of our land and have our country restored at once. If we had more time in the simulation we would try and gain more land and resources with everything we would gain from Poland. Now we are extremely excited to have our land and resources back, we are very thankful for the our Allies. Now we have regained everything we are just staying still and watching our Allies try and take over the entire world! If we just had one more time we could easily take over the world with a breeze but we don’t think we can move troops fast enough to get all of it. In recap for Poland we are very, very happy the way the simulation ended and are amazing grateful for our allies and specifically Great Britain and France for defending us and our borders after we have now regained our territory. Our Allies are still pushing East to take over Japan and surrounding countries but we the time, and loss of troops we don’t think we can successfully take all of it over. The war has been very interesting but we are glad it has come to an end and we can focus on our country’s restoration from the war in the future. 

Netherlands 3 1945

Nearing the end of the war we have regained our main territory of the Netherlands but have still not been able to get back our Dutch-East Indies as of now. It’s somewhat of a lost cause as of right now because Japan is surrounding it and we will not have enough time to get troops into the region. We are very happy with our victory in the Netherlands and having our land, people, and culture back feels amazing. Our future goals would be to gain more resources and regain the Dutch-East Indies but with the war coming fast to and end we will not have the time or resources to get what we want at this point.  Our future objectives for the Netherlands still remain neutral and try and gain resources in the future. If we keep our navy strong and resources high we could be a very helpful country for the bigger powers of the world. The only thing happening now is lots of action near the Dutch-East Indies because the Soviet Union is still trying to push East and take over Japan and China. We are just sitting back and watching war happen at this point and wishing the ones who helped us the best at war. We couldn’t regain the Dutch-East Indies in the time of the war but we are happy the way the simulation worked out for the Netherlands and are excited for the future of our country! 

Second World War Simulation Student Journal: USSR

Second World War Simulation

USSR 3 1938:  

Just getting started today was the first day we got to start the simulation. Looking in our notebooks, there was pretty good information that we could build up to gather our plan for the upcoming days. The top secret page was filled of juicy explanations and information based on out country and what who we need to Ally with. Our army is vastly improved from the defeats of World War 1. Talking to my team member, we want most of our objects to be successful so our country doesn’t get invaded by other countries and we want our country to be strong. 

USSR 3 1939:

The day today was hard for Poland and the Netherlands because they were attacked so hard. The axis power have been winning and taking over a lot this year. Great Britain was thinking about taking over Norway and to get America to ally with us.

USSR 3 1940:

Today we made a plan and we wanted it to follow through and yet out plan slowly failed. We were the first people to start the war today and we sent 700 troops to Finland and Finland has a good rate for Army. In the end Finland won the war and was left with 5 troops left. Our new plan is to get the resources we need and asking other countries for help. France gave us Iron Ore, we are asking around for rubber, oil, and other resources. We are moving troops so nobody attacks our troops and we want to move out ships. For tomorrow we are making a plan of attacking Finland.

USSR 3 1941:

The heat was on today between so many countries. I could tell on peoples faces that presidents were getting mad at other countries. When it was our turn, we wanted to send troops to other countries we had to keep those countries safe. We wanted to find more resources to keep out country safe and strong. The most thing we were looking for was rubber, all of our other resources we have a good amount on. The allies wanted us to join them so we don’t lose our country.The axis wanted us to join them too because they wanted us to help them attack the allies.  Thinking long and hard about who to join, we decided to join the allies so we can keep up with our objectives. Looking at our country, we were looking at Finland, they had 5 troops left, and we wanted to attack Finland. We went 300 troops and left with 289 troops. (lost 11). The last thing we did was attack Japan and we won. Today was just so stressful knowing what to do and when to attack. The hardest part was knowing who to side with today. 

USSR 3 1942:

The battle today was a strong one Everyone on the Allies side was staying strong and wanted to take over as many countries as they can. Japan was on the USSR all day today. They just wouldn’t stop wanting to attack us. The allies were attacking more than one at one time and everyone had smart ideas on who to attack. It was up to the presidents to decide if they wanted to attack. Great Britain, France, USSR attack Belgium. After the attack, Belgium had 2000 troops in the country and Great Britain, France, and USSR lost there troops to Belgium. 

USSR 3 1943:

Right away today Japan attacked Eastern USSR with 1145, and lost there troops. In the end the USSR won the battle and still have troops there to keep it safe. Everyone was trying to use their boats to  protect there country and keep there troops safe. Poland wanted us to help them get there country back, we wanted the Russians to close in. First the USA wanted to send troops so were more likely to win the battle. Today we attacked Rumania, for our objectives, we sent 300 troops and Rumanian has 200 troops. In the end we lost because they sent troops over. After the battle, we moved troops to protect the rest out country. Italy came to the allied side so we can keep them safe and help them, Italy was attacking, and making a pact with the allies. We have another country joining the allies which are, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania. The allied attacked Belgium and won the war. Allied country’s attacked Rumania, and lost and theres 5 troops left in Rumania for someone to attack again. 

USSR 3 1944:

The battle today was laid back at first. The allies were in movement and trying to keep as many troops in each country. Movement today was just all over, everyone was moving troops. The US, got 3000 more troops and 200 more boats for the war. The allies wanted to get Poland back to get them back in power, we didn’t want to bring back Poland because we think we wouldn’t win the battle. US, Great Britain, was taking over the Netherlands to get them back in power. USSR is going to get Poland back because germanys army gets lower each day. The allies were attacking Germany, and Germany didn’t want to do anything, and in the end we invaded Germany. We have a plan to get Poland back with all the alli troops we have. The allies planned on attacking Poland today, Japan didn’t like the idea of the allies taking Poland, so they send troops into Poland to make sure they don’t lose Poland. 

USSR3 1945:

The last day was the day for everyone to release all the anger they had in them. The allies had the first move today and most everyone on the allied side was moving troops so in the end we would be safer and have more power over each other. Germany was attacking Ukraine with 2300 troops and we sent troops with everything we had to keep our country. Germany was victorious with the war of Ukraine. The Allied troops wanted to get Ukraine back to keep it on the Allied side. Italy was attacking Lithuania and Yugoslavia. Great Britain was attacking Slovakia with 950 troops. The US was sending troops in to make sure the allies were successful. The allies got Poland back and were making sure that we can keep it to our side and not lose it again. We were attacking Ukraine with 101 and Germany had 15 troops in the country. In the end, We finally took over Ukraine and Slovakia. Italy is attacking Greece with 198 and the allied powers were victorious. Japan is attacking Siberia with 185 troops and we sent 100 extra troops and we won. Japan is sending Siberia again with 200 troops, Great Britain sent 99 troops with everyone defending and in the end once again Allied powers won the war. The allied war was the most important thing right now because everyone on the allied side was moving troops and protecting each other. Japan wanted us to send troops into NW china, which was not the best idea. Japan wanted to do everything in its mind to win the battle. We are attacking Rumaina with 68 troops and once again we won. We wanted to attack as more as we can, to win the final battle. During all of this, soldiers died, some were even missing, never to be heard from again by their families, it was incredibly tough. At the end of this simulation, you could talk about how nowadays, distant relatives of these soldiers can now search an online census from Genealogy Bank to find out what happened and if they survived the war.