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WW2 Simulation Journal: Poland and The Netherlands 2

World War 2 Simulation
Period 2,  Poland and Netherlands

Poland/Netherlands 2 1938
What I plan on doing is to try to keep my territory neutral for as long as possible. It’s going to be tough because I am so small compared to other countries. With that I plan on becoming allies with some other countries, not sure on what countries yet. But a lot of people are mad because I am the one that started world war two.

Poland/Netherlands 2 1939
Germany tried to take over the Netherlands today and Great Britain sent troops to help me with it. Now that I have been attacked I am going to join the allies so that I can achieve one of objectives for the Netherlands. Germany took over P1 right at the beginning and I tried to retain my territory by moving troops from P2 to P1. I wasn’t able to have anyone help me because everyone was around there original territories.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1940
Today is a big day for the allies we are declaring war on the germany navy. France, Great Britain, and I are declaring war on their navy so its easy to move through the sea zones to get where we want. I am forming a lot more defensive allies that are helping me fight to get my land back. Great Britain and I are going for the Dutch East Indies-Netherlands. The axis powers took it away from me and now since I have defensive allies they are helping me keep my land and resources. We are trying to declare war more on the axis powers to weaken there army so then we can attack and get more land eventually in the end. Germany is invading my land with 100 troops and their is really nothing I can do about it. Our navies are moving from the Baltic Sea into the North Sea to try and defend my land and drop off troops into the Netherlands. We are victorious with defending my land. I want to take my time and thank Great Britain and france right now because without them, I’d be nothing. As of now I think I did the right thing by joining the Allies. Germany is trying to attack me again and its kinda ticking me off. JUST LEAVE ME AL ONE.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1941
Today I plan on helping move troops from Great Britain into France to help France fight off Germany because yesterday I did some spy work and found out that one of Germany’s objectives is to take over France. We moved the troops from France to Belgium so that we could fight off Germany. We wanted to do that because Germany’s objective is to take over France. Axis have Belgium now, which makes me nervous for France. I believe that I achieved most of my objectives besides obtaining my own land but I hope if I keep helping the Allies they will help me get my land back. Its going to be awesome and Japan and Germany are going to be shocked. They don’t know what is coming.

Poland/Netherlands 2, 1942
I still have 8 Navy in the North Sea zone and I basically plan on helping the allies until I can’t no more so I can say that I tried to do my part and what not. If I continue to help them they will help me get my land back and the allies will take over. Soviet Union broke an alliance with Japan. This made Cassie (Japan) furious. The Axis powers are trying to take over France as of now, its a two front war.. They have Germany coming from Belgium and Italy coming in by F2.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1943
We moved our convoy down by French-north Africa to take over. I plan on to still help the Allies and to keep my defensive allies to potentially get my land back. If we attack Japan we will have more land and start a two front war from Great Britain and the USSR. I pretty much do what Brandon tells me because he is probably the most powerful. I am glad that U.S. is on our side because they mobilize and get a crap ton of troops. I made a smart choice by joining the allies.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1944
With Poland helping the allies I have got back my land in P1 and P2. I now have poland back and the allies are basically taking over everything possible right now. The whole map is orange. By Poland helping them the whole time and not switching sides I now have my land back and I am pretty happy. I have been taken over at the beginning by Germany and then the USSR took me back over. Its basically a fight over who gets Poland because if we get Poland we can get to the center of Germany. I’m excited because I was suppose to retain my land but now that I let them take me over and the side with the allies they now got my land back and I am happy.
Poland/Netherlands 2, 1945
The allies plan on taking over the whole world basically. Today we are trying to take over G1 and the countries surrounding it. This is exciting because we are going to probably be the strongest allied power in the grade. Germany is going to be crapping themselves. If we get G1 we are basically done with war and have everything under our belt. Its a nice feeling to have so much power even though I only have 8 navy! But I am helping in a way!!

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 3

World War 2 Simulation
Today is the first day of simulation. Germany wants more land and France and the USSR are right in their way. We are the U.S.A and were supposed to stay neutral until we get attack. When we attack we will try take out the Axis powers.

The USSR has attack the Eastern Poland and Germany attacked Western Poland to take them out right away. The USSR and France have been supplied with natural resources that they need. I think that USSR will joined the Allies because Germany attacked Eastern Poland took it away from USSR. We are helping the Allies power with ideas right now, but aren

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 3

WW2 Simulation
Journal 1
We made a plan for tar hoping to just advance some troops into france and right away get poland we weren’t sure if we could trust the ussr. WE say opening’s for us to be able to make a huge move on the first hopefully it goes to plan but we have to watch out for that british navy since they have a huge rating.

Journal 2
So what happened today was Germany took over poland after a long talk about how we should use the right amount of troops while making sure that we still can defend the area. After that we tried taking over france or a section but they were able to defend. The worse part was that the USSR cut off are oil so we are having to find another way of getting oil. Great Britain attacked are navy but weren’t worried then the ussr took poland or a part which we needed for oil so we attacked the ussr and we got that part of poland for the oil. Thanks to japan attacking the netherlands in asia and we now have coal and rubber which we all hugely need.

Journal 3
Today we tried to attack the nether lands because they are week and just to have that area would help keep troops there but great brititna sent there navy to help aid the netherlands. We also decided to not attack the ussr until later so that we can worry about everyone else and not to have anymore conflict. We have made a alliance with belgium and yugoslavia.

Journal 4
Today we tried taking over france and we were able to conquer part of france but itatly decided not to help us on the lower half so all we were able to do was weaken there forces. The US and great britian used there trips to move closer to france to help defend but we are prepared for there attack. In order to to take over part of france like i said we had to break the Alliance with belgium which was easy and a huge help.

Journal 5
We just sent troops over to france trying to take it over but great britian and us used there troops to help defend but slowly we are going to weaken them, We also in order to help out romania attacked the USSR we took out belarus and after long long time we took out the ukraine. Then we moved troops for a finally wave on france.

Journal 6
We acquired the last bit of france for only a short time due to the US sending more troops then we had. We decided that we should just leave f3 be and moved are troops to the ussr and let the us have f3. The Ussr sent all the troops that they had trying to take back the land that we had.

Journal 7
Today we sent some troops up threw the uusr trying to get a hold of norway before it all comes to and end. In france the us had moved troops in and took out a huge amount of troops that we had but we were able to hold them back which is lucky for us. Japan was attacked lost it’s navy but made it way up into the ussr and lost the Dutch east Indies.

Journal 8
The last day of the war was huge for us we had taken out all of the ussr troops which was a huge goal in are minds. We were able to keep germany from being attacked and the only thing they got back out of all of that as a part of france due to the huge amount of troops that the us had sent in there. Itatly was on my bad side so i attacked them just taking out some troops For the heck of it as great britian may say. With that was the end of the war a huge success for us in the long run.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Yugoslavia, Belgium

Belgium 3 1938
October 19th 1938
    Unrest is bursting at every seam of Europe, soon the countries will engage each other in war. Belgium is small, and I hope to keep it out of the war. We will have no part in it, were are too feeble to help in anyway and I will not have my country held accountable for anything. I fear one country may think I am working for the other. I shall make secret pacts to not attack anyone with as many people as I can.

Belgium 3 1939
May 8th 1939
    I just finished signing a treaty with the king of Yugoslavia, I know him well. At the moment he has not decided between Axis of Ally, we both discussed this and the option of a third party, but we are nowhere near each other to help and far too weak. We resolved it best to stay neutral to the world. There is little involvement of Belgium anywhere, its good news, although my people were worried when they heard that Poland had fallen to Hitler. If he is as power hungry as they say I fear we are next. Another worry, Belgium is the

WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 3

WW2 Simulation
Great Britain 3 1938
Today was a little confusing but after asking a few questions and reading through our binder a little more, we are starting to understand it a little more. Great Britain  plans to give the US some rubber hoping that it might be the beginning of an alliance between the two countries. This excites us because we NEED an alliance with the US.

Great Britain 3 1939
Today after the Soviet Union cut off their oil transport to Germany and the US cut of their oil transportation to Japan, we knew this was the beginning of a good alliance with both countries. After Poland was attacked, Great Britain felt kind of bad that we couldn’t help but Poland knew they had no chance considering they were being attacked by Germany and none of their allies could get there to help. We decided it would be in our best interest to try and defeat the Japanese navy while we can and before they gain more land/power. We also have plans to funnel some troops from Great Britain to France so when they are attacked by Germany, we are prepared to fight back and be Victorious!

Great Britain 3 1940
Today we followed through with our plan and attacked the Japanese navy and weakened them as much as we could. We thought that by doing this, they would be a lesser threat to Great Britain’s Navy. I think this might have helped us a little bit it didn’t make a HUGE difference in the simulation.

Great Britain 3 1941
Today we lost Belgium because it was impossible to protect ourselves from Germany and Italy. Fortunately for us, Japan has attacked the Pearl Harbor which means the US is officially entering the war. All we have to do now is protect as much of France as we can since we are allied and we have a reliable, accessible place to store our troops.

Great Britain 3 1942
Both Ben & I were gone so we weren’t able to do much strategizing but Allied countries as a whole did some strategizing and decided that it would benefit us to not declare war and just move the Great Britain’s navy over near Great Britain so we could move more troops into France (F3) because they thought (and were right) that Germany was going to attack (F3). Since one of our objectives is to remain loyal to France, I was happy with the decision they made while Ben & I were gone.

Great Britain 3 1943
Today didn’t go our way at all. Ben and I feel as if we’ve already lost the war because there is no way we can take out Japan, Germany, or Italy since they are way more more powerful than us. The USSR lost a lot of their troops today which mean that the US and Great Britain are pretty much the only countries left with valuable troops. At this point, if Japan attacks our navy, we’re screwed.

Great Britain 3 1944
The only troops we have at this point are the troops we have stationed in F3. We don’t think war is a good idea for us right now so we plan to use our navy to help the US mobilize. And to put a cherry one the cake, good ole’ Italy took over Iran today and took the resources we had there. We attempted to fight back but we had no navy in that area and we only had 50 troops in Iran. This is extremely frustrating because we feel stupid that we didn’t even see that coming so we weren’t prepared what so ever.
Great Britain 3 1945
Ben and I feel that we should have gotten more done in the beginning of the war. The USSR didn’t help us as much as we thought they would and they also were nearly as powerful as we thought they were either.¬† This really irritates me because i hate loosing, obviously.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 3

WW2 Simulation

WW2 Simulation

3 U.S.S.R. 3 1938 (Monday)

was Orientation year. Since I missed it I just watched all the videos
on moodle to understand everything. Connor just talked to people
about the war and looked what he is going to do in the next years.

3 1939 (Tuesday)

the start of the war started for my country by taking over part of
Poland. Originally I was planning on getting their oil, but Germany
took it away from me and since my army is really weak at this point I
had to let them go. However, I just cancelled the oil transfer to
Germany so that I have that for my own country now. Another step was
to annex Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These countries are part of
U.S.S.R. now. Nobody fought for them so that was pretty easy. To get
my army stronger I talked to the United States which has a lot of
excess natural resources. They gave me as much as they could and now

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 3b

WW2 Simulation
Germany – 3 – 1938 (Monday)
With an analysis of the map of Europe and Asia, the president Joey and I have a good idea of what we want to do right away. There are several objectives on our list, so we decided to get planning right away so we could take action when the time came. We first made sure we knew who our clear allies were, so we could exchange ideas and common objectives to work toward together, because one less ally could make the difference in a war like this. We put our ratings and resources into consideration, helping form short and long terms goals we wanted to achieve. We also tried putting ourselves in the enemy

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 3

WW2 Simulation

WW2 Simulation

Today we were informed on the troubles
in Europe. Germany is getting hungry for land and France and the USSR
are right in their path. We are supposed to stay neutral until we are
attacked. When attacked we will try to wipe out the Axis powers.

United States 1939

The USSR and France have been supplied
with natural resources that they need. The USSR has attacked Eastern
Poland and Germany attacked Western Poland. Germany then attacked
Eastern Poland and took it away from the USSR. The USSR didn’t like
that but hasnt joined the Allies officially, but they are leaning
towards their side. We still are in isolation and are staying out of
the war physically. However we are helping out the Allies with ideas
where to send troops and where to attack. For right now, we aren’t
going to get involved.

United States 1940

Everything is still the same with us
in the United States of America. We are still uninvolved with the war
physically. However, things aren’t looking good for the Dutch East
Indies. It seems as though they have been taken over by the Japanese.
Great Britain is sending troops over to weaken the Japanese troops
occupying the territory, but their efforts don’t do too much except
weaken the Japanese army. All I am hoping is that the Japanese
doesn’t attack the Philippines because they are no match for the
Japanese’s navy or their army.

United States 1941

This was a big year for the Allies. I
was attacked by the Japanese navy at Pearl Harbor causing me to lose
all my naval troops in the Pacific. I have announced that I am
joining the Allied forces and mobilized my troops. GB is still
pumping troops into the Dutch East Indies and is also sending some
of their own troops to defend France. We have lost some Eastern
territories to Germany including Northeast France, Belgium, Denmark
and Netherlands. China is reinforcing its Eastern territories with
its troops with the help of Great Britain’s colonial troops. They are
there for defense and attack, in case the time comes.

United States 1942

Italy has taken over all of Africa and
is moving East to take over more land. Germany and Italy keep sending
more troops into France to try and take over Southeastern part of
France and the Western shore of France. They are losing a lot of
troops by doing this because the Allies’s naval fleet keeps sending
in troops from Great Britain to knock down the amount of troops
Germany has. Germany shows no signs of attacking the USSR. On the
Eastern side of the world, Japan has lost a significant amount of
troops after China and Great Britain’s colonial troops attacked them.
The USSR attacked Manchukuo with 3500 troops but still somehow lost.
I was sure that they would’ve won but it doesn’t matter, Japan lost a
lot of troops after that battle.

United States 1943

We are losing France and Great Britain
has given up due to their loss of troops, and I’ve pretty much been
put in charge to be the savior of the Allies. I don’t like the idea
but I have no other choice but to go along with it. Italy is plowing
through all of Great Britain’s troops in the Middle East. Germany has
wiped out all of the USSR’s troops in Belarus and the Ukraine. The
USSR is now getting paranoid that they will completely take her over
with the help of Japan. Speaking of Japan, they have taken over all
of Asia. They only have 1 unit of troops in a few of the Chinese
territories so that will be easy to take back, but that’s only if we
can get troops over their in time. We plan on taking out the Japanese
navy next year with the help of Great Britain and the Netherlands’s

United States 1944

More and more of the USSR is being
taken over by the Axis. We are still holding strong in France;
Germany hasn’t taken it completely over. I have a lot of troops stuck
in the US because we don’t have the amount of navy to pull them out.
Italy has moved further into the Middle East and will keep moving
until they run out of troops. We successfully took out the Japanese
navy leaving about 250 troops stuck on the Japanese mainland. With
the absence of a navy, Japan wasn’t able to stop us from taking the
Dutch East Indies. As each year passes, the Axis lose more and more
troops. However, it doesn’t seem like we will have enough time to
take back everything from the Axis powers. The rest of the Allies
look to me for the answer to all the problems all the time and blame
me for not being able to get my troops out of the US, but its not my
fault. Just because I’m the only one with troops left doesn’t mean I
can do anything to stop the Axis. Time is a big problem. I just don’t
have enough time to get my troops over. If I did, I feel like we
could easily sweep out all of the Axis troops out of Europe.

United States 1945

There wasn’t much we could do on the
Eastern side except weaken Japan but this late in the game it doesn’t
do much. Japan has taken over all of Asia and some of the USSR. On
the Western side however, we are pumping 700+ troops at a time into
France; keeping out of the hands of those filthy Nazis. I was able to
spread a rumor to the Germans that Italy was going to switch to the
Ally side. It was quite a humorous thing, I’d have to say, because
Germany then attacked Italy with a few troops. Germany pushed further
into the USSR taking out most of their troops. So as this simulation
concludes, it looks like the Allies have failed to stop the Axis

Additional Notes: I feel like
this simulation was the hardest for me because all the other leaders
looked to me for help but there wasn’t much that I could do to help.
I didn’t want to control their armies because its not my job to be in
control of them. Joey even called me the totalitarian dictator for
the Allies because I was calling all the shots. I’m not saying I
didn’t like being in control, I love being in control, but its a lot
of pressure for me .


Brayden Thies

President of the United States
of America

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 4


Period 4_Chelsea BonSchmit_Germany

Today is the first day for Germany. We
have set up a plan to take over Poland. We are taking them over
because they have a surplus amount of coal, 17.5. We also wanted to
cut off Norway and Sweden resources from any country. Tomorrow is
going to be a successful day.

Germany 1939

Today we had a victorious day. We took
over P1in Poland with 600 troops. We also made an alliance with
Romania. They have a very good oil resource so we figured they would
be a good alliance. Also they are by the Black Sea so we are able to
transportation resources. We also attacked Denmark with 2000 troops
and was victorious. We attacked Belgium, but they France and Germany
helped them so they were victorious and we lost all of those troops.
We also attacked the Netherlands and we won once again. I wonder if
the Allies are scared of us yet. The Netherlands don’t have very good
resources but they are by the Baltic Sea which gives us a great
advantage to take over Sweden and Norway. We also attacked Belgium
once again and this time we were victorious once again. We are
sweeping theses countries right and left. We also gave our alliance,
Italy some coal.We also sent 160 troops into Sweden by Navy, won!
Today was a successful day. We will see what tomorrow brings. Hope it
is just as successful!

Germany 1940

Today was a
successful day. We didn’t attack as much as we did yesterday. We
thought that we would say on the down low today. The other countries
need to recover from our victorious day yesterday. We are allies with
Japan and they took over the main rubber supplies. She promised us
she would send some resources over. Hopefully she keeps her promise
and sends some. If she does that we will have a dominate supplies of
resources. We took over Sweden and got their source of Iron Ore. Our
next step is to take over the USSR either through Poland or take over
Finland through Sweden. With taking over the USSR we meet our
objective and get a good resource of oil. Tomorrow shall be a
victorious day!

Germany 1941

Today we took Over
F1 in France. This was half of one of our objectives. Our next plan
is take over the USSR. We attacked North USSR. We were successful! We
also attacked Belarus which was another objective. I think today was
a good day we only lost one battle and it was Estonia. Estonia wasn’t
a really much of a loss. They had no resources we could use so it was
a useless battle. We also attacked Ukraine. With having North USSR,
Belarus, and Ukraine we have about half of the USSR. Hopefully
tomorrow we can take over the rest of USSR.

Germany 1942

Today our plan
demolished! We tried taking over North Central, Central USSR, and
Southern USSR and we lost! This is a very bad day also because Italy
went with the allies. Since they are with the allies that makes us
not have any access to the Adriatic Sea or West Mediterranean. Since
Italy joined the Allies we also lost resources like coal and iron
ore. We were suppose to help Italy keep their northern Africa safe
but we couldn’t. In all today was one of the worst days we have had.
We won no battles, lost Italy. Nothing could get any worse.

Germany 1943

We finally won
Caucasus. They have a lot of oil its unbelievable. The oil strength
for them is 11. That was a good accomplishment. We thought since we
have Caucasus we can take over Urals no problem. Nope, we lost. We
also got Finland but they have nothing useful. It was like free land
there and we took it over. Today was a very quiet day and we didn’t
do much. We figured we needed time to step back from the bad day we
had yesterday.

Germany 1944

Allies are
victorious in taking over belgium

Austria was tooken
over and we moved troops in Austria

Allies took over

Allies took over

We are getting
defeated more and more. We NEED to defend our G1 territory in
Germany. That is the only territory most important to us. The allies
were very victorious and took over so much of Germany’s territories.
They took over Belgium, Finland and they took G1. G1 was the one
territory we wanted to keep and they took it over. We kept about a
good 3,000 troops in there to keep the territory but they were
successful. They had troops from France, Great Britain, and United
States to take us over. I think we are defeated. We have a little
more than 200 troops left to defend with.

Germany 1945

We have been taken
over. We tried taking free territory that was open in USSR and they
eventually took it over. We thought we would win this war but we

WW2 Simulation Journal: USSR 4
USSR 4 1938
I have that Nazi-Soviet Pact with Germany so that might keep me safe for a couple of days. I don’t trust the leader though. I’ll see how the first couple of years go though. I’ve already talked to Great Britain and China. As soon as Germany attacks me (and we know they eventually will) we are going ally with them.
USSR 4 1939
Germany still hasn’t attacked the USSR. I think he’s going to do it next. We both conquered Poland which means I don’t have a barrier between them anymore. Japan and I talked and she is thinking that I am going to ally with her. She thinks I’m going to go against Great Britain and China. What she doesn’t know is that I told Great Britain and China what she is planning to do.
USSR 4 1940
Germany attacked my part of Poland which means I joined with the Allies. China is slowly getting taken over by Japan. I’m planning to help China by attacking them from the top and slowly working my way down. I’m also slowly moving troops down through China to attack from the front side also.
USSR 4 1941
Germany is slowly taking over the USSR on the west side. There is nothing I can really do right now, those troops aren’t very strong. I took over Manchukuo from the North and she sent troops from NC China to help. That leaves an easy window to attack NC China. She can’t do much because she doesn’t have much troops. No one can help me on the west though because there is no one there to help. At least we might have a chance now that the United States has joined the war.
USSR 4 1942
Germany reached Central, now all that I have left in the west is 400 wimpy troops in Urals. Great Britain, China, and I are going to move troops from South China to Siberia. We just want to take out the last of the Japan troops in China. I’m getting nervous about Germany attacking me and I don’t have any troops to defend my land. Here’s a new twist of events, Italy joined the allies. Great Britain, Italy, and the United States are going to move troops into France.
USSR 4 1943
Japan took over my Eastern USSR, now all I have between the two Axis Powers is Siberia and Urals. Germany stopped attacking me from that side now though. He has most of his troops in the capital. The rest are spread out throughout the other countries that he has taken over. The United States, Italy, and Great Britain are still moving troops into France. I think they are going to try and take over Germany eventually, hopefully soon. Great Britain, China, and I are moving are troops up to Siberia as fast as we can.
USSR 4 1944
Today Belgium got taken over by the Allies. They are going to attack Germany finally. If they destroy Germany this war will finally be over. There might be a few little battles, but they can’t do much. We finally got our troops into Siberia so Japan can’t take over that. I don’t know what we are planning to do. I guess we are going to try and get our original territory back. I don’t know if I will have enough time to get all of it back, but I will try and get most of it back.
USSR 4 1945
I tried to get my territory back. I got two more territories back. I’m glad I had Great Britain and the Allies to help me. We defeated Germany and no one else could really conquer the rest of us. Japan took their territory back, but that was ok. I’m just glad the war is finally over.