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WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 3

Germany 3 1913

It’s 1913. The year before the World War 1 Start. I’m one of the Central Powers, Germany, and allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. They are both really strong but I still wanted to make more alliances, since they can never really hurt you, as long as you don’t trust them too much.
Since it was one of my objectives, I made a secret alliance with Bulgaria. It had to be secret, because Bulgaria was worried about the effects of having open alliances.
In addition I tried to make sure I have alliances with countries that surround France, since they are surely going to try to get their land back. Thats why I made a secret alliance with Belgium, so I could convince them to let my troops through their land every time. I also hope that they are going to fight on the side of the central powers- against France.
Last but not least I also tried to make an alliance with Italy, since I wanted them to protect me and Austria Hungary against France. But Italy denied and so I am pretty sure that it already has an alliance with France. I’m aware of that alliance and always keep some of my troops on G1, next to Italy.

Germany 3 1914

The World War started. Many countries mobilized but in the moment I heard Russia is mobilizing I acted and declared war to Russia. Why? I really don’t want to wait till I have France and Russia attacking me from both sides at the same time – the two- front war that eliminated Germany in the first world war. So I decided to kill Russia as quick as possible, so I can concentrate on France. Austria-Hungary is fighting on my side and the Ottoman Empire is trying to attack Russia from the South. We will see how that goes. I’m just scared because the Russian have lots of new soldiers next year and I don’t want them to over roll my exhausted army.
Thats why I’m planning on moving more troops to the East, always in the hope France is going to wait till they attack us.
I’m also concerned about Great Britain, since they have been pretty quiet so far.
The next step I want to make is convincing Austria-Hungary to kill Serbia and Montenegro, because they are little countries, that are going to grow from now on. We should eliminate as many enemies as we can in the next year, so our power is growing and we are ready to fight Russia and France at the same time, and can fully concentrate on them.
A little lost was  the take-over of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, since I was planning on honoring my alliance with this little country. But I couldn’t do anything- all my groups were in the North.

Germany 3 1915

Russia just got about 3000 new soldiers in their backland. Although I really want to fight them I can’t overtake the next part of their land because they would just fight me back and overwhelm my exhausted army. So I tried to convince the Ottoman Empire to attack Russia from the South, but they were concentrating on Greece and Serbia. Thats why I am going to wait till I try to destroy Russians army again. Why? Because Great Britain just took my navy down and the alliances got pretty strong in the West. 2000 French soldiers are in Belgium and about 4000Soldiers are in Italy, which joined the alliances. That forced me to stay in the West, I can’t effort to put Russia down right now, I need all my troops to save my borders and Austria-Hungary. Otherwise France and Italy are going to attack us.
In addition Egypt and all the other countries on the South joined the alliances against the Central Powers. Now I’m getting kind of nervous because we are surrounded by enemies.
But I couldn’t do anything about all our little enemies in the south, like Serbia or Montenegro because I needed my troops elsewhere. I tried to convince Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to take them down as quick as possible so they can’t get any stronger but they didn’t want to.

Germany 3 1916

The situation for Germany got better this year. After long calculations and strategies I decided to make the border to Belgium and Italy strong enough to have more Power than the French soldiers in these countries have.
I’m not going to attack them though, because I don’t need to fight them and since I know that they want their land back from Germany I just wait for them to attack me, so that I can get the defense point in the rating. My army is going to be up at a rating of 11 when they declare war against me so it should be possible to defend myself. I’m just waiting for their next step.
Meanwhile I convinced the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to take down Serbia and Montenegro, since I had the feeling that they are going to become really strong when we don’t take them down immediately. I think we should get rid of as many enemies as we can right now so we can concentrate on our biggest enemies and save the borders.
Romania tried to help Serbia, which really surprised me because it is in the middle of the Central Powers and really easy for us to take down. I even told them my ultimatum: Stay out of it and neutral or we crush you. They didn’t listen and so Austria Hungary took it down. Now that Austria Hungary lost a lot of people I’m going to help them with as many groups as possible.
Russia still didn’t move which surprises me since they could weaken me when they use a lot of their army. Since the Ottoman Empire in the South is really weak now they can’t really threat Russia anymore which should be a chance for Russia to use their complete Army for the West- Germany and Austria-Hungary. But I am not too scared because Russia always had lots of people, but never strong ones.
My main point is defense at the time and at the point where I get the chance- I’ll attack Russia and help the Ottoman Empire to get stronger again.

Germany 3 1917

This year was compared to the last years pretty quite. Italy and Belgium still have the same amount of troops and I still wait for them to attack me to get my defense point on all of my troops. Meanwhile Russia moved their troops to the border- a lot of people stay against me. I just moved all my troops that were close to this border to Russia to get a defense point on all of my troops since they are obviously going to attack me. When they really do then they don’t really have lots of troops left- their army is destroyed.
The Ottoman Empire got pretty much taken down by navies of Great Britain. I tried to eliminate those troops with my navy but I wasn’t strong enough. The Ottoman Empire is lost and now Austria-Hungary and me stand against the rest of Europe. We will move all our troops in our countries since we don’t really need the land in the south, like Bulgaria and Greece.
Otherwise nothing really happened, the US joined the Allied Powers, which didn’t surprise us and now I’m waiting for them to get on the border of Belgium. I just hope I am strong enough to defend myself in the end.
Since tomorrow is the last year everyone is just going to attack us but I still stay with my defense-idea: waiting for them to attack and getting thousands of defense points on my side. Since they really have lots more troops than I do I really need a high rating to be able to get them down.
We will see what happens next. If Russia isn’t going to attack me I may just use my army in the east to destroy as many Russian troops as possible.

Germany 3 1918

The last year of war was nerve wracking. Since I didn’t realize that troops can come through the forrest the U.S and France were able to take my territory over easily.
I wasn’t able to take it back though because as soon as I would have done it, all my other territories would have been weakened and vulnerable. The Russian army got their territory back but they lost lots of army. The Russians were almost wiped out at the end.
Italy didn’t do anything and the troops in Belgium didn’t really do anything either.

My final thought about the position as Germany and my main strategy: My main strategy was the thought that the Allied Powers have a more powerful army over the whole time period. To resist all their troops I wanted to destroy as many capitals of allied countries as quick as possible so they lose some of their troops that I have to fight over time. That didn’t really work though because the Ottoman Empire denied to help me with crushing Russia from the South and Austria-Hungary didn’t want to take over Serbia and Montenegro at first. That’s why the Allied Powers got stronger over time. We didn’t really stopped their troops from growing. That was our main problem. Another problem was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire after attacking Greece, from which I warned it. Austria-Hungary and me stood there by ourselves. These facts added together with the frustrating fact that I got the facts about the Ardennes Forest wrong, made the Allied Powers strong and so at the very end I lost one of my territories to the French.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States


WW1 Lesson Plan

States 3 1913

is 1913, and war is about to start. I think if us United States stay
neutral for some time, we should be fine. After we stay neutral for
awhile, I believe we should make an alliance with Great Britain and
France, to make sure we are safe. Declaring war on Germany may be a
smart idea, since we have allies to back us up, we will be
successful. I think we should attack the part of Germany that has the
least amount of troops, because we will have more of a chance to take
over that land. Once we attack Germany, we will then help Great
Britain and France with the wars they end up declaring. As allies,
our duty is to back each other up in time of war.

States 3 1914

in the year of 1914, us United States has decided to mobilize. This
helps our number of troops greatly! Although nobody has declared war
on the United States, they have declared war on other countries. The
Ottoman Empire was successful at war with Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary
and Germany are successful in taking over part of Russia (known as
R3). The United States is fortunate right now, because no one is
attacking us. I do not think we are anyones target at this point in
time, but, I am sure once we start making moves, we will be a target.

States 3 1915

year many countries got Poison Gas. Unfortunately, we were not one of
those countries to receive the luxury of Poison Gas. Not only did
others receive Poison Gas, but, the Lusitania sunk. There were 1,198
deaths, including 128 Americans. This put the United States under the
spotlight, just a little. During this year, a lot has happened; The
German Navy was destroyed by Great Britain, Italy joined the Allies,
France and Great Britain’s navy’s are now surrounding Germany, and,
Austria-Hungary is now giving no representation for the Slavs in
their government. We are still neutral at this time, but, we need to
start talking to Great Britain and France to make sure they are going
to be okay with forming an alliance in two years.

States 3 1916

are getting serious now. So much war is happening, and I am afraid
other countries might start attacking the US. Austria-Hungary
attacked, and took over Montenegro and Serbia. Romania joined the
Allies, but was taken over by the Central Powers not too long after.
Greece was almost taken over by Austria-Hungary, but received some
temporary help! The allies are in desperate need of land. We are
slowly losing land, one piece at a time. This is not good. Next year
we will be making our allies, and the US will be known as part of the
Allies, which may cause some tension to build.

States 3 1917

we joined the allies, and we are declaring war on the Central Powers.
This is crazy! We just mobilized, and now have a total of 1,674
troops. We are going to attack O2, and hopefully succeed. With some
help from France, we were victorious in war with O2. Us allies also
attacked O1, and were victorious, as well. It looks like allies might
be getting a lead! Hopefully this is taking a turn for the worse for
the Central Powers!

States 3 1918

is the last year of war, and things are severely intense. Not only is
there war left and right, but, everybody is moving their troops and
navy everywhere! Us United States attacked G2, and we were
successful. At this point, we have fulfilled our objectives, so we
don’t really need to do much more of anything. But, with war going on
all around us, we need to be able to help back up our allies if
possible. At the end of the year, the allies were victorious over the
Central Powers. There was a little bit of Germany left, but, there
was more allied land, than there was Central Powers land. Our goal
has been reached!

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 3

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1914
Today is the first full day of the Simulation and to be honest, I am VERY confused but my objectives say to honor an alliance with Germany so I plan to do that and Austria-Hungry and Germany also plan to form an alliance with Belgium so Great Britain can’t travel through Belgium to get to Germany.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1915
Today was a good start to the simulation. Austria-Hungry honored its alliance with Germany by helping them attack Russia (R1).  Austria- Hungry and Germany plan to continue to take over Russia by attacking R2 & R3 while the Ottoman Empire attacks R4. Austria-Hungry hopes to talk with the Ottoman Empire and reassure a true alliance so maybe they could help up take over Serbia since they have Bulgaria too. Germany and Austria-Hungry also hope to have enough troops in  A1, A2 & G2 so when/if Great Britain, France, and Italy attack us, we can defend ourselves to retain our original territory. We also announced that the Slaves have representation in the government.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1916
Today was very frustrating because Italy allied with allied powers so now, France can attack us through Italy. Austria- Hungry announced that the Slavs now have representation in the government. Austria-Hungry is surrounded because we think the allied powers may try to attack us through Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Italy, and Russia. The only way to stop this is to take over Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. Attacking Serbia would also help us accomplish one of our objectives.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1917
Today we stuck to our plan and took over Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. We hope that this will help us from being attacked so we can retain our original territory. We don’t plan on declaring any more war because we just want to retain our territory and we feel that declaring war on another country may cause us to be attacked.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1918
Since France and Great Britain took over O1 so it didn’t really effect us because although we do have an alliance with the Ottoman Empire, we are too far away to help them at all and also, the allied countries would have to move through a lot of countries to get to Austria-Hungry so we are planning to just lay low and protect our original territory.

Period 3

Austria Hungry FINAL DAY.
Today was VERY nerve racking because we were seconds away from being attacked BUT we were saved by the bell! We accomplished our objective! I was SO excited.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain Foreign Minister 2

Great Britain 2 1913
Today Austria Hungry accused a group of Serbians of assassinating that Arch Duke of Austria Hungry. Both countries released statements taking a stance on the attack. The Serbian government denied any knowledge of or involvement in the attack. Austria Hungry  stated that these acts of violence would not be tolerated. Austria Hungry, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire mobilized as a result of the attack. This caused Serbia, Russia, France, Great Britain, and the United States to also mobilize. Tensions are running high and everyone is one edge. Great Britain is anticipating an attack on Serbia very soon. We fear that we will not be able to get there in time to help our Allie. Russia also shares our fear of an attack, but will not be able to get troops to Serbia any sooner that we will. We have already discussed with Serbia the possibility of an attack, and they are fully aware that if they get attacked there will be no help coming to them.

Great Britain 2 1914
Today Austria Hungry declared war on Serbia. Just as we feared we could not get troops there in time to help them and they were conquered by the Central Powers. We sent troops into Mediterranean Sea Zone 1 and began making our way towards the Ottoman empire. Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 02 and won the battle. We are hoping that soon with the help of Russia we will be able to attack 01 and secure the Dardanelles straight. Italy signed a secret alliance with the Allies but is remaining neutral for now. We also attacked Germany’s navy in the North Sea Zone and came out victorious. They have a few U boats spread out in different parts of the ocean but we don’t feel that those are much of a threat to us. We now have no competition with any other navies so Great Britain rules the sea.

Great Britain 2 1915
Today we moved our troops to Mediterranean Sea Zone 2 and with the help of Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 01. None of the Central Powers were able to help the Ottoman Empire and they were conquered by the Allies. This secured the Dardanelles straight and helped Great Britain complete an objective. Russia and Great Britain took most of our troops from 01 and attacked Bulgaria defeating the central powers which had previously taken control of Bulgaria. Not much was is being declared yet, and it is mostly smaller countries that are being attacked. Russia has been attacked some, but that is not worrying us yet. Great Britain fears that the war is going to get much worse and that no country will be able to remain neutral. Italy should soon be officially joining the Allied powers and we are hoping to get portugal on our side.

Great Britain 2 1916
Today Italy went public with is alliance to the Allies. The United States and Belgium also made an alliance with the Allies, which did not go over to well with the Central Powers. Great Britain had the task of protecting Belgium’s neutrality but with the war heating up it’s almost impossible to remain neutral. We needed Belgium to move our troops through because they share a border with Germany and the is the fastest way to get our troops in. Great Britain, France, United States, Japan, and Belgium are all preparing to attack Germany. All of the countries with available navies are sending them to both Great Britain and the United States to pick up troops. We are then sending those troops into Belgium and France. With the strong build up of troops I think we may actually have a chance at defeating Germany.

Great Britain 2 1917
Today Italy attack a section on Germany with all of its troops along with some help from France. Germany sent reinforcements and were about to defeat the Allied attack. Italy was left open and vulnerable and we were all very afraid that it would be conquered. The central Powers must have had other plans because the left Italy alone. Great Britain, France, and Belgium all attacked Germany in 01. Germany’s army is very strong and they were able to defeat us. We are not concerned about this loss because it has greatly weakened Germany’s army and the Allies still have plenty of reinforcements coming from Great Britain and the United States. Portugal also joined with the Allies today so we can also pull troops from there if need be. The war is beginning to come to a close but we still can not count Germany out. The have proved to be very strong and driven, and are doing very well with what little resources they have left. Russia is planning to soon attack Austria Hungry in hopes of weakening the Central Powers even further.

Great Britain 2 1918
Today is the last day of the war and everyone is preparing their final battle plans in hopes of winning. Russia went through with the attack on Austria Hungry, but Germany sent reinforcements and Russia was defeated by the Central Powers. The United States, Great Britain, and France also made another attack on Germany. Again we were unsuccessful in beating them, but there troops are down in the single digits and I believe if we can just get one more attack in they will be defeated. Russia was left vulnerable when it lost its battle to Austria Hungry and now a section of Russia has been attacked by Austria Hungry and the Ottoman Empire. Russia did not hold enough troops back and a section of their land has been conquered. Germany and Austria Hungry launched one final attack on Bulgaria and the Allied powers did not have enough time to send help, so it has once again been taken over by the Central Powers. The war has ended and it is very hard to tell who the victor is. The Allied Powers are still standing pretty strong so I feel that this war belongs to us.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Russia 2

Period 2

Russia 1913

We along with our alliances with Serbia plan on getting Montenegro, Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria all to ally with the Allied Powers. With these new alliances we plan to overtake the Ottoman-Empire and in result getting the Dardanelles Strait in our power. With this new acquired land for the Allied Forces and the Dardanelles Strait we will now have a new and efficient way to get natural resources and products to our country.
We will move our troops from R2 to R4 and R3 to ensure the safety of our nation. We will keep all our original troops in R3 so when can ensure that we are able to defend ourselves just incase Germany or Austria-Hungary attacks our nation. With keeping the original forces in R3 when other countries attack, we will get a +1 defense point to up our ranking by one. Also we will keep the original forces in R1 to ensure the safety of our capital so we don

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France Foreign Minister 2

France 2 1913

We see Germany as a threat. They want to go through Italy to get to us, so Sarah says. So we made a secret alliance with Italy. Also we made an alliance with Montenegro. Making and honoring an alliance with Montenegro was one of our objectives as well. As of right now we are trying to figure out a plan on how we can defeat Germany so they don’t take over our land and so we can achieve one of our objectives by taking over two of there small towns they took from us earlier. I’m excited to see what else will take place during this simulation! Lets get started!!

France 2 1914

Germany is still a threat to us and today they got even more land which is making me more nervous about them. They’re getting more powerful and I’m nervous. We were trying to move down our troops to F2 to even out the amount of troops in each region. We are also trying to move troops down to F2 to help Italy take over the land they need for there objectives so then when we win that territory she is going to help us attack and get our land for our territories. Central powers are really  making me angry because of the cockiness that they have. If we could just take one of there regions to show them that they are the hot crap that they think that they are. Brandon needs to be shut up. But we also need to not aggravate Germany since they are super powerful as of now, I don’t want to be crushed like a bug. We also moved troops down to navy and moved them to Egypt because we want to attack Ottoman Empire with Great Britain.

France 2 1915

Today we plan on declaring war on the Ottoman Empire and taking over more land. The allies are slowly getting more powerful and i’m excited. We moved are navy around to get more troops out to help Great Britain, Russia, and Italy take it over. We plan on moving troops up to Italy and to attack Austria Hungary and trying to get one of our objectives G2. Which right now is surround by Germany forces. I plan on attack Austria Hungary and moving through Germany to get reach our objective.

France 2 1916

We continued on to achieve our objective today by attack A2 (Austria Hungary) with Italy. We know we don’t stand a chance because Germany is allied forces with them so they are always going to be there to help them out. But we want to weaken there armies so we can keep attack and eventually take over the central powers. We also tried to attack Serbia but Germany helped out and the central powers won. But we are also trying to weaken there forces so we can attack again. We achieved one of our objectives by keeping our neutrality with Belgium by helping them when they were being attacked which also led to them becoming a ally with the allies. We are taking troops from F1 to Belgium to attack Germany tomorrow with Great Britain and Italy.

France 2 1917

We made a public alliance with United States which is making the allies slowly more powerful. Today Italy is just doing things that are going to benefit them and what there objectives are. As of now we don’t have two of our regions without soldiers because Italy keeps saying that she needs more soldiers to get into Austria. We are trying to get G2 through Austria. So now we have no troops in France and Italy has all our troops there. We have one more objective to meet and its probably the hardest objective to achieve. I’m getting frustrated because Germany is cocky and has such a powerful army that it seems impossible to ever defeat them.

France 2 1918

So today was an exciting day. We took over some of Germany’s land by sending the U.S. troops to France then to move through the forest to get to G2. This was one of our objectives to get back the land that they took from us in G2. We succeeded this from breaking down Germany’s military. It was exciting because it was the last objective we needed and we achieved all of the objectives. I enjoyed the simulations and how intense they were. It was defiantly a fun experience. We protected our land a lot throughout this which was very good for us knowing how powerful that Germany was and how much power they had over us. We did a lot better than I thought we did.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Ottoman Empire 2

Ottoman Empire, 2nd 1913
So I have made a secret alliance with Russia, and the central powers have made an Alliance with Italy.  Everyone has begun to mobilize and it seems like we are on the brink of war.  But the Central powers will strike first and hard.  Germany and Austria will attack both Russia and France.  I will be attacking both Greece and Romania.  Bulgaria has allowed me to pass through them, and so Austria will help me out to finish Romania.  Then once Russia has moved to defend against the combined attack of Austria and Germany, I will move up the backside and destroy him.  That is right, the Alliance was all to get him to lower his guard.
Now we are soon going to strike at jdgkafg and ghagjadgh

Ottoman Empire, 2nd 1914
Well my plan fell apart, since Bulgaria won’t let me pass through them I have to adjust.  I attacked them, and will wait for Austria to help before attacking anymore, while they move up giving Russia a run for it’s money, I need to be ready for an attack from him.  But we will see if Germany can take off some of the pressure.

Ottoman Empire 2nd 1915
So Russia took some of my land, I think I can hold it, but I have to deal with Britain and France moving across the bottom of the map to get to Russia, then attack me.  I had hoped that by now me and Austria could have ganged up and taken Serbia out but, we gotta work with the situation we are given.  But on the bright side, Germany has managed to do some damage to Russia, but since they have pure numbers, they have survived.  It is hard to beat someone with 4,000 troops at home.  France and Britain haven’t done much, probably just waiting for a chance to attack.  I don’t know when that will be, but for Germany and Austria have only had to worry about Russia.  But I have them on my tail.  If all else fails I have to aodijgpaogiju and move to dalgihapfg.

Ottoman Empire 2nd, Mike Ostbloom 1916
I lost my capital today, but I managed to take out plenty of their soldiers with my defense, I feel like I could have one if I sent more troops in, but at the time it seemed like a bad idea, wanted to stay alive.  So since I was on the run, I attacked Serbia with the help of Austria.  I only have a few troops left and need to keep moving to say alive.  If I can make it a little ways into German land, we can come up with something to take back what is mine, and return to the offensive.  But with Russia’s 7,000 troops, Germany and Austria may have to pull back.  I have talked to fadfkj and flak;g;arijg hopefully we can do something.

Ottoman Empire 2nd, 1917
Bah!!  We were so close, all we had to do was attack and take Bulgaria, then we could of easily gotten back my capital the next day, but Germany didn’t attack, and now we will have to play a little game of survival.  Now that Italy has joined the Allies, France is moving through them, to attack us. Also the Belgians have joined the Allies as well, So now we can be attacked from at least 3 different spots at once.  This is not looking good, I just hope that jdfadfjo and ghapidfghuai play it smart here.

Ottoman Empire 2nd, Mike Ostbloom 1918
Well there is no hope of taking back my capital, or my land all I can do is survive and hope for the best.  Britain, France, and Russia are attacking Germany and Austria with all they got, and now that the US is in on the attack it is much more of a threat.  We are surviving, not much more, Russia has used all their troops on the Easter front, and now I see an opportunity to take some land from them.  So in the last second I have attacked and taken some land that was once mine, I have taken the little bit of land, but we are done.  There is nothing we can do, the Ottoman are finished, we shall fade from the Earth, but not from memory.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 2

Germany, 2, 1913

There is a tension in the air of all of Europe. It stretches from Great Britain to the Ottoman Empire and from Portugal to Russia.  The Austria-Hungarians are enraged at the assassination of their heirs to their throne. War is almost here, and my ally’s anger may make them easy to manipulate. I hold the strongest army in all of Europe and will easily be able to help Austria-Hungary destroy their aggressor, Serbia. I can assume that engaging Serbia will bring Russia and her allies into a conflict. We may dealing with a much larger war than I currently foresee, but the time to strike at Russia is upon us. Germany shall mobilize. As the president of this country, I must consider the possibility of attack from Russia’s allies. I may be able to protect myself from Great Britain and France by making friends with Belgium, our Buffer Zone. I have made contact with their president but he has not responded. If he sides with the Allies it will be an act of war.

Germany, 2, 1914

War is now upon us.  however Belgium has officially declined any sort of alliance. I believe that the day will soon come when Belgium shall become Central Powers territory. Germany has successfully driven into the heart of Russia; we are one year away from crushing their capital. If I can send troops Eastward fast enough, Czar Joey will not stand a chance. My only concern in taking Russia is being cut off by the British Naval fleet. They are now in the Mediterranean but are only a few moves away from the Black Sea.  Great Britain is growing stronger by the day and with no Central Powers Navy I can do nothing about it. Even with Russia out of the picture I fear that the Allies are becoming too strong. I will move on France this year.

Germany, 2, 1915

My greatest fears have now been brought before me. Russia has mobilized their entire standing army. I was so close to taking over their capital but this year was too short. Intelligence sources tell me that if I can reestablish the Ottoman Empire, they will crumble to pieces. My forces are currently retreating South to aid the Ottomans who have fled into Serbia which was captured by the Austo-Hungarians. If I can reach the Ottomans quick enough then Russia will crumble to dust.

Germany, 2, 1916

My greatest fear has been realized. The Ottoman Empire has practically lost the war for the Central Powers. Their reckless behavior desiccated themselves and now I’m the one paying the full price, at full retreat. The Allies navy is charging for the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean. It is only a matter of time before I am invaded. France is occupying Belgium. The Americans are mobilizing. Attack is imminent . Hopefully my Southern forces can regain control of the Ottoman Empire before its too late and the Russians attack our capital. May God help us all.

Germany, 2, 1917
I am nothing but numb. Germany’s doom is certain. My forces recapture the Balkans peninsula, but it was quickly recaptured. My hope is to defend our original territory. Russia is on our eastern Border. France and Great Britain is to our west. I fear that once the United States arrives it may be too late to launch a counter offensive. The Astro-Hungarians and I will just hold on to our saddles in the future year and hope we don’t get bucked off the horse.

Germany, 2, 1918
We may not be victorious in this war, but a sense of pride of defending our capital fulfills my people. Russia’s troops are stuck in the Balkans and if the war were to continue, I could take over Russia with a single soldier. The Americans, French, British, and Italians have all received crushing blows by attempting to blow through my lines but have failed. I consequently had to surrender my territory east of the Ardennes Forest. It is a worthy sacrifice. Germany will live to tell the tale and fight another day, maybe twenty-one years from now.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: France 2

France 2 1913

Today we got things figured out and started. One of our biggest problems is Germany. They have a piece of our land and we want it back. My partner and I think Germany will be declaring war on us right away. That makes us a little nervous because they have a bigger army. We are going to mobilize in 1914 so that should help. A lot of countries mobilized today. We reached one of our objectives already and allied with Montenegro as a secret alliance. Italy talked to us as well today. Italy said that Germany is trying to get through her to get to us. Italy told us that she didn’t plan on hurting us or doing anything bad to us. Italy wants our help and wanted to make things clear that she wouldn’t be hurting us. I guess we will see what happens in 1914!

France 2 1914

Well, we were wrong. Germany had the chance for war and didn’t declare it on us. That was a nice surprise! One thing they did though was move their troops closer to us which made us cautious. We thought it was a good idea to move more troops closer to their side of the country next to ours. We thought it would help the chance of winning in war against them. Italy spoke with us again and said that she overheard Germany talking and they said they might try to attack Italy eventually. So, we made a secret alliance with Italy. Our plan is to move troops in our navy down towards Italy so both of our countries can attack together on a piece of land that Italy wants. After that is done Italy will help us get the land we need. This is how we plan on attempting our objective to get the land of Alsace and Lorraine back as of right now. What we ended up doing was moving our navy troops down to Egypt. I don’t think that made Italy happy so that is scary for us right now. Since we moved downy there, Great Britain wants us to help them attack the last piece of land in the Ottoman Empire. I think our plans as of now are to go through with that in a way to honor our alliance with Great Britain and then go back and help Italy if she still wants that.

France 2 1915

We declared war on the last piece of the Ottoman Empire with Great Britain and Russia right off the bat today. The allies were victorious! We all like to team up our armies or navies together and try to defeat places. The Ottoman Empire had one more piece and we were all near it so we just decided to take it over. Another reason we did that was to honor our alliance with Great Britain. We needed to get back to our plan with Italy so we moved our navy to the Mediterranean Sea Zone 1 to get closer to Italy. The allies realized that Bulgaria was open and didn’t have any troops in there so we all declared war on Bulgaria. Once again the allies were victorious. Our next plan is to declare war on Austria-Hungary with Italy. We decided to ask Great Britain if they wanted to help us as well and they agreed. We all just want to take over Austria-Hungary and get the land Italy needs, then eventually take over parts in Germany to get the land we want. Germany has left us alone so far which is really surprising.

France 2 1916

France declared war on Austria-Hungary like we planned but we switched it so Italy would just declare war on a different part of Austria-Hungary. We both lost but we weakened their armies so that was what we were expecting.  We knew we may not have won but weakening their troops was exactly what we wanted. Us, Great Britain, and Russia still had troops in Bulgaria so we decided to try and take over Serbia but countries helped them and they ended up being victorious. At this point, things weren’t really going our way anymore. Our plan was to take over Serbia so we could work up our way into Austria-Hungary. So, we had to switch things up and come up with a new plan. France is going to move some troops into Italy so we can help her try to attack Austria-Hungary again with more troops. Belgium ended up getting war declared on and so we helped them out by moving troops into their country. We did this to achieve our objective of honoring our alliance with Belgium. We were victorious so then the allies gained that territory! To go for our new plan we moved some troops from France into Belgium to attack Austria-Hungary again eventually. We also moved some troops over to Italy to help her attack again. The next big part of our plan is that France, Italy, Great Britain, and Russia all moved our navies over to Mediterranean Sea Zone 1 so we can eventually move up to the area between France and Great Britain. We want to do this so we can all join armies and navies and attack Germany or Austria-Hungary. As for France, we kept a lot of troops in one area for this reason right here. We want to make sure we have enough to win. With the help of our allies I think we have a good shot at this. Pretty soon it looks like Germany won’t have many soldiers or any at all to even compete. They won’t be able to do much. Germany is trying to get Belgium because it’s on their objective but we aren’t letting that happen.

France 2 1917

Today we gained a new ally, the United States. All of us who had our navies down in the Mediterranean Sea Zone moved them up to the Arctic Sea Zone. Japan ended up moving up there too to help so we have like 5 naives up in that area to hopefully attack at some point. Today was just a lot of moving to get ready for the big attack. France moved all their troops from an area into Italy to help them attack on Austria-Hungary still. To be honest, it’s making me mad because she isn’t doing anything to attack and we’re wasting time. Anyway, to follow through with our plan we declared war on germany with Great Britain and Belgium. I didn’t realize Italy didn’t have any troops in there so they couldn’t help so that ticked me off too. The thing is, Italy acts like such a big leader and she’s just pushing us all around. If you couldn’t guess, the allies lost the war. We’re pretty much screwed. At this point I’m not happy because Great Britain and Italy all act like they’re gonna help us but I have this feeling they’re just using us to help them and we’re not gonna get the help we need. We only have one day left. The way we’re trying to get our objective is to get into Germany or Austria-Hungary somehow and then take over the G2 area that we need to get that land. We are just losing every battle right now and it seems impossible to get into their territory. Our next move is to try and attack A2 in Austria-Hungary to get up into Germany.

France 2 1918

Today is the last day and I was really nervous at first knowing we don’t have much time to get things done. Like I mentioned before I had a feeling we weren’t going to get that piece of land so we tried really hard to get it today. To start we all moved our navies up by the US because they just mobilized and got a bunch of troops. So we loaded those up. Then the allies had so many declaration of wars to try anything possible to get into Germany or Austria-Hungary. This made Germany really mad because apparently we were taking too much time on our turn but they didn’t invoke the 10 minute time limit. France attacked A2 and won it surprisingly but quickly got defeated again. We also attacked G2 which is the land we need and we lost. That wasn’t that bad though because the allies are just trying to wipe out their troops.  Other ally countries were taking some territory to get anything we could. The US decided to attack G2 and they WON. We quickly moved some of our troops into G2 to kind of claim the land. That is exactly how we got our objective done but getting our land of Alsace and Lorraine. So for movement like I said we put 200 troops into G2 and then whatever was left in that we moved to Belgium. The rest of our troops at the bottom of France we moved into Italy so maybe she could attack something. We planned on just trying to get parts of Austria-Hungary but we ran out of time. I feel really confident in this simulation as France. I really feel like we accomplished all of our objectives. I’m pretty sure the allies ended up having more land than the central powers too!

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 2

Great Britain 2 1913

Serbia and Austria Hungary are in conflict, and the alliance system is going to drag many countries into war. Germany, the Austrian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire have all mobilized. This leaves me with no choice. I must also mobilize, and encourage the other allies to mobilize as well. Germany has the strongest army in the world, and so the allies are going to have to beat them with numbers. We are still waiting to see which country is going to make the first move and declare war on the other. I have made a secret alliance with Italy. Italy says that it wishes to remain neutral until 1916, once they join the alliance, I am planning on loading their army onto my navy and attacking the Ottoman Empire. The allies need control of the strait to supply Russia.

Great Britain 2 1914

The day began with the German movement of troops. It appears that they are planning on attack on Russia. Russia has numbers but also has a weaker army. I fear that there will be great losses in Russia. I don’t waste time and immediately declare war on Germany, crushing their navy. This gives me security, knowing that Great Britain is an island and there are no navies left attack me. The Ottoman Empire moves troops into Bulgaria, taking them over. This leaves the Ottoman Empire weak, and Russia begins moving troops into the south to attack. I am planning on meeting Russia in the next year to take over the rest of the Ottoman Empire. It takes time for me to move my navy. I just hope that Russia will be able to hold off Germany long enough for me to come to their aid. Germany attacks Russia and takes out R3 and R2. I am worried for Russia, but have heard that Russia plans for a large mobilization next year. Here is my plan for the year of 1915:

Meet up with France and attack the Ottoman Empire from the Mediterranean Sea Zone

With the help of Russia, take over the Ottoman Empire

Great Britain 2 1915

The attack on the Ottoman Empire worked exactly as planned and the allies are now in control. The remaining forces in the Ottoman Empire took over Bulgaria. I am excited about having Allie control of O1 because I have completed my objective of keeping the Dardanelles Strait open to supply Russia. This has made Russia more powerful. Their army will now be more powerful and will not group a power rating every day, so this will make the Allies stronger. We will need Russia to be at full strength to take over the powerful German army. Germany is moving troops into R2, but their lack of aggression is going to work for our benefit. The longer Russia survives, the more troops they will get and the better the chance we have to win the war. I think Germany is making a big mistake by not trying to take out Russia when they can.

Great Britain 2 1916

Russia’s mobilization is huge and the Germans are scared! The army of 7,000 Russians forced the German army back into their country, and Russia claimed all of their lost territory. Things are looking good for the allies right now. I begin to move my navy up to Great Britain so I can start supplying France. Germany tried to move their army though Belgium, but Belgium refused. Germany declared war on Belgium, and France stepped in to defeat the German army. Although one of my objectives was to keep Belgium neutral, they have joined the alliance. I tried to encourage them not to, but with Germany trying to them as a route to France, it was the only way for Belgium to protect themselves. I convinced all of the allied navies to move north with me as well so that we can supply France with troops from my country and the United States. There was one flaw in the plan that I overlooked. We moved all of our navies into the Mediterranean Sea Zone 1, but all three of the German u-boat forces were in this zone with us. I lost 400 in my navy, and all the other navies took big losses as well. This shouldn’t change the tide of the war, but it will slow down our invasion of Germany because it will limit the troops we can bring from the U.S. and Britain.

Great Britain 2 1917

America has entered the war! This should give a significant edge to the allies as the war is coming to an end. The allies prepare for a major invasion of Germany. The allies move 2,277 of my troops and 1, 329 U.S. troops into France using our combined naval fleet. Both sides are at a stalemate, fearing the size and strength of the opposition’s army. Germany took back Bulgaria and tried to recapture some Ottoman Empire territory, but Russia was able to defeat them and prevent them from moving any further. 1918 will be a key year for the allies. There will be many battles fought and many losses for both sides, but I hope the allies will come out on top.

Great Britain 2 1918

Allied forces pour into Germany and Austria-Hungary from all sides. The Central power takes huge loses, but their shear size and power prevent them from losing most of their territories. The U.S. attack of 1,000 troops through the Ardennes Forest was too much for Germany to take, and the allies took over G2. Russia was able to recapture Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. After Russia used all of their troops to greatly weaken Germany, the Germans were able to take one of Russians territories. I feel that this was a cheap victory for the Central Powers, but it is what it is. I just wish we had more time. The Central Powers were extremely weak from repeated invasions, but it was simply a time factor that prevented the Allies from world domination. I regret not having the allies attack in 1917. If we had done that, I feel that Germany and Austria-Hungary would have easily been defeated in 1918. When looking at the map, it was still a victory for the allies, but there was much more that could have been done.