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WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Germany 3

Germany 3 1913

It’s 1913. The year before the World War 1 Start. I’m one of the Central Powers, Germany, and allied with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. They are both really strong but I still wanted to make more alliances, since they can never really hurt you, as long as you don’t trust them too much.
Since it was one of my objectives, I made a secret alliance with Bulgaria. It had to be secret, because Bulgaria was worried about the effects of having open alliances.
In addition I tried to make sure I have alliances with countries that surround France, since they are surely going to try to get their land back. Thats why I made a secret alliance with Belgium, so I could convince them to let my troops through their land every time. I also hope that they are going to fight on the side of the central powers- against France.
Last but not least I also tried to make an alliance with Italy, since I wanted them to protect me and Austria Hungary against France. But Italy denied and so I am pretty sure that it already has an alliance with France. I’m aware of that alliance and always keep some of my troops on G1, next to Italy.

Germany 3 1914

The World War started. Many countries mobilized but in the moment I heard Russia is mobilizing I acted and declared war to Russia. Why? I really don’t want to wait till I have France and Russia attacking me from both sides at the same time – the two- front war that eliminated Germany in the first world war. So I decided to kill Russia as quick as possible, so I can concentrate on France. Austria-Hungary is fighting on my side and the Ottoman Empire is trying to attack Russia from the South. We will see how that goes. I’m just scared because the Russian have lots of new soldiers next year and I don’t want them to over roll my exhausted army.
Thats why I’m planning on moving more troops to the East, always in the hope France is going to wait till they attack us.
I’m also concerned about Great Britain, since they have been pretty quiet so far.
The next step I want to make is convincing Austria-Hungary to kill Serbia and Montenegro, because they are little countries, that are going to grow from now on. We should eliminate as many enemies as we can in the next year, so our power is growing and we are ready to fight Russia and France at the same time, and can fully concentrate on them.
A little lost was  the take-over of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, since I was planning on honoring my alliance with this little country. But I couldn’t do anything- all my groups were in the North.

Germany 3 1915

Russia just got about 3000 new soldiers in their backland. Although I really want to fight them I can’t overtake the next part of their land because they would just fight me back and overwhelm my exhausted army. So I tried to convince the Ottoman Empire to attack Russia from the South, but they were concentrating on Greece and Serbia. Thats why I am going to wait till I try to destroy Russians army again. Why? Because Great Britain just took my navy down and the alliances got pretty strong in the West. 2000 French soldiers are in Belgium and about 4000Soldiers are in Italy, which joined the alliances. That forced me to stay in the West, I can’t effort to put Russia down right now, I need all my troops to save my borders and Austria-Hungary. Otherwise France and Italy are going to attack us.
In addition Egypt and all the other countries on the South joined the alliances against the Central Powers. Now I’m getting kind of nervous because we are surrounded by enemies.
But I couldn’t do anything about all our little enemies in the south, like Serbia or Montenegro because I needed my troops elsewhere. I tried to convince Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire to take them down as quick as possible so they can’t get any stronger but they didn’t want to.

Germany 3 1916

The situation for Germany got better this year. After long calculations and strategies I decided to make the border to Belgium and Italy strong enough to have more Power than the French soldiers in these countries have.
I’m not going to attack them though, because I don’t need to fight them and since I know that they want their land back from Germany I just wait for them to attack me, so that I can get the defense point in the rating. My army is going to be up at a rating of 11 when they declare war against me so it should be possible to defend myself. I’m just waiting for their next step.
Meanwhile I convinced the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary to take down Serbia and Montenegro, since I had the feeling that they are going to become really strong when we don’t take them down immediately. I think we should get rid of as many enemies as we can right now so we can concentrate on our biggest enemies and save the borders.
Romania tried to help Serbia, which really surprised me because it is in the middle of the Central Powers and really easy for us to take down. I even told them my ultimatum: Stay out of it and neutral or we crush you. They didn’t listen and so Austria Hungary took it down. Now that Austria Hungary lost a lot of people I’m going to help them with as many groups as possible.
Russia still didn’t move which surprises me since they could weaken me when they use a lot of their army. Since the Ottoman Empire in the South is really weak now they can’t really threat Russia anymore which should be a chance for Russia to use their complete Army for the West- Germany and Austria-Hungary. But I am not too scared because Russia always had lots of people, but never strong ones.
My main point is defense at the time and at the point where I get the chance- I’ll attack Russia and help the Ottoman Empire to get stronger again.

Germany 3 1917

This year was compared to the last years pretty quite. Italy and Belgium still have the same amount of troops and I still wait for them to attack me to get my defense point on all of my troops. Meanwhile Russia moved their troops to the border- a lot of people stay against me. I just moved all my troops that were close to this border to Russia to get a defense point on all of my troops since they are obviously going to attack me. When they really do then they don’t really have lots of troops left- their army is destroyed.
The Ottoman Empire got pretty much taken down by navies of Great Britain. I tried to eliminate those troops with my navy but I wasn’t strong enough. The Ottoman Empire is lost and now Austria-Hungary and me stand against the rest of Europe. We will move all our troops in our countries since we don’t really need the land in the south, like Bulgaria and Greece.
Otherwise nothing really happened, the US joined the Allied Powers, which didn’t surprise us and now I’m waiting for them to get on the border of Belgium. I just hope I am strong enough to defend myself in the end.
Since tomorrow is the last year everyone is just going to attack us but I still stay with my defense-idea: waiting for them to attack and getting thousands of defense points on my side. Since they really have lots more troops than I do I really need a high rating to be able to get them down.
We will see what happens next. If Russia isn’t going to attack me I may just use my army in the east to destroy as many Russian troops as possible.

Germany 3 1918

The last year of war was nerve wracking. Since I didn’t realize that troops can come through the forrest the U.S and France were able to take my territory over easily.
I wasn’t able to take it back though because as soon as I would have done it, all my other territories would have been weakened and vulnerable. The Russian army got their territory back but they lost lots of army. The Russians were almost wiped out at the end.
Italy didn’t do anything and the troops in Belgium didn’t really do anything either.

My final thought about the position as Germany and my main strategy: My main strategy was the thought that the Allied Powers have a more powerful army over the whole time period. To resist all their troops I wanted to destroy as many capitals of allied countries as quick as possible so they lose some of their troops that I have to fight over time. That didn’t really work though because the Ottoman Empire denied to help me with crushing Russia from the South and Austria-Hungary didn’t want to take over Serbia and Montenegro at first. That’s why the Allied Powers got stronger over time. We didn’t really stopped their troops from growing. That was our main problem. Another problem was the downfall of the Ottoman Empire after attacking Greece, from which I warned it. Austria-Hungary and me stood there by ourselves. These facts added together with the frustrating fact that I got the facts about the Ardennes Forest wrong, made the Allied Powers strong and so at the very end I lost one of my territories to the French.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 1

Italy  1938

I am planning on watching the other countries to see what some of them are going to do,  so when I go to conquer a country I know who to avoid. I am thinking of moving troops into Northern Africa, and conquering those countries and taking those resources. I need to see if anyone has extra resources they could give me, so I can raise my rating.

Italy  1939

Since Germany is attacking the Netherlands, and are planning on attacking Poland too. I am staying out of the wars for now to see who is going to win, and if the Germans win I am going to ask them for some resources. I am also overhearing that Russia, Germany, and Romania are going to attack Poland. I cannot really do anything to help them, but I am going to help get France for Germany. Hopefully when I help Germany they will help me get North Africa.

Italy  1940

Today Germany is preparing to attack or draw France into its territory next to Belgium. I am going to help them by possibly attacking the French territory that is next to Italy. I am hopefully going to get more resources out of this agreement. I am also going to invade Albania and keep my troops there until I can get help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. After I take those countries over I am aiming to invade North Africa

Italy  1941

I have successfully gained Albania, and now I just need to conquer Greece. I am wanting to stay out of this attack on France so I might have a chance of surviving this war. I am working on getting help from Bulgaria to attack Greece. I was attacked! Yugoslavia attacked me in Albania, but I was victorious anyway. I have conquered Greece! I have also gained oil from Bulgaria, so I have more of the resources that I need.

Italy  1942

Today I am hoping to not have to attack France for Germany. I have convinced them to let me attack the French North Africa first. I was attacked by France and Great Britain in Lybia, but I beat them both. Now the French North Africa is almost defenseless, now is my time to strike! Well, that didn’t go very well at all, I lost in the battle for the French North Africa. Now I have to plan to defend Lybia, and attack the rest of North Africa.

Italy  1943

MY NAVY!!! My navy is gone!! How am I going to move troops into Lybia? Well, I do have around six hundred in Lybia. I have to try and get the rest of North Africa with only 680 some troops, it will take quite a bit of strategy. I have already gotten Egypt so the rest will come fairly easy, except for French North Africa. I am going to attack Palestine too. I am only going to take the countries I need.

Italy  1944

Today I am going to invade Palestine, and I am planning to only take Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria, French North Africa, and Iraq. After I get the countries to the east I will go attack the French North Africa again. I am close to obtaining all of my objectives, I just have to make sure I can hold the land once I obtain it. I have gained Palestine, but Great Britain is putting more troops into French North Africa. I do not think I have enough troops to defend Lybia from attack. It looks like the USSR is going to attack Romania, and I have sent troops to help Romania but I don’t know if that will help a whole lot.

Italy  1945

Today is the last day I have to get the Trans-Jordan, and Iraq. I have taken the Trans Jordan, but now I must take a big risk on attacking Iraq since they have 100 troops and I only have 87. I am going to attack Iraq still, but I also need to protect the lands I have gained. I also have to be ready for attack from French North Africa. I have gained Iraq now, and now I am going to defend Lybia. Well Lybia was attacked and taken by the British, and I saw it coming. Now I just have to protect the rest of North Africa I have gained. All that I have lost is only Lybia! 

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States


WW1 Lesson Plan

States 3 1913

is 1913, and war is about to start. I think if us United States stay
neutral for some time, we should be fine. After we stay neutral for
awhile, I believe we should make an alliance with Great Britain and
France, to make sure we are safe. Declaring war on Germany may be a
smart idea, since we have allies to back us up, we will be
successful. I think we should attack the part of Germany that has the
least amount of troops, because we will have more of a chance to take
over that land. Once we attack Germany, we will then help Great
Britain and France with the wars they end up declaring. As allies,
our duty is to back each other up in time of war.

States 3 1914

in the year of 1914, us United States has decided to mobilize. This
helps our number of troops greatly! Although nobody has declared war
on the United States, they have declared war on other countries. The
Ottoman Empire was successful at war with Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary
and Germany are successful in taking over part of Russia (known as
R3). The United States is fortunate right now, because no one is
attacking us. I do not think we are anyones target at this point in
time, but, I am sure once we start making moves, we will be a target.

States 3 1915

year many countries got Poison Gas. Unfortunately, we were not one of
those countries to receive the luxury of Poison Gas. Not only did
others receive Poison Gas, but, the Lusitania sunk. There were 1,198
deaths, including 128 Americans. This put the United States under the
spotlight, just a little. During this year, a lot has happened; The
German Navy was destroyed by Great Britain, Italy joined the Allies,
France and Great Britain’s navy’s are now surrounding Germany, and,
Austria-Hungary is now giving no representation for the Slavs in
their government. We are still neutral at this time, but, we need to
start talking to Great Britain and France to make sure they are going
to be okay with forming an alliance in two years.

States 3 1916

are getting serious now. So much war is happening, and I am afraid
other countries might start attacking the US. Austria-Hungary
attacked, and took over Montenegro and Serbia. Romania joined the
Allies, but was taken over by the Central Powers not too long after.
Greece was almost taken over by Austria-Hungary, but received some
temporary help! The allies are in desperate need of land. We are
slowly losing land, one piece at a time. This is not good. Next year
we will be making our allies, and the US will be known as part of the
Allies, which may cause some tension to build.

States 3 1917

we joined the allies, and we are declaring war on the Central Powers.
This is crazy! We just mobilized, and now have a total of 1,674
troops. We are going to attack O2, and hopefully succeed. With some
help from France, we were victorious in war with O2. Us allies also
attacked O1, and were victorious, as well. It looks like allies might
be getting a lead! Hopefully this is taking a turn for the worse for
the Central Powers!

States 3 1918

is the last year of war, and things are severely intense. Not only is
there war left and right, but, everybody is moving their troops and
navy everywhere! Us United States attacked G2, and we were
successful. At this point, we have fulfilled our objectives, so we
don’t really need to do much more of anything. But, with war going on
all around us, we need to be able to help back up our allies if
possible. At the end of the year, the allies were victorious over the
Central Powers. There was a little bit of Germany left, but, there
was more allied land, than there was Central Powers land. Our goal
has been reached!

WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 1

World War 2 Simulation

USSR 1 1938
Today we learned about the simulation, and we decided that tomorrow we are going to take over Poland, and that we are going to make an alliance with Germany and Rumania. I am worried that Germany is going to go against us, but I guess we’ll see what happens. I do plan to annex Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia within the first two days, I’m hoping we’ll get at least two turns. Im thinking that Finland may be a little harder to take over, and still trying to decide what to do with Japan, whether to make and alliance with them or not.

USSR 1 1939
Today was a stressful hectic day, we allied with Germany and Romania. With the help of Rumania we were able to take over Poland. We made an agreement that Rumania could have part of the Ukraine, in order to get almost all of the resources from Poland. In the agreement they get the land, but I plan to annex that land, and just keep the resources. I also annexed Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. I want to take over Finland, but I don’t think we will be able to move enough troops today due to the Axis Powers taking a long time to make their decisions.

USSR 1 1940
Today was a pretty slow day, I decided not to get involved in anything, just to move troops. Today I wanted to watch to see what other countries are doing. This may help me to decide what to do next and where to keep my troops at in case of an attack. I decided to keep troops down towards China in case of an attack from China or Japan. I also moved my navy towards the Japanese navy in case they would like to go at it. Tomorrow I’m thinking  I’m going to annex the Ukraine, in hopes that Rumania does not invade us.

USSR 1 1941
Today I’m moving a lot of troops towards Germany, Rumania, and Finland. I want to protect myself from Germany, but they think that I am moving troops in to help them take over France. I want to take over Finland but am worried that I won’t have enough troops to get the job done. I went ahead and attacked Finland, but did not have enough troops. But on the bright side they now have about half the troops that they did, so next time it should be easier to take them out. I also said that I moved troops down by Rumania, this is to eventually take them over and in hopes that they do not strike first.

USSR 1 1942
Today we won Finland!!! We sent in a ton of troops and have about five hundred troops left over. I would like to move west with those troops, but I don’t want to spread my troops too thin. I am worried because Germany wants to move troops throughout my land to protect their land. This worries me because I don’t want them to move troops in and attack me. So today I decided that I’m going to cut all help to Germany in case they might attack. I also don’t want to help them win a war, and then lose a massive amounts of troops. I have talked to Great Britain and France to see their point of view and they transferred some resources to us. Thinking I’m going to stay neutral unless attacked by Germany.

USSR 1 1943
Today we moved more troops towards our western front, and a ton more troops towards Rumania. We finally got another turn and we are going to attack Rumania. We attacked but failed due to not enough troops being sent over on our side. We do need Besarabia though, so we will plan to attack again but on the last day. This will help us because they will be worried about helping Germany and not defending themselves from us. The next day we think were are just going to be sitting ducks and watch and see what happens. We also moved our troop towards Japanese territory in case they plan to attack.

USSR 1 1944
Today we were sitting ducks

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 3

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1914
Today is the first full day of the Simulation and to be honest, I am VERY confused but my objectives say to honor an alliance with Germany so I plan to do that and Austria-Hungry and Germany also plan to form an alliance with Belgium so Great Britain can’t travel through Belgium to get to Germany.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1915
Today was a good start to the simulation. Austria-Hungry honored its alliance with Germany by helping them attack Russia (R1).  Austria- Hungry and Germany plan to continue to take over Russia by attacking R2 & R3 while the Ottoman Empire attacks R4. Austria-Hungry hopes to talk with the Ottoman Empire and reassure a true alliance so maybe they could help up take over Serbia since they have Bulgaria too. Germany and Austria-Hungry also hope to have enough troops in  A1, A2 & G2 so when/if Great Britain, France, and Italy attack us, we can defend ourselves to retain our original territory. We also announced that the Slaves have representation in the government.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1916
Today was very frustrating because Italy allied with allied powers so now, France can attack us through Italy. Austria- Hungry announced that the Slavs now have representation in the government. Austria-Hungry is surrounded because we think the allied powers may try to attack us through Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Italy, and Russia. The only way to stop this is to take over Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. Attacking Serbia would also help us accomplish one of our objectives.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1917
Today we stuck to our plan and took over Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. We hope that this will help us from being attacked so we can retain our original territory. We don’t plan on declaring any more war because we just want to retain our territory and we feel that declaring war on another country may cause us to be attacked.

Period 3

Austria Hungry 1918
Since France and Great Britain took over O1 so it didn’t really effect us because although we do have an alliance with the Ottoman Empire, we are too far away to help them at all and also, the allied countries would have to move through a lot of countries to get to Austria-Hungry so we are planning to just lay low and protect our original territory.

Period 3

Austria Hungry FINAL DAY.
Today was VERY nerve racking because we were seconds away from being attacked BUT we were saved by the bell! We accomplished our objective! I was SO excited.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 1

World War 2 Simulation

Japan 1938; Orientation day – Today is the first day I saw the objectives. We have a lot of objectives to complete, not all of them seem quite easy. Unlike in WWI I am not alone this time, and based on my objectives I might need to have help from other countries. Also the people who I was allied with last time are no longer my allies, I need to take China, but the other lands I need to take are allies with a smart people  who I think know how to get things done. First off, I think I will take Philippines, as in my objectives. I also have a partner this time, so hopefully we get along. . Also, while I may be allied with some other countries, it seems a bit difficult to trust them, as we were enemies before.

Japan 1939 – We are in a tough situation. We need to attack the Philippines, however, if we do that we bring America in the war because they are guarding it. W can’t attack America’s navy either because that will also bring them into the war. I talked to Russia yesterday and we made something of an alliance. It’s best not to put full trust, as that gets you betrayed easily. For now we will not attack anyone until next turn. We need to focus on our movement for now. We will move 500 from Manchukuo to NE China, we will then move 500 from NE China to SE China giving us 2000 in SE China. On our next attack turn, we will attack French indo China with 1000. Even though they have 200, we need to be expecting back up for that country, so that’s why we sent such a huge number. While this is getting tough because the other allies are taking so long to attack, we might not be able to do movement this round, which would be really bad considering we need the movement in order to take out China. Russia is doing some smooth talking to our allies, it seems almost to good to be true, so they should be cautious.
– We have just taken French IndoChina. Instead of waiting for movement, we moved 1,000 of our troops that were already there into indochina because we did not want to waste time in getting it. We won with little opposition. We also got some resources. Our allies have taken quite a lot of land with Russia too. We have a secret alliance with Russia at the  moment. We won’t really call on them until later when we might need a double front war with China.

Japan 1940- Today would be a good day to take out New Guinea. We started off with movement for Axis powers today, so we did yesterdays plan today. Dutch East Indies Was taken by us. It does’t look like anyone can  send help to them since their land is neutral. We send a surplus of troops there to take it, it was 293 against 50, so it was a pretty good win. Next we plan to move into China, or something along those lines. The plan is kind of unclear. Also Russia is now in our country. They  need some of our land no doubt. I think the only reason the purposefully lost points so that they could gain trust to betray Germany and Us, Japan. We will not share resources to keep them less powerful. I heard Russia had an 8 rating in their  eastern part of the country. So we are planning on attacking China with Russia’s help for the time being. Maybe we can reach an agreement over something later.

Japan 1941- Today we moved are navy by each of America’s navies except Hawaii because they are to far away to move in one turn. We plan on attacking all the navies at once. We succeeded, we took Pearl Harbor. We also destroyed pretty much all of the American navy. Next we need to focus on China and Australia. Germany is leaving their country so bare to Russia. Also the United states said they will no longer be sending us with oil. It was kind of funny because France tried to send troops to America, thinking we were going to attack them, when really we had no want to attack them. They thought it was clever, but they weren’t allowed to. We didn’t do much today again, but there is always tomorrow.

Japan 1942- Today is kind of like an all out go for it. I will discuss it with my partner on taking the Philippines and taking some of China.
– Immediately we decided to take Philippines with 200 troops against 100. Great Britain sent 100 total troops against us, so it might make this a little more difficult. I don’t think we can win agains their forces. Somehow we won, but we are going to need to set more troops in the territory of Dutch east Indies.
– We moved our navy back to get ready for an attack on the British navy. We also moved troops into the French Indo China so we can set up for an attack on the Burma, we need plenty of troops there so we can get the rubber that is there. Next we plan on taking Hawaii just because we have troops there and we can. The only problem I see is America sending their navy over to us. They have 40 and we have 50, which is just enough to win slightly. Hopefully they don’t send in troops.
– We just attacked Britain’s navy. They sent in reinforcements thinking that might help, we just destroyed their whole navy in the process. We then attacked Hawaii. It was kind of funny, we lost, but they only have 5 troops. I think we can take them out next time. We decided to use our 30 navy that we moved back to Japan, and stick 30 troops on it. We plan on taking Hawaii this time. Then with the navy right next to Hawaii, we plan on destroying the last bit of American Navy. After That we plan to take back our navy, and use it to guard against the American navy. Their country grows stronger every day. So we need to be careful here.
– They just sent 40 troops to Hawaii, looks like we won’t be taking it over. Oh well, we can at least destroy their navy.

Japan 1943 – Today was the day we for sure decided to take some from China. We sent in 1,000 troops. we split the amount between SE China and French Indo China, so that there would still be a decent amount of troops there. It took a long time for China to make a decision on what to do. They finally settled on sending in 700 to their 900 troops against my 1,000. Plus great Britain sent in 200, so i will admit I was a little concerned that we were going to lose. Then suddenly it turned out, we won, with 300 troops left. I must I was shocked. Our next goal is NC China, but we have to wait until our next turn.
– We successfully took over NC China. By a huge win. 1,200 agains 1,000, we won’t with 700 left. Also Britain is playing quite well into our hands. They are moving troops out of the place we want to take, so we will attack them next round. All of Asia is Is almost ours, I can almost taste it. Next we will move onto Burma, that way we can get more resources, and stop Britain from getting anything. Then they will stop supplying France, well that’s what I’ve heard from Germany. They plan to attack France, so it will work out for both of us. I plan to send 900 into Burma so I can take them out easy. They are sending in troops From India, wow this could not be better. They have 100 troops there left, easy picking for us to take this now. Almost all of Asia is ours.

Japan 1944 – Today we will start a 3 front war so we can take the rest of Asia. I guess we  could take Australia now that we are running out of places to take. I already expect that the other countries can see my goals of taking the rest of Asia. But they have no way of getting help since I’m attacking Tibet, India, and NW China at once. However to ensure I can take them I’m attacking them in a certain order. First I will attack India, because Britain has a decent rating I think, I don’t want them to send the rest of their forces into Tibet since I’m not sending that many troops in there, about 100 against their 300. Then I will attack NW China since they are the biggest, and once I take them out they won’t be able to send any troops to Tibet. Then I will take out Tibet because it’s the last one and will have not that many troops left. It all seems like to a good plan. Even if something else happens, I’m prepared to fight anything off. I think Great Britain isn’t doing so well because they are sending in too much troops to help other countries, but they are just wasting troops there.
– We almost took up half of the period just on Axis power. For whatever reason, the allies have not set the 10 minute rule. Had they done that it could have really helped them.

Japan 1945 – Today is the last day. Wasting my time on Australia is really pointless. What will I do, send 88 troops over every time only to have them killed? I only have 88 navy so that’s why I can only send 88 troops over. I will just be wasting turns to try and take it. And Russia is pretty strong, and I don’t think I have the troops to fight them and take their land. So at this point I’m not sure if I want to attack or just do nothing the whole period.
– Well it’s the last battle, so I will put all of my troops on the border of Russia, and attack them with all we’ve got. Perhaps America will do something while I am attacking Russia. Well they really can’t, I’ll leave 300 troops in Japan to fight them off if they attack because they don’t even have 300 navy by Pearl Harbor. I can’t say I’m really worried that much, but I wouldn’t put it past America to get help from other countries on whether they should attack me. It’s kind of all in the air at this point.
– Well we attacked Russia with 1,600 troops. They send 2,500 troops against us. they won with only 75 troops. Had we had more time, we could have taken them over, but we ran out of time. Ah well, we still had all of our territory. It was a good run, and I can honestly say, without my parter, I probably would have never remembered to transfer resources or kept track of how many we had, so good job parter.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Great Britain Foreign Minister 2

Great Britain 2 1913
Today Austria Hungry accused a group of Serbians of assassinating that Arch Duke of Austria Hungry. Both countries released statements taking a stance on the attack. The Serbian government denied any knowledge of or involvement in the attack. Austria Hungry  stated that these acts of violence would not be tolerated. Austria Hungry, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire mobilized as a result of the attack. This caused Serbia, Russia, France, Great Britain, and the United States to also mobilize. Tensions are running high and everyone is one edge. Great Britain is anticipating an attack on Serbia very soon. We fear that we will not be able to get there in time to help our Allie. Russia also shares our fear of an attack, but will not be able to get troops to Serbia any sooner that we will. We have already discussed with Serbia the possibility of an attack, and they are fully aware that if they get attacked there will be no help coming to them.

Great Britain 2 1914
Today Austria Hungry declared war on Serbia. Just as we feared we could not get troops there in time to help them and they were conquered by the Central Powers. We sent troops into Mediterranean Sea Zone 1 and began making our way towards the Ottoman empire. Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 02 and won the battle. We are hoping that soon with the help of Russia we will be able to attack 01 and secure the Dardanelles straight. Italy signed a secret alliance with the Allies but is remaining neutral for now. We also attacked Germany’s navy in the North Sea Zone and came out victorious. They have a few U boats spread out in different parts of the ocean but we don’t feel that those are much of a threat to us. We now have no competition with any other navies so Great Britain rules the sea.

Great Britain 2 1915
Today we moved our troops to Mediterranean Sea Zone 2 and with the help of Russia attacked the Ottoman Empire in 01. None of the Central Powers were able to help the Ottoman Empire and they were conquered by the Allies. This secured the Dardanelles straight and helped Great Britain complete an objective. Russia and Great Britain took most of our troops from 01 and attacked Bulgaria defeating the central powers which had previously taken control of Bulgaria. Not much was is being declared yet, and it is mostly smaller countries that are being attacked. Russia has been attacked some, but that is not worrying us yet. Great Britain fears that the war is going to get much worse and that no country will be able to remain neutral. Italy should soon be officially joining the Allied powers and we are hoping to get portugal on our side.

Great Britain 2 1916
Today Italy went public with is alliance to the Allies. The United States and Belgium also made an alliance with the Allies, which did not go over to well with the Central Powers. Great Britain had the task of protecting Belgium’s neutrality but with the war heating up it’s almost impossible to remain neutral. We needed Belgium to move our troops through because they share a border with Germany and the is the fastest way to get our troops in. Great Britain, France, United States, Japan, and Belgium are all preparing to attack Germany. All of the countries with available navies are sending them to both Great Britain and the United States to pick up troops. We are then sending those troops into Belgium and France. With the strong build up of troops I think we may actually have a chance at defeating Germany.

Great Britain 2 1917
Today Italy attack a section on Germany with all of its troops along with some help from France. Germany sent reinforcements and were about to defeat the Allied attack. Italy was left open and vulnerable and we were all very afraid that it would be conquered. The central Powers must have had other plans because the left Italy alone. Great Britain, France, and Belgium all attacked Germany in 01. Germany’s army is very strong and they were able to defeat us. We are not concerned about this loss because it has greatly weakened Germany’s army and the Allies still have plenty of reinforcements coming from Great Britain and the United States. Portugal also joined with the Allies today so we can also pull troops from there if need be. The war is beginning to come to a close but we still can not count Germany out. The have proved to be very strong and driven, and are doing very well with what little resources they have left. Russia is planning to soon attack Austria Hungry in hopes of weakening the Central Powers even further.

Great Britain 2 1918
Today is the last day of the war and everyone is preparing their final battle plans in hopes of winning. Russia went through with the attack on Austria Hungry, but Germany sent reinforcements and Russia was defeated by the Central Powers. The United States, Great Britain, and France also made another attack on Germany. Again we were unsuccessful in beating them, but there troops are down in the single digits and I believe if we can just get one more attack in they will be defeated. Russia was left vulnerable when it lost its battle to Austria Hungry and now a section of Russia has been attacked by Austria Hungry and the Ottoman Empire. Russia did not hold enough troops back and a section of their land has been conquered. Germany and Austria Hungry launched one final attack on Bulgaria and the Allied powers did not have enough time to send help, so it has once again been taken over by the Central Powers. The war has ended and it is very hard to tell who the victor is. The Allied Powers are still standing pretty strong so I feel that this war belongs to us.

Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Italy

Cold War Simulation

Orientation Day

My plan is just to hold on to my country and make sure it doesn’t get bombed. I want to kinda stay neutral because I don’t want to lose my country. I also i’m gonna do whatever the United States tells me to do. The reason why is because I have to stay stand by them. I’m gonna make sure I do all of my objectives that I have to do. I have been trying to help all my allies out but with nuclear war it’s hard to do. 

Italy, 1, Day 1

So what we had planned was to just not do nuclear war just yet. We wanted to make sure that we had a good strategy planned out first before we did anything. We were gonna try and take out the USSR. The reasons why is because they had lots of missiles. We wanted to take all of the missiles out so we didn’t have to worry about them bombing us. But things didn’t turn out that way yesterday. They went to Defcon 1 and that took a turn for the worst. We also had found out that Cuba had missiles and they were gonna launch them at the United States. So our plan had to change it what we did. We ended up taking out Cuba because we didn’t want anything to happen to United State. The reason why is because they had all the missiles and bombs for us. We had lost about 3 countries and that put a hardship on us. The reason why is because they were important countries to us. 

Itayl 1, Day 2

So far we haven’t done much today. We are trying to find a way to take over some countries. But the problem is trying to find out how we are gonna do it. We can’t bomb anyone right now because we just can’t right now. So i’m moving my tanking into another countries because we need them to move. I’m moving my tanks into Norway and that is going to take sometime. It’s getting hard for us to decide where to move our tanks and how it’s gonna work. So China is gonna decide on allying with NATO.  We are now trying to decide on how to take over the USSR. We don’t want them to win. We also have missiles that are ready for launch. So that means that if they bomb us we have missiles ready to firer back. We decide to move my tanks and then bomb Yugoslavia because we don’t want them to take me over. So this just took a turn for the worst. The United States just got bombed really bad. This isn’t good at all. We don’t know what to do from here. Well we destroyed the whole world this is sad.So Nato lost the war. 

Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Canada

Cold War Simulation

Orientation (Canada)

We went over the rules of the simulation and what we have to do. My only two objectives is to help defend my NATO land and to make peace through out the world. Right away we had went out to the hall way and make a plan on what we were going to do. We were going to go easy and work our way up. I was trying to talk our group into not going all in at first, to work our way up there, and it started to work, but then the Soviets had to dive in right away. There went my trying to create peace. 

Canada 1 Day 1 

We talked about as a whole how and when we were going to bomb and take out the Soviets. I agreed that we shouldn’t have gone to Defcon 1 right away. I have to try and make peace during all this. We had come to an agreement that we would gradually bring the Defcon numbers down. We were going to make it a 3 but we went to a 4. Right away the Soviets had moved down to a 1 and had taken out West Germany. Then everyone had said to move us down to Defcon 1. Once we had done that we had talked out in the hall way and made some plans. I don’t have any missiles or anything, but I can defend and give advise. The Soviets had also gotten a hold of Great Britain. But we took out Cube, the Moscow area and got rid of those tanks, and the other number of tanks on the far side of them too. 

Canada 1  Day 2

Right away the Soviets had sent their tanks over to Turkey, both sides are also on Defcon 1. Kayla (United States) had sent the missiles from Turkey and send them to Poland and West Germany. Unites States had turned on their Launch on Warning. There is no chance in me trying to create peace now. We are at a stand off point, where if the Soviets attack the NATO’s launch their nooks. Either way right now, neither side will win. The Soviet’s had let the four horseman ride. And we had launched what we had. There were no winners in the end. 

Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Canada

Cold War Simulation

Orientation (Canada)

We went over the rules of the simulation and what we have to do. My only two objectives is to help defend my NATO land and to make peace through out the world. Right away we had went out to the hall way and make a plan on what we were going to do. We were going to go easy and work our way up. I was trying to talk our group into not going all in at first, to work our way up there, and it started to work, but then the Soviets had to dive in right away. There went my trying to create peace. 

Canada 1 Day 1 

We talked about as a whole how and when we were going to bomb and take out the Soviets. I agreed that we shouldn’t have gone to Defcon 1 right away. I have to try and make peace during all this. We had come to an agreement that we would gradually bring the Defcon numbers down. We were going to make it a 3 but we went to a 4. Right away the Soviets had moved down to a 1 and had taken out West Germany. Then everyone had said to move us down to Defcon 1. Once we had done that we had talked out in the hall way and made some plans. I don’t have any missiles or anything, but I can defend and give advise. The Soviets had also gotten a hold of Great Britain. But we took out Cube, the Moscow area and got rid of those tanks, and the other number of tanks on the far side of them too. 

Canada 1  Day 2

Right away the Soviets had sent their tanks over to Turkey, both sides are also on Defcon 1. Kayla (United States) had sent the missiles from Turkey and send them to Poland and West Germany. Unites States had turned on their Launch on Warning. There is no chance in me trying to create peace now. We are at a stand off point, where if the Soviets attack the NATO’s launch their nooks. Either way right now, neither side will win. The Soviet’s had let the four horseman ride. And we had launched what we had. There were no winners in the end.