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WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: United States 5


Today I just sat back and let everyone do there thing. I am trying to think of ways to get my troops to europe when I get them.  I was thinking that I could use Great Britain’s (Logan) fleet to help get them across the pond, but I talked to Logan and he said he could send what he had that was not engaged already. Now for the next couple days I will just let Europe start tearing themselves apart and I am just going to watch.

Today I watched Europe tear themselves apart. I really didn’t do a whole lot. I stayed neutral and I talked with both sides.  As this goes on it is making me really mad that I can’t do anything!

This year was full of a bunch of shit but I couldn’t join in the fight because that would go against my objectives. I have made deals to get France and Great Britian’s  navy to be in america by the end of 1916. I can not wait until I can join this thing because all of the allies are looking to GB’s leader to come up with a scheme and this certain leader is clueless. Once I join the war it will be “I’m america now do what I say and we will win!” For goodness sake this is war you do not pass on a time to take out another area just because you don’t want to yet!

This year I just made sure my plan would work for getting all of my people over to europe. I plan to send everyone strait for G1 and A1 right away tomorrow. I want to just bull rush them and hopefully win and if not try again.

I finally joined the war and I did the plan and I lost. I can’t believe that I outnumbered them by that much and still lost. I really think I should’ve done the math. I plan to do the exact same thing tomorrow and pray it works. If I decide to change plans i may take over russia because there are like no troops there.

I sent everyone strait for G1 just like I had planned and I lost all of my troops.  I really should’ve done the math to find out I could’ve even one but I didn’t. I really just didn’t care if I lost everyone though because if I cut Germany’s army down like I did then I thought that great Britain would send everyone to to G1 and take out everyone who was left, but they didn’t do that. I held up my side of the plan but Great Britain didn’t hold up there side of it. I really think if they would’ve hit Germany right after me we could’ve beat Germany at least.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 3b

WW2 Simulation
Germany – 3 – 1938 (Monday)
With an analysis of the map of Europe and Asia, the president Joey and I have a good idea of what we want to do right away. There are several objectives on our list, so we decided to get planning right away so we could take action when the time came. We first made sure we knew who our clear allies were, so we could exchange ideas and common objectives to work toward together, because one less ally could make the difference in a war like this. We put our ratings and resources into consideration, helping form short and long terms goals we wanted to achieve. We also tried putting ourselves in the enemy

WW2 Simulation Journal: USSR 4
USSR 4 1938
I have that Nazi-Soviet Pact with Germany so that might keep me safe for a couple of days. I don’t trust the leader though. I’ll see how the first couple of years go though. I’ve already talked to Great Britain and China. As soon as Germany attacks me (and we know they eventually will) we are going ally with them.
USSR 4 1939
Germany still hasn’t attacked the USSR. I think he’s going to do it next. We both conquered Poland which means I don’t have a barrier between them anymore. Japan and I talked and she is thinking that I am going to ally with her. She thinks I’m going to go against Great Britain and China. What she doesn’t know is that I told Great Britain and China what she is planning to do.
USSR 4 1940
Germany attacked my part of Poland which means I joined with the Allies. China is slowly getting taken over by Japan. I’m planning to help China by attacking them from the top and slowly working my way down. I’m also slowly moving troops down through China to attack from the front side also.
USSR 4 1941
Germany is slowly taking over the USSR on the west side. There is nothing I can really do right now, those troops aren’t very strong. I took over Manchukuo from the North and she sent troops from NC China to help. That leaves an easy window to attack NC China. She can’t do much because she doesn’t have much troops. No one can help me on the west though because there is no one there to help. At least we might have a chance now that the United States has joined the war.
USSR 4 1942
Germany reached Central, now all that I have left in the west is 400 wimpy troops in Urals. Great Britain, China, and I are going to move troops from South China to Siberia. We just want to take out the last of the Japan troops in China. I’m getting nervous about Germany attacking me and I don’t have any troops to defend my land. Here’s a new twist of events, Italy joined the allies. Great Britain, Italy, and the United States are going to move troops into France.
USSR 4 1943
Japan took over my Eastern USSR, now all I have between the two Axis Powers is Siberia and Urals. Germany stopped attacking me from that side now though. He has most of his troops in the capital. The rest are spread out throughout the other countries that he has taken over. The United States, Italy, and Great Britain are still moving troops into France. I think they are going to try and take over Germany eventually, hopefully soon. Great Britain, China, and I are moving are troops up to Siberia as fast as we can.
USSR 4 1944
Today Belgium got taken over by the Allies. They are going to attack Germany finally. If they destroy Germany this war will finally be over. There might be a few little battles, but they can’t do much. We finally got our troops into Siberia so Japan can’t take over that. I don’t know what we are planning to do. I guess we are going to try and get our original territory back. I don’t know if I will have enough time to get all of it back, but I will try and get most of it back.
USSR 4 1945
I tried to get my territory back. I got two more territories back. I’m glad I had Great Britain and the Allies to help me. We defeated Germany and no one else could really conquer the rest of us. Japan took their territory back, but that was ok. I’m just glad the war is finally over.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 5

Austria Hungary 5 1913 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Allied with Ottoman Empire,            Serbia and Russia pose
Italy, and Bulgaria.                    a great threat, and their
Weary of Ottoman Empire,                ally France
and unsure where
Bulgaria’s head is.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
First, I plan to help Germany and Ottoman Empire attack and take over Russia,
after this Serbia will be cut off from their only ally and will be defenseless.
So, I will work with Bulgaria to take over Serbia, because they attacked
and killed a leader of my country. I have deceived Serbia into thinking
that I would like to negotiate to create peace between our countries, this
is not the case.

I am very fearful that France will get involved with the war in Russia;
however, the Central Powers have allied with Italy so HOPEFULLY
Italy will not let the French through their territory. Bulgaria is allied
with Romania, which is allied with Russia. I am very fearful to
discuss any concrete plans with Bulgaria because I fear they may
be double crossing us. I also fear that Germany will get wrapped
up into a navy battle with Great Britain and will be so distracted
that they will be useless to me.

Additional Thoughts:
I have figured that Russia will immediately go for the Ottoman Empire
United States will most likely ally with the Allies
Serbia has left me without an heir, so I will completely destroy them,
and if Russia tries to get in my way I will take them out as well.
As far as I’m concerned, I have no more options but to go out with
a bang. First, Serbia. Next, THE WORLD.

Austria Hungary 5 1914 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
No additional alliances                France still poses a great
were made today                    threat, worried about
Serbia taking action

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Central Powers took over one portion of Russia today. I spread my
troops out across my land to deter enemies from attacking.

I am fearful that France and Great Britain will move their troops into
Germany, distracting us from the war with Russia/Serbia. I am
fearful that Bulgaria will turn their back on us. I am fearful that
Serbia is going to attack, hopefully Bulgaria will assist if Serbia
decided to go to war

Additional Thoughts:

Austria Hungary 5 1915 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Allied with Romania                Serbia and their ally
to deter allies from                    France pose the
attacking                        greatest threat

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow myself, Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany will join forces
to defeat and take over Serbia. Russia fell today so therefore the
only connection Serbia still has is France.

I fear the Italy will not honor our alliance and let France and
Great Britain through their territory to get to Germany. I am
fearful that I will lose the battle against Serbia because they
have French troops on their land.

Additional Thoughts:

Austria Hungary 5 1916 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
Italy dishonored our                France and Great
alliance today by                    Britain pose a
joining the Allies                    large threat

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of action is planned. I will wait until France and
Great Britain attack on my land

I fear that I will lose the battle against France and Great Britain and
that Serbia will regain the territory they lost today

Additional Thoughts:
I knew Italy would dishonor our alliance from the start, I told Germany
and the rest of the Central Powers that they should be the first country
we take out. I am leery that Serbia will rebel and therefore regain their
territory. I am also leery of Romania as I am not sure they will honor
our alliance as well.

Austria Hungary 5 1917 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:
No additional alliances                France, Italy
were created today                    Great Britain,

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of attack is is place.

I fear that I will be taken over, Germany will fall, and therefore the
Central Powers will lose the war.

Additional Thoughts:
Because of the circumstances, dwindling troops and resources, the
original goal of mine is unreachable and therefore unattainable.
As far as I’m concerned, you can count me out of the war at this
point in time.

Austria Hungary 5 1918 Journal:

Alliances:                        Threats:

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We attempted to retake over some territory lost in previous battles,
and failed each time.


Additional Thoughts:
The Central Powers lost the war, which doesn’t come as much of
a surprise.

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Serbia, Montenegro and Greece 5

Period 5

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1913
This year Serbia allied with France and Great Britain, because they are strong Western countries who can really help my country. Eventually I hope to come to a negotiation with Austria-Hungary, and to unite both of the Slavs in each of our country into one. We still have to figure out what we are going to do for sure, but right now there won’t be a war between us. I want a Slavic state, no matter what. Russia announced that if someone wants to attack Serbia, they also are going to being going against Russia. I am glad I allied with the people I did, because they are very trustworthy, and have strong armies, so I think that will help my country be successful. I also mobilized my troops in Serbia for defense, just in case someone goes to war. Greece is going to stay neutral until 1917, and then I hope to eventually convince Germany to become an ally. Greece’s won’t be mobilized, because it is unnecessary. Same with Montenegro, mobilizing troops wouldn’t do anything. France convinced me to become allies with them also, so they will have my countries back, just in case.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1914
This year there wasn’t much action. I just focused on convincing the allies to start moving their troops to Serbia, because eventually Austria-Hungary is going to attack. Great Britain and France started moving their troops, to help defend me. I plan on them defending my country, so I become stronger and eventually I can get back my land from Austria-Hungary. Greece has to stay neutral until 1917, so there wasn’t very much action going on in Greece. I know last year I wanted to ally with Germany, but now I’m reconsidering that because I don’t really know what would be best yet. I may ally Montenegro with Serbia, but then I’m worried that Montenegro will get taken over. I just have to sit back, and wait a little because before I start making more moves. I’m really depending on my allies to help me, because without them I won’t be very successful.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1915
This year was a year of waiting and seeing what was going to happen. Great Britain and France’s troops are now in Serbia, waiting to defend. Austria Hungary’s troops are gradually getting closer to Serbia, so I’m thinking there is a war coming soon. I don’t know what is going to happen. Greece is still neutral, I have 2 years to figure out whether I want to become a central power or an ally. I’m thinking I’m going to want to be an ally because I trust them more. I’m worried because Russia is now out of the war, because of a civil war. Russia is allied with Serbia and Greece. I hope Great Britain and France help me out, because I really am going to need them. Montenegro is still standing strong. They are honoring their alliances, and hoping that their alliances honor Montenegro because it is a very little country.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1916
Serbia got defeated by the central powers this year, but hopefully we will be able to get Serbia back. Great Britain, France, and Montenegro weren’t able to really help me. Great Britain is going to hopefully fight back for Serbia, by taking over A2 and move through there. Eventually I hope to take over A3, too, with the help of my allies because that is my objective. I have to wait and see if Great Britain is successful in taking over A2, and if they are willing to take over A3. Greece is neutral until next year, and then will become part of the allies, and then Greece will help out the allies, and vice versa. I need to get back Macedonia from Bulgaria, so hopefully we will meet the objective of taking it over. The only problem is that Romania, Austria Hungary and Germany all have troops in Serbia, so they have easy access in helping defending Bulgaria.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1917
Serbia is still part of the Central Powers, but we are gradually moving toward taking over A2 from Austria Hungary. We just have to wait and see where the Central Powers put there troops. Germany tried to take over Montenegro, but with the help of the Italian navy, they were defeated. Therefore, I retained Montenegro’s original territory which is one of my objectives, unless they try to take it over again. Greece became part of the Allied Powers this year, and are no longer neutral, so that objective is met. The only problem is that the Central Powers are moving their troops into Serbia, which means they are probably going to attack Greece. If they take over Greece, hopefully we can get it back, because we will have more territories taken over around that area. We attacked A2 from the Central Powers and we WERE successful! This is very good because that was one of my objectives, so hopefully we keep A2. Now that we have A2, we can get Serbia, and then Bulgaria. That’s only if things go as planned. I really need to get Serbia back, and take Bulgaria, so it’s very important for my allies to help. Next year I’m planning on putting 150 of my 230 troops onto the navy with Italy to help them take over the Ottoman Empire. Although this makes it easier for them to take over Greece, hopefully eventually we can fight back for Greece.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1918
This year was the last year of the war, and it didn’t go as well as I planned and wanted it to. Good things did happen though, I just wanted more to happen. If we would have had a little more time, I know that we would have been a lot more successful. We did not end up getting Serbia back from the Central Powers, my allies focused on getting the bigger countries, instead of the smaller countries. I tried to convince them that we should go for the smaller countries first, and then work towards the bigger countries. I wanted to get back Serbia, and then capture Bulgaria and A3. This didn’t happen because we kept getting attacked by the Central Powers, and we kept defending ourselves, and even though we were successful most of the time, we still lost a lot of troops. We needed a lot of troops to get back Serbia, and then Bulgaria and A3. Like I said before, if we would have had just a little more time, there’s no doubt we couldn’t have figured out a way to recapture Serbia. I do admit, the Central Powers were very skillful. I met my objectives with Montenegro. I kept their original territory, even though they tried to take it away, and I honored my alliances by helping them when they needed it. Greece also met it’s objectives. It remained neutral until 1917, and then became apart of the Allied Powers. The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria tried to take Greece, but with France and Italy’s help, they were defeated.

WW2 Simulation Journal: France 4
France 1, 1938
Today is the first day of the war. I didn’t get involved with anything because  it is still early in the game. Im planning how I am going to obtain my objectives. I found where all my troops where so that if someone came into my territory I could easily move some troops into the area that was being attacked. I plan to honor my alliance with Great Britain, Poland and Belgium. I will defend them as much as I can but not to the point where I lose all my troops.

France 2, 1939
Today I attempted to protect Belgium. The first time we were successful with the help of Great Britain. The second time we weren’t so lucky they took over the Netherlands and then sent more troops into Belgium I really considered to send some troops into Belgium but then I talked to my allies and then realized that it wasn’t worth losing a lot of my troops. I had to think about my country because if  I lose a lot of troops then I won’t have enough troops to defend my land if another country tries to take me over.

France 3, 1940
Today I don’t have any objectives to obtain except being loyal to my ally Great Britain and backing them up if they need any assistance. The United States asked me to make a public alliance with them. I did, their reasoning was that they became allies with Great Britain and since I am also an ally with Great Britain then I figured if we join together than we will be unstoppable.

France 4, 1941
Today I discussed with the allies what to do with my navy. They said that the axis powers were going to go down and go through the Suez canal to get to get down towards India to take over. So I moved my navy with 121 troops on it from the South Atlantic Sea down to the West Mediterranean sea. On our second turn I moved my navy down another sea zone to The Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

France 5, 1942
Today italy join the Allies and left Germany to tumble down by itself. I sent 1500 troops from F2 into F1 and 250 troops into F1 as well and we were victorious! We regained the territory in F1! I also moved both of my navys that I put in the East Mediterranean sea into the West Mediterranean sea zone.

France 6, 1943
I was not here that day but the Allies made the decision to move my navy and some of my troops around.

France 7, 1944
The last few days are getting really intense. Germany just took over Poland’s navy and the USSR’s navy. I just sent 1200 troops in to Belgium from F1 and the US sent 1800 troops into Belgium as well. Germany only has 500 troops in Belgium so the allies were victorious. Then we loaded some troops from Great Britain and took them into Belgium. Then move 417 troops of France’s from F2 into F1. I sent 1418 troops from Belgium into germany and my 417 troops from F1 into G1 as well. Germany is starting to get taken out quickly by the Allies.

France 8, 1945
Today is the final day of the war. The Japan was trying to regain its territory but they were not victorious because the US had sent some troops into SE China and came out victorious so SE China is still a part of the Allies. I am sending my 535 troops from Germany into Denmark. Since Germany did not have any troops in Denmark the Allies took Denmark over. Time is crunched, we have less than 10 minutes left until the end of the war. It’s looking really good for the Allies. Germany has lost all of their troops.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Italy 4

Period 4  Italy
Italy 4, 1938
–Today was a big day. I talked with my allies about getting the resources that I
need. Germany is helping me out with my lack of coal. This will improve my rating.
My alliances and I are going to do whatever we can to make sure all of us have what
we need. Our alliances are strong. We plan on moving in fast to get the resources. I
plan on staying true to my alliances, unless we start to struggle. Germany is pretty
strong and willing to help me out so right now the best thing for my country is to
stay allied. We are going to start out strong and end up very victorious.

Italy 4, 1939

–Today nothing happened. I didn’t start any wars because nothing was needed.
Germany transferred some of their coal over to me since I was very low on that
supply. Tomorrow I plan on taking French North Africa. I need a lot of resources
and that have a few. My strategy right now is to get everything I need to make my
ratings go up. Of course I am going to try to work with my allies as well. The Axis
powers are still very strong and we are accomplishing many group goals. So today
was a very good day.

Italy 4, 1940

–Today I took over Egypt. It is just one step closer to getting to Iraq. I need to
conquer them to gain more oil. My strategy right now is to take over everything in
my way. Today Romania gave me enough oil to fulfill my need and Japan is
thinking about giving me rubber. Once I gain that oil, I will have all my needed
resources. Germany, Japan, and I are still working together to gain as much land as
possible. I am still staying true to my alliance because Germany is still powerful. I
have thought about switching if I need to but I will still help out japan if I do.

Italy 4, 1941

–Today I took over Palestine. Great Britain and France started to move their Navy
down to where mine is, I have a feeling they are going to try to take the suez canal
back. My strategy is to fight as much as I can but I know that if they go through
with it, I won’t survive. My strategy if I lose will then be to take out France.
Germany and I discussed getting payback if they took out my navy. But if I win I

am still going to try to take over everything in my way up to Iraq. I was able to get
all of my rubber from Japan today to the only thing I need is iron. I don’t know
how to get it, and if they get my navy I won’t be able to get it. My strategy for the
last few days has been to get all the resources I needed for my country and I have
been able to get all but one. Besides the fact that my navy may get taken out
tomorrow, I think I have been very successful and have helped out my people by
getting them our needed resources.

Italy 4, 1942

–Today I changed to the allies. Germany made the mistake of moving all of their
troops to one side, the side away from Italy. The allies were going to take up that
mistake and start wars. They would’ve had to go through me to get all of the
Germany’s land. That was something I wasn’t willing to risk. Along with them
moving all to one side, the USSR and USA joined the war. I knew that the USA got
a lot of troops and their power grew everyday. That was another sign Germany was
getting helpless. They made the mistake to move. After I joined the allies, my
strategy changed. Its now to help take out the Axis powers take out Germany. We
moved all of our navies over to the USA to get their army over to France and
tomorrow we are going to start more war.

Italy 4, 1943

Today nothing happened. Our strategy is to move as many US troops so we can
take out Germany. We moved things around to make it as easy as possible. My
personal strategy is to keep up with the Allies. We need to take Germany out. I
know that we are going to move tomorrow and I hope we win. I have been helping
out the allies as much as possible.

Italy 4, 1944

–Today we plan on taking out G1. We are going to move all of my troops from Italy
and all of the troops from F1 to takeout G1. He doesn’t have a lot of troops in the
surrounding areas so we should be victorious. Then we are going to continue
moving in. Germany only has 200 troops left so it will be pretty easy. We are all
working together to take down Germany.

Italy 4, 1945

Today is the last day. We started war with Germany and took over a lot of land. We
got our overall goal complete: beat the axis powers. I attempted to get my last few
objectives done but we didn’t have a turn before the end of class. Germany lost all of
its troops so it was easy for us to take over land. Germany tried to fight back but
lost. Our strategy was to just take over as much land as possible and we made a lot

of progress today. The war is over and the allies won. The best decision I made was
to join them, I wish I did it sooner.

WW2 Simulation Journal: Japan 4

WW2 Simulation

Japan 4, 1938

Today, my allies and I are planning our strategies. We all figured out that we
are against the United States, so we plan on taking them out right away. I need to
find another source for oil. The United States is already threatening to cut me off
and destroying their navy will probably not help my cause. I am planning to get my
oil source from taking over Burma from Great Britain. My allies, Germany and
Italy, plan on helping me because it will increase their and my ratings. Because
Burma is part of Asia, this will also help me take over all of Asia. My ally, Italy, is
going to help conquer Asia also. All these things can take a turn for the better or
worse but we will see what awaits tomorrow.

Japan 4, 1939

Today, the war began. I knew I had to get right into completing my
objectives because I have so many. I started with trying to conquer China. I
successfully captured NC China but did not win SC China. My plan is to try to get
to Burma and try to capture it. I need to do this because the United States cut off
my oil supply. This is will then supply me with oil. I cannot afford to have my rank
lowered, I have to much to do. Next year, I plan to finally start moving my troops
onto my navy. I need to destroy the navy of the United States in the Pacific ocean,
this is one of my objectives. I am glad to say that the Axis Powers movement is first
next year. I have a lot of things to move and conquer.

I truly believed that China would have been easy to take down because they
are sort of in a civil war. I thought it would have made them weaker and easier to
conquer but they are putting up a fight. It also doesn’t help my case that Great
Britain is helping them out also. I know I have to really plan out my strategies and
not lean on Germany so much. It is understandable that they are worried more on
their own objectives and this really opens my eyes. It is also very helpful to see other
classes maps. This gives me a good idea on what else I can do. I know now that I
have to plan my own strategies and focus on my objectives. Next year is going to be
a big year for Japan.

Japan 4, 1940

Today, I spoke with the leaders of Great Britain and China. They do not
want me to attack China or Burma. What they do not understand is that those are
my objectives. For now, I will not but it will have to happen. Great Britain told me
they would give me anything so I would not attack Burma. I asked them to help me
take down the United States with me but they said they could not which is
understandable. They did tell me something that I dreaded. That the USSR is part
of Asia. I have to conquer them. This is going to be hard because the leader of the
USSR are friends and we were together in our last simulation. I already told her
that I do not need or even have to conquer the USSR, which at first was true
because I did not know Russia was part of Asia. This problem will have to wait
until later. This is not even the biggest problem, Great Britain and China
abandoned me when they said they would help me. It is war but I have to have my
priorities straight. First, I am going to have to defeat the United States as soon as
possible. Italy has told me that they are going to try to send as many navies as they
can in time. It was a mistake to attack the United States navy so soon, but what is
done is done and I do not regret this decision and I will make this work.

A good thing did come from today. I was able to conquer the Dutch East
Indies. This provided me with a lot of resources, even surplus. I am planning on
giving a few to my allies to help them out.

Tomorrow is going to be a complicated day but maybe luck will be on my

Japan 4, 1941

Japan is on the verge of falling into the allies hands. I tried to fix my mistake
of attacking the United States to soon but it did not work. Everything is falling
apart in Japan and I do not see a bright side to it. The USSR betrayed my trust but
they did have a reason to because I was planning on attacking them. NC China and
Manchukuo belong to the Allies now. My navy is significantly smaller because the
United States defeated my 200 navy by Pearl Harbor and I was ready to win the
navy battle by the Philippines but Great Britain decided to defend and help the
United States there and I lost the battle. I am completely surrounded by enemies
and I see no help coming soon. My only hope is Italy but it will take too long for
them to arrive but it will be no use, the Allies have gotten stronger. I see the falling of
Japan very near by. I guess I deserve it because I was testing with war germs. I plan
on taking what ever I can without shaking up the Allies. I do not fear them, but I do
feel not having any of Japan in the end.

I can do nothing because if I try to attack the allies, USSR will help them. If I
attack the United States, Great Britain will help them, and if I attack the USSR, the
allies will help them. I am trapped in an all around front war. I have nowhere to
turn. I will fight for Japan and I will fight trying.

Japan 4, 1942

Japan will not last. It is not gone but it is going slowly. Again China and the USSR are working
together to take me over. I have lost a lot of what I had of China. I lost SE China and SC China. I fear
that I will lose French Indo China because I have resources on it. My ally, Italy, has gone to the Allies and
has left Germany and I alone as Axis. We both know we are doomed but we continue to fight on. I know
that I can trust no one. Not the USSR, not China, not Great Britain, and now not even Italy. I need to
keep on staying strong. I see the map and it gives me hope. I believe that I might be able to take parts of
China and the USSR if Great Britain does not get in the way.

I do fear of losing everything but I do not want to lose anything. I will stay strong and I will defend
my country. I plan on destroying the USSR’s navy and slowly take back whats mine starting at Korea.

The Japanese empire will not go down without a fight.

Japan 4, 1943

Japan is staying low today. I still don’t know the moves of my opponents but I guess I will see.
French Indo China was under attack by the USSR and China but Japan was able to fight them off. But
Great Britain who took the chance and saw that Japan was weakened decided to help the USSR and
successfully took over French Indo China. This is very depressing but but hopefully the plan I am still
working up works. All I have left is the island of Japan and the Dutch East Indies. I am sure that the
Dutch East Indies are not far from being taken over. So I plan for right now, I plan to take out the
USSR’s only navy on the Pacific. I know it won’t do anything but anger them but it is just a precaution. I
actually am going to discard my last plan and I attacked Eastern USSR and successfully took them over.
I knew this would work because no one was there and no one was around. I hope this will at least give
me a chance at the extra credit because I did get the Eastern USSR at least for a moment. I plan on
moving them out and make the USSR and China to chase me around, hopefully make them lose troops
during this. They’re doing as I hoped, Great Britain, China, and the USSR are moving their troops
Northward as I expected. This will give me the chance to sneak in from the South and continue the chase.

Japan 4, 1944

I do not know what I am going to do today. It will take me awhile to move
but I am really just moving as I go. It will take two moves to get to Burma but I will
not be able to really take anything over but I might make them lose troops so I will
try it. I am going to attack SE China with only 6 troops hoping that they do not
hear how many I put in there and send in a lot. I want them to move and attack me
to east so I can turn around and attack from the west. Actually, I plan to just stall
until next year. Then I will go all out and do my best. I noticed that Great Britain,
China, and the USSR were able to move up to Siberia. I am very confused now. I do
not know if they are going to attack me or attack Germany. Next year is our last

Japan 4, 1945

I did not expect the United States to help out China. They did and I did not
win the war in SE China because I did not think they would help. I am just trying
to hold as as long as I can but I do not know if Japan is going to stand for much
longer .

The Allies went against my poor ally Germany. Even though that was bad
news for him, it is a relief for Japan. This gave me a chance to move and attack. The
USSR in Manchukuo tried to attack me in the Eastern USSR. I won that battle.
That meant that no one was close enough to stop me from conquering and taking
back everything. This did not happen though because we did not have enough
moves. I was able to take back Manchukuo and its resources, Korea and its
resources, and NE China and its resources. I did plan to do more but time ran out.
Even though I did not conquer all of Asia, or even China, I did get further than I
expected. The war was not a failure for Japan but it was not a success for us either.

WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 4

WW2 Simulation
United States 4 1938
I started looking everything over. I wrote down all my objectives for my report so that i won’t forget about them this time.
I was reading over what i had to do, so that i could understand all my objectives. I read that i’m pretty much controlling what Japan does because I’m giving them 9.8 of oil i think from my resources. So i knew that i would have become alliances with the allied powers. So i went and talked to Great Britain and China, we started talking about how we have to stop Germany from taking over and getting all this land and control. So since i have to stay neutral until some country attacks me, I’m just giving them the resources that they will need and also some advice. Hopefully win! I think that we have a good plan coming along! hopefully everything will workout well! Go Allied Powers!!

United States 4 1939
Well today I’m going to try and stay neutral because I really don’t wanna get into any war haha. I’m not a very violent person, plus we are still recovering from the Great Depression. I just hope my fellow allies don’t get taken over because i have a feeling that i’ll need them in the future.
I just decided that after Japan had attacked China, i decided to take my oil away that i had given them from their recourses. So i have a feeling that i might get attacked so i’m thinking now that maybe i should mobilize because i just don’t want anything happening to me and my country. I’m still trying to help out the alliance powers. Hopefully i did the right thing,

Untied States 4 1940
Today I talked to Great Britain. They told me that they had talked to Japan and thought that they that might come and attack me. Which is fine because, I’m the United States, we will always win! But i hope we do win.
So Japan did declare war on us. But it was on our country it was just on our navy. I’m actually kind of nervous that I’m getting attack but it’s my first time getting attacked. Thats probably why I’m nervous. Plus it’s just my navy not a big part of the U.S. but I’m still worried about losing my troops and how this will affect the country. I’m just glad its not as bad as it could have been. But you never know what can happen after this. We might get taken over by the axis powers if they have enough military. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Lets just hope for the best. We lost against the Japanese. But Go Allied Powers!

United States 4 1941
Well today hasn’t been the best, but I’m deciding to help France and send 250 of my navy from North Atlantic Ocean to the South Atlantic Ocean. But now since Germany has declared war on France and France let them have it.
As of this point I’m just helping and giving advice to my allies. Japan just attack Pearl Harbor and i just won so i feel pretty darn good about that! Now i just hope i can keep retaining my land. Thinking about just taking over Japan they are really annoying me. But i probably won’t I’m just glad that i became allies with Great Britain i don’t know what i would do without them in some situations. Today has ended a lot better than it started. Go Allied Powers!

United States 4 1942
Today I’m still helping out the allies. Italy has joined the allies so now we will hopefully most likely win the war. They becomes allies because Great Britain and China were going to attack Italy and win but they talked everything over. But the awesome part is that before Italy left the Axis they filled up all their resources from Germany and Japan.
The only problem is, is that Russia is very weak and they are losing pretty much everything the Germany but i can’t really help them that much I’m busy helping France. So as of now I’m just sending troops back and fourth from here to France. I’m pretty sure i have the most troops with the strongest army as of right now.

United States 4 1943
Today i just got mobilized. I’m just helping out my fellow allies. Deciding how to take over the Axis powers. We just moved a lot around trying to get a lot of our troops into france. We though Germany might have joined the allies but that didn’t end up working to well. So tomorrow we might plan to become allies with them, who knows. We might try and attack G1 tomorrow and hopefully win! Go Allied Powers!

United States 4 1944
Today i mobilized and i attacked Belgium and we ended up winning so know we just need to keep the territory that we have right now. I hope everything will end up as we planned or still are planning. We might plan to attack Germany tomorrow. Hopefully we will win tomorrow and keep winning! Go Allied Powers! Back up, we attacked G1 today and Won!!!! YAY! haha Go Allied Powers!!

Untied States 4 1945
Today I took over parts of germany like G3 and the Netherlands because their were not axis powers soldiers in those parts or countries. If they did, i had enough to beat them. SO! We the Allied Powers had won the war! It was a good war. Im glad that we won because now, i have accomplished all my objectives and have won the war! It was hard at first knowing if we were making the right decisions or not but we got through it. I’m glad Italy joined us because i don’t know what could have happened if they didn’t. They were a huge help for us in the end. Go Allied Powers!

WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Russia 5

Period 5

Russia 1913


War is inevitable at this point. I have publicly announced that I am allied with Serbia, and and attack on them is an attack on Russia. Hopefully this does not come back to haunt me. I have made a secret alliance with Italy, a well needed asset. Italy has convinced the Central powers that he is on their side, giving us inside information. My main goal at this point is to take the Dardanelles Strait, I need it for supplies. Great Britain and Japan are going to assist me in capturing the Dardanelles Strait with their navy’s. Romania will allow me to send troops through it as long as I provide protection. The only problem is Bulgaria, Italy has informed me that they are secretly allied with the Central Powers, this could cause problems, threats may have to be made. The Dardanelles Strait will be mine within the year hopefully, with the help of Great Britain, Japan, and Romania. The Ottoman Empire wants me to publicly make an Alliance with him as well. I know only bad things can come from this, I have led them on and made them think I will be allies with them, but the first chance I get I am attacking, I do not trust him. After the Dardanelles Strait is captured my strategy is to protect Romania and keep the alliance alive, then take A2 from Austria to assist Italy and France with Germany. But first things first, the Dardanelles Strait.

Russia 1914


Germany has successfully taken R3 from me, and taking out more troops than I would like to admit. But my soldiers fought well and took out a considerable amount of German soldiers. Luckily they didn’t attack R2, allowing me to build a defense. As soon as I get my next mobilization I am moving half to defend R2 and half to R4. I plan on invading the Ottoman Empire, and taking the Dardenelles Strait. I know they are afraid of me, because they keep trying to spark up peace treaties and alliances. I have told them that I am for it, but am planning I large scale invasion on him. Hopefully this strategy works. Hopefully when by the time I take O2 Britain will have some of it’s navy carrying troops move in to assist me with O1. I am worried about the 1,000 Austrian-Hungary troops in A3 trying to attack Serbia. Sadly, I cannot send any help or worry about helping until I take the Ottoman Empire. Hopefully my troops defending in R2 will be able to hold back the German and Austrian-Hungary armies, or at least give me enough time for my next mobilization. This war can go anyway at this point. By the time the Allies have the Dardanelles Strait, Romania will be allied with us, allowing me and the remaining (if any) Great Britain army he sent to assist me to move through it and attack from 3 different angles. Then Italy will be allied with us, allowing Great Britain and France to move through that as well. Allowing us to bypass the Ardennes Forest. I hope the Central Powers do nothing crazy to throw our strategy off.

Russia 1915


Well…The mighty Russians have fallen into a civil war. I became so focused on the Ottoman Empire and the Dardanelles Strait, that I neglected keeping troops in my capital. It was a foolish mistake. I hoped my troops in R2 would be able to defend that point long enough until my mobilization came the next year and then I could heavily fortify that position. I didn’t need that many troops to go down into the Ottoman Empire…I just want to make sure that I would not lose. Hopefully the Allies will be able to come back and win this war without me. I know that with the help of Italy and Romania the odds will hopefully turn in their favour. I did what I could, but Germany wanted blood and there was nothing I could do to stop it after I moved so many troops down to the Ottoman Empire. It was a foolish mistake that will hopefully not cost us the war. I have faith in the Allies, but right now my main focus is the civil war. I hope that we can at least take the Ottoman Empire, and my destruction was not for nothing. Russia has surrenderred.

Russia 1916


The Russian civil war still rages on as the war outside our borders continues as well. I know that if we lose this war it will be my fault, but sadly the civil war must come first. The US has informed me of the allied strategy, and it just might work. I just wish I could be involved in it. The US is going to move in all of their troops, and fake out the Germans to move out of their capital, then when the time is right, they will move their troops and Great Britain’s and France’s troops and take the capital, removing the Germans from the war. When the time is right, Romania will double cross them, helping attack from the bottom part of Europe. Hopefully destroying Bulgaria, or taking back Serbia. This whole strategy would work much better if I was in the war, because of my mistake we might lose. But the past is the past and I and the rest of the Allies must move forward.

Russia 1917


Russia is still in a civil war, and the war still goes on outside. The U.S. has joined the war with the Allies, a potential tide changer. Moving in large numbers of troops and doing a good job with it. Sadly, I am not in the know as much as I used to be, which frankly I have no reason to be involved as much as I was before. All I can do now is talk about my strategy and how it almost worked. I was hoping my troops in R2 could hold long enough for my mobilization to kick in. Then I would go in defense mode. While my troops and France/GB troops helped me take out the Ottoman Empire. I just didn’t spread my troops out well enough. The strategy was there, just not executed well on my part. All I can do now is regret the mistakes I have made.

Russia 1918


Today marks the end of the bloody cruel war. It did not go without Russia still making it’s way in to assist the fight. Italy’s President went M.I.A. And I was asked to take charge. I did just that. I also was more careful with the troops I was provided, never leaving gaps open. We had a strategy all worked out. The U.S. sent many of it’s troops down to attack Germany’s capital, crippling their armies. France GB and myself were going to send troops from A2, I1 and attack A1, taking out Austrian-Hungary’s capital. While France, GB, and the US sent troops to take out Germany’s capital, it was a plan that I have confidence in that would have worked. Sadly, the clock was not with us, as we ran out of time just as we were about ready to launch our invasion, and turn the tides of this war for once in our favor. This whole war would have been much easier if I, Russia was still in it, but my mistakes haunt me. Maybe this war would have looked much different if I were still in it. But still, we gave it our all in the end, and you could see the tides start to change.