World War One Simulation Student Journal: Great Britain 3

World War I Simulation

Great Britain 3 1913

Although the simulation has not truly begun, strategies are already under way and actions are being taken to get a head start in the game. As Great Britain, we are already allied with the nations of France, Portugal, and Belgium. To strengthen the force of the Allies and accomplish our main objectives, we believed it was in our best interest to also secure alliances with Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro. With the widespread fear of a great and unavoidable conflict in the near future, we have currently begun to mobilize our troops. We have made contact with the United States as well about an alliance, but their final decision has yet to be determined. There is great concern that the Central Powers are planning world domination, but all we know for now is that Europe is under a lot of pressure at the moment, and who knows how it’s about to go down.

Great Britain 3 1914

It’s 1914, and the “great war” has begun! Surprisingly, us Allies are off to a great start. The Central Powers came out this year with aggressive attacks toward Belgium and Russia, however, both attempts to take Allied territory failed! Unbelievable! Plus, on the even brighter side, we have now enforced a secret alliance with Italy. Although the United States has still not responded to our suggested alliance, we’re starting to believe that they simply want to remain neutral, and have no desire to assist the Central Powers. Our strategy now is to move enough troops with our navy down to French North Africa and across the second Mediterranean Sea zone to aid Russia in defeating the Ottoman Empire. By conquering the Dardanelles Strait, we would be able supply Russia with more foreign resources, as states one of our main objectives, and increase the power of the Allies. Ready or not Ottoman Empire, here we come!

Great Britain 3 1915

1915 was certainly a devastating year for us Allied powers. Seriously, it’s as if the Central Powers completely turned their luck of around and handed us the worst of it! Not once could us Allies successfully gain or defend territory at war. Germany overtook Belgium and part of France, while the Ottoman Empire shocked the world by holding off a massive Allied invasion in attempt to secure the Dardanelles Strait for Russia. All in all, we lost a lot of troops, but the Allies have to reorganize and stop the German advances on France. With Portugal and Italy now officially on our side, I believe we can do it! However, until we can restore order in France and Belgium, this will be our number one priority!

Great Britain 3 1916

For the Allied Powers (now consisting of Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Italy, French North Africa, Libya, Egypt, and Romania), 1916 was not a particularly successful year, but compared to 1915, we’d certainly say it was acceptable. Overall there wasn’t much gained from either side, although just because Great Britain didn’t play a big role in combat this year doesn’t mean we don’t have something huge planned. That’s right, HUGE. Whether Germany can see it coming or not, all of Great Britain’s navy now sits in the Atlantic Ocean zone, as all we did was unite our navy groups into one. This is perfect, because not only are there no German subs around us, but Great Britain is loaded with troops. Now, with the help of our new partner in alliance- the United States!- and the French navies, we plan to throw everything we can into liberating France and Belgium from German control. We know there are only two ways this can end, great victory or devastating defeat. When 1917 comes, I guess there’ll only be one way to find out!

Great Britain 3 1917

Disaster… complete disaster! Yes, unfortunately, our invasion force of +2000 troops in attempt to take back the French capital was unsuccessful. The Allies certainly outnumbered them, however, it’s no secret that Germany has the most advanced army in the world, and we just simply could not overpower them. Luckily for us we kept the US out the conflict, otherwise we would have just lost more troops. As of now, the Central Powers have seized both the French and Italian capitals, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. With 1918 bringing an end to the simulation, we basically have one last shot at redemption. There’s no way we’ll be able to defeat the Central Powers, but the nation of Great Britain is going to give it everything we have one last time to liberate France and Belgium. Since we destroyed the German navy and will receive reinforcement from both the United States and Russia, all the Allied Powers can say is that we’re not going down without a fight!

Great Britain 3 1918

1918, the final year of the war. Although the simulation was to come to an end this year, all nations across the continent of Europe fought to the very end! The Central Powers were relentless with their continental invasions, ending the war having conquered Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy. However, the greatest news was that, thanks to American and French support, we were able to liberate the French capital from German control! That, at least to us, was a major accomplishment! Unfortunately, Russia paid the price for us by going all out and losing their entire army to the German and Austria-Hungarian forces  As sorry as we are for them, we hope that they know we couldn’t finished the war the way we did without them. So… who really won the war? That’s a tough question, and while both sides would debate it was them over the other, in the end, it truly took its toll on all of Europe and left a lasting impact across the world.

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