World War I Simulation Student Journal: Ottoman Empire 3

World War I Simulation

Ottoman Empire 3 1913

It is the year of 1913, we have lost a lot of territory due to Russia and other countries. We hope to regain Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania throughout this war. Great Britain’s Egypt has taking our interest as well. the navy of Japan and great Britain might also be an issue down the road. Maybe we can get an alliance going with the U.S. in their powerful navy. My biggest concern is Russia. They took something very important from me, and I want it back. I might take a lot more from them in the process. I don’t think they have the guts to strike first, since they might be focusing on bigger issues. Only time will tell.

Ottoman Empire 3 1914

Turns out I was completely mistaken. After we successfully took Bulgaria, Russia did go on the offensive and manage to take some of my territory. Egypt is most likely out of the picture for the time being. Our main focus now is getting back what we lost.

Ottoman Empire 3 1915

It’s a miracle, perhaps one of the happiest years in Ottoman Empire history! We held off the Russian invasion on our capital, and took out a lot of Russian troops in the process. We even held off a smaller British invasion on our capital. It will be a day that we will cherish forever. But now it time to take the offensive. First the opportunity to take back our lost land is wide open, and will also see if we can get an alliance going with Greece.

Ottoman Empire 3 1916

Not a lot happened in the year of 1916,  just a lot of replenishing and strategizing. Were still working on a Alliance with Greece, we might have to be more forceful with them eventually. Romania is in our future as well. We will soon look to try an advance on Russia as well.

Ottoman Empire 3 1917

So it turns out Greece was working with the enemy the whole time. We took our first opportunity to strike and succeeded. Then we figured why stop now and manage to take Romania with the help of German allies. It’s all turning around for the Ottoman Empire and the Central Powers as a whole. Germany seems to be holding things down in the west, and Russia is getting weaker by the minute. Our next move, Russia.

Ottoman Empire 3 1918

With taking the Crimson back from Russia the main plain, we decided to help our allies take Serbia. With a easily accomplished victory on Serbia, We were ready to attack Russia. They ended up helping us out tremendously by attacking Germany weakening their army badly. We attacked and with the help of our allies Germany and Austria-Hungary, we succeeded. A glorious day for the Ottoman Empire and the Central Powers. Sadly with suffered losing Greece because of  a small invasion of French soldiers with no men defending it. With just too little of time left we were no able to rush back and retake it, the war had ended. But overall, this was a time period of tremendous success for the Ottoman Empire. They nearly doubled their previous territory, and managed to take back everything they lost during previous wars. Major success for the Central Powers.

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