World War 1 Simulation Student Journal Austria-Hungary 3

World War I Simulation

Day 1 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1913/1914)

We are thinking about taking over Romania, Serbia, and Italy. We have already made an alliance with Romania and Germany. We are thinking about making an alliance with the US, Italy, and Bulgaria. Today we had to give a speech because troops are mobilizing and we gave an explanation that we had strong alliances and justice allowing more representatives. We decided to mobilize our troops.

Day 2 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1914)

Today we are planing on starting out to take over (attack) Bulgaria and Italy with the help of Germany, but hitting Russia first. We haven’t made any new allies but are waiting on a response from the US still. We are helping the Ottoman Empire defend so they can take over Egypt and Libya.

We have attacked Serbia and Russia and used all of our troops from A2 and A3. When my partner was filing out the slip of attack, I didn’t agree with sending all of our troops but one. It was going to be a lose, and like I thought, we lost. Germany is now angry with us and I can’t help but agree with them.

After the attack, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Germany, and us had a meeting. It was for the most part yelling at my partner about his bad move. After that, we talked a little about our next moves. Germany has lost trust now in our president and his decisions.

Day 3 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1915)

I am running the show by myself today. The first step I did was even out our troops in our territories. This was the most important to me because if we didn’t have a good defense, we could lose our territory. Later on, I helped protect Germany’s G2 by sending troops over when they were getting attacked. This was honoring our alliance with them and hope to have the same in return some day.

Today we were also attacked by Italy. I sent some more troops over to help protect and won the battle and kept my territory. I will not be in battle tomorrow due to me being gone but was panning on taking over Italy after we got more troops. I am leaving a note for the president. I also talked to the US again today to see what they are thinking about on an alliance, and they are still undecided.

Day 4 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1916)

Today we lost our A2 territory and had to regroup at A1 to help protect the rest of the country. We united with Germany to attack Italy and destroy their reinforcements, but were unsuccessful.

The US finally came to a decision, and partnered with the allies which was bad mistake because we  are conquering territory fast and will eventually wipe them out. We also attacked Serbia today because Germany told us we had to eliminate them and were yet again unsuccessful.

Day 5 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1917)

My partner and I today plan on taking back our territory (A2) since it is one of our objectives to keep our original territory, once Italy is taken over. Other than this, we have nothing else really planned beside defend.

When we attacked Italy, we won and took out all their troops. We ended short today but plan on taking over the rest of Italy and our territory tomorrow. Germany will be gone, so we have to play it by hear.

Day 6 (Austria-Hungary, 3, 1918)

Today is the lat day of war and we plan on taking back A2 and attacking F2. Other than this, our day is going to be pretty settle since we don’t have the most troops.

We ended up taking back A2. We also attacked F1 and got the territory but was later taken back by the US. We helped defend G3 for Germany and won. We also attacked F2 but lost the battle. Later on, we plan on taking over Greece.

In the end, we ended up getting the territory of R3. We ran out of time so we didn’t get to attack F2, but we would have won since there were only 10 British troops there. In all, we won World War I!