World War One Journal France

World War I Simulation

France 1, 1913

Today we stayed out of the way of Germany as best we could. We weren’t attacked, but tomorrow might be different. We formed alliances with Montenegro, Belgium, and Italy, which will hopefully help us if we get into any trouble. Our biggest hope is for Italy considering their size and proximity to our country. We did not mobilize any troops today which may or may not come back and bite us in the rear end, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow we hope to mobilize troops towards G2 in hopes of regaining  our territories of Alsace and Lorraine. This battle will be tough, but fought hard.


France 1, 1914

Today we mobilized 3,400 troops into F1. Even though Germany is a large and intimidating opponent, we took our chances and sent 1000 of our troops through the Ardennes Forest into G1 in hopes of taking back Alsace and Lorraine. While we did not win, Germany really only kept what they had. They didn’t gain more territory. Which, for us, is better than nothing. Even though they’ve lost troops here, they still have plenty more in other regions of their country. Even if we attack again with more troops, their numbers and ratings are just too strong right now.

Italy has been taken by Austria Hungary, giving the Central Powers another leg up on the rest of us. We attempted to help Italy out by sending over almost 300 of our own men, but it all failed miserably. Now our F2 is empty of men and ready for the taking by the Central Powers. However, we will fight as best we can to at least make it difficult for them to succeed. Just shortly after Italy was taken, Belgium was overtaken by Germany with a massive amount of 200 men. A bit of an overkill if you ask me, considering Belgium only had about 150 troops to begin with. We thought about helping out, but realized again that Germany’s army is too good, and we would lose too many men. As much as we want to help, we have to help ourselves too.

As of right now it’s not looking too bright for us allied powers, but if we stay strong and look out for ourselves and each other, we still may have a chance. Stocking up on troops in different regions is going to be key to keep our territories that we currently have. And helping out if we can, within reason, is going to help our other allies, and give them even more of a reason to help us later on. Currently, we have 3782 mend in F1 which we’re going to need to spread into F2 to compensate for our loss helping Italy. This is not going to be easy.


France 1, 1915

Today we faced a tough decision. Our own capital was taken over by Germany, despite our best efforts to fight them off. With Italy already taken, the allies and myself needed to decide if we were going to try to take back the capital of Italy, or take back the capital of France. Looking at the capital of Italy being surrounded by Austria-Hungary and their many troops, we knew we would be destroyed if we tried. So, we decided to put what we had towards the Capital of France. We won! This has now given us the opportunity to mobilize again, and gain more troops. The ottomans seem to be getting stronger, and Germany continues to be strong and intimidating. Today was intense and nerve-wracking, but somehow we made it through.


France 1, 1916

Today was a day of simply sitting and watching. We were not attacked again, but we also didn’t attack anyone else ourselves. Germany spread their troops around making it more difficult for us to send troops in to regain our lost territory. The only chance we have is Germany moving troops way out of the way.

Russia went into a civil war, and we lost them. Losing a big power we were allied with put another strain on our plans as the allies. Being on the edge of everything has made it so difficult for us to do anything. Pretty much everything central is owned by the Central Powers, which makes it easier for them to move around. Everything seems to be just a hop, skip, and a jump to take over. It’s going to take a miracle to beat them. Especially since they took over Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania. Our chances of winning this are beginning to diminish more and more. As of right now, I believe that we’re just going to have to watch and make sure we have enough troops to do some damage before we throw ourselves too far out there. We need our lost territory, but we need our capital even more at the moment.


France 1, 1917

Today was a day of moving troops into France from Great Britain and now, America. We needed more troops in case Germany decided to attack us in any way. With Belgium under their control and the pass through the Ardennes Forest, we needed some back up just in case. After gaining enough troops, we decided to try and take Belgium. We were successful! And, after liberating them, we were able to gain Belgium troops to help us all fight against the central powers.

Germany and the rest of the central powers moved their troops around their countries. It seems as if they’re planning an attack on France sometime soon by the way their moving all their troops further and further to the West. Hopefully if they do attack soon, we’ll be ready with our allied troops.


France 1, 1918

Today was one of the more victorious days for the Allies. The Ottomans moved further West and tried to take over French North Africa, but Portugal and Great Britain fought to keep it, and won. They then moved into Libya and won their as well. These victories may have been small, but they were victories. Seeing German troops being moved around was something that put us a bit on edge, but we were brave and stood strong. We stacked more and more troops in Belgium and F1 to get ready for an attack.

Finally, after moving troops into Belgium, we moved into G1 with just about everything we had. Germany moved a few troops in and were victorious, but they still lost some of their own soldiers as well. This then gave us (France & America) the opportunity to attack G2 to gain back Alsace and Lorraine. We were victorious! This was one of the bigger battles we had fought this entire time, and to win was amazing. We might not have won much throughout the war, but we did what we could, with what we had, and sometimes that’s all you can do.