World War I Simulation Student Journal: 2

World War 1 Simulation

Portugal 2 1913

It is the first year of the war. We have few troops but are already making alliances just in case anything were to happen. Portugal has allied with Great Britain, America, and France already. Our African territory is Belgian Congo. We don’t want to get involved in the war just yet but if we must then we will. It is a fight to stay alive and we will not go down without a fight.

Portugal 2 1914

It is the second year of war and countries have already been taken over. We are trying to stay quiet so we do not follow the same path as those other countries. So far no one has even tried getting to Portugal, which we are glad for. Hopefully they continue to stay away. We are not ready to join this war quite yet.

Portugal 2 1915

It is a sad year for the Allies. Many of their countries or parts of them have been taken over. The tension is extremely high. Central Powers is sadly doing very good with Germany acting as the main dictator. If the Allies are to win this war they have got to step up their game. We would suggest taking Germany out completely. We are almost ready to fight and help the Allies win this war.

Portugal 2 1916

It is finally 1916, the year we have been waiting for. We are FINALLY ready to join this war and wipe Central Powers out! We are not going to do anything yet. We have talked to other countries in the Allies. We are making a great plan. Portugal is not that big but we can and will make a difference in this war!

Portugal 2 1917

Central Powers is stronger than we thought them to be. Portugal has helped move troops into France and attacked but to no avail. We have tried and tried to get Belgium back but keep being killed. Great Britain is becoming aggravated over the loss of Belgium. They want it back. We will continue fighting and trying to get Allied land back.

Portugal 2 1918

Belgium has finally been taken back! We crippled Germany in G1 and F1 thanks to the United States and Great Britain. The United States has been a great help since they have joined. Germany continues to try and win Belgium back. They sent over 1700 and failed. They then sent 630 but the Allies were victorious. We cannot say the same for the war as a whole though. Sadly the Central Powers won this war. We tried so hard and gave it our best shot but we just couldn’t regain what we had lost.


Belgium 2 1913

A war has begun.We are terribly frightened considering how close we are to all of it. We are so small and cannot defend ourselves if anything were to happen. That is why we have made alliances with Great Britain and America. If anything were to happen we hope that they will indeed help.

Belgium 2 1914

We have been attacked by Germany! We have asked Great Britain and France to help. They have sent some troops over to reinforce. We are using absolutely everything we have to help defend us. It did not work though. We still got taken over and are now Central Powers territory.

Belgium 2 1915

Many people are being taken over now. We are still under Central Powers rule. We are still talking to the Allies and they are helping create a plan to take Belgium back. We don’t have everything figured out but so far it is a good plan and hopefully it will work.

Belgium 2 1916

More and more countries continue to join the war. We still cannot do anything but that will soon change. Great Britain especially wants us back. They say they need us back and we could not be more grateful for all the help they are willing to provide of us.

Belgium 2 1917

The Allies are getting very angry. They are especially angry with German who continues to take over countries and kill people. Great Britain is demanding they get our country back. The plan to get us back is brilliant and will happen soon. There is no way the Central Powers will be able to stop the Allies from helping us.

Belgium 2 1918

FINALLY Belgium has been taken back and is Allies territory. We crippled G1 and F1 thanks to the United States and Great Britain. Germany tried getting us back on multiple occasions, first with 1700 troops and second with 630 troops, but did not succeed. The Allies have fought hard throughout this battle and have shown it this year by taking territory back but the Central Powers have won this war.