Austria-Hungary WWI Journal

World War I Simulation

Austria Hungary, Period 1,  1913 

The first day/year of the war I was gone. So Cheyenne took over. Bulgaria wanted to ally although Cheyenne did not want to. In my thoughts I thought they could’ve helped us in the war if they would’ve came a central power. Although I believe the Ottoman Empire or one of the countries that we were already allied with had an objective to take over Bulgaria. Also Cheyenne decided to mobilize the first day which was a good idea, to start “recruiting” troops. I felt bad for Bulgaria because they wanted to ally with us and they were saying it was my fault they were taken over the first day because I was gone. Central next priority was to take over Italy. Central powers heard that Italy was a key to the war whether it’s taken over or not. Also the Ottoman Empire became allies with Germany and Austria Hungary, which in my opinion was the smartest to to do it.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1914

For the first couple years I didn’t quite understand the concept of the simulation or the “rules”. Grayson was making all the decisions and telling basically all of Central Powers what to do like with war, movement, and when to do that stuff. I’m glad Grayson was Germany. He helped my country a lot at first. Once I had enough troops to take over Italy I did. Italy didn’t mobilize , so they were done for. After the region I1 was taken over we sent one troop to Italy’s I2 just to take over the land and make it ours. I thought the Allied Powers would’ve tried to re enforce although they didn’t they just gave it up. The Allied Forces hasn’t done much with us, declaring war or anything anyways, they were just becoming allies or taking over the smaller countries first. As for us we were trying to gain more land towards the bigger more dominate countries.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1915

Once Central Powers had Italy we figured we could just take France over due to numbers and how spread out they were. Germany and my country thought of the strategy but attacking F1 Fraancs’s capital with one troop and let them reinforce which would open up F2 and be able to take over that region. Then we were able to attack their capital and take it over so  they wouldn’t be able to recruit anymore which worked, although as soon as we had it they attacked my country back in F2 to gain that region back ,along with F1. In my opinion it wasn’t a bad strategy although  we didn’t gain much from it besides taking out some of their troops and spreading them out even more. I figured since they took back their capital and F2 that they would try to attack us and we would be ready with reinforcement ,but they didn’t.

Austria Hungary, Period 1, 1916

By 1916 no one really did much attacking and taking over until the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria Hungary decided to take over the rest of the neutral or Allied Powers countries in southern Europe. Germany and the Ottoman Empire was able to move toward Romania and Serbia. I thought I could take Serbia over with the Ottoman Empire although because I did not think Romania or Greece would ally with the Allied Powers ,but they did. We lost that war until Germany came from R3 to take Romania over while the Ottoman Empire and Austria Hungry was able to take over Serbia and Greece. I asked Germany and the Ottoman Empire to help take those countries out not just because they were terrorist supported countries which was one of my objectives to take out although so the Allied Powers can not try to attack us from the south of us. This worked well because by the time we did this the same year Russia surrendered due to their civil war. That was basically our countries plan that year and it worked.

Austria Hungry, Period 1, 1917

For Central Powers 1917 was just an organizing year, a lot of movement took place. I took over Montenegro because the Allied Powers had that region although they had no troops there. For the rest of the year us three countries decided to move back and be prepared to defend or attack Great Britain or France. The United States joined the war and allied with the Allied Powers which unfortunately gave Allied Powers hope to winning the war. I thought it was a good strategy to send most of our troops back to regions like I1, G1, G2, A1, A2, and G3. We planned it correctly because the Allied Powers did the same which we figured they would. They started to take over the countries like Libya and defended French North Africa while we were picking small wars with them. We did that just so we can killed some of their troops and make them move their troops around more since the United States had a large number helping the Allied Powers in Belgium which they had.

Austria Hungry, Period 1, 1918

1918 was what it all came down to. It’s when the Allied Powers used 3/4 of their troops in Belgium to try and take over Germany in G1. Since they did this I decide to take over F2 in France against the little to no troops they had in that region. We let them come to us and declare war with us. It was the biggest war in the whole simulation because there were at least 15 million troops in G1 between 5 different countries. It worked because we had reinforcement all around G1 for that reason. We planned it correctly because even after the war we still had about 1600 troops left over. Although I think they did that on purpose just so they had a shot for someone from the Allied Powers to get their objective by taking over G2 after the war. Even though they were able to do that the Central Powers still won the War (Simulation). I was even able to complete all of my objectives and retain my original territory.