WW2 Simulation Journal: Yugoslavia, Belgium

Belgium 3 1938
October 19th 1938
    Unrest is bursting at every seam of Europe, soon the countries will engage each other in war. Belgium is small, and I hope to keep it out of the war. We will have no part in it, were are too feeble to help in anyway and I will not have my country held accountable for anything. I fear one country may think I am working for the other. I shall make secret pacts to not attack anyone with as many people as I can.

Belgium 3 1939
May 8th 1939
    I just finished signing a treaty with the king of Yugoslavia, I know him well. At the moment he has not decided between Axis of Ally, we both discussed this and the option of a third party, but we are nowhere near each other to help and far too weak. We resolved it best to stay neutral to the world. There is little involvement of Belgium anywhere, its good news, although my people were worried when they heard that Poland had fallen to Hitler. If he is as power hungry as they say I fear we are next. Another worry, Belgium is the