WW2 Simulation Journal: Yugoslavia and Belgium 5

WW2 Simulation
Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1938

This year as the leader of Yugoslavia, I’ve had to do a lot of strategizing and planning. Yugoslavia doesn’t have a very big or strong military, therefore I have to depend on my allies. I have close ties with Germany, but in 2 years I will break off my relations with them. When I break off relations with them, I need help from France and Great Britain. I will make a secret alliance with France and Great Britain so they will have my back when I break off from Germany. I have to make sure that Germany won’t invade me. Hopefully France and Great Britain will help me because without them, I won’t be successful. I need them for security and to get my natural resources. I won’t be able to do much for the next 2 years until I do break off relations with Germany, and then I will join the allies.

This year has been a year of planning. I can’t do much without the help of my allies, Great Britain and France. I really depend on them because my country is super small and can’t do anything by itself. Many countries are going to try to take over mine because it’s so small. With the help of my allies, hopefully I can retain my original territory. I will stay neutral until I’m attacked. When I’m attacked I will become a part of the allies.  I have to depend on my allies so that I won’t get taken over easily. I’m scared that Germany’s huge military is going to make my country one of their first attacks because they are right across the border. I depend on my alliances for natural resources, because I can’t take over countries by myself. They will have to transfer some of their natural resources to me.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1939

This year my country made a secret alliance with France and Great Britain. I hope that Germany does not ask me to help them militarily because I won’t help them. If they know I’m not going to help them, they will probably go against me sooner than I want them to. I can’t completely break of relations with them until next year. After that I know I’m going to get attacked by them, but I’m going to do everything I can for them not to take over my country. Germany actually assured me that if I turned against them, they will conquer me. With the help of France and Great Britain this shouldn’t be an issue. If my country does get taken over, then hopefully my allies will help me out to get it back. Right now I’m just sitting back waiting to help someone if they need my help (other than Germany). Things aren’t very exciting right now, but I have a feeling they will be sometime soon.

This year nothing really happened. My country is going to stay neutral until I get attacked, then I will join the allies. Once I get attacked (which I’m not for sure when that is going to happen) France and Great Britain will hopefully help me stop that from happening.  Once I officially join the allies, I’m planning on them transferring some of their resources to me because I really don’t need that much. I’m going to make as much defensive alliances I can within the next couple of years, so I can be protected.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1940

This year was the year I had to cut off relations with Germany, and they didn’t seem too surprised. They never did ask me to help them militarily, but I wouldn’t have anyway. I officially became a part of the allies now that I broke off relations with Germany. They didn’t attack me this year, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will next year. I know they’re planning something. I’m not sure if my allies will really be able to help me if I do get attacked. I warned them that they are going to have to get ready but they didn’t seem very confident that they would be much help. If they can’t help me, I don’t really know what I’m going to do.

This year Germany attacked me with 1,000 troops, but with the help of my allies (Great Britain and France), Germany was unsuccessful in taking over my country. I was very happy about that.. until Germany attacked Belgium again, and my allies tried to help but it didn’t work. I’m still thankful for my allies because they did help me out, it just didn’t work the second time. We tried to do everything we could, but it wasn’t enough.  Now that I was attacked, I’m no longer neutral. I officially joined the allies. I made two secret alliances with Sweden and the Netherlands. I have to make a lot of defensive alliances. Maybe eventually we can fight back for my country but my allies have bigger things to worry about, so I doubt they will want to. I will try to convince them, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1941

This year Yugoslavia was attacked by Romania and Hungary. They were successful because no one helped me. I’m too isolated and no one was really willing to even try to help me. Since they took me over, they took the small amount of iron that I had. This isn’t that big of a surprise, I knew Germany would try and do something, and they did. I doubt that I will get my country back. I’ll at least try to convince my allies to fight for it, but I’m almost positive they won’t do anything. I guess I will just wait see what the future brings, and go from there. Right now there isn’t much I can do, but maybe eventually something will work out.

This year nothing happened, I’m still taken over by the Axis Powers. My plan is to just sit back and wait for my allies to finish what they need to get done. Once they are done with finishing their biggest duties, I’m going to convince to help me get Belgium back. I really want to get my country back, and then I’ll work on getting natural resources. I see that they aren’t really being helpful with getting back Yugoslavia (who has the same alliances that I do) who got taken over this year, so I’m just going to wait a little bit. If I don’t convince them to get Belgium back then I guess there really isn’t anything else that I can do.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1942

This year has been a very bad year. France got taken over by Germany, and won’t be able to get it back. France pretty much lost all of their troops because they used them to try defend themselves. They are my allies and now they are taken over, so my country is pretty much screwed. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Great Britain, but the way things are going, I’m sure it won’t be very good. With my allies being taken over, there’s no way I can get my country back.

This year I am in the same boat as Yugoslavia. My country got taken over, and my allies are getting taken over. France got taken over by Germany, and now I’m sure they’ll start taking over Great Britain. This has been an awful year, and things are just going to keep getting worse. I don’t know what I’m going to because my allies aren’t going to be able to help me because they have to focus on defending their own countries first.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1943

This year my allies focused on trying to destroy Japan’s navy. We want to do this because we want to stop Japan from taking everything over. They were successful in wiping out all of Japan’s navy. All the decisions have been pretty much on France and Great Britain. They are the only two who can actually do anything right now because other allies are wiped out. As allies, we just need to work together and over power the axis powers. From this point on, I feel like we will gradually work our way towards taking over more countries. This year was also the year that the USSR finally joined the allies. I doubt they will help me get my country back, but there’s not really I can really do about it.

This year was very similar to the year that Yugoslavia had. The allies successfully wiped out the Japanese navy, so they can no longer keep taking everything over. The USSR also joined with allies. Since Belgium is so small, it’s not very important to get back right now. My allies have other focuses, and Belgium is not one of them. Getting back my country isn’t important to them, like it is to me. I’m screwed on getting my country back, and I can’t really do anything, unless a miracle happens.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1944

This year my allies were moving towards success. They moved their troops closer to the eastern part of the United States, and all of the troops are going to go into Europe and try to dominate. In order for the Axis powers not to defend themselves easily, they are going to make smaller attacks, so they lose their troops, and then hit the bigger areas. Like I mentioned last year, I doubt they will help me get my country back, so I have pretty much given up. There is nothing I can do anymore, we won’t have enough time.

This year was again a year like Yugoslavia, since we have the same allies. We’re running out of time, and the Axis powers keep taking over land. As allies, we need to start making our move. We started making our move this year by moving all of our troops towards Europe. My country is long gone and forgotten about because my allies have better things to focus on.

Yugoslavia and Belgium, Period 5, 1945

This year was really unsuccessful, the allied powers lost the war. It’s finally over, but it was long and boring for me, since I got taken over right away. My allies were really lazy, until the last day. They finally started making their move the last day. The USSR gained back a lot of it’s land that it lost, but that’s all they did. All my alliances were pretty much taken over by the axis powers. They weren’t very successful in defending themselves, so I don’t know why I thought they would be able to help me. They were weak, and lazy, and had an awful war. That really affected me because I can’t do anything without them.

This year was awful because the allied powers lost the war. They weren’t successful at all in defending themselves, so obviously they couldn’t help me out. All of our land was taken away by the axis powers, and there’s no way I was going to get Belgium back. My alliances were really weak and none of the communicated our worked together. I’m glad the war is over!