WW2 Simulation Journal: USSR 4

USSR 4 1938
I have that Nazi-Soviet Pact with Germany so that might keep me safe for a couple of days. I don’t trust the leader though. I’ll see how the first couple of years go though. I’ve already talked to Great Britain and China. As soon as Germany attacks me (and we know they eventually will) we are going ally with them.
USSR 4 1939
Germany still hasn’t attacked the USSR. I think he’s going to do it next. We both conquered Poland which means I don’t have a barrier between them anymore. Japan and I talked and she is thinking that I am going to ally with her. She thinks I’m going to go against Great Britain and China. What she doesn’t know is that I told Great Britain and China what she is planning to do.
USSR 4 1940
Germany attacked my part of Poland which means I joined with the Allies. China is slowly getting taken over by Japan. I’m planning to help China by attacking them from the top and slowly working my way down. I’m also slowly moving troops down through China to attack from the front side also.
USSR 4 1941
Germany is slowly taking over the USSR on the west side. There is nothing I can really do right now, those troops aren’t very strong. I took over Manchukuo from the North and she sent troops from NC China to help. That leaves an easy window to attack NC China. She can’t do much because she doesn’t have much troops. No one can help me on the west though because there is no one there to help. At least we might have a chance now that the United States has joined the war.
USSR 4 1942
Germany reached Central, now all that I have left in the west is 400 wimpy troops in Urals. Great Britain, China, and I are going to move troops from South China to Siberia. We just want to take out the last of the Japan troops in China. I’m getting nervous about Germany attacking me and I don’t have any troops to defend my land. Here’s a new twist of events, Italy joined the allies. Great Britain, Italy, and the United States are going to move troops into France.
USSR 4 1943
Japan took over my Eastern USSR, now all I have between the two Axis Powers is Siberia and Urals. Germany stopped attacking me from that side now though. He has most of his troops in the capital. The rest are spread out throughout the other countries that he has taken over. The United States, Italy, and Great Britain are still moving troops into France. I think they are going to try and take over Germany eventually, hopefully soon. Great Britain, China, and I are moving are troops up to Siberia as fast as we can.
USSR 4 1944
Today Belgium got taken over by the Allies. They are going to attack Germany finally. If they destroy Germany this war will finally be over. There might be a few little battles, but they can’t do much. We finally got our troops into Siberia so Japan can’t take over that. I don’t know what we are planning to do. I guess we are going to try and get our original territory back. I don’t know if I will have enough time to get all of it back, but I will try and get most of it back.
USSR 4 1945
I tried to get my territory back. I got two more territories back. I’m glad I had Great Britain and the Allies to help me. We defeated Germany and no one else could really conquer the rest of us. Japan took their territory back, but that was ok. I’m just glad the war is finally over.