WW2 Simulation Journal: United States 3

WW2 Simulation

WW2 Simulation

Today we were informed on the troubles
in Europe. Germany is getting hungry for land and France and the USSR
are right in their path. We are supposed to stay neutral until we are
attacked. When attacked we will try to wipe out the Axis powers.

United States 1939

The USSR and France have been supplied
with natural resources that they need. The USSR has attacked Eastern
Poland and Germany attacked Western Poland. Germany then attacked
Eastern Poland and took it away from the USSR. The USSR didn’t like
that but hasnt joined the Allies officially, but they are leaning
towards their side. We still are in isolation and are staying out of
the war physically. However we are helping out the Allies with ideas
where to send troops and where to attack. For right now, we aren’t
going to get involved.

United States 1940

Everything is still the same with us
in the United States of America. We are still uninvolved with the war
physically. However, things aren’t looking good for the Dutch East
Indies. It seems as though they have been taken over by the Japanese.
Great Britain is sending troops over to weaken the Japanese troops
occupying the territory, but their efforts don’t do too much except
weaken the Japanese army. All I am hoping is that the Japanese
doesn’t attack the Philippines because they are no match for the
Japanese’s navy or their army.

United States 1941

This was a big year for the Allies. I
was attacked by the Japanese navy at Pearl Harbor causing me to lose
all my naval troops in the Pacific. I have announced that I am
joining the Allied forces and mobilized my troops. GB is still
pumping troops into the Dutch East Indies and is also sending some
of their own troops to defend France. We have lost some Eastern
territories to Germany including Northeast France, Belgium, Denmark
and Netherlands. China is reinforcing its Eastern territories with
its troops with the help of Great Britain’s colonial troops. They are
there for defense and attack, in case the time comes.

United States 1942

Italy has taken over all of Africa and
is moving East to take over more land. Germany and Italy keep sending
more troops into France to try and take over Southeastern part of
France and the Western shore of France. They are losing a lot of
troops by doing this because the Allies’s naval fleet keeps sending
in troops from Great Britain to knock down the amount of troops
Germany has. Germany shows no signs of attacking the USSR. On the
Eastern side of the world, Japan has lost a significant amount of
troops after China and Great Britain’s colonial troops attacked them.
The USSR attacked Manchukuo with 3500 troops but still somehow lost.
I was sure that they would’ve won but it doesn’t matter, Japan lost a
lot of troops after that battle.

United States 1943

We are losing France and Great Britain
has given up due to their loss of troops, and I’ve pretty much been
put in charge to be the savior of the Allies. I don’t like the idea
but I have no other choice but to go along with it. Italy is plowing
through all of Great Britain’s troops in the Middle East. Germany has
wiped out all of the USSR’s troops in belarus and Ukraine. The
USSR is now getting paranoid that they will completely take her over
with the help of Japan. Speaking of Japan, they have taken over all
of Asia. They only have 1 unit of troops in a few of the Chinese
territories so that will be easy to take back, but that’s only if we
can get troops over their in time. We plan on taking out the Japanese
navy next year with the help of Great Britain and the Netherlands’s

United States 1944

More and more of the USSR is being
taken over by the Axis. We are still holding strong in France;
Germany hasn’t taken it completely over. I have a lot of troops stuck
in the US because we don’t have the amount of navy to pull them out.
Italy has moved further into the Middle East and will keep moving
until they run out of troops. We successfully took out the Japanese
navy leaving about 250 troops stuck on the Japanese mainland. With
the absence of a navy, Japan wasn’t able to stop us from taking the
Dutch East Indies. As each year passes, the Axis lose more and more
troops. However, it doesn’t seem like we will have enough time to
take back everything from the Axis powers. The rest of the Allies
look to me for the answer to all the problems all the time and blame
me for not being able to get my troops out of the US, but its not my
fault. Just because I’m the only one with troops left doesn’t mean I
can do anything to stop the Axis. Time is a big problem. I just don’t
have enough time to get my troops over. If I did, I feel like we
could easily sweep out all of the Axis troops out of Europe.

United States 1945

There wasn’t much we could do on the
Eastern side except weaken Japan but this late in the game it doesn’t
do much. Japan has taken over all of Asia and some of the USSR. On
the Western side however, we are pumping 700+ troops at a time into
France; keeping out of the hands of those filthy Nazis. I was able to
spread a rumor to the Germans that Italy was going to switch to the
Ally side. It was quite a humorous thing, I’d have to say, because
Germany then attacked Italy with a few troops. Germany pushed further
into the USSR taking out most of their troops. So as this simulation
concludes, it looks like the Allies have failed to stop the Axis

Additional Notes: I feel like
this simulation was the hardest for me because all the other leaders
looked to me for help but there wasn’t much that I could do to help.
I didn’t want to control their armies because its not my job to be in
control of them. Joey even called me the totalitarian dictator for
the Allies because I was calling all the shots. I’m not saying I
didn’t like being in control, I love being in control, but its a lot
of pressure for me .


Brayden Thies

President of the United States
of America