WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 5

WW2 Simulation
1938 Soviet Union

Today I am thinking about what I’m going to do! I know I have to follow the alliance between Germany and I. I know that they won’t be honoring our alliance, and will try and attack me. The leader of Germany I don’t trust because he is pretty sneaky. I’m going to stay friends with the allies, this way I’ll have back up when Germany attacks me. My first move tomorrow is take over P1 and get a lot of their natural resources that I am in desperate need of.


Today I took over P2. I had to do this because it was one of my objectives. I got a lot of natural resources from taking over Poland. I realize that I do need a lot of natural resources to keep my country going. My strategy is to stay friends with as many people as possible so that I can get my natural resources. Tomorrow I plan on taking Finland to try and accomplish my objective of getting as many Eastern European countries as I possibly can.


Today I took over Finland because Finland (Austin) wasn’t there to defend it. I’m basically a sitting duck until Germany attacks me. I want to help and be apart of the allies! But I can’t until Germany attacks me. I also need natural resources badly from the axis countries as well. I’m trying to gain as many resources as I can before I formally enter into the war because I don’t want to loose a point on my army’s strength. I have most of the eastern countries taken over.


Today I moved 500 troops towards my western boarders. I know that Germany and Rumania are going to attack me here soon. I need to keep my guard up because you never know what they are doing. I’m just glad that my military rating goes up the farther the get into the Soviet Union. I can’t side with the allies until the axis attacks me so I am a sitting duck until that happens. I have been working with people to get my natural resources. Once I get attacked by the axis I plan on waiting unit they get into the central U.S.S.R. to move my eastern siberian troops to help. I want to preserve them as much as I can.


Today I got attacked by Germany and a bunch of other little countries. I followed one of my objectives which was to ally with the Allies if attacked by Germany. I lost Ukraine to them but the war is not over. They don’t know each time they move in the stronger my army gets. There army is slowly depleting in numbers.


Today they took P2 from me, and are moving in. I’m worried about what is to come. Japan is sort of acting suspicious too, like they might attack me from that side. I feel a little cornered between Germany and Japan. I’m not going to get any troops from the Allies to help me because there just isn’t very many ships available to help me.


Today was an interesting today. The plan is to try and get America’s navy all the way back to the Europe side so they can help attack where France used to be. This is going to take a lot of turns to do. Our problem is that we have troops, but no way¬† to get them! America has at least 9,000 troops and Great Britain has 4,000 troops. If we just had a little more time we would be victorious because we just have more troops all together.


Today I tried to take Northern U.S.S.R. back. I sent 1000 troops in but that still wasn’t enough I guess. Japan is after me on the east side, and it’s not looking good. Right now I’m trying to retain my original territory. I’m loosing troops rapidly because I’m in a two front war. I ended up loosing the war with the axis. Japan ended up taking one of the eastern sections of my country, but that’s all they got. I wish I could’ve been in the war just a little bit earlier to be able to get troops and make plans with the allies earlier. Germany took over Northern from me, but I got it back at the end of the day.