WW2 Simulation Journal: Soviet Union 3

WW2 Simulation

WW2 Simulation

3 U.S.S.R. 3 1938 (Monday)

was Orientation year. Since I missed it I just watched all the videos
on moodle to understand everything. Connor just talked to people
about the war and looked what he is going to do in the next years.

3 1939 (Tuesday)

the start of the war started for my country by taking over part of
Poland. Originally I was planning on getting their oil, but Germany
took it away from me and since my army is really weak at this point I
had to let them go. However, I just cancelled the oil transfer to
Germany so that I have that for my own country now. Another step was
to annex Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These countries are part of
U.S.S.R. now. Nobody fought for them so that was pretty easy. To get
my army stronger I talked to the United States which has a lot of
excess natural resources. They gave me as much as they could and now