WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Britain 5

World War 2 Simulation
Great Britain 5 1938

Today an alliance with Norway was made in the
hopes that they will give us access to the Baltic
Sea. A possible alliance with Russia could be
made tomorrow, and a possible alliance with

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow, 1939, France has agreed to attack Germany
so that they are tied up on their land while I take over
Denmark by way of sea so the allies can control the
Baltic Sea. I have asked the United States to cut off
supplies to Japan, and I have asked Russia to cut off
supplies to Germany. Ensuring Allied Victory. I
NEED the United States to come into the war.

I fear that my alliance with Norway will entangle me
and if they are attacked I will have to spilt my forces
to protect them. I am scared that the U.S. won’t cut
supplies off to Japan, and that Russia will not be true
to our alleged alliance. I am also leery of China because
Finland is also involved with Germany and I feel
that China could fall to the Axis powers easily.

Great Britain 5 1939

And alliance with Yugoslavia was made today, but
I fear it will further entangle me in the war. They
have to keep it very secret and Germany is threatening
to attack them if they ally with me. I’m worried that
Yugoslavia will take advantage of my resources.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We took over Sweden today in hopes of controlling
the Baltic. Then we destroyed Germany’s army also
in the Baltic Sea. (IT WAS EPIC) Tomorrow planning
on taking over Finland with Russia and getting Poland

back once we control the Baltic.

I fear that my colonies will be taken over and that
I will lose all my resources. I fear that if the U.S.
doesn’t come into the war I will fall because
France is basically useless because they are so
weak, and they are very afraid.

Great Britain 5 1940

Yugoslavia joined the Allied powers today, along
with Belgium. Russia also made a secret alliance
with us today.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
There is no immediate plan of attack, we are waiting
for the Axis powers to do something first. We
absolutely need to protect Burma or all our resources
will be gone. And we need to get Belgium back
from the Axis powers.

I very much fear that the Axis powers will take
over Yugoslavia and I will be forced to defend
and I will surely meat death. I fear that France
will fall and I will be helpless unless U.S.
joins that war. I fear that now that Japan has
basically taken over China they will take over
Burma, where all my resources come from.

Great Britain 5 1941

The United States finally got to join the Allies
today. This is awesome because I needed them
to survive. Except they ran away like a little
girl. Yugoslavia got taken over today and
were pissed because we didn’t help
them. However we couldn’t get to them.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
Tomorrow we plan to attack Japan’s navy,
and then get the U.S. troops on Japan soil
and destroy everything there. Then all we
have to worry about is Germany.

France is going to be taken over tomorrow.
And I fear if Russia doesn’t come into the
war we will lose on the European map.
I fear Japan’s navy is too powerful to be
taken over, and I will not have a navy anymore.

Great Britain 5 1942

No additional alliance were made today.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
No immediate plan of attack. We are
in deep trouble. Just going to try to stay

I fear my navy will be wiped out and I will
have not means of getting anywhere across
the map. Yeah…we’re pretty much screwed.
This is goodbye world. Nice knowing ya.

Great Britain 5 1943

The Soviet Union joined the Allies today,
after they got attacked.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We plan on moving troops from the U.S.
onto European soil, because they are useless
just sitting there and hopefully take back
over France/Poland. And we need to take
out Italy’s navy.

I fear that we won’t be able to move troops
from U.S. quickly enough to help save Russia.
That means that surely the Allies will lose to the
Axis Powers.

Great Britain 5 1944

No new alliances were made today. No one joined
the Allied Powers.

Immediate Plan of Attack:
We need to protect Burma at all costs because
the Axis Powers have basically taken over everything
around Burma.

I fear that we won’t win the war because
we can’t get the U.S. soldiers over fast enough
to save us. I also fear Burma will fall to the
Axis Powers. If that happens we will have
surely lost the war.

Great Britain 5 1945

I feel we needed to be more aggressive in order
to win the war. It would have been much
better if the U.S.S.R and the United States
would have joined the war sooner. To be
completely honest we totally sucked. If
I had to do it all over again I would do the
exact opposite of everything I did this time.
It’s really depressing to be the Allied Powers
and to have lost. I feel really disappointed in