WW2 Simulation Journal: Great Braitain 5

WW2 Simulation
Great Britain 5 1938
Today we ally with Norway, a secretive alliance. We allied with them hoping to get access through North Sea and Baltic Sea.  We are trying to come up with many plans with our other allies. They are France, Poland, Belgium to keep them safe.         We are also trying to get to the USSR to ally with us. We are in need to get them to cut off their resources with Germany. It will only weaken Germany, they will focus on those and forget about what will be happening around them.
There has also been talk about France attacking Germany right away tomorrow. This will catch them off guard and will be tied down on that. We have also talked about keeping Burma safe no matter what. They supply us with our resources and if they were taken over it would be the end.

Great Britain 1939
Great Britain decided to take over sweden, because it needs to stay neutral we figured if she was attacked she would have no choice. We gave her back her resources right away, and it became an ally. With her becoming allies she will help us get access into the Baltic so we can control that and control the spread Germany has decided to take on all countries. We also whipped out The Germans navy right under Sweden in the Baltic. Therefore they will not control the Baltic. We also wanted access to Denmark but Germany took control and would be to hard to defeat.

Great Britain 1940
Yugoslavia made an alliance with us today. We now have them and also Belgium. Russia made a secret alliance with us but it is a big risk if Germany was to find out about it.
We have no strategy on what were going to do exactly until someone is attacked and wee have to help.

Great Britain 1941
After the United States was attacked by Japan and were defeated, they could finally join the allied powers. This will help win the war because they have a strong army and can defeat anyone. Yugoslavia also gets attacked by Romania and Hungary  and is also defeated.
Our plans are to eventually attack Japan with all we have and that will happen once Soviet union gets attacked. We will need everyones help to defeat them then we can control most of Asia.

Great Britain 1942
This day was not what I expected. I thought there were going to be many more wars and arguments. For us at least it was calm. We tried to help France the best we could but they were taken out by Germany. At this time we have no strategy until we maybe get the soviet to hep defeat japan and many others to get France back and the control the Nazis.

Great Britain 1943
Today Great Britain helped the u.s attack and defat the Japanese navy. They no longer have a navy. Now wee plan on moving towards the U.S so we can attack France eventually and get them back to the allied sides. When we get everyone on our side that we need on our side we will take over the axis powers and defeat the nazis. The soviet union was also attacked which means they are now allies.

Great Britain 1944

Today U. S and Great Britain moved our navy over on the other side of the U.S and is going to eventually try to get France back by attacking from all sides.  We will then attack and move towards Germany.  Germany is rapidly taking over the soviet union. Italy attacked Iraq and was successful, I tried to move in 50 because either way they would get destroyed. Germany is taking everything. With the help of the Soviet Union they will get it back for us.

Great Britain 1945
Today is the last day, and i’m afraid we will not win. The axis powers took over early and we weren’t to aggressive therefore we couldn’t win. We need to move our troops over but we have no navy to do much. We are trying to keep fighting in France to lower their troops but they have to many. We tried our best to get our objectives and we succeeded in keeping most of our territory. We remained loyal to France. We tried to defend Belgium, when they were attacked we sent in troops and tried to fight. Germany and the rest of the axis powers are spreading more and more. Japan just took over part of Soviet and Germany attacked the Caucasus but Soviet was successful there.