WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 4


Period 4_Chelsea BonSchmit_Germany

Today is the first day for Germany. We
have set up a plan to take over Poland. We are taking them over
because they have a surplus amount of coal, 17.5. We also wanted to
cut off Norway and Sweden resources from any country. Tomorrow is
going to be a successful day.

Germany 1939

Today we had a victorious day. We took
over P1in Poland with 600 troops. We also made an alliance with
Romania. They have a very good oil resource so we figured they would
be a good alliance. Also they are by the Black Sea so we are able to
transportation resources. We also attacked Denmark with 2000 troops
and was victorious. We attacked Belgium, but they France and Germany
helped them so they were victorious and we lost all of those troops.
We also attacked the Netherlands and we won once again. I wonder if
the Allies are scared of us yet. The Netherlands don’t have very good
resources but they are by the Baltic Sea which gives us a great
advantage to take over Sweden and Norway. We also attacked Belgium
once again and this time we were victorious once again. We are
sweeping theses countries right and left. We also gave our alliance,
Italy some coal.We also sent 160 troops into Sweden by Navy, won!
Today was a successful day. We will see what tomorrow brings. Hope it
is just as successful!

Germany 1940

Today was a
successful day. We didn’t attack as much as we did yesterday. We
thought that we would say on the down low today. The other countries
need to recover from our victorious day yesterday. We are allies with
Japan and they took over the main rubber supplies. She promised us
she would send some resources over. Hopefully she keeps her promise
and sends some. If she does that we will have a dominate supplies of
resources. We took over Sweden and got their source of Iron Ore. Our
next step is to take over the USSR either through Poland or take over
Finland through Sweden. With taking over the USSR we meet our
objective and get a good resource of oil. Tomorrow shall be a
victorious day!

Germany 1941

Today we took Over
F1 in France. This was half of one of our objectives. Our next plan
is take over the USSR. We attacked North USSR. We were successful! We
also attacked Belarus which was another objective. I think today was
a good day we only lost one battle and it was Estonia. Estonia wasn’t
a really much of a loss. They had no resources we could use so it was
a useless battle. We also attacked Ukraine. With having North USSR,
Belarus, and Ukraine we have about half of the USSR. Hopefully
tomorrow we can take over the rest of USSR.

Germany 1942

Today our plan
demolished! We tried taking over North Central, Central USSR, and
Southern USSR and we lost! This is a very bad day also because Italy
went with the allies. Since they are with the allies that makes us
not have any access to the Adriatic Sea or West Mediterranean. Since
Italy joined the Allies we also lost resources like coal and iron
ore. We were suppose to help Italy keep their northern Africa safe
but we couldn’t. In all today was one of the worst days we have had.
We won no battles, lost Italy. Nothing could get any worse.

Germany 1943

We finally won
Caucasus. They have a lot of oil its unbelievable. The oil strength
for them is 11. That was a good accomplishment. We thought since we
have Caucasus we can take over Urals no problem. Nope, we lost. We
also got Finland but they have nothing useful. It was like free land
there and we took it over. Today was a very quiet day and we didn’t
do much. We figured we needed time to step back from the bad day we
had yesterday.

Germany 1944

Allies are
victorious in taking over belgium

Austria was tooken
over and we moved troops in Austria

Allies took over

Allies took over

We are getting
defeated more and more. We NEED to defend our G1 territory in
Germany. That is the only territory most important to us. The allies
were very victorious and took over so much of Germany’s territories.
They took over Belgium, Finland and they took G1. G1 was the one
territory we wanted to keep and they took it over. We kept about a
good 3,000 troops in there to keep the territory but they were
successful. They had troops from France, Great Britain, and United
States to take us over. I think we are defeated. We have a little
more than 200 troops left to defend with.

Germany 1945

We have been taken
over. We tried taking free territory that was open in USSR and they
eventually took it over. We thought we would win this war but we