WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 3

WW2 Simulation
Journal 1
We made a plan for tar hoping to just advance some troops into france and right away get poland we weren’t sure if we could trust the ussr. WE say opening’s for us to be able to make a huge move on the first hopefully it goes to plan but we have to watch out for that british navy since they have a huge rating.

Journal 2
So what happened today was Germany took over poland after a long talk about how we should use the right amount of troops while making sure that we still can defend the area. After that we tried taking over france or a section but they were able to defend. The worse part was that the USSR cut off are oil so we are having to find another way of getting oil. Great Britain attacked are navy but weren’t worried then the ussr took poland or a part which we needed for oil so we attacked the ussr and we got that part of poland for the oil. Thanks to japan attacking the netherlands in asia and we now have coal and rubber which we all hugely need.

Journal 3
Today we tried to attack the nether lands because they are week and just to have that area would help keep troops there but great brititna sent there navy to help aid the netherlands. We also decided to not attack the ussr until later so that we can worry about everyone else and not to have anymore conflict. We have made a alliance with belgium and yugoslavia.

Journal 4
Today we tried taking over france and we were able to conquer part of france but itatly decided not to help us on the lower half so all we were able to do was weaken there forces. The US and great britian used there trips to move closer to france to help defend but we are prepared for there attack. In order to to take over part of france like i said we had to break the Alliance with belgium which was easy and a huge help.

Journal 5
We just sent troops over to france trying to take it over but great britian and us used there troops to help defend but slowly we are going to weaken them, We also in order to help out romania attacked the USSR we took out belarus and after long long time we took out the ukraine. Then we moved troops for a finally wave on france.

Journal 6
We acquired the last bit of france for only a short time due to the US sending more troops then we had. We decided that we should just leave f3 be and moved are troops to the ussr and let the us have f3. The Ussr sent all the troops that they had trying to take back the land that we had.

Journal 7
Today we sent some troops up threw the uusr trying to get a hold of norway before it all comes to and end. In france the us had moved troops in and took out a huge amount of troops that we had but we were able to hold them back which is lucky for us. Japan was attacked lost it’s navy but made it way up into the ussr and lost the Dutch east Indies.

Journal 8
The last day of the war was huge for us we had taken out all of the ussr troops which was a huge goal in are minds. We were able to keep germany from being attacked and the only thing they got back out of all of that as a part of france due to the huge amount of troops that the us had sent in there. Itatly was on my bad side so i attacked them just taking out some troops For the heck of it as great britian may say. With that was the end of the war a huge success for us in the long run.