WW2 Simulation Journal: Germany 2b

World War 2 Simulation
Germany 2  Prewar,
Hopefully the rest of the world doesn’t know of the power we have gained since WWI. We have immensely grown our army and navy past what we were allowed to according to the Versailles Treaty.
My goal is to take back all my land I lost in WWI and I’m doing good so far. My next step will be to take back Poland. They are very weak so I won’t have to worry about diminishing my troops to much. My next step will be to take down all the small countries around me to gain some more resources and to make sure that my enemies have a lot of road blocks to get through till they get to me. The countries I plan on taking over are; Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, and Norway. These counties will be very easy to take over because they are either very small troop wise or they don’t have any troops in them at all.
I plan on making an alliance with Finland and sending them some of my coal because we have a huge surplus of coal. When Finland gets some more resources they will have a very big military rating, then they can help me take over Norway and Sweden.
Then I’ll leave my troops on the Eastern front, then concentrate my troops on the Western front in taking over France. When I have France in my power along with the other small countries I will take over I can then dominate all of the Soviet Union with my allies power. Then the world will be mine.
The German President,

Germany 2 1939,
The battles over Sweden were back and forth today. I thought I had them taken over, but Great Britain would not give up. My navy is standing up to the mighty Great Britain navy better than I thought. These years of rebuilding my navy has paid off. I think I am going to give up on the war for Sweden now. I think that Great Britain is probably going to take out my navy next year, so I have to chance to make it there by sea anymore.
We achieved our goal of taking over part of Poland. They war easy to take over. I need to start watching myself though because Great Britain has been seen as a big threat so far. They are spreading my troops pretty thin after these repeated attacks on Sweden.
I attempted to take over the Netherlands today, but that backfired. That yet again was stopped by Great Britain. I will have to use strategic moves to take out Great Britain’s navy. I will have to attack in small increments until finally they can’t move, then I will attack in one big round to take the country. Then I need to make my way to France. So I will have to take over Belgium and the Netherlands.
I also plan on taking over Yugoslavia to help my allies. They need help taking over the Ukraine, and this will also help me travel into the Soviet Union. We can also take over Greece when we are down there along with Albania. Once we move that far South we can help Italy take over the middle east and Northern Africa.
The Germany President,

Germany 2, 1940
This year went fairly good for Germany. We finally won the war over the Netherlands. After repeated attacks we finally took them. We attacked the Netherlands first to demobilize Great Britain’s navy. Once we did that we attacked Belgium and greatly diminished the French army, so now my attack on France will be easier. Then once all reinforcements were used up, we attacked the Netherlands again and took them over.
We also took over Yugoslavia today along with the help of Bulgaria and Italy. Now that we have Yugoslavia, we can help our allies take over the middle east and Northern Africa.
Our next move is going to have to be to take over France. I’m a little worried about fighting a two front war though, because I also need to start attacking the Soviet Union after them becoming part of the allies. I can not let my opponents know that I am worried though. Once we have France, we can then worry solely on helping our allies and start taking over the Soviet Union.
Hopefully this next year is on our side. We need luck to be able to take over France and to take over part of the Soviet Union. My hope is that I can convince Italy to attack Southern France so they are demobilized, then I can attack Northern France and won’t have to worry about reinforcements.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1941
This year was very uneventful for us. We held back on the war this year to save some troops.
However we did take over Belgium. First we attacked with a small amount of troops to demobilize the British navy, but then we came in with the big attack. We attacked with over 2,000 troops to take over Belgium. This taking over of Belgium will put us in place to take over France, along with the help of Italy. What we are going to do is have Italy attack southern France to either take them over, or demobilize them. Then once they attack, in the same turn we will attack northern France. Hopefully with these two moves we can take them out.
We moved all our troops this year also. I found it pointless to have all my troops in central Germany, so I moved some into G1 to help protect my capital and maybe help take over France.  The rest of them I moved to the east to help take over Soviet Union. I moved some into Rumania to help take over the Ukraine. I also moved some into Poland to hopefully start to take over Belarus. Also I plan on moving further north and taking over Latvia and Estonia to have a strategic land block on Soviet Union.
Hopefully today we can win our battles and take over parts of Soviet Union and France.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1942
We finally won the war in France. After help with Italy we attacked from both sides. They attempted to stop us but they were no match for the strong German military. Even the infamous United States couldn’t stop us. After taking southern and northern France we just walked right in and took western France with ease. Yet again the British and U.S. tried to stop us, but they were no match.
We are packing eastern front with troops. Were getting ready to attack the Soviet Union. Our first attack is going to be against the Ukraine with the help of Hungry and Rumania. After we wage that attack I am going to attack Belarus ad hopefully win the battle. I am also wishing to talk Finland into taking over the Northern USSR with me.
Hopefully the war is on my side yet another year. We really need to take over parts of the USSR.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1943
Germany’s still holding strong. We haven’t been taken over yet. Although the allied powers are closing in on us, and it won’t take much longer for them to be victorious. Our troops are spreading thin and we can’t hold them off much longer.
Some good did come out of this year today though. We finally took over Denmark, they let us have it without any retaliation. We finally took over Belarus, it surprised me though. I didn’t expect to win the battle because they had over 3,000 troops and I only attacked with 700, so that was in our favor. This didn’t last long though, Soviet Union had too many troops for me to back maintain this territory, so they took it right back.
Myself along with the help of Rumania and Hungry attempted to take over the Ukraine. This was unsuccessful though. We thought we had this with flying colors, but the Soviet Union was too big for us. They ended up moving in reinforcement which proved to be too much for us.
After all these pluses and minuses this year was over all good for us. Hopefully we can at least retain our original territory yet another year.
The German President,

Germany 2, 1944
Germany has finally fell apart. We retreated all our troops back to protect our motherland. We didn’t have near enough troops to hold off the huge army of the USSR and the strong army of the U.S.
Not much good came out of today. We only have five territories left. With only one of them with troops in them. Hopefully we can hold them of long enough to keep out capital.
Myself and the prime minister are going to be leaving the country tomorrow. We are moving to an underground tunnel to protect ourselves from the Russians, Americans, and British. Hopefully they don’t find me or get ahold of me.
We’ve had a good run. I guess now is a good time to just step back and hope for the best.
The German President,

Germany 2, Final
We finally fell apart. The other countries proved to be too strong for our diminishing military. Germany is no longer a country. We did hold them off for one attack though which is pretty impressive. I am very proud  of my men for fighting them off for so long.
This is the German president signing off. I will see you all in the afterlife.
The German President,