WW2 Simulation Journal: France 5

WW2 Simulation
France 1939:

On our first day the allies were working great together. Great Britain had transferred us 6 rubber resources, and the United States transferred 6 oil resources to us. We are allies with Great Britain so we helped them attack Sweden, so the Allies would be able to gain control of the Baltic Sea. We are also allies with Belgium so we sent in 1,000 troops to defend them from German attack. Unfortunately China is in Asia because we are unable to help defend them from Japanese attacks. Poland was also taken over right away. With no allies able to get to them and help them defeat Axis attacks, Poland was an easy battle for the Axis powers.

France 1940:

Belgium was attacked twice today. The first time were able to defeat the axis, but unfortunately the second time was a victory for them.  With Germans in Belgium we had to move 867 troops to F1, and 100 troops from F2 to F3. Our strategies at this time is to try to destroy as many of the Axis navies as we can. Without their navies they won’t be able to transfer their troops around. We also are trying to bring British soldiers over since their are like 4,000 of them.

France 1941:

U.S, has joined the Allies! Since we know that Japan is going to attack the U.S. the French and British navies are going to the west to help defend. F2 was taken over by Italian forces. It was an unfair match with a lot of Italian troops and high ranking. Our colony in Africa was also attacked by Japan, but were able to defeat their forces.

France 1942:

France has been completely taken over by the Axis powers. We only have our navy left. We plan to help bring U.S. troops over to England to help win back France. Russia has now joined the Allies which is one positive thing. They now will be able to help us fight the Axis in a two front war.

France 1943:

Russia has been attacked by the Axis, so they now can officially start helping the allies. With Russia’s huge numbers and increasing ranking we should be able to defeat Axis powers in more battles than we have had before. With our navy on the east of U.S. we will be able to bring troops to Europe faster.

France 1944:

Our plan at this time is to have all of our allied navies on the eastern side of the U.S. to bring the troops to Europe as soon as possible. We will have to bring all of the troops to Great Britain since France is still under Axis power. We also plan to attack F3 to retain our original territory. We did have an idea of using our navies int he West Mediterranean Sea to possibly attack Greece. Greece wouldn’t be able to get help from Albania, Bulgaria, or Yugoslavia because there aren’t any troops stationed there. We weren’t able to but this idea to action because of Italy’s large navy nearby.

France 1945:

Russia was attacked multiple times today from the Axis powers on the east and the west. As the Axis powers were busy trying to attack Russia, we brought in British and American troops to fight F3. It was a victory for us because the Axis powers had their troops very spread out, and they were all trying to attack Russia.