WW2 Simulation Journal: France 5

WW2 Simulation
France 1938
Today we were planing how to get our other natural resources.  We are tenitivly planing to get the resources we need from USA and GB. Great Britain wants me to help take Denmark and to help them defend there territory in the Middle east in exchange for some of the natural resources we needed. We don’t want to attack right away. We want to have the USA cut off Japan. The leader of Japan said out loud he wasn’t going to attack Pear Harbor. I really don’t think the leader has the balls to hit the USA off the bat. I really want Germany to be country happy and move all of there troops away and maybe I can sneak in and take a Germany area.

France 1939:
Today went a lot better than I expected it would’ve gone. I figured I would’ve been taken over by now so I’m pretty happy.  We were planning on getting denmark but we figured out that G1 would supply denmark with more people than we could send.  I am worried right now because I have a lot of troops in Belgium and G1 could take it over at anytime. If I pull out than I would just have to fight a bigger group of German people later.

France 1940:
We saved Belgium for a while but then lost them when Germany sent in a second wave. I never should’ve sent people in to protect them for the second time. Great Britain was on my but to save them, but I lost. Now that I lost I have 1,000 less troops to defend my capitol. If she wanted to save Belgium so bad she should’ve done it herself. What I am not liking very much is Great Britain is sitting on her island with all of her troops when she has nothing to be afraid of. She needs to send her troops to me so we can mount a offensive against Germany.

France 1941:
God bless the USA. The USA is in and we are going to send all of our navy to the US to help them take out Japan. Germany may attack me but I don’t think they have the balls to hit me. The leader of the USA is not the smartest person in the world. He defiantly was dropped when he was a baby. He had most of his navy destroyed so we are using our navy to help them. The only problem with that is there is now now way to get people off of Great Britain into France. Great Britain needs to pull there head out of where it shouldn’t be and fight for themselves.

France 1942:
France was taken over today! I feel like I did as good of a job as I could.  I think I could’ve lasted longer if Germany would’ve been on a two sided war. With Germany only having to worry about me they just kicked my but with most of there troops. If they were on a 2 front war then maybe they would’ve fought me with less troops and i could hold out long enough for the USA to bring me some of there troops. The one conforming thing is I knew this was going to happen. It happened in the real war so I assumed eventually I would’ve been taken over.

France 1943:
If I was in I would go ferry some US troops into France but I was taken over by Germany. We have made a plan to go beat Japan and let what ever happens happen in Europe.  We took out all of Japan navy now we are going to leave them because they can’t really do anything now. Our plan now is to go get a foothold on europe and go beat the Germans. Russia joined the war today! It’s to bad they didn’t do that earlier to take some of the pressure off of France.

France 1944:
The plan for today is to move all of the Navy to europe and try to take back F3. I really want to attack french north africa and Libya because made me mad when I only had 5 people left and they demolished me really bad. The only problem is Mr. President Logan Krause says that is against the plan. I really don’t care what he has to say we are freeing the world of tyranny and he has a bunch of troops anyway! Our plan is to start the offensive tomorrow on France with any luck we may have france free of tyranny by the end of the day tomorrow, and win the war!

France 1945:
We are going to just send wave after wave of boats to attack F3 in a hope to just gain some European land back. We should’ve started to do this yesterday. We know there is no way we can win we are going to send everyone. We are going to use all of the boats to attack and hopefully gain some land. If this was longer then we really do think that we could win. I just think we need more time.  If this is how the actual war we probably wouldn’t be the US anymore. The whole world would’ve been under control of a guy with a bad mustache. Russia was slowly taken over for the most part until they got to attack then they gained most of there ground back. We did end up getting F3 back with a combined attack from the US and GB but we ran out of time to take back the rest of France.