WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Serbia, Montenegro and Greece 5

Period 5

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1913
This year Serbia allied with France and Great Britain, because they are strong Western countries who can really help my country. Eventually I hope to come to a negotiation with Austria-Hungary, and to unite both of the Slavs in each of our country into one. We still have to figure out what we are going to do for sure, but right now there won’t be a war between us. I want a Slavic state, no matter what. Russia announced that if someone wants to attack Serbia, they also are going to being going against Russia. I am glad I allied with the people I did, because they are very trustworthy, and have strong armies, so I think that will help my country be successful. I also mobilized my troops in Serbia for defense, just in case someone goes to war. Greece is going to stay neutral until 1917, and then I hope to eventually convince Germany to become an ally. Greece’s won’t be mobilized, because it is unnecessary. Same with Montenegro, mobilizing troops wouldn’t do anything. France convinced me to become allies with them also, so they will have my countries back, just in case.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1914
This year there wasn’t much action. I just focused on convincing the allies to start moving their troops to Serbia, because eventually Austria-Hungary is going to attack. Great Britain and France started moving their troops, to help defend me. I plan on them defending my country, so I become stronger and eventually I can get back my land from Austria-Hungary. Greece has to stay neutral until 1917, so there wasn’t very much action going on in Greece. I know last year I wanted to ally with Germany, but now I’m reconsidering that because I don’t really know what would be best yet. I may ally Montenegro with Serbia, but then I’m worried that Montenegro will get taken over. I just have to sit back, and wait a little because before I start making more moves. I’m really depending on my allies to help me, because without them I won’t be very successful.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1915
This year was a year of waiting and seeing what was going to happen. Great Britain and France’s troops are now in Serbia, waiting to defend. Austria Hungary’s troops are gradually getting closer to Serbia, so I’m thinking there is a war coming soon. I don’t know what is going to happen. Greece is still neutral, I have 2 years to figure out whether I want to become a central power or an ally. I’m thinking I’m going to want to be an ally because I trust them more. I’m worried because Russia is now out of the war, because of a civil war. Russia is allied with Serbia and Greece. I hope Great Britain and France help me out, because I really am going to need them. Montenegro is still standing strong. They are honoring their alliances, and hoping that their alliances honor Montenegro because it is a very little country.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1916
Serbia got defeated by the central powers this year, but hopefully we will be able to get Serbia back. Great Britain, France, and Montenegro weren’t able to really help me. Great Britain is going to hopefully fight back for Serbia, by taking over A2 and move through there. Eventually I hope to take over A3, too, with the help of my allies because that is my objective. I have to wait and see if Great Britain is successful in taking over A2, and if they are willing to take over A3. Greece is neutral until next year, and then will become part of the allies, and then Greece will help out the allies, and vice versa. I need to get back Macedonia from Bulgaria, so hopefully we will meet the objective of taking it over. The only problem is that Romania, Austria Hungary and Germany all have troops in Serbia, so they have easy access in helping defending Bulgaria.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1917
Serbia is still part of the Central Powers, but we are gradually moving toward taking over A2 from Austria Hungary. We just have to wait and see where the Central Powers put there troops. Germany tried to take over Montenegro, but with the help of the Italian navy, they were defeated. Therefore, I retained Montenegro’s original territory which is one of my objectives, unless they try to take it over again. Greece became part of the Allied Powers this year, and are no longer neutral, so that objective is met. The only problem is that the Central Powers are moving their troops into Serbia, which means they are probably going to attack Greece. If they take over Greece, hopefully we can get it back, because we will have more territories taken over around that area. We attacked A2 from the Central Powers and we WERE successful! This is very good because that was one of my objectives, so hopefully we keep A2. Now that we have A2, we can get Serbia, and then Bulgaria. That’s only if things go as planned. I really need to get Serbia back, and take Bulgaria, so it’s very important for my allies to help. Next year I’m planning on putting 150 of my 230 troops onto the navy with Italy to help them take over the Ottoman Empire. Although this makes it easier for them to take over Greece, hopefully eventually we can fight back for Greece.

Serbia, Greece, Montenegro 1918
This year was the last year of the war, and it didn’t go as well as I planned and wanted it to. Good things did happen though, I just wanted more to happen. If we would have had a little more time, I know that we would have been a lot more successful. We did not end up getting Serbia back from the Central Powers, my allies focused on getting the bigger countries, instead of the smaller countries. I tried to convince them that we should go for the smaller countries first, and then work towards the bigger countries. I wanted to get back Serbia, and then capture Bulgaria and A3. This didn’t happen because we kept getting attacked by the Central Powers, and we kept defending ourselves, and even though we were successful most of the time, we still lost a lot of troops. We needed a lot of troops to get back Serbia, and then Bulgaria and A3. Like I said before, if we would have had just a little more time, there’s no doubt we couldn’t have figured out a way to recapture Serbia. I do admit, the Central Powers were very skillful. I met my objectives with Montenegro. I kept their original territory, even though they tried to take it away, and I honored my alliances by helping them when they needed it. Greece also met it’s objectives. It remained neutral until 1917, and then became apart of the Allied Powers. The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria tried to take Greece, but with France and Italy’s help, they were defeated.