WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Russia 5

Period 5

Russia 1913


War is inevitable at this point. I have publicly announced that I am allied with Serbia, and and attack on them is an attack on Russia. Hopefully this does not come back to haunt me. I have made a secret alliance with Italy, a well needed asset. Italy has convinced the Central powers that he is on their side, giving us inside information. My main goal at this point is to take the Dardanelles Strait, I need it for supplies. Great Britain and Japan are going to assist me in capturing the Dardanelles Strait with their navy’s. Romania will allow me to send troops through it as long as I provide protection. The only problem is Bulgaria, Italy has informed me that they are secretly allied with the Central Powers, this could cause problems, threats may have to be made. The Dardanelles Strait will be mine within the year hopefully, with the help of Great Britain, Japan, and Romania. The Ottoman Empire wants me to publicly make an Alliance with him as well. I know only bad things can come from this, I have led them on and made them think I will be allies with them, but the first chance I get I am attacking, I do not trust him. After the Dardanelles Strait is captured my strategy is to protect Romania and keep the alliance alive, then take A2 from Austria to assist Italy and France with Germany. But first things first, the Dardanelles Strait.

Russia 1914


Germany has successfully taken R3 from me, and taking out more troops than I would like to admit. But my soldiers fought well and took out a considerable amount of German soldiers. Luckily they didn’t attack R2, allowing me to build a defense. As soon as I get my next mobilization I am moving half to defend R2 and half to R4. I plan on invading the Ottoman Empire, and taking the Dardenelles Strait. I know they are afraid of me, because they keep trying to spark up peace treaties and alliances. I have told them that I am for it, but am planning I large scale invasion on him. Hopefully this strategy works. Hopefully when by the time I take O2 Britain will have some of it’s navy carrying troops move in to assist me with O1. I am worried about the 1,000 Austrian-Hungary troops in A3 trying to attack Serbia. Sadly, I cannot send any help or worry about helping until I take the Ottoman Empire. Hopefully my troops defending in R2 will be able to hold back the German and Austrian-Hungary armies, or at least give me enough time for my next mobilization. This war can go anyway at this point. By the time the Allies have the Dardanelles Strait, Romania will be allied with us, allowing me and the remaining (if any) Great Britain army he sent to assist me to move through it and attack from 3 different angles. Then Italy will be allied with us, allowing Great Britain and France to move through that as well. Allowing us to bypass the Ardennes Forest. I hope the Central Powers do nothing crazy to throw our strategy off.

Russia 1915


Well…The mighty Russians have fallen into a civil war. I became so focused on the Ottoman Empire and the Dardanelles Strait, that I neglected keeping troops in my capital. It was a foolish mistake. I hoped my troops in R2 would be able to defend that point long enough until my mobilization came the next year and then I could heavily fortify that position. I didn’t need that many troops to go down into the Ottoman Empire…I just want to make sure that I would not lose. Hopefully the Allies will be able to come back and win this war without me. I know that with the help of Italy and Romania the odds will hopefully turn in their favour. I did what I could, but Germany wanted blood and there was nothing I could do to stop it after I moved so many troops down to the Ottoman Empire. It was a foolish mistake that will hopefully not cost us the war. I have faith in the Allies, but right now my main focus is the civil war. I hope that we can at least take the Ottoman Empire, and my destruction was not for nothing. Russia has surrenderred.

Russia 1916


The Russian civil war still rages on as the war outside our borders continues as well. I know that if we lose this war it will be my fault, but sadly the civil war must come first. The US has informed me of the allied strategy, and it just might work. I just wish I could be involved in it. The US is going to move in all of their troops, and fake out the Germans to move out of their capital, then when the time is right, they will move their troops and Great Britain’s and France’s troops and take the capital, removing the Germans from the war. When the time is right, Romania will double cross them, helping attack from the bottom part of Europe. Hopefully destroying Bulgaria, or taking back Serbia. This whole strategy would work much better if I was in the war, because of my mistake we might lose. But the past is the past and I and the rest of the Allies must move forward.

Russia 1917


Russia is still in a civil war, and the war still goes on outside. The U.S. has joined the war with the Allies, a potential tide changer. Moving in large numbers of troops and doing a good job with it. Sadly, I am not in the know as much as I used to be, which frankly I have no reason to be involved as much as I was before. All I can do now is talk about my strategy and how it almost worked. I was hoping my troops in R2 could hold long enough for my mobilization to kick in. Then I would go in defense mode. While my troops and France/GB troops helped me take out the Ottoman Empire. I just didn’t spread my troops out well enough. The strategy was there, just not executed well on my part. All I can do now is regret the mistakes I have made.

Russia 1918


Today marks the end of the bloody cruel war. It did not go without Russia still making it’s way in to assist the fight. Italy’s President went M.I.A. And I was asked to take charge. I did just that. I also was more careful with the troops I was provided, never leaving gaps open. We had a strategy all worked out. The U.S. sent many of it’s troops down to attack Germany’s capital, crippling their armies. France GB and myself were going to send troops from A2, I1 and attack A1, taking out Austrian-Hungary’s capital. While France, GB, and the US sent troops to take out Germany’s capital, it was a plan that I have confidence in that would have worked. Sadly, the clock was not with us, as we ran out of time just as we were about ready to launch our invasion, and turn the tides of this war for once in our favor. This whole war would have been much easier if I, Russia was still in it, but my mistakes haunt me. Maybe this war would have looked much different if I were still in it. But still, we gave it our all in the end, and you could see the tides start to change.