WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Romania and Japan 4

Romania 4 1913
Today 290 soldiers were mobilized and ready for action. Russia had talk of making a possible alliance with us. As I give this alliance thought I find it to be a good idea. Russia has is close and having their military help to regain land in Austria-Hungary could be very beneficial if it is needed. I plan to make this a secret alliance as I am to remain neutral until 1916. I overheard talk of the Ottoman Empire wanting an Alliance with me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Japan 4 1913
I feel the alliance with Russia will remain strong. It was discussed that Russia will want the help of our Navy as Russia fears that the Ottoman Empire could attack and Russia will need military help. I plan to have discussion with France and Great Britain to see if their plans include needing our help. I need to know how much help my allied countries might need so I can spread my military as needed. Since Russia has been the first in contact I will be sure to assist them as much as we are capable.

Romania 4 1914
Romania has remained neutral and there will not be an alliance made with Russia. Russian territory is being taken over and I am getting a little concerned that there may be plans of other countries to take over Romania. Once it is 1916 I plan to make alliances with GB and France. After that Alliance is made I will take action to get Transylvania, Banat, and Bukovina from Austria-Hungary. I will see how that goes and then make a plan to take Bessarabia.

Japan 4 1914
Today Egypt, controlled by Great Britain, was taken over by the Ottoman Empire. Our navy was in the right spot to assist Great Britain in trying to hold control, but we didn’t have a big enough navy to make the difference that was needed. As Russia is being taken over they may need our help, but I feel like the territories that have been taken over are the ones that we could’ve helped with. As of now no one has contacted us for help, but if they do we will do what we can. I’m not sure how to go about capturing German colonies in Asia, but I will need allied help I’m sure to be successful in doing so.

Romania 4 1915
Today Russia surrendered to the Central Powers and went into a civil war. The Central powers now have control of everything around Romania except Serbia. This has me a little concerned that once I leave neutrality that there could be plans to attack me. After an alliance with GB and France is made I would like to have the help have their Navies’ to try and take over A3. Now that Russia has already been pretty well taken over I don’t’ think I will have enough power to be able to fight for Bessarabia. I plan to mobilize more troops in 1916.

Japan 4 1915
Japan’s Navy remains ready to assist it’s allied countries. I’m really unsure on how to go about capturing German colonies is Asia. More discussion needs to happen before taking any action on that. None of my allied countries have contacted me for any help, so I don’t know if we will be needed in the near future or not. I do not plan to make any alliance with the Central Powers if an offer comes about.

Romania 4 1916
Today Romania finally had some action, both good and bad. Today I made alliances with both Great Britain and France, so I joined the allies. After I made my alliances, Germany declared war on me. The only one who could’ve helped me was Serbia and they didn’t want to, so I fell to Germany. Now I will work with the Allies and try to help them. Neither Great Britain or France declared any war today, but France did move some of their troops.

Japan 4 1916
With Russia surrendered and Great Britain and France not doing much, Japan hasn’t had any action. Japan has not made any other all alliances, but the only one I am considering is Germany. I’m thinking of taking to Germany to negotiate in order to capture the German colonies in Asia. As a deal maker I may need to make an alliance with them. Some action that did happen is Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary and Italy fell. Italy joined the allies as well before declaring war.

Romania and Japan 4 1917
Today was definitely not a warfare day. I think many plans have been made and a lot of strategizing is going on. I thought it was a little ridiculous that no one took any action really, but we will see what the future holds. The United States joined the Allies now. Great Britain moved Navy by North Africa and also moved 2 navies into the atlantic, by the US. They took some of the US’s troops and put them in North Africa. France joined in on this and moved troops into North Africa, so we can predict there could be something going on down there. The only action that really happened was Great Britain took over Crete, and that wasn’t big at all really. Central powers was doing a lot of movement as well, but no war action was taken. AH gave representation to the slabs. I have a feeling there will be some big clashes/action taking in 1917.

Romania and Japan 4 1918
Last day of war. The Allies had plans that were altered rather quick. Germany declared war on Belgium with 3500 troops and the allies decided not to help Belgium, so Germany won. Germany went on to attack Italy. The Central powers won I1 of Italy. As the Allied powers plans were altered they needed to move some troops around. Germany attacked F2 with 403 troops. France moved in 600 more troops and came out victorious! Austria-Hungary attacked Italy in I2 and were victorious. The Central powers now have all of Italy. Austria-Hungary also attacked F2, but the Allies won because France brought in 3000 troops. The Allies last war action was attacking O1, but the Central powers moved in troops and won. Central Powers won the war.