WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Ottoman Empire 5

Ottoman Empire 1913

I made an alliance with Austria-Hungry. I made plans with Germany and Austria-Hungry to attack the R4 region of Russia. I am thinking about making a public alliance with Russia so that they are hopefully, less likely to expect an attack from me. I have made a verbal agreement with germany that they will give me the Crimean peninsula as a thank you for my help in R4. I plan to create a written agreement of this and have them sign it before I go to war with Russia.

Ottoman Empire 1914

Things so far have not gone as plan. With that said, it’s kind of a good thing. I did not attack R4 because I did not have enough troops and would have lost. The good thing about this is I have all my troops and the peninsula because of how I wrote the document between Germany and I. They were successful in taking over R3 and I have the peninsula back. As a result of this I was able to get some of my original land back without having any bloodshed.
I’m going to convince Bulgaria and Austria-Hungry to attack Romania and then take over the weak Bulgaria and Romania. If Bulgaria refuses I will convince Austria-Hungry to attack Romania and just take the two over.
I’ve noticed that Austria tends to do whatever Germany tells them to so I think I might try to convince Germany to tell Austria to do what I want.
Not sure I can trust Russia though so I plan to wait it out attacking anything to see what Russia does. If they move more troops down into R4 then I will send in reinforcements to O2.
Austria Hungry needs to move more troops into A2.
Even though I did not see Italy make an alliance with anybody else I do not trust them. Italy is shifty and if not taken care of they may betray us and let france into Austria-Hungry. Italy must be eliminated before that happens.

Ottoman Empire 1915

So this did not go as planned. Plans changed and I was not able to take over Bulgaria and Romania. Bulgaria has proved to be a better ally and it sounds like Romania may start to help us. I lost O2 and was pretty upset by it. Not sure if I should take it back or just wait for the fight to come to me. If I try to hard to get it back and lose than I will have lost all of my land and be terminated. If I wait they might bring enough soldiers to kill me. France’s army is in O2 after the downfall of Russia and Great Britain’s navy is right next to O2. France’s Navy is right next to O1. No matter what I feel like I am screwed and France has been telling people how they are going to take me over. I need get Italy to go to war with France so that I can trust them and it will ease the tension from my territory.
Until Italy goes to war with France I won’t trust them. I am certain they are going to betray the Central powers and allow France into Austria-Hungry. I need Austria-Hungry to help me get my land back.I think I may make a deal with them that if they help me get my land back that I will do everything I can to help in Serbia.
Things are not looking good for me. Constant threats from France and Germany and I don’t trust those shifty Italians.

I’m starting to trust those shifty italians lately. It sounds like they are going to attack France. I’m not sure if this is the truth yet though. I’ll be finding out in a couple hours. As of right now, I still don’t trust those greaseballs.

Ottoman Empire 1916

I hate those dirty greaseball wop italians. They betrayed us right away. I lashed out by yelling out “you wop! you greaseballs!” or something like that. Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania attacked Serbia. Romania moved all of their troops into Serbia so I have now moved troops into Bulgaria and I plan to take over Romania tomorrow. None of us trust Romania so it is for the best. I’m pretty angry at Italy though. If possible I definitely want to take them out. So far I have made no moves to regain O2 I plan to wait till later to see if France will Attack me. If not then I will do whatever I can to regain it in the later turns that way it doesn’t fall back to them. The main summary though is definitely hate Italy. Those greasy wops.

Ottoman Empire 1917

All I have to say is, I’m still hanging in there. France and Great Britain are completely focused on Germany. As a result of their focus France has left O2 and there is now no one there. I am going to get it back tomorrow and I am going to keep it. Once I have retained O2 I am going to attack Greece and move more troops into Bulgaria and Serbia. I took over Romania and he was not very happy. My plan worked well and he kept saying “I wasn’t going to betray you!” so i just responded by saying I don’t care. I have done some math to calculate weather or Germany can beat France. I found that if they send in 2250 troops that they will beat the 3321 in France. That is only as long as France does not get any help from Britain. The downfall of this is that they are completely left open. I think it would be best to do this to eliminate France from the war. The biggest threat will then be how much help the Americans will be. If they invade France they will be left open to Great Britain and the US. Part of me thinks it would be a good idea to take over Egypt, Libya, and French North Africa. They are weak and it is unlikely that the one track minded allies will fight for them considering how focused they are on Germany and Austria. I honestly don’t know if I even care about Germany and Austria any more. I just care about my territory and gaining more land for me. Austria is way too sensitive and I don’t know about Germany. Austria just can absolutely not let things go. She is much too angry and will probably not react well to losing and saying it is unfair (It wouldn’t happen though if those greasy, shifty Italians hadn’t betrayed us) I for one don’t care if the rest of the central powers lose because as long as I get my land back and expand I will be happy. I think I’ll keep my troops out of Serbia simply because I don’t want to take the hit from their attack. Bulgaria has done barely anything so they can take the hit.

Ottoman Empire 1918

There was not a clear winner but I feel as if I came out on top. I attacked Greece and failed once the Italians showed up though. I regained O2 then moved on to conquer Egypt. Austria and Germany lost a lot of troops and it was over before France and GB could attack Germany again. Overall I’m pretty happy with everything that happened. Gained land and ended with all of my other land.