WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Japan and Romania 5

Countries: Romania & Japan. Period: 5. Year:1913

Romania: I must stay neutral until 1916, BUT I have currently started to talk to Russia for protection. I have reason to believe that Bulgaria has a made a secret alliance with the Ottoman Empire. The reasoning behind this is as follows. I think the Ottoman empire is going to travel through Bulgaria to capture Romania and possibly Greece and eventually Russia. BUT I have a plan, I did not mobilize today for some reasons. Reason number one is that I want evoke Ottoman empire to come after me and and I want them to THINK that I will not put up much of a fight. Tomorrow I will mobilize and get Russia to take on A3, heck I might do it myself, (That won’t take long) then if the Ottoman empire will do what I think they will do they will have boots on deck in Bulgaria. And while they are moving troops, I will try and get Russian troops moving through A3 into Serbia and eventually invading Bulgaria to where we can take on the Ottoman empire on their own turf.

Japan: There is not much to do, in the next couple days I will take back the German Colonies in Asia. I am hoping I will get Great Britain to help my navy choke out Bulgaria with the help of Serbia. My navy will sit in the Black Sea Zone off the coast of Bulgaria while part of Great Britain’s navy will sit in the Aegean Sea Zone off the coast of Bulgaria to discourage the Germany’s U-boats from moving in and helping the Ottoman empire out. While Romania’s troops take out Bulgaria. I am really counting on Russia to take on the Ottoman Empire out, if they don’t, every plan I have made, will go up in smoke.

Countries: Romania & Japan. Period: 5. Year:1914
Romania: I mobilized today, I went from 290 troops to 590 troops, that shocked me at first. But hey, more the merrier. Alright down to business, Russia was attacked (R3). I could not do anything because I have to stay neutral till 1916. I am terrified that I will be attacked before then. I have one more year to go till I can do anything. In the meantime I plan on making a fake alliance with Austria-Hungary so I won’t be attacked. But when 1916 comes around, I’m gonna lay the hammer down and anyone who messes with me will perish. I am reluctant to take over A3, If I do Germany may move 600 troops into A3 and take out my whole force. I think it is a good idea to just stay put for awhile.

Japan: There is still not much to do here. Russia was attacked by the Central powers and Russia lost R3. Tomorrow I will be taking back German colonies in Asia. I had moved my Navy into Dardanelles Straight in attempt to discourage anyone to help the Ottoman Empire move troops. But in reality I have the worst navy, but I still walk around like I own the place. That could get me into a lot of trouble if I’m not careful. They key to winning a war is; Act like you aint afraid of anyone, have really big countries with really big armies have your back, and walk around like you own the place.

Countries: Romania & Japan. Period: 5. Year:1915
Romania: Russia fell today. The only strong counties left are Ottoman Empire, Germany, and France. I have decided to to ally with The Ottoman empire for one reason, they were closing in and I want my country to stay in this for as long as possible. They have also asked me to take over Serbia. I agreed. But at the last second I am going to attack them as an attempt to defy them, but that will end badly for me. I only hope my counter parts will have the strength to fight them and win this war. So far, nothing has ever gone to plan, but I am determined to get under their skin, and make them mad as humanly possible. On the upside of Russia falling, it will be easier for me to get my land back. Gotta stay optimistic I guess.

Japan: I have not moved from the straight, there is nothing for me to do with my small navy unfortunately. One thing I have done today was get German colonies in Asia taken back. So that’s a plus. Other then that, not much else to talk about.

Countries: Romania & Japan. Period: 5. Year:1916
Romania: Today I got to choose I a side. I am currently allied with Central powers