WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Bulgaria 5

Bulgaria 5 1913

Today Bulgaria allied with Germany and Austria- Hungary. The thoughts going through this were allying with them while they take over territories of Russia and invade them. At this time I have decided to not get to involved until I can officially  announce my alliance with the two countries. I have not done any movement with troops because I stand at 0 with mobility  at this time because I believe Bulgaria hasn’t officially come into Wold War 1. My plans are to stay neutral until 1916, as that it one of my objectives I am to complete. My plans are then too go after Greece, Montenegro, and Serbia to take back some of my original territory. I am still undecided on how to get my original territory back from Ottoman Empire because Germany and Austria-Hungary are also allied with them.
Bulgaria 5 1914
Today Bulgaria layer low out of the war just observing what is going on around it. Germany had taken over part of Russia, and Austria and Bulgaria are planning there attack on Serbia. We are unsure on how were going to do it though. Bulgaria will be ready at any moment after 1915 to attack and be prepared when attacked.

Bulgaria 5 1915
Bulgaria just recently announced their alliance with Austria- Hungary. With the public alliance it turns Bulgaria into a central power. Being a central power we are getting closer and closer to being able to attack Serbia. There was a little problem though when France moved some of their troops into Serbia to protect them from war. We have decided to get help from Germany as well so we will have even more troops. After we hopefully defeat serbia I plan to ask help from other countries to help with Greece to regain my original territory there as well.

Bulgaria 5 1916
Today was a good day for Bulgaria. They attacked Serbia with Romania, germany, and Austria- Hungary. They were successful, and Bulgaria decided to keep there troops in Serbia to keep control of that area. Bulgaria also plans on attacking Greece when we get control of the area around us. I will fail in taking back my region from the Ottoman Empire because they are much bigger with more troops and a higher rating so I wold lose all of my troops. I also let Ottoman move soldiers into my land as they plan on attacking Romania and taking them over before they betray us and take back R3. Although I am not allied with Ottoman or Romania I will help Ottoman because I am allied with germany and Austria which are allied with Ottoman. I am also a central power and should honor the other central powers. I do not trust Romania either because of the alliance sheet he ripped up the first day.

Bulgaria 5 1917
Today Bulgaria layer back a little as well. In the beginning of class Bulgaria let Ottoman Empire pass through the land so they could go and attack Romania. That was a success for Ottoman. The central powers agreed with Ottomans actions because we feared he was going to turn on us. That was exactly his plans, he came over to the central powers so he could get information from us on what our plans were. At this point with only one more day I do believe Bulgaria will not be able to complete two objectives due to small amount of troops and small ratings. I would try but I am 100% sure I would fail without help. I would not get help because everything up in Germany and Austria are way to hectic to come down and help without getting taken over. Central powers also discussed taking over France while they lost many troops and have moved them out. They plan on taking they’re troops from Belgium and attacking. I moved my soldiers back to Bulgaria but decided to move back to Serbia so we don’t lose control of that area. So we moved them back and mobilized so we had more troops back in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria 6 1918
Bulgaria had a good ending with the central powers. Bulgaria tried attacking Greece with Ottoman empire I took in 200 troops while Ottoman took in 300 troops. We would have defeated them but unfortunately France came in with some troops and won the battle in Greece. As it was the last day the central powers i believe won, barely but still won. Bulgaria succeeded with most of it’s objectives but about one. The one objective was to regain area from Ottoman empire but the would have lost me it all.