WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Bulgaria 4

Bulgaria 4 1913
Today is the day when everything started. The things I have in mind are to just lay low for awhile. In this year I really haven’t had anything bad happen. I am starting to look at the year of 1914 for what I have going on. I don’t take any action until 1915. I am going to make Alliances with Central Powers. My thoughts about everything is that I need to make Alliances with Central Powers because I am very small and don’t have a good army. When I go to war to get the three countries back I will need to have a bigger army and Central Powers have to take the some thing I do.

Bulgaria 4 1914
Today didn’t start off as I thought I had everything planed. I did what they wanted me to and stay Neutral about things but I guess this is what happens. The Ottoman Empire decided to take over my land. I couldn’t fight back because I didn’t have enough power. So after today I will be joining forces with the Central Power.

Bulgaria 4 1915
Today I joined with Central Powers. Central Powers are trying to take over a lot of places but the one thing they can’t take over is great Britain because they are a Island. When the war started today Austria Hungry took Montenegro to war and Austria Hungry was victorious. Germany took Russia to war again and Russia lost and they became a Civil War. Germany did try and fight Belgium but Belgium was victorious to Germany. I have to say today was a pretty susses fullĀ  day and we still have a lot in mind!

Bulgaria 4 1916
Today as everything just got started Italy tried attacking Austria Hungry but no in doubt Italy lost. Austria Hungry took Serbia to way and Austria Hungry was victorious and won the war. Later that day another war was started and Germany went to war with Romania and Germany was vicarious over this war. As the day was ending the Ottoman Empire went to war with Greece and the Ottoman Empire was victorious. As the day ended we had taken over more allies and still going to take more over.

Bulgaria 4 1917
Today the United States got ahold of what Germany sent to Mexico. It was a telegram and it said that Germany was going to pay Mexico to invade the United States. Both the Central Powers and Allies moved troops to get ready to take countries over. There was no war that had went on today.

Bulgaria 4 1918
It has been a long five years of war and today we are going to go out with a bang and say we have a wonderful 6 years of war and that Central Power won. Germany finally took over Belgium and this time we won. They didn’t even stand a chance. We went into a second war and Germany attacked Italy and we won that war. We had a lot of soldiers that went into war. Germany thought that they could take over France but the Allies won and showed Germany up. We lost quit a bit of people in this war. Austria Hungry attacked the rest of Italy and now Central Powers is the owner of it. Great Britain and the United states attacked our capital but Central Powers had won the war. The last thing that had happen was the Ottoman Empire tried to attack Libya but the allies were victorious. After everything happened within the 6 year war the Central Powers were very victorious and took over a lot.