WW1 Lesson Plan Journal: Austria-Hungary 4

Austria Hungary 4 1913
My son was kill by a group of people from Serbia. This frustrated me. Being the type of person I am, I will seek my revenge. I will destroy all of Serbia and take over that country. With this I will have access to Aegean Sea. Then I will help Germany take over Russia. If we both take over Russia we will become a world power.

Austria Hungary 4 1914
I planned on taking over Montenegro in an attempt to take over Serbia, then Bulgaria and I will have territorial access to the Aegean Sea- Balkans. With this I will achieve one of my objectives. Also today we moved our troops in an attempt to take over Russia. We have conquered one section of Russia, and plan to take much more of it. We are setting up our armies to take over the neutral countries south of Austria Hungary. I failed to take over Montenegro the first time, but that isn’t stopping me from taking them over in 1915.

Austria Hungary 4 1915
Russia thought that it would be smart and take over Germany with only 5000 troops, and failed. Poor decision by them. Our attempt to take over the world is looking better and better every move. In my attempt to gain territorial access to the Aegean Sea, I took over Montenegro. With this I will try and attempt to take over Serbia in 1916 and have total access to the Aegean sea.

Austria Hungary  4 1916
Today I took over Serbia, gaining even more territorial access to the Aegean sea. Italy also thought that it would be a good idea to take over me, that did not work in her favor, because  I had my troops, and 1000 from germany. Needless to say we destroyed Italy. Thanks for helping me on my objective italy!

Austria Hungary 4 1917
In class today there was a lot of staling. We had no war, meaning that there is going to be a lot tomorrow. We have a lot of troops in Germany getting ready to take over France. The Allies are trying to come in from the south of what the central powers have territory over. They will not be victorious though, because we have a lot of troops ready to take them on in battle. Let them games begin!

Austria Hungary 4 1918
Today was very successful! We won the war, we may not have won every battle, but at the end of the war we conquered the most land. I took over Italy today and did it with ease. Me and Germany also tried to take over France but did not come out successful! We tried from many ways but fell short. If we could have used our poison gas, we would have possibly won. Also Great Britain tried to take over the Ottoman Empire and was not successfulll with the help of Germany and I.