Cold War Simulation Student Journal: United States

Well today we discussed how bombs would work, and watched a video. I started forming several ideas, and I think the safest way would just to bomb Russia before they can bomb us. Its going to be hard to get so many people to agree with the plan, especially Canada because they need to keep peace. I don’t want to let the four horseman ride because then it isn’t a strategic game you can win, its just mindless bombing.  Id prefer to make a wall of radiation right away so they can’t get through to my NATO allies. 

per 1 Day one 

Today we couldn’t agree on bombing Russia, and I was quite annoyed. I wish everyone would focus, so we could get things done easier. We lost Great Britain, West Germany, and France today because people didn’t go along with the plan and just bombed. Tomorrow I hope to take down Russia, or at least make them vulnerable. I didn’t trust France from the beginning because she disagreed with the plans we made so much. I trust China because Cayla, who has been working as my spy, said she would ally with us tomorrow. I hope this doesn’t turn out to an all out bomb fest, but I guess we will have to see how Russia feels.

per 1 Day two 

Today it turned into a bomb fest. We were doing good for the most part strategically because when we put on the launch on warning, making it so Russia had to attack with something more then missiles. Then, we moved tanks so we could directly attack Russia, hoping to gain control of their missiles before they did something stupid like bombing us when they know they have no chance. I don’t want to bomb the world, because then whats the point of winning? China did ally with us, which really helped us. We needed to use Italy tanks, so I bombed Yugoslavia and Austria so they could move. I know it was vicious, but it had to be done to try to save more. Then of course Russia got scared, and mindlessly bombed us, which ended everything.