Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan Student Journal: Canada

Cold War Simulation

Orientation (Canada)

We went over the rules of the simulation and what we have to do. My only two objectives is to help defend my NATO land and to make peace through out the world. Right away we had went out to the hall way and make a plan on what we were going to do. We were going to go easy and work our way up. I was trying to talk our group into not going all in at first, to work our way up there, and it started to work, but then the Soviets had to dive in right away. There went my trying to create peace. 

Canada 1 Day 1 

We talked about as a whole how and when we were going to bomb and take out the Soviets. I agreed that we shouldn’t have gone to Defcon 1 right away. I have to try and make peace during all this. We had come to an agreement that we would gradually bring the Defcon numbers down. We were going to make it a 3 but we went to a 4. Right away the Soviets had moved down to a 1 and had taken out West Germany. Then everyone had said to move us down to Defcon 1. Once we had done that we had talked out in the hall way and made some plans. I don’t have any missiles or anything, but I can defend and give advise. The Soviets had also gotten a hold of Great Britain. But we took out Cube, the Moscow area and got rid of those tanks, and the other number of tanks on the far side of them too. 

Canada 1  Day 2

Right away the Soviets had sent their tanks over to Turkey, both sides are also on Defcon 1. Kayla (United States) had sent the missiles from Turkey and send them to Poland and West Germany. Unites States had turned on their Launch on Warning. There is no chance in me trying to create peace now. We are at a stand off point, where if the Soviets attack the NATO’s launch their nooks. Either way right now, neither side will win. The Soviet’s had let the four horseman ride. And we had launched what we had. There were no winners in the end.